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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. 1 Step Forward, 5 Steps Back...
  2. My quick rant
  3. 3 week in house separation and wife on dating sites already?!?
  4. And I'm being nasty?
  5. being forced into divorce My family hates my husband and he hates them
  6. finally
  7. Not looking forward to going home
  8. My wife of 5 years walked out.
  9. Men, please don't take this as an insult...
  10. He got served...
  11. The worst thing that could happen
  12. What do you want in your new relationship?
  13. Today just might be the End
  14. Random thoughts and questions about marriage, divorce, and separation
  15. Feel absolutely blah
  16. First date with wife after seperation
  17. First Family counseling session...finally.
  18. 2 1/2 months hopeful
  19. Random realization
  20. Easter card from stbxh
  21. Hard 180 sucks right now
  22. Baby Steps
  23. irritated...vent
  24. Recently (today) separated from controlling/abusive husband and I'm miseable
  25. trying to be friends but still finding lies
  26. My husband has chosen alcohol over our marriage
  27. Six Months of Seperation
  28. Don't know if I can go back to H?
  29. Moving on, doing the 180 after wife's EA.
  30. equitable distribution/kids questions
  31. Proud's Back...Back Again
  32. What do women really want
  33. Drifting
  34. Wife leaving...still dealing...
  35. Good Friday....yeah right
  36. nighttime so hard
  37. Joint credit cards?
  38. Uh, how do you dress for mediation??
  39. Why now?????
  40. It has been over a year and confused of the outcome.
  41. TAKING THE REIGNS! Acceptance...
  42. What kind of a man...
  43. Did a stupid thing this morning...but maybe it helped
  44. He's turned it into a custody suit!
  45. Children....
  46. She came back!!!! Well, sort of.
  47. Husband left, need help
  48. I am having a libido problem
  49. My lawyer will not let me go to mediation alone but...
  50. has anyone refused a chance to reconcile?
  51. Question of total seperation....
  52. Tears out of nowhere...after 9 months
  53. It just doesn't stop!
  54. Counseling experiences - self-esteem?
  55. And I'm Cleopatra, The Queen of Denial...
  56. Nightly phone calls...
  57. Just found out my Ex is a Lesbian
  58. Purging?
  59. It all comes down to money....
  60. feel like a failure
  61. Another day...another rant(I think)
  62. How do I know I won't make the same mistake again??
  63. My house??
  64. moved back in. what next?
  65. someone talk to me
  66. I don't know what to do?
  67. Daisygirls birthday
  68. Miss her voice
  69. I can't figure out why
  70. Eating Alone
  71. Birthday celebration but puzzling
  72. Is there a marriage after a tsunami?
  73. my birthday
  74. So when??
  75. Separated checking account?
  76. Am I the only one that's scared?
  77. The 180...is it too soon?
  78. Has the " I love you" eve slipped while talking to stbx????
  79. Felt like cheating
  80. weekends...
  81. Hopeless/Hopeful
  82. Why do I still feel a need to tell him what I'm doing????
  83. Why Do I Ask?
  84. For you wives that want out...but can't
  85. You know the saying ... if mama ain't happy....
  86. Feelings, green light...then crushed!
  87. Not sure how much more I can take
  88. Triggered at dance class
  89. Our son's time w/ OW - what can/should I do?
  90. MAD
  91. i betrayed my husband he left tonight,
  92. Time - my best friend and worst enemy
  93. Here i am again
  94. Court today, karma bus is on the way for my STBX m
  95. Mediation was a bust...
  96. It is happening, and it sucks.
  97. for separated parents w/kids
  98. 2 months on and nothing has changed
  99. How do things turn so ugly overnight?
  100. I'm being harassed by my wife
  101. Why does HER life keep getting better?
  102. Genuine interest? Hidden agenda?
  103. Anger issues/ counselling/ trying again
  104. got an email from stbx...
  105. How can I get her love back
  106. Strange stuff again.
  107. How do I deal with this ?
  108. Analyze this...
  109. *SO* scared to be alone as I get older - 42 now
  110. 2nd Chance
  111. I asked for a divorce and am not sure it was the right thing to do
  112. Update on my situation for those who read my prior posts
  113. Question for those whose spouse left for OP
  114. So I'm moving out soon.
  115. So now STBXH and OW are glued at the hip...
  116. And another one bites the dust after 27 years...
  117. Back on the upswing!
  118. New Here
  119. I'm stuck and I'm having a really hard time getting unstuck
  120. Ex's lifestyle saddens me so
  121. too far gone?
  122. My wife had an affair, I broke a phone and got servered a 2 year protective order
  123. Big changes (and some questions to go along with)
  124. wife filed for divorce what to do
  125. He is still in the house
  126. My seperation update.....uggg....progress or no?
  127. A tough afternoon!
  128. Divorce process begins
  129. Can't believe this is happening
  130. what to do with the wedding ring
  131. For Those That Pray
  132. Introductions of new mates to kids
  133. Just got Divorce Court Date
  134. Ran into her friends today
  135. Breakdown Last Night
  136. Doubts about R
  137. Need some guidance
  138. My life in pieces - Where do I go from here ?
  139. Any Words of Advice
  140. Dooms day
  141. Lingering dumpiness.
  142. I think I have her but I dont
  143. Wife left went to live at parents
  144. Should I feel guilty?
  145. Proceeding towards divorce, my current options
  146. shocked at the cost!
  147. The most interesting thing you will read today!!
  148. cold/cruel or is it normal?
  149. I miss my husband
  150. Am I so bad to be with?
  151. So darn angry today I could scream!!
  152. going through the motions. sovery tired!
  153. My daughter
  154. The 180
  155. What is the "180"?
  156. damn, im tired
  157. Gauging progress and timing
  158. THE WAY WE WERE: A New Life-Trajectory in ‘73
  159. Separation & Confusion.
  160. Going through Trial Separation / Working on reconciliation
  161. Confusion....
  162. Another reality check...
  163. i dont know why
  164. A Long Story About a Short Period of Time
  165. I'm done. I give up.
  166. Mother Wants to Change My Daughter's Last Name
  167. The 180?
  168. Separation is so painful I can't describe it. Trying to Man Up!
  169. Regret at just missing the moment......
  170. Owning my part but having a problem with blaming myself
  171. Feeling odd, but okay( 180 update)
  172. Well, today was a tough day mentally, for sure
  173. A good civil breakup - should i be scared?
  174. When does life get better????
  175. Would you do it all over again
  176. Weird. . . just weird
  177. He doesn't know what he wants!
  178. independence - what is it about
  179. Easy One for 180 people
  180. Please help, spouse is possibly changing her mind
  181. experiment
  182. Hey, anyone met their stbx on here?
  183. Reconciliation after divorce - is it possible?
  184. Do I have any hope?
  185. Ashamed about being betrayed & being in limbo. Your thoughts?
  186. Need your opinion
  187. Please help me understand him
  188. Easter Bunny advice needed...
  189. From Melbourne Australia -
  190. People like us ...
  191. BPD traits...breakup styles?
  192. First Post.....
  193. My Rant For The Day
  194. Really need advice and help
  195. To late to go back
  196. Can the 180.....
  197. Wow, it's already been a year with no sex
  198. How to act?
  199. Love this quote...
  200. Please help! Glimmer of hope today? Or am I just screwed?
  201. Emotional hurdles post separation/divorce
  202. Feeling stuck
  203. Out of the mouths of our babies
  204. today
  205. stop myself from being stupid
  206. Having a bad day, reconciliation stories bringing me down?
  207. what is it like around them now
  208. Affair, abortion, caught her in bed, divorce filed
  209. Furious... financial question
  210. Looking for advice from people who’ve used the 180 plan and reconciled after
  211. My wife does not love me and wants a divorce, can I win her back?
  212. A new Struggle...
  213. Is this a good idea??
  214. How would u feel if they came back
  215. Help! Not Being A Good Mother
  216. I need advice..
  217. Toxic mom-in-law
  218. Had a bad day
  219. Trial Seperation
  220. What if and kids...
  221. moral dilemma
  222. Feedback ?
  223. venting because i have no one to talk to
  224. Things are looking up, but what about marriage counseling?
  225. My Rant
  226. Any TRUE turnarounds
  227. Comments are appreciated
  228. What are people doing to stay busy??
  229. 20th "Un-Wedding Anniversary"
  230. losing a baby
  231. Can't afford a divorce
  232. Why am I so upset over something so stupid?
  233. theory
  234. realizing I love what old wife was
  235. And he wonders why I don't trust...
  236. Mediation: Issue with bringing lawyer
  237. Waffling through Marriage Counseling
  238. sex with stbx
  239. Does he want a Divorce??
  240. A lighter side...something to take the edge off
  241. single life
  242. How do I live alone?
  243. relationship grief?
  244. Read this article & got me thinking....
  245. having children seemed to make D decision easier
  246. please help me---need input
  247. Separated and terrified...
  248. cant stop caring
  249. Exit affairs... how long do they last?
  250. So he makes contact....

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