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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. sex with stbx
  2. Does he want a Divorce??
  3. A lighter side...something to take the edge off
  4. single life
  5. How do I live alone?
  6. relationship grief?
  7. Read this article & got me thinking....
  8. having children seemed to make D decision easier
  9. please help me---need input
  10. Separated and terrified...
  11. cant stop caring
  12. Exit affairs... how long do they last?
  13. So he makes contact....
  14. Taking travel expenses from child support
  15. Feel like I don't know how to talk
  16. Songs that are helping or empowering?
  17. Scared of being alone
  18. Mornings shouldn't be so hard
  19. I had a breakthrough last night
  20. 2 weeks separated
  21. Is it possible
  22. I made it through - you can too!
  23. How is it she can cheat and I can't?
  24. Marriage counselling or laying a trap?
  25. Sleep issues
  26. How long did it take.....
  27. reaction--thoughts?
  28. Should I make contact?
  29. Need advice or clarity!
  30. Altogether confused
  31. Life after reconsilation
  32. kids caught me
  33. Ideas on how to get over grieving the future losses?
  34. Totally Alone
  35. to tell the child or not?
  36. Turns out I wasn't alot of things....
  37. Why are emotions so annoyingly dynamic??
  38. Ups and downs
  39. How to get him to move on?
  40. Wkd plans?
  41. Purging...
  42. when is the right time to start dating after seperation
  43. 23 years- out the window....
  44. What is your take on in -house separation?
  45. daily thoughts
  46. Think my ex had Borderline Personality Disorder
  47. Local TAMs Separation/Divorce Support Group?
  48. love letters
  49. I don't know anymore...
  50. Don't know why
  51. Small Epiphany
  52. Divorce Date - Just that?
  53. Dating while separated
  54. Things that make you say hmm.....
  55. new here - having a hard time with separation
  56. Getting stronger every day
  57. I'm not doing well at all....
  58. Is This The Proper Way To Receive Divorce Papers?
  59. Moving out and moving on
  60. My story
  61. Worked at 'our' house tonight
  62. Does he want me to hit him up for sex?
  63. Three Things
  64. Working through the e-papers...
  65. We don't miss....
  66. And so it ends.....
  67. What do you need to have ready before a mediation?
  68. I wish a woman loved me as much as ...
  69. 15 year wedding aniversary tomorrow
  70. Have You had a Revenge EA or PA?
  71. 180 question
  72. What did you physically miss about your ex
  73. I am wondering...
  74. Does she miss me/think of me?
  75. slow process
  76. Advice please. To confront or to let go?
  77. STBXH - WTF, already!
  78. a lot of firsts.
  79. A good friend told me...
  80. 1 month separated today..
  81. 5 Days into Separation
  82. Waiting for a dinosaur sized tantrum...
  83. He's Becoming Disrespectful!
  84. Divorce question
  85. Mediation??
  86. OT: mobile access
  87. separated but living together i am going nuts
  88. So you're starting to date now...
  89. piss me off...
  90. This MAY help you ...
  91. Separated/Dating
  92. Facebook
  93. Horrible Dreams
  94. Wife wants mediation, but I'm already trying!
  95. i thought i had coped but today proves i have not.
  96. Walking it off
  97. Is this a normal trend?
  98. Wife is divorcing me for a complete LOSER!
  99. Insecure About Moving Home After Separation
  100. Strange Thought
  101. Please dont say you told me so!!!
  102. "I love you, but I don't want to be your partner"
  103. I miss her...how do I let go?
  104. Just want to say
  105. About to embark on D - kid and how help pls
  106. My wife left, and I'm just turned on all the time...
  107. Friends with benefits....
  108. Wife wants me out..
  109. Where to go from here.
  110. Co-Dependant NO More!!
  111. Is their a bi polar stage
  112. W...T...F....A new low in self awareness
  113. Betrayed, rejected, kicked out, and I still love her?
  114. I miss him so bad, it physically hurts....
  115. I think he's going to be deadbeat dad.
  116. This is bizarre, need urgent advice please
  117. It's his Birthday!
  118. I'm so confused and hurt
  119. hope is what i have
  120. I am so lost!
  121. midweek rant
  122. Why is it so hard
  123. What to ask...
  124. Today is our 20th annv.
  125. Feeling bad about it??
  126. But, I dont want her back.
  127. Such a well trained dog I am
  128. What to expect from a cheating spouse during divorce?
  129. Riddle me this...
  130. no cake eating!
  131. I want this divorce done like yesterday!
  132. WTF?
  133. The begining of the end?
  134. Update and why being too friendly post separation can't really work.
  135. This hurts really really bad :'( long post
  136. Is she crazy?
  137. She got my son to do this.....
  138. Separation advice
  139. Please be gentle, if possible
  140. Venting....
  141. funny call this morning
  142. Who left?
  143. I am proud of myself.
  144. Is discussing child custody with STBXW bad?
  145. My daughter cried tonight
  146. I think I am losing my mind!
  147. Rethinking my Entire Values System (sorry, long)
  148. H cheated but doesn't understand why...
  149. Friday night he called me and I was forced to make the most awful decision...
  150. How to get passed the worry?
  151. its official
  152. what a life
  153. Acceptance ???
  154. Don't know what to do...so confused
  155. And the topic of the day for me is.
  156. dilemma
  157. Reading into things too much? Probably not.
  158. Cant let go
  159. Need to vent!
  160. What to do about upcoming funeral?
  161. Regain Confidence
  162. There should be
  163. I'm new to this and need help
  164. Legal advice please
  165. Sexuality and Separation
  166. Legal issues...need advice
  167. so sad
  168. Huge Step Forward Today
  169. Words that hurt...
  170. Much needed help please
  171. Changed to complete opposites
  172. She Needs Space! WTF?? Part 2
  173. When your spouse/GF has their mind set a break is their decision
  174. So this is how court went...
  175. New guy, new story, sorry it is so long.
  176. How do you not doubt yourself after two break ups?
  177. indecisive craziness
  178. No doubt you want to stay with your spouse
  179. I am the one moving out (first post here)
  180. How can they be so thoughtless or me so stupid?
  181. served on Valentine's day, please help
  182. Some good things...for a change
  183. Why hasn't he filed divorce?
  184. Hello! My Story/Blog Spot!
  185. From your experience, does what this lawyer told me sound right to you?
  186. Broken hearted
  187. Have i done the right thing?
  188. Physically unable to get up!
  189. She left, now what?
  190. I don't know how to handle it.
  191. A thought...
  192. People don't seem to understand I'm not magically okay two weeks later...
  193. I know what I need to do, but I just can't do it!
  194. BEST Birthday present ever!!!!
  195. X-wife is crazy
  196. Monday Rant
  197. How to find a cheater
  198. Trying To Figure Things Out
  199. Is Retrouvaille effective?
  200. Staying Strong....
  201. No communication - so I made the 1st move
  202. Have I reached the end? Please read & respond
  203. feels like a limbo of sorts
  204. Divorce timetable
  205. My world has officially crashed....
  206. Should I send this letter????
  207. Missing the....
  208. Wife has separated from me (extremely long...Sorry!)
  209. can't believe what he said....
  210. Things could not get crazier
  211. This time of night
  212. we're on 'break'
  213. Got my separation papers today.
  214. please reply
  215. How can I bear to share my infant?
  216. Strange feeling
  217. Is it best to let her make all contact?
  218. Collabrative Divorce Experience?
  219. "Half"... How unfair?
  220. Standing Mutual Restraining Order question regarding kids
  221. Dating during separation?
  222. So Angry and Sad marriage ending
  223. Divorce after 4 months separation: too soon?
  224. What about me?
  225. My wife left me and I feel so alone, but...
  226. Letter from him...
  227. Another back slide of my progress
  228. Did i marry two women at the same time?
  229. She Needs Space? WTF? Please help!
  230. Why would you separate, not divorce and just be friends?Any advice?
  231. I hate
  232. Divorce/Abandonment issues for children - Book suggestions
  233. "I don't think I ever loved you"
  234. STBXW will get kids for 6 weeks in summer. Too long!
  235. Separation is Approaching A Year Now/Feels Like Abandonment
  236. This day is killing me
  237. Update on the divorce situation
  238. What are some good ways to deal with the fall out from a traumatic relationship?
  239. Anyone else feel like they are spinning their wheels
  240. divorce help
  241. Introduction.
  242. Broke down and called...bad and good
  243. Dr. Joy Browne
  244. Is it normal to feel this way?
  245. please help...any advice is welcome
  246. Wife can't forgive me
  247. Dear Sally letter on 2/10/12
  248. Hard day
  249. No one believes
  250. "I don't feel that way"