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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. I am being unreasonable?
  2. Turning the corner
  3. Def a learning thing this is...
  4. well, i filed.
  5. complex problem and need advice.
  6. Please share you stories about sleeping/anxiety/antidepressant meds.
  7. Freaking lawyers....
  8. Best advice I got
  9. well i found out he has a girlfriend.
  10. The Making of a Nice Guy
  11. 180 really works
  12. Just wondering if I should read other sections too.
  13. New Member - need to let it out
  14. Happy Birthday to Me.
  15. should i bother even calling back?
  16. Between and rock and hard place.
  17. Wife of 21yrs wants Divorce seeing 27yr old
  18. The 'Good Guy'
  19. it has come to a separation wanted by my wife
  20. Does anyone else have backslides?
  21. Does he resent me....
  22. looking4advice
  23. Tug of War...with myself
  24. 20 Years together 16 and a half married...
  25. 23 years gone
  26. Anniversary tomorrow
  27. Has anyone else here been hit with aligations of parental alienation?
  28. Cant believe my life has fallen apart, how do you get through this.
  29. Husband posting unconsented pics/vids online
  30. question about no contact?
  31. Sad and Mad
  32. Adding my story to the mix
  33. emotional education
  34. My Exit letter to him - opinions please.
  35. He's gone... won't talk to me
  36. I kinda wish he would just leave
  37. What exactly is 'The Fog'?
  38. Is there a member called ING here
  39. Confused on what to do
  40. My wife left me suddenly. End of the world?
  41. There she goes...
  42. Stinging...
  43. having a weak moment. :(
  44. Men say there simple, but I'm confused!
  45. WOW! This is a club I never wanted to join...
  46. trying to sext with me...UGH!
  47. How to ask about the day without grilling WW?
  48. Being in limbo is the WORST!
  49. separation, depression, and lost myself
  50. Lost my husband to a cult
  51. Need Advice
  52. marriage doesn't make people happy
  53. Confused. Will doing a 180 help?
  54. How do you communicate?
  55. Had my first IC session
  56. should I go to the marriage reatreat?
  57. nude outside with kids, legal!
  58. recommended books
  59. how do you trust again
  60. Married 19 Years, Three Children, 3 Month Affair & Abuse
  61. why does he have to be so mean?
  62. What a nightmare
  63. Call off the dog!
  64. Anyone here get divorced in New York?
  65. I need some advice
  66. Separation strategy
  67. Starting the rollercoaster
  68. How do you move on.
  69. STBXH has found religion!
  70. The Positive/Happy Thread
  71. really....just leave me alone
  72. starting all over
  73. Happy Anniversary to me :(
  74. he left me 35wks pregnant w/ 22mon old, penniless.
  75. First Mother's Day Without Him
  76. Don't know what to do!?!
  77. She's moving out on Saturday
  78. THEIR vaca in OUR spot
  79. I miss...
  80. New member that need advice.
  81. Just plain confused
  82. I feel like a fool sometimes!
  83. Another one bites the dust....
  84. How can he be so ignorant?????
  85. men i respect
  86. got the date
  87. Long-term relationship "on pause"
  88. 1 week today seperated
  89. the low down
  90. My EX hasn't earned Mother's Day recognition in my book
  91. Separation/divorce meet-up group
  92. I wonder....
  93. Questionable Separation Methods
  94. Temp hearing done.
  95. Separated and Forgot Anniversary!
  96. what does it mean?
  97. I initiated the separation, but I'm so sad
  98. Initial Court Date this Friday
  99. Can anyone answer a legal question?
  100. I dont want children now ive lost love of my life
  101. Had a huge blowup over last weekend
  102. Need some advice, On the Brink
  103. "Marriage Sherpa" - any views?
  104. My husband of only one month wants a divorce. I am torn to pieces.
  105. Mothers Day Ideas for STBX
  106. should i even bother filing for a limited divorce or wait to file for absolute?
  107. doing the 180 while fighting for custody, anyone do this?
  108. nudist? Another request for opinions please.
  109. new tread all the time or continue with one?
  110. Going down way too fast!!
  111. Online divorce papers?
  112. I hate giving up time with my daughter!
  113. My Wife left and I still love her dearly.
  114. No respect for my husband
  115. Snooping/Spying on your Spouse
  116. If you never....
  117. STBXW Not attempting to move forward
  118. What is normal?
  119. Joint home ownership after divorce?
  120. I don't know if I should give up all together...
  121. Compelling video on Parental Alienation
  122. I got the go ahead to file! Woo-hoo!
  123. I just want to know if she even misses me at all
  124. Have to say thank you
  125. Can my husband claim me?
  126. Terrible wife.
  127. Article: How to Live Unhappily Ever After
  128. Just have to vent
  129. Kids and taxes
  130. Feeling so empty :(
  131. Emotions - getting the best of me?
  132. Third Place?
  133. 180 help needed
  134. I lost my best friend
  135. Wife in Mid-life crisis story - update
  136. The Pursuit of Peace After the EA (Who Knows What Else)
  137. Rules To A Successful Separation???
  138. weekend off to a halt
  139. cannot grasp the whole situation!!
  140. Whoa! Back in the I F*in hate you stage!
  141. I don't need you anymore...
  142. Life will never be normal again
  143. I need a reality check!!
  144. Forgetful during separation and divorce
  145. Help with kids, Bathing together OK?
  146. Going through the same ****...but across the pond
  147. sad
  148. Normal to feel so confused???
  149. Remember when you were newlyweds and calling your new spouse "husband" or "wife"...
  150. Questions to Betrayed Spouse
  151. Therapist says kids will be ok from divorce
  152. would you rather
  153. Sad situation but i know that i gotta move on
  154. Morality Clauses in Separation Agreement
  155. drawing the line in the sand
  156. Not sure how to act...
  157. less than a year and he wants a divorce (really long first post)
  158. A long 20 months
  159. New to site...Wife left me after 11 years
  160. feeling down today
  161. First time Here
  162. A weird and hard story.
  163. How do people really know???
  164. Does this call for a 180?
  165. 9 days until temporary hearing...months after separation
  166. Divorce Finalization, Moving On
  167. Another month...
  168. 12 year old daughter
  169. just had to say
  170. Trial Separation and How to Deal (Yup, it's long.)
  171. she's in love with somebody else
  172. Saving money before divorce?
  173. Should I initiate?
  174. I guess I'm over here now...
  175. is 10th months into separation enough time
  176. California Divorce
  177. Trial Separation this summer
  178. how do/will I know
  179. Separated and Divorce groups...
  180. Why should I wait?
  181. Acceptance and the Big D
  182. Wife moved out, say's it's over...
  183. Sep after 22 years and new man dilemma as well
  184. New Marriage--He wants out
  185. Separation Negotiations
  186. Mama's update...
  187. wife wants an end to ten years of marriage
  188. Husband says still loves me...but
  189. The Lord said "Let there B light!!"
  190. Too Little, Too Late
  191. i really dont know what to do. Any wise advice?
  192. Wife Left me After 6 Years
  193. Almost a month into being separated.
  194. Trial Separation Rules and Advise
  195. Love him, but don't want to be with him
  196. Separated over a year....
  197. Not giving up
  198. An Update
  199. Wife is seeing another man
  200. horrible dreams
  201. Just Down
  202. I'm a mess so hurt
  203. This trigger didn't send me spiraling. Must be progress!
  204. Help
  205. feel confused ..
  206. Seperated 3 months - dating again???
  207. Started IC today, she's gotta go
  208. Tried to make it work-No go....
  209. Is there hope left? Advice Please!
  210. Falling apart at the seams - separation, divorce, loss of my best friend
  211. Parenting Time
  212. Stringing me along?
  213. proud's life update
  214. my wife and I have started talking about R but not sure how to proceed
  215. divorce and how I think I know it's right.
  216. High school sweethearts gone south...
  217. Settlement questions regarding house - Help?
  218. I lost myself! Please bring me back!
  219. Truly Lost
  220. dont know what to do.
  221. Balance
  222. Would it be stupid to ask him..
  223. NOW he wants to see a therapist
  224. Never Saw It Coming
  225. Should we seperate longer?
  226. venting !
  227. Why?
  228. im new and have really dug myself into a hole.
  229. would you want to know
  230. Should WW be allowed to see children
  231. What sends you back?
  232. had fun...had a realization
  233. Daily reminder.
  234. Doing 180...but he isn't around to see it
  235. Can't Win
  236. Just a Piece of Paper
  237. The same, but different.
  238. Please help...I'm alone, so much is happening, and I don't know what to do!
  239. Do I miss HER or just miss having SOMEONE
  240. Emotions all over the place today
  241. Help me get my head out of my @$$
  242. Questioning my decisions
  243. Not sure how to take this....
  244. My wife has told me she needs a break...
  245. Husband against counseling for kids during separation. What do I do?!
  246. Gonna spiral
  247. Ahh! I can't believe I am in this situation! Do you think I'm overreacting?
  248. Filed for child support...should of done it a long time ago
  249. Feeling Guilty About Taking a Stand
  250. He's finally moving out