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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. Seperated but love him & want him back
  2. What should I do now ??
  3. Opinions/Advice Appreciated. Is This "Fair"?
  4. In house separation
  5. Afraid to submit the paperwork
  6. I'm giving up the fight
  7. Nicknames
  8. Attorney/Collabortive Divorce or Mediator?
  9. Wife Has Separated from Marriage, Need Advice
  10. Delays and more hoops in court for the self employeed, hidden eXH
  11. Villian = Wife of 18 years, Good Person = Mistress, former mistresses
  12. dont know what to do!
  13. Husband left me because I am mean...
  14. Dreams
  15. First Day of Separation
  16. The Beginning of the REAL End - Time to 180
  17. Feel so lost
  18. Update and why it will take forever.
  19. Anyone sone in an in-home legal separation successfully?
  20. TAXES :slap:
  21. Husband wants legal separation after 16yrs of marriage
  22. New member, tough days, good to talk!
  23. Anyone going thru divorce impatient to date?
  24. Between filing and serving
  25. Question about Spousal Support
  26. How do you handle work when you have D-related meetings?
  27. Separated on 11/15, not legal yet and continue to change my mind whether to proceed
  28. wife ran away, gone 3 nights and left kids behind.
  29. What made me stay and put up with him and how our life was?
  30. Sad about the upcoming seperation
  31. Kicked out of the Bedroom
  32. Child abuse or am I overreacting?
  33. I don't know how you do it.
  34. In a sucky marriage and dont know how to stop it
  35. Reminders that you still are connected, even without the kids
  36. Husband wants to seperate
  37. What would you do with the house?
  38. Serial cheating, verbally abusive, narcissistic, bisexual husband is been served this
  39. Need to vent...Is the process always this slow?
  40. Better Days are Here
  41. Father's funeral, what to do???
  42. Saw it Coming But Still in Shock
  43. Do I have to go to court?
  44. Coping with loss...
  45. Who is this person that I married? (Long Story)
  46. She was served today
  47. Divorce almost over
  48. Found his dating site profile!
  49. He just couldn't do it
  50. Which spectrum is this on?
  51. Running up credit cards
  52. [B]Do you file if they are the one that wants it[/B]
  53. divorce brings out the worst in some
  54. I thought he was the problem ... now that I've reflected on it I think it's been me
  55. I'm going to do it
  56. After such a long fight, how to start over? I am tired...
  57. 20 Years of Marriage - Trust, Love - All Gone
  58. Pregnant and going through a divorce
  59. Wife Says No Longer In Love With Me
  60. A year on- D-day
  61. Divorce Corp.
  62. married an honorable man.. divorcing a coward
  63. Setting boundaries
  64. Cheater's been caught....Divorce here I come!
  65. How do I get over her and what she did to the family?
  66. Why Do I Let Things He Does Still Bother Me?
  67. Not sure I miss husband in trial separation
  68. Sigh.....your stepkids that you are leaving behind?
  69. Filing for divorce on serial cheater, need advice and support, I'm freaking out.
  70. 20 years in smoke
  71. Anyone deal with
  72. 2 weeks away
  73. How To Get Your Ex Back
  74. Ethics involved in divorce?
  75. Wasn't Christmas 8 days ago? Venting
  76. On the right path or should I worry....
  77. Sepparated spouse is dating should I just give up?
  78. He is doing "great" since he left, I am not.
  79. He left a year ago today...
  80. The Weeds of Codependence
  81. My lawyer died
  82. My husband wants a divorce
  83. going through separation...need help getting through it...
  84. great article for the really nuts WAW
  85. Happy New Year to all!!
  86. Divorce headed myway :(
  87. How to communicate
  88. What is happening? So confused!
  89. Still the same
  90. He Opened the Door
  91. New Year's Resolutions -- Share them here!
  92. How do you survive the nights?
  93. Xmas holidays- how is it going so far?
  94. irritable
  95. Legally married but dating - I don't agree - You?
  96. Harassment after restraining order
  97. Starting a Trial Separation
  98. divorcing him, though I don't want to
  99. gut punched by serial cheat
  100. Long Story - He asked for a divorce - reasons don't make sense.
  101. Dealing with holidays?
  102. He Left Yesterday
  103. Custody during separation
  104. Expecting a hard night this Christmas Eve
  105. He is leaving me because I can not get over his serial cheating
  106. Merry Christmas
  107. Married just over a year with a baby.....
  108. where did this come from ???
  109. He left tonight
  110. Moved out and I am confuse and devastated
  111. hurt and confused what to do
  112. Job loss...
  113. Long sotry, prob familar. Need some support
  114. mind games
  115. Why does the "one that filed" have to pay both lawyers?
  116. unwanted divorce
  117. Don't know what to do
  118. Lost
  119. From the beginning
  120. For Women: Change Name after Divorce?
  121. For Women: Change Name after Divorce?
  122. Finally forgave him
  123. Being "Part of the Club"
  124. dealing with stbx during divorce
  125. Dating While Still Under Same Roof?
  126. Have I created a monster ?
  127. Talk me off the ledge...I wrote a letter to him
  128. 6 weeks separated- He can't remember anything good/nice in 17 years together!!!
  129. I have no idea what is going on.........
  130. Do I miss him, or the idea of him? Divorce emotions?
  131. He went to Jared's???
  132. Coping with the lies, the lack of an apology.
  133. Will the 180 Rule work for my situation?
  134. What is it like sharing the kids "every other weekend?"
  135. Spending Bday alone for first time
  136. Holidays coming up and I don't know what to do...
  137. larry balotta
  138. So confused any help out there?
  139. In the throes of despair.
  140. Living in Same House: Now he lost his job
  141. What are your marriage boundries?
  142. Dividing up the assets/valuing collectibles
  143. Will my 7-month old daughter lose her bond with me?
  144. Been cheated on so many times, but cant let go
  145. Ou vision shattered
  146. is this acceptance?
  147. If you are separated and have children...
  148. home for the holidays
  149. Someone help. I'm losing it.
  150. 4 Months Separated
  151. Needing some insight
  152. surprise surprise
  153. 5 Year Long Distance Relationship Ended...Help!
  154. My stbxh's alternate online life
  155. Dealing with WAW like a man
  156. alone
  157. pushing myself to go through with it
  158. Married27 My journal
  159. How to start a journal ?
  160. separated from depressed/emotionally abusive husband
  161. Preparing for Divorce
  162. Wife abandons son after divorce. I would like to understand
  163. New mom....husband said he doesn't love me anymore
  164. What would you do?
  165. Question about Discovery Process
  166. Unfair when case involves infidelity?
  167. Need encouragement re: NC
  168. I deserve a divorce
  169. Wife recovering from depression, now leaving me.
  170. 401K - basic questions as it relates to divorce
  171. Preparations for separation, D when 1yr is up
  172. DONE with marriage.. Thank God!
  173. All I do is cry. Not for him! What he did to my life
  174. what is the deal??
  175. Separated and in the Loonie Bin
  176. What is she thinking?
  177. I messed up royally....
  178. Frustrating family dynamics
  179. Chinese wife does not want to muddle herself up with my family anymore
  180. What about those people who jump into other relationships?
  181. How do I turn off the caring for a cheater??
  182. how to keep moving forward?
  183. Need Advice...
  184. Cohabitation making this harder than it needs to be
  185. What I am thankful for....
  186. Reconciliation? Possible?
  187. Near a settlement then she filed!
  188. No good words from ds and dd
  189. DO you agree that if you are in abusive situation that person should file for divorce
  190. I just hate the hurt :mad:
  191. New situation waw, midlife crisis, help please?
  192. Separated- 3 weeks in, painful
  193. My Story - Jellybean123
  194. So essentially cut off all contact?
  195. Finally had him served
  196. Where oh where is Conrad ??
  197. Separation Limbo
  198. Tips on the lies
  199. Is it fair?
  200. Not sure what to expect?
  201. Not what I want
  202. My backwards story
  203. One month in...
  204. Honorbound's Journal
  205. They all come back
  206. Are some people just not cut out for marriage/monogamy?
  207. Finding myself
  208. Next Move(s)
  209. final courtdate what to expect?
  210. Limbo..This sucks!
  211. I'm so distraught and confused
  212. Seperated 2.5 months - Seperation doesn't solve anything
  213. Still living under one roof and spouse has no job.Tired of him being home allthe time
  214. At a loss
  215. Leaving cheating & Schizophenic wife
  216. Working through the end.
  217. Looking to get opinion from Woman who left, and has decided to never communicate
  218. Wanted to say thanks to the folks posting here
  219. Do you wear your wedding ring while separated?
  220. A broken Man
  221. I want to move on....
  222. Wanting to go back to my Abusive Wife
  223. Am I doing this all wrong?
  224. Classified as the abuser but she isnt quick to file for divorce. Why?
  225. I got served today.
  226. Separated 6 months and No Changes
  227. What shall I do?
  228. My Young Marriage Is Officially Ending
  229. Wife walked out but still loves me
  230. I am stuck
  231. Family counseling with very passive aggressive spouse if divorce is inevitable
  232. I miss him!???
  233. I'm waiting! Why hasnt she file yet?
  234. Do I need to secure copies of financials?
  235. Need some advice please!
  236. Marriage unraveled | 80% sure too much damage to put back together
  237. Filing Friday..then the new future
  238. Such a Hard Day Today
  239. He answered with I am guilty of cruel treatment toward him
  240. Friday Filing...Need some tips
  241. A Copy of my wife Affidavit
  242. Coping with the finality of my marriage
  243. Advice on facilitating uncontested divorce
  244. Why do the coping have to be so tough??
  245. Resources for Going Through Separation/Divorce and Rebuilding
  246. Filing Friday...im dead inside PLEASE HELP WITH RESPONSES
  247. Incredibly Hard
  248. Divorce, anxiety, and chest pains. Please help me.
  249. its me again
  250. mediation