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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. Struggling to cope but it's for the best
  2. Do they really mean, to be mean?
  3. Dumped, NC, LC and want to reconcile. With little baby. Help me please!
  4. Can I reconcile with my separated wife??..
  5. Finally filed stbxh found out I was seeing someone now wants to try again
  6. Heartbroken and feel like I'm in hell.....
  7. How do you watch your ex date? Excrutiatingly painful!
  8. Have you moved on?How was it?
  9. Any Advice would be great
  10. Oddly Painless So Far
  11. Another Random Update - I Defaulted on the Divorce
  12. Trials and Tribulations
  13. hmmmm help quick
  14. Family vacations during separation
  15. Need advice big time !!!
  16. Walkaway wife wants divorce
  17. Sex after separation/divorce for BS.
  18. Bad Day
  19. Confused left behind husband (1st post)
  20. Isolated, alone, scared.. husband has cut me out of his life
  21. Need help from the gurus here!
  22. Waves of Anger
  23. Wanting to move - separate
  24. Not sure what to do
  25. Wife all of a sudden afraid of me?
  26. Filed today
  27. Seeking Advice
  28. STBX seeking custody leaves state w/o telling me
  29. the status of our house now that I've filed
  30. Newbie needing advice
  31. How do I approach this?
  32. Happier without you
  33. How to talk to child
  34. Who filed & did you wait at all?
  35. I immediately regret this decision
  36. STBX wanting kids to meet new gf
  37. STBXW said she misses me and misses us....
  38. I've decided my marriage is worth saving.
  39. What about blended families....
  40. When did you take off your ring?
  41. How do I overcome & recognize the chaos of emotions I am having?
  42. Should I SUCK it up and be grateful?
  43. Advice Please separating an moving to a new town
  44. Met with Wife to Discuss Terms of D, She Now Wants $0
  45. Not sure how to feel...
  46. I don't miss him....
  47. Marriage vs. Dating Exclusively
  48. Very new here-shocked and isolated
  49. Newly separated - feeling guilty
  50. Is this a walk-away husband?
  51. Separated, W Wants Divorce, Told W "this will end in divorce", but I want to save M
  52. Here is the bottom line for her.
  53. I have filed for divorce
  54. My very own place!
  55. Oh well
  56. separated wife has new man :(
  57. ex out with other woman tonight and I'm doing fine!
  58. Hard time dealing with this :(
  59. Need some guidance
  60. I'm old. Help me learn the art of the text!
  61. Lonely
  62. Separation, harder than imagined....
  63. Can't seem to file...what is wrong with me?
  64. Learning from the limbo...
  65. Fair division?
  66. Finally starting have confidence and feel in control
  67. When did you give up?
  68. 6+ months separated, 12 anniversary approaching just want to forget ...
  69. Husband with Cancer wants Divorce
  70. Need someone to snap me out of this
  71. negative, negative, negative
  72. It has been a month now.
  73. I don't know how to handle this
  74. STBX doesn't want me dating
  75. Cant Determine if spouse wants to Reconcile?
  76. Big day for me today
  77. counseling session tomorrow and scared...
  78. My divorce journal
  79. She wants back in, not sure if its right.
  80. looking for good reads for motivation
  81. Separated and scared about the factors
  82. Left by a bodybuilder
  83. Question about Spouse's lawyer
  84. What's the future?
  85. Urgent help needed
  86. H wants to go counseling
  87. Lonely in separation
  88. Lust for revenge
  89. When to tell my kids
  90. Do couples ever reconcile after months apart?
  91. Checking in with an update........
  92. Just Starting the Separation Process
  93. Like a Jerry Springer Episode
  94. STBXW facebook
  95. Need to Explain This
  96. Intefering Sister in law and more
  97. how to get comfortable with ex's dating...
  98. My NC journal
  99. Life insurance beneficiary and kids
  100. Best friends during seperation ???
  101. Hi TAM - I'm Checking in - Still Seperated
  102. Need help with divorce book recommendations
  103. Separated - Wife walked out with my 4 yo son
  104. ls it common for WA's to push divorce ?
  105. Anyone tell their reasonable spouse they wanted a divorce years in the future?
  106. Advice on assets
  107. Update to "Naked Party" threads. Divorce has been filed. Long Story.
  108. My separation story
  109. Help me
  110. Second Time is So Much Worse, No Support
  111. beginning of a separation
  112. File jointly?
  113. What happens when wife moves out?
  114. Lost and abandoned
  115. How to move on
  116. Well That Was a Shock
  117. Need thoughts
  118. how many times did you fail at 180?
  119. Need some advice about about the kids.
  120. wife left friday
  121. Disneyland parenting
  122. Husband had an affair, separated, MLC?
  123. Dazed, Confused, and Devastated
  124. confronting om
  125. meet with a lawyer?
  126. How far does my responsibility go?
  127. Lessons Learned: Tips and Wisdom
  128. Should I participate?
  129. Separated 9 months, just saw stbxw on a dating site.
  130. Need to know how to feel
  131. Is this normal
  132. I did hate at first
  133. Not sure how to feel about this...
  134. advice please - neglected the wife - wants divorce
  135. She does not care about the kids
  136. Dealing with boundaries.....
  137. Lost
  138. *** Ladies, what did YOU do to deserve Alimony? ***
  139. probably think im crazy
  140. My WAW situation
  141. So confused and hurt...
  142. Divorce Question
  143. Last call
  144. Where exactly does anger fit in recovery ?
  145. I hate my husband so much i can't believe it!
  146. Hired a kick ass lawyer, now scared
  147. Why be so cruel and hurtful
  148. How many griefs should I get through?
  149. Have anyone here been separated/going through divorce w/o OM/OW involved?
  150. The time has come
  151. In the dark for 29 years with a bi-husband, Mormon- liar!
  152. Your Breaking Point
  153. It's over
  154. Almost done!
  155. Am i the only person?
  156. Need thoughts from those who have been there
  157. How is it????
  158. Christians who believe in Marriage I need prayer
  159. Protecting my kids
  160. Time for a Change
  161. How Long Before you get a trial date?
  162. My Wife Left Me... I need her back.
  163. Shoto's D-Day
  164. Wife has filed for Divorce after 2 weeks of separation
  165. Life after....
  166. H cheated, wants a baby to R, I rather D and move to Hawaii
  167. Anyone from
  168. Building up hatred
  169. In my mind I know I'll be well but sometimes my heart fails me
  170. My wife wants out
  171. How do you get past your wife screwing some new guy
  172. Dont want to be a bitter ex wife...
  173. My change is too late :(
  174. 2 weeks into Separation, now wife wants no contact
  175. Need some advice from you lovely lot
  176. Anybody else just feeling
  177. Divorce is final today.
  178. Waw talking about R. Would like opinions.
  179. 40 lessons (finding strength)
  180. So after seven years it might all end.
  181. Is she going too far?
  182. Divorce final today - 3 years to the day cheating husband left the house
  183. Anniversary tomorrow-anxiety overload
  184. THe pain will go away, I promise.
  185. when married people ignore you
  186. Mornings are the hardest!!
  187. A journal (of sorts?)
  188. Wow this is hard - advice from people who have been through this with kids
  189. Things I am doing for me
  190. Help! Please!
  191. When did you take yours off?
  192. How is it, trying to understand
  193. Is there hope
  194. He left me for another woman
  195. backsliding? more like an avalanche
  196. Got the dreaded text
  197. I love you but i'm not in love with you
  198. Will this actually work out?
  199. don't know what else to do!!!!
  200. Separated - husband can't decide what next
  201. How many of you talked to the spouses parents during a divorce?
  202. stuck and confused
  203. Getting divorce after 25 years + 3
  204. What do i do?
  205. Hard time letting go and being friends
  206. feeling overwhelmed
  207. wanted to move on but still couldn't
  208. Verbal abuse getting worse
  209. Mom, why do you sound like you're miserable?
  210. Struggling to cope
  211. How to move on?
  212. Help
  213. Clueless
  214. new apartment - advice?
  215. 5 weeks into a separation that was his decision
  216. New here, newly (but not officially?) separated
  217. Debt and community property
  218. Pic Of Another Woman on His Phone
  219. Telling the kids-please share experiences
  220. Wondering if I love/loved her
  221. Confused
  222. Heartbroken or codependent?
  223. Trying to make sense. Letting go or figuring it out
  224. "Indifference" and Telling people..
  225. Waving The White Flag
  226. I've reached a crossroads
  227. How long has anyone gone without sex?(forgive me)
  228. Highs and lows
  229. Our seperation begins... Please Help
  230. Desperation
  231. Best books to help you move on and find happiness after a bad marriage / divorce.
  232. 16 yr down the drain Wants cake and eat it too
  233. so broken I CAN'T BREATH.......
  234. God & Drugs, too much of one, not enough of the other...
  235. Dealing with new seperation
  236. divorce and child custody when one parent is mentally unstable
  237. Husband wants divorce to be single - says he doesn't love me anymore like that.
  238. Kids and dealing with the STBX
  239. miscellaneous STBX won't take me off phone plan
  240. Does this site have a pole?
  241. Told Legal Secretary wife Filed, but sleeping in same bed. She said thats a first
  242. Limbo
  243. POW's wife thought he was dead and remarried
  244. My lawyer died....continued
  245. Ache...
  246. Why Can't I Move on, I Believe She Has
  247. Contact the OW?
  248. Separated, and losing the battle.
  249. 9 months on
  250. weird seperation story.. just need to vent