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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. Very close to MIL, telling her today.
  2. Diary of my delusional ex-captor!
  3. My Story!! Any advice or support needed
  4. PTSD from marriage? Stbxw is being treated, what?
  5. One year on..........
  6. Marriage Goin' Bye-Bye
  7. Ugh, How am I supposed to know?
  8. Why does he feel the need to hurt me more?
  9. I dont know what to make of it
  10. Wife Left, I'm to Blame - Now Fighting For My Family
  11. New and looking for advice/support
  12. Leaving a BPD vs Leaving a Junkie
  13. Porn, Affair, and Divorce - oh my
  14. He Left - denies EA
  15. Lawyer filed a response without talking to me first?
  16. Regret separating/divorce?
  17. Why am I feeling so guilty?
  18. Need help with my response...
  19. Now I Know What They Mean
  20. why does it have to hurt so deep.. i thought I was moving forward ??!!
  21. happy mothers day
  22. One Transaction At a Time
  23. Heartbroken
  24. Nightmares, PTSD, Clingy STBXH...
  25. Need advice on breaking no contact...
  26. Silent treatment.
  27. Short term marriage, alimony?
  28. I found his old love letters
  29. Guilt feelings....was it really that bad?
  30. Buy Mother's Day card?
  31. Single parenting and away from family?
  32. That's all, folks!
  33. Separated - Should I just move on?
  34. Greetings Friends (and others)
  35. Confused...what is he really thinking?
  36. Mother's Day woulda been our 10 yr Anniversary
  37. BraveNewWorld Journal - Road to Healing
  38. Small Update
  39. Wife Gone - Hitting Reset Button on Life
  40. Surprise I want a divorce!
  41. How do they forget the love so fast?
  42. At my Crossroads--Ignore or Call OW
  43. No contact question...what about "positive" contact?
  44. Sexually frustrated during seperation is it legal to sleep with someone else?
  45. Gone Baby Gone
  46. How Am I Supposed to act now?
  47. Moving on without hate...
  48. The good in all of this
  49. seperation going to happen - big decisions
  50. Just another vent of sadness, feel free to join me !
  51. Tell me about your custody fight
  52. Separated at her request - but want her back
  53. A question about dinner tonight
  54. Exit strategy alternates to divorce?
  55. Do most men cheat?
  56. Struggled for years, separated, still talking
  57. I left my wife, now feeling confused
  58. Mixed signals from my separated wife
  59. Husband said he didn't love me and left me...
  60. bad day; need to vent
  61. Must you go to X's place for the kids - is there any other way ?
  62. In no hurry to divorce...
  63. Farewell TAM.
  64. What books have you read and would recommend for help?
  65. Young Marriage In Trouble!!
  66. My special story - separation. I am working on reconciliation
  67. HELP! Husband Moved Out Suddenly. Sexuality questions?
  68. Ended 1st post-marriage relationship
  69. Made a huge mistake. Cost me big.
  70. Divorce and pyschics
  71. Been a month
  72. Heading for a divorce feeling horrible...
  73. I Need Help With the First Minutes Hours Days
  74. My curse of Loving Forever....
  75. im so puzzled
  76. Wanting him but not his son
  77. The end of Road (Civil Partnership down the swannie)
  78. Is my separation a shock tactic?
  79. Who has the better parenting plan?
  80. long distance marriage with minimal communication... (long)
  81. Divorce or separation? Complicated
  82. Is dating wrong?
  83. Separation, need advice
  84. Mental Help
  85. new and in structured separation
  86. Blindsided and Lost
  87. When the dumpED becomes the dumper
  88. You folks don't mind if I journal here, do you?
  89. Has anyone read "save the marriage" by lee baucom?
  90. Walk away wife. A theory.
  91. How does a marriage full of love include an affair!
  92. The emotional roller coaster
  93. WTH is the difference between separation and divorce?
  94. Default things from Single People
  95. Why is he bent on financially ruining me?
  96. This is happening
  97. The love switch seems to get jammed both on and off
  98. How do you ask spouse to leave?
  99. need advice on separation
  100. Give up or keep fighting?
  101. confused about everything
  102. Need some tips
  103. Still living together, but trying to move on
  104. What do I do with the ring?
  105. Email and divorce?????
  106. Anyone a Codependent? (a thread for the BS)
  107. Does the dumper ever reaaly feel bad?
  108. Recent Sep, First Meeting Soon, Looking For Advice?
  109. Hurtn's Divorce Update
  110. Could I be any more messed up?
  111. Husband refuses to talk to me
  112. If you still have the house , how did you work ex's share ?
  113. What the Heck!
  114. Wow did she notice my 180
  115. Wife wants to separate... Need to vent
  116. EX not paying support
  117. Paranoid about money... Help w/ 401K and IRA?
  118. Too Soon?
  119. confused and dont know what to do
  120. Advice is So confusing!
  121. Downsides to Not Filing a Response?
  122. Well, wife wants a divorce...here is our story.....hoping to reconcile
  123. What do i do now
  124. I don't want a divorce HELP!
  125. Lies and nothing but!
  126. wtf ... husband joined an online dating site
  127. How What
  128. Question about dating again
  129. At almost 12 weeks it really hits me
  130. Finally the end of the road
  131. Separation Etiquette
  132. I love you... I hate you
  133. Lost on what to do next.
  134. How To? Need Help....
  135. Poll - your results so far.
  136. Looking for Input/Advise Please
  137. When do I tell wife I am moving out?
  138. Started a meet up group in my area!
  139. So sad today
  140. Moved on! Too soon?
  141. 21 years..........poof
  142. how does one change their mind so quickly??
  143. My husband no longer has feelings for me
  144. Here it is...Separated
  145. Taking the opportunity to finally end it.
  146. STBX is lying about assets. How can I prove them?
  147. Lonelys journal/ update
  148. I have been married for 27 years
  149. Need help, im not coping with recent seperation.
  150. A piece of reading material
  151. I think I am done with waiting for him to figure it out
  152. Guess we aren't reconciling at this time~
  153. What to do....
  154. Ugh Dunno Where to Begin.. This Sucks
  155. WAW needs "Time to Think"... separating.
  156. MC wrong choice?
  157. Coping with Change, Gray Areas, & the Rollercoaster of Emotions
  158. Divorce support on Long Island?
  159. My thoughts tonight
  160. Divorces are difficult but they dont have to be unfair
  161. STBXH taking out loans AFTER I filed
  162. my h came home, omg!
  163. It is slipping through the cracks...help!
  164. Wow, Completely Mixed Feelings Right Now....
  165. Just needed to vent
  166. Jeepers!
  167. UUGGHH!! Not again. Divorce #2 the pain is brutal...
  168. Ex agreed to go to counseling
  169. Timesharing with Kids - Need Advice!
  170. Finally sinking in
  171. i need someone to talk to, help and advice.
  172. What to do
  173. Camcorder Voices or Crazy me!
  174. Just when I thought things were getting smoother
  175. After the divorce... need reality check
  176. Spinoff - the advantage of exposure on the cheating X?
  177. Respect: Please help me understand. If that's possible
  178. Almost single 30 vent seperation guide
  179. STBXW giving grief over concert
  180. Custody: STBXH still making bad decisions
  181. Less than one month and I just feel old
  182. The OW sent me a photo!
  183. More Craziness
  184. 5 yr anniversary Friday, he left tonight....
  185. give him a 2nd chance?
  186. Same song and dance..
  187. Concerns about trial separation and how it affects my rights for child custody
  188. filing for divorce and not sure how i feel
  189. But why try If I don't love you anymore?
  190. A year on - here to help anyone who wants to ask me anything
  191. Time to work on myself
  192. Really hurting right now
  193. How to reconcile splitting the kids?
  194. Resently separated...how soon is too soon...?
  195. For the Separated in Limbo: What Have You Done for Yourself Lately?
  196. Showing affection in front of the kids
  197. Is there a hotline for MC?
  198. empowering myself to be me
  199. How do I do a 180 to try to get her back?
  200. She moves out Monday
  201. I filed so why do I feel so devastated?
  202. It's over after 20 years
  203. yep. im an idiot. i did what pretty much everyone told me not to
  204. Asked for divorce. Dazed and confused. (cross post from coping with infidelity)
  205. PLEASE help. one month and a half separated. this is almost unbearable.
  206. Going on vacation with my STBX?
  207. Wife went overseas with child, now does not "feel in love"
  208. To lawyer or not to lawyer. . .
  209. First steps.
  210. Why Do They Get So Angry
  211. want my family back.. mother of son
  212. Anybody meet the other man's stbxw to chat?
  213. Are you afraid of hating your x , I think I am ?
  214. Others divorcing in NY.
  215. Just filed!
  216. I have a question
  217. New here - Same story with a slight twist!
  218. My story: Separated
  219. Vulnerable WITH boundaries - the Final Frontier
  220. Seperation and loyalty
  221. So there's this girl ...
  222. after 1 week separated
  223. Helolover's story
  224. Marriage slipping away
  225. Seperation Plan
  226. Is it what it is?
  227. Newly Betrayed
  228. How did you know it was over?
  229. Truly sad and sick
  230. Separated 2 months today, I want reconciliation.
  231. Wife left me
  232. Why did he all of a sudden give up?
  233. One year after ("status report")
  234. Husband got affair partner pregnant while we were separated
  235. War Stories
  236. Divorce or give another chance?
  237. Husband Left Me - In Depression
  238. Closure or Peace Offering
  239. How should I be with my ex now ?
  240. It's Over...Ready to Move On
  241. From Separation to Divorce....at a loss
  242. Divorce is a business.
  243. I cant stop crying
  244. 25 and too young for this....
  245. d-day and 180
  246. Fiance wants to separate. Need advice
  247. Can someone tell me some positive things about a spouse leaving you?
  248. Bad mommy moment !!!
  249. Need someone to talk to...
  250. Wife panicking at reality of dvorce.

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