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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. RD's official journal
  2. What do I do? and How should I feel?
  3. Taking Care of Yourself During Divorce
  4. We're separated, he's sick, could use advice
  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
  6. I went off on her last night
  7. Worried about seeing him.....
  8. And the Truth comes out finally -- sxbxh is with another woman
  9. Money grab
  10. Ready to File
  11. Why did I accept...
  12. (Not so nice) Nicknames for your ex
  13. Well, I did it -- Let the battle begin
  14. Signed the last document today...
  15. Any legal eagles that give advice here?
  16. Is this ever easy?
  17. Seperated from wife, not sure what I want
  18. This is what HE chose, so why do I feel so guilty.
  19. Can the 180 work for me ... 33 weeks pregnant!
  20. Tomorrow is our Anniversary
  21. This Roller Coaster
  22. Worried about husband during seperation
  23. Letting go
  24. Help, thoughts, advice and prayers needed
  25. Last chances are always the hardest
  26. Hope Beyond Hope
  27. Is it the end???
  28. after an year
  29. Time for my own thread, I'm getting very confused
  30. What happens after both parties sign??
  31. Does my wife have an obligation to tell me where she's taking our child?
  32. how do I at least make one last attempt
  33. There is hope!
  34. Unwanted Touching
  35. On-line Divorce? Anyone used?
  36. Wife wants time to think, doesn't love me anymore...
  37. Is the pain the same?
  38. Separating after 20 years of marriage
  39. Trying to cope...
  40. Separated and Not Sure What TO Do
  41. How long to recovery?
  42. Filing, motions, delays, anger - Rinse and repeat
  43. Mind in Overdrive/Obsessing
  44. First Step
  45. Starting to figure it out
  46. Stay or Go?
  47. This No Contact is killing me!
  48. How to know if he wont change
  49. How to short-cut the frustration?
  50. He left so when do I feel comfortable to file
  51. I can't believe I am here
  52. So ashamed of myself
  53. So it finally happened
  54. No birthday/anniversary wish from my POSX
  55. Difficult time, need solid advice
  56. "I don't know"
  57. First xmas/birthdays as a broken family approach
  58. 98% ready to give up... although I guess I should be 100% at this point
  59. Infuriating!
  60. need some words of wisdom
  61. Pretrial conference.
  62. Seperation with wife
  63. What did you change for/let go of/etc for your H/W?
  64. Courtroom Questions That I Should Have Asked XW On Cross-Examination
  65. When you're feeling so down, what helps bring you back up?
  66. They broke up!?!
  67. Advice Please
  68. Wife has said divorce/separation - is there a chance?
  69. The Settlement
  70. The worst has happened
  71. I was charged with Battery
  72. Married a man. Divorcing an alien
  73. Where do I start?
  74. 3 Months In
  75. Just don't understand...
  76. In a Bad Place Lately
  77. Lawyers have a reservation in hell
  78. I don't know what to do
  79. How to break off communication without starting a fight
  80. Thrown out almost a week ago...now back in NJ and mourning the "death" of relationshi
  81. Thirteen Years Today
  82. Wife Want to Leave Me, But Says She Doesn't Want a Divorce
  83. Was this a cruel thing to do?
  84. My birthday message from him
  85. For 2005tahoe -- how many can we get???
  86. Husband would rather separate than honour his vows
  87. depressed on my birthday
  88. Separated, thinking about getting back - Help
  89. In the midst of separation
  90. Question for You Guys Out There
  91. Feel like a sucker....what can I do?
  92. So what do you do on your wedding anniversry?
  93. Separated from Wife - Really want her back.
  94. So this is how it ends?.......
  95. Five days seperated...
  96. Desperate situation - Need Help
  97. 9/11
  98. Being driven Mad
  99. Separated and Husband started dating an old friend.
  100. Is this really my life?
  101. Trip to NY and updates on the stbxh
  102. He's cheated, he lies, he manipulates
  103. What do I do?
  104. borderline personality disorder., why couldnt I realize it sooner
  105. Guilt_dragging on
  106. May be divorced today!
  107. Separated for over a month, moved away, miss HIM
  108. I read that writing helps with anxiety. Please critique
  109. going through seperation...
  110. Recent separation..help?
  111. I need to know how far to take this
  112. Holding the boundary - don't let him in
  113. help
  114. really confused.
  115. Legal or 'regular' (?) separation?
  116. Heart in my Throat
  117. Divorce/separation...extreme anxiety, $, who stays where? etc
  118. Will he finally show to end this??
  119. Separated and daughter coming between us
  120. Should I accept this deal??
  121. Don't act on a mid life crisis...
  122. My Story....
  123. A psychological question
  124. D as a wake up call
  125. I am also just recently separated
  126. Are you still close to your in-laws even though marriage is dead?
  127. The next steps
  128. I need help!
  129. Separated for 3rd time; I know it's best, but...
  130. Parallel Parenting v. Co-Parenting
  131. All Out of Options - Help Please!
  132. I asked for a trial sep...now hv to ask for a divorce....
  133. Guilting dd
  134. How Do I Get Through This
  135. 50/50 Custody of Kids
  136. Agreed to in house separation, advice needed
  137. Weekly beer with stbxww - not sure
  138. Shallow Pool
  139. Does it get easier after you officially separate?
  140. Life Bomb approaching - need some quick advice/thoughts
  141. Filed throught Mediator vs Lawyer--Regretting it now
  142. Divorce in Arkansas MUST Hire Attorney?
  143. Still feel obsessed and going a little nuts
  144. WTF Is Going On With Me?
  145. kinda confused but not really
  146. Husband wants to date a transgender
  147. He doesn't get it
  148. My wife lives in the basement...I need help
  149. Trying to get over her after 23 years together....classic story, wild twist.
  150. Husband and son
  151. Need someone to talk to
  152. Did I do enough to save my marraige?
  153. My Sad Story
  154. Day 1 of seperation
  155. trouble coping
  156. Can I get over this guilt?
  157. Reality sets in
  158. the unmighty dollar :(
  159. Confused and need clarity
  160. ignored anniversary
  161. Its the right thing to do, but sad nonetheless
  162. Wife wants to leave 25 year marriage because of "friend"
  163. My Turn -- Filed for a divorce I don't want.
  164. I think I waited too long to post this
  165. Selling engagement ring
  166. Close to a mental breakdown
  167. Is it ever too late to start 180?
  168. Should I wear my wedding ring?
  169. Coming up on two years. Stay strong folks!
  170. Heart ached; didn't see that coming
  171. I need help - missing my 8 year old daughter
  172. Ex (Dumper) in Mental Ward One Week Later
  173. 8 months pregnant, H has left for OW
  174. question regarding filing
  175. In The Final Stretch
  176. Feeling Abandoned and Discarded (lengthy!)
  177. Got my STBX's first settlement offer...how many times did you go back and forth?
  178. It has begun
  179. Almost D-day, rejoice or mourn?
  180. WOW
  181. How do I get my WS to believe me?
  182. It's not fair to stay with my husband but love my Ex.
  183. Another Victim of the fog(long story)
  184. Home with parents at 42
  185. Advice would be good
  186. wife left me to go back to her parents.Please help
  187. Not doing well
  188. Need advice
  189. Neither of us can sign divorce papers!!! Help!!
  190. Dead Beat STBX
  191. Almost 5 months of separation...Extreme Anxiety
  192. Seperated and shes with someone else
  193. i need help
  194. Wife leaves after 9 months of marriage :(
  195. Got rough drafts of QDRO done and seeing STBX's face was priceless!
  196. Please, give me your advice
  197. where to go for help
  198. What can I expect to pay in spousal support?
  199. How would you feel about this ?
  200. Husband left me for another woman
  201. Why would people behave this way? What is the point of it?
  202. Seperated but 'friends' yet still financial arguments..
  203. Couldn't he have had the decency to FINALIZE FIRST????
  204. Don't want to end up homeless after the divorce
  205. Where the Hell is GutPunch?
  206. Freaking OUt about school function with the STBXH
  207. Been gone awhile, update of sorts, and a question.
  208. It's OVER :( How to tell the kids?
  209. Anyone Else Tried Discernment Counselling?
  210. hopeless and hurting
  211. Help sorting things out...Newbie
  212. Possibly Strangest Separation
  213. Additional Paperwork??
  214. Petrified of being alone!
  215. Why is dating so hard
  216. We tried to make it work after affair
  217. The Positive Thinking Thread
  218. Tired of arguing and the flareups are stressful!
  219. I need your insight
  220. Untruth Discovered In The Divorce Papers
  221. Separated but still enjoy my company?
  222. Ex ( Wife ) little to no communication during divorce, anyone else ?
  223. Is this normal? What can I do?
  224. Miss your abuser?
  225. Its Official!
  226. How DARE you--rant
  227. Father trying to do what's best for kids
  228. The ex wife divorced or ex husband?
  229. crazy
  230. My wife wants divorce, and she recently declared her bisexuality!
  231. Tired and Lonely
  232. !!! Help !!! Newbie family Problems. From "Kumbaya" to Devastated
  233. Seperated - Alcohol - Hope
  234. Separate, but not equal
  235. The Roller Coaster of Separation....advice please
  236. What should I do?
  237. Bomb Shell Dropped Picking up the pieces
  238. Mediation
  239. STBX giving mixed signals
  240. Did you stay in your home or buy another?
  241. Here's my story, sorry to be here...Part 1
  242. Sick at heart
  243. Breath of fresh air and I still have hope
  244. My Story...
  245. How do you leave someone you're afraid of?
  246. Please help me stay strong with 'going dark'
  247. Why can I not move on?
  248. Non-offer, offer
  249. How to Stop Obsessing and Looking Back?
  250. Acting like everything is ok...