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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. He's coming to get his things Friday, but abandoned me for OW, need HELP!!
  2. Irreconcilable differences?
  3. WTF do I say to the OM if anything. We are bound to meet
  4. Hurt is almost unbearable at times...
  5. Omg omg omg!!!!
  6. Day 1 of NC....My Heart Hurts
  7. The true psycho comes out
  8. Just found out I have early stages of cancer
  9. Please Dont Judge me...Need Advice
  10. The Way-Back Machine...
  11. Mothers please weigh in
  12. Need women's advice and men if they have been here.
  13. Ex Wife getting angry with my gf seeing my child
  14. The Final Dagger - Please Help!!!
  15. Has anyone separated or split their kids in a divorce ?
  16. Spouse being uncooperative with divorce papers
  17. Feeling like a class five moron!
  18. Seeking advice on Separation.
  19. Why Does TAM Work?
  20. Codependence vs. Crazy
  21. Need logistical advice on moving out from those who've been there
  22. Super-cheap, well-rated online divorce sites?
  23. I cant seem to find any light in this darkness
  24. I have to come clean I have made a mistake!
  25. tracking him down? Background service?
  26. New to forum... hurt, lost & lonely.
  27. Im so lost
  28. update on Taking a Break
  29. What is going on here ?!?! clarifications pls!!
  30. What is wrong with me?
  31. having a breakdown
  32. Almost over and still can't comprehend what happened
  33. 10 down the drain
  34. within hours of court, wife who left me is harassing ME?/?!!
  35. fight over pet with a manipulator STBXH
  36. Why do I still care?!?
  37. Not Sure What to Think Anymore
  38. Broken marriage but still in the same house
  39. Helpful video if you are feeling overhelmed
  40. don't give up...it gets better
  41. What % on here are divorced/separated due to infidelity?
  42. How did your kids take it?
  43. Need Divorce party ideas.
  44. But I still want her back.....
  45. From Angry to Acceptance with our final conversation
  46. Meetup
  47. Books to help my children through the separation
  48. 6 months now and have suffered another blow but am still fighting!!!!
  49. Seperated now and totally confused about girl
  50. Another Sad Story (or a guy that just can't get over her)
  51. I need "Stability"
  52. Can a lawyer really do this?
  53. C-Man's journal
  54. Actions of my separated wife.
  55. Divorce/Separation and Mental Health issues
  56. Greetings Friends (and others)
  57. Will the pain ever go away?
  58. Need to vent and have someone tell me I'm right
  59. Dumped, cheated on and still feeling guilty
  60. Is this a conflict of interest?
  61. Wow, I had no idea what real pain is
  62. A Fortune Cookie Never Made Me Laugh So Hard...
  63. Nice Guy, Hopeless Romantic, Fool for Love...Seeking Help
  64. Blindsided!!!!!
  65. I Moved out on Wednesday
  66. Valentine's Day for the Separated (Ugh!)
  67. he changed his mind again
  68. Expecting and Seperated....
  69. how to handle taking a break
  70. Can you get divorced without having to pay thousands of$$$
  71. Closure
  72. A failed engagement
  73. I just filed.
  74. Can't let go, got a bad case of "One-itis"
  75. I don't think I can do this today.
  76. I can't stop shaking ...
  77. Should I break up with the rebound?
  78. exhale
  79. Hate Letter ...
  80. Still Angry....but been thinking alot!
  81. need advice and understanding
  82. acceptance, embrace, release, relief
  83. Got the court date today
  84. Divorce final Today
  85. A friend......
  86. So confused...
  87. I feel like ****
  88. If we know its bad, then why hesitate?
  89. Am I having my own midlife crisis?
  90. The first step to the end of life as you know it
  91. Another new user, another sorry tale
  92. wtf...
  93. The panic and pain is so strong, still...
  94. Back sliding -- not over him :-(
  95. Just a thank you!
  96. Day 2 Separation with NC :(
  97. ex girl friend dating "now my ex best friend
  98. Refinancing vehicle??
  99. Starting to become Angry!!!
  100. 7 months separated and I am not moving on
  101. Am I crazy - do I need a 2x4?
  102. Confused
  103. Should we be "Roomates"
  104. Gunna File
  105. Dating before divorce?
  106. Wife, affair, separation ... what's next
  107. 8 weeks and miserable...update
  108. Would you sell up early just to get out or finish the job ?
  109. Friday Nights SUCK
  110. I hate my wife
  111. Need Help… Please offer insight on Separation
  112. My wife left, but something is not right, please help!!
  113. Psssst...guys...hey...
  114. Don't want to hold on, but not ready to let go
  115. Divorce advice needed
  116. Went from possible separation to looking for a place
  117. The 180 isn't doing a thing for me !
  118. I filed for divorce from STBXH who had/or currently involved with his marriecoworker
  119. Today is a really bad day...
  120. Cake eating vs emotionally detach
  121. I don't know really what's going on here, Please Help!!!
  122. New to the site
  123. My 1st birthday separated....
  124. help!
  125. Going beyond the Fear of Betrayal:
  126. Husband hiding away from me for weeks
  127. How do move on, when he still tries to hold you near?
  128. Filing the divorce
  129. What to do?????
  130. Wife has daddy issues
  131. How to deal with wife who moves OM in with our kids
  132. What do you do with the rings?
  133. He's lied all along
  134. This is real
  135. Crossup's blog (big sigh)
  136. One year later
  137. I have 30 days to make this work! Separated...
  138. my teen doesn't want to visit his dad, any advice
  139. Should I take her back?
  140. Is it possible to stay friends?
  141. Wife is leaving me. Is there any hope?
  142. Getting through tonight
  143. Separated since Oct- he has someone else
  144. Why do they lie?
  145. Hurtn Update
  146. Men don't feel inspired to talk about their love interest?
  147. 8 months later and still no closer to reconciliation
  148. What the heck is happening?
  149. Apartment Lease after divorce
  150. Lost's Story/Journal
  151. Wife won't come back. What do I do?
  152. STBHX shrugs being a parent
  153. i freaking cant stop texting him
  154. Did I cause my husband's depression?
  155. Hit by a bomb
  156. My husband of 11 months moved out and doesn't want any communications with me. .
  157. Life can be so frustrating
  158. Heartbreak - Phase 2
  159. Hurt & Confused
  160. My husband left me for an 18 year old.. 12 months later update
  161. 50/50 parenting...or maybe not?
  162. NO Evidence JUST signs.
  163. I can't take it anymore
  164. Just told my husband we need to separate
  165. When you realize your life has changed for good
  166. help on separation
  167. A cruel Limbo
  168. I think I win the crazy :)
  169. Is there still hope or is it done?!
  170. Bewildered. Shocked, Scared and Heartbroken
  171. Heart or Mind? Which one do you liisten to?
  172. Here we go again
  173. The date is set!
  174. Medical issues, money after separation..
  175. What/When/How to tell kids
  176. Hasn't my X shamed my daughter and I ?
  177. Cheater's guilt
  178. new here
  179. Facebook
  180. MY Strength Song
  181. Free Marriage Restoration Conference Calls! One this Saturday 1/19/13
  182. Last Night......big mistake
  183. A situation lot like "What to do with I don't know"
  184. Does it get better?
  185. Cuddle Buddy
  186. More pain ... lights shut off
  187. I don't understand
  188. Wife left last night...
  189. What is wrong with me?!
  190. Its a GOOD thing my STBX is gone because...
  191. Family Problems during reconciliation
  192. I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin.
  193. Is this really my life? Or a bad movie ;-(
  194. Advice needed - POSOM just sent me an email
  195. How does one 'work on themselves'
  196. Need help.....I have no hope now
  197. Coping with the speed of light
  198. Have you bumped into the ex somewhere, like he shop ?
  199. What is the "180"?
  200. My Method for Relief
  201. Wills and Separation
  202. Separated - 4th time now
  203. shared custody thoughts from any who know...
  204. Wife stalling as much as possible to continue living rent free while i pay mortage
  205. Need Advise on WAW who wants to work it out
  206. Is it wrong to start dating while we're not officially divorced?
  207. my wife of 10 years wants to just be friends
  208. feeling awful...can't move on...
  209. He seems so "happy"
  210. Not Really Sure What I Am Looking For
  211. When Betrayed Spouses of the Cheaters Get Together
  212. How do you stop loving someone ?
  213. Advice, going out to dinner with friend of ex
  214. Is this really happening?
  215. Married 6 Months - Partner wants Divorce - Looking for Advice
  216. Paying your wife $ after seperation
  217. Im sure my marriage is over now...
  218. Just holding my breath
  219. Wife asked for separation and I am totally lost
  220. fertileground's separation journal
  221. Now what? I'm so empty and alone.
  222. Love you but not in love with you
  223. In the middle of a separation
  224. Length of marriage?
  225. Someone..anyone help me out of this darkness...
  227. Separation without Being Bitter
  228. Wife wants a divorce need help I still lover her
  229. Husband left again ... what to do ?
  230. Really need a friend this morning
  231. Wife is throwing in the towel; future uncertain.
  232. I've moved out but not moved on. (Handing out free 2x2's)
  233. Spent time together after 3 weeks .... now what?
  234. On betrayal
  235. Hatred and anger is all I have for now
  236. Separated 2 years now, may lose my job (stressed!)
  237. My thoughts tonight
  238. I'm going to miss her family
  239. I received closure today even though the D is 2.5 months old
  240. WAW, should have listened to her past life experiences closer
  241. If someone goes to their X's house and stays the night.. is it a gauranteed PA?
  242. handling kids emotions...
  243. Sometimes l wish my idiot my idiot wifes new life would blow up in her face
  244. What is wrong with me?
  245. Since we talked about separating..we're nice to each other
  246. Wife cheated, and denied at first but now wants divorce
  247. Amicable 50/50? Sorry, no... Now, she wants it all!
  248. phobia nightmare!
  249. Separated and confused/overwhelmed
  250. Help!

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