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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. Getting through tonight
  2. Separated since Oct- he has someone else
  3. Why do they lie?
  4. Hurtn Update
  5. Men don't feel inspired to talk about their love interest?
  6. 8 months later and still no closer to reconciliation
  7. What the heck is happening?
  8. Apartment Lease after divorce
  9. Lost's Story/Journal
  10. Wife won't come back. What do I do?
  11. STBHX shrugs being a parent
  12. i freaking cant stop texting him
  13. Did I cause my husband's depression?
  14. Hit by a bomb
  15. My husband of 11 months moved out and doesn't want any communications with me. .
  16. Life can be so frustrating
  17. Heartbreak - Phase 2
  18. Hurt & Confused
  19. My husband left me for an 18 year old.. 12 months later update
  20. 50/50 parenting...or maybe not?
  21. NO Evidence JUST signs.
  22. I can't take it anymore
  23. Just told my husband we need to separate
  24. When you realize your life has changed for good
  25. help on separation
  26. A cruel Limbo
  27. I think I win the crazy :)
  28. Is there still hope or is it done?!
  29. Bewildered. Shocked, Scared and Heartbroken
  30. Heart or Mind? Which one do you liisten to?
  31. Here we go again
  32. The date is set!
  33. Medical issues, money after separation..
  34. What/When/How to tell kids
  35. Hasn't my X shamed my daughter and I ?
  36. Cheater's guilt
  37. new here
  38. Facebook
  39. MY Strength Song
  40. Free Marriage Restoration Conference Calls! One this Saturday 1/19/13
  41. Last Night......big mistake
  42. A situation lot like "What to do with I don't know"
  43. Does it get better?
  44. Cuddle Buddy
  45. More pain ... lights shut off
  46. I don't understand
  47. Wife left last night...
  48. What is wrong with me?!
  49. Its a GOOD thing my STBX is gone because...
  50. Family Problems during reconciliation
  51. I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin.
  52. Is this really my life? Or a bad movie ;-(
  53. Advice needed - POSOM just sent me an email
  54. How does one 'work on themselves'
  55. Need help.....I have no hope now
  56. Coping with the speed of light
  57. Have you bumped into the ex somewhere, like he shop ?
  58. What is the "180"?
  59. My Method for Relief
  60. Wills and Separation
  61. Separated - 4th time now
  62. shared custody thoughts from any who know...
  63. Wife stalling as much as possible to continue living rent free while i pay mortage
  64. Need Advise on WAW who wants to work it out
  65. Is it wrong to start dating while we're not officially divorced?
  66. my wife of 10 years wants to just be friends
  67. feeling awful...can't move on...
  68. He seems so "happy"
  69. Not Really Sure What I Am Looking For
  70. When Betrayed Spouses of the Cheaters Get Together
  71. How do you stop loving someone ?
  72. Advice, going out to dinner with friend of ex
  73. Is this really happening?
  74. Married 6 Months - Partner wants Divorce - Looking for Advice
  75. Paying your wife $ after seperation
  76. Im sure my marriage is over now...
  77. Just holding my breath
  78. Wife asked for separation and I am totally lost
  79. fertileground's separation journal
  80. Now what? I'm so empty and alone.
  81. Love you but not in love with you
  82. In the middle of a separation
  83. Length of marriage?
  84. Someone..anyone help me out of this darkness...
  86. Separation without Being Bitter
  87. Wife wants a divorce need help I still lover her
  88. Husband left again ... what to do ?
  89. Really need a friend this morning
  90. Wife is throwing in the towel; future uncertain.
  91. I've moved out but not moved on. (Handing out free 2x2's)
  92. Spent time together after 3 weeks .... now what?
  93. On betrayal
  94. Hatred and anger is all I have for now
  95. Separated 2 years now, may lose my job (stressed!)
  96. My thoughts tonight
  97. I'm going to miss her family
  98. I received closure today even though the D is 2.5 months old
  99. WAW, should have listened to her past life experiences closer
  100. If someone goes to their X's house and stays the night.. is it a gauranteed PA?
  101. handling kids emotions...
  102. Sometimes l wish my idiot my idiot wifes new life would blow up in her face
  103. What is wrong with me?
  104. Since we talked about separating..we're nice to each other
  105. Wife cheated, and denied at first but now wants divorce
  106. Amicable 50/50? Sorry, no... Now, she wants it all!
  107. phobia nightmare!
  108. Separated and confused/overwhelmed
  109. Help!
  110. what do you think of how l'm beginning to feel about her now ?
  111. Thinking of checking into this life
  112. He's checked out.... Does anyone ever check back in?
  113. Letter to my S2BXW?...I believe I can finally move on from this...
  114. Please I need good sound advice!! Thanks!
  115. Dating while separated - feeling guilty
  116. My WWW called me
  117. old timer: Separation Journal
  118. First time here - scared and sad
  119. Going on day 5 since H moved out
  120. How is it shecan be so social during all this ?
  121. What now?
  122. Blame Game
  123. How do you keep from doing something stupid?
  124. WAW wants to go away for the weekend, wants me to watch the kids
  125. Dealing with spouse's pain humanely
  126. Trying To Move On From My Failed Marriage
  127. It's getting easier.....
  128. Friends with WS who cheated and left you?
  129. Any advice on how to get hb back from OW??
  130. The Journal of A[Broken] Coffee Cup
  131. No contact, not sure what to do when I miss him
  132. wife wanted it over, so why the fancy clothes?
  133. My thoughts for the day......
  134. EFT Therapy
  135. Going to BE Strong
  136. Got Served With Papers Yesterday
  137. Recently Separated
  138. Need some advice
  139. Bafuna's blog-Revelation
  140. Pro Se divorce... your experiences?
  141. Crappy Christmas present
  142. Realization of my Errors... need help...
  143. First night alone in house with kids.....H in new Apt
  144. Going through divorce, don't know what to do
  145. When will the dreams stop?
  146. Living under the same roof while separated?
  147. Did anyone go back for the kids?
  148. 'you need to spread your wings' - crappiest reason EVER
  149. ...and I thought I was doing so good!
  150. When does it get easier?
  151. Maybe im the crazy one??
  152. Moving out this month? What's your plan?
  153. wife has checked out
  154. Do I just ask?
  155. Is it 2013 yet?
  156. Crappy New Year!
  157. How do I protect myself?
  158. 2012. The worst year of my life.
  159. I hate this roller coaster...please let me off!
  160. I can't decide
  161. Protocol for informing your EX that kids' insurance has increased
  162. Is this just a pity?
  163. Is this a good or bad idea??
  164. So confused please help!!
  165. Point of no return..yet still sad?!
  166. What's His Deal??????
  167. I am in pain, my wife left me
  168. This really does suck.
  169. Wife of 20 years wants to leave
  170. I cant seem to move on at all
  171. Confused and don't know where to start.
  172. Trying to stay positive
  173. He Finally Admitted it!!!
  174. What possesses a person to do this?
  175. Leaving today.....when I return he will have moved out....
  176. Are you scared of your future, maybe you can't find another chance ?
  177. Separated but trying to work things out, Final court hearing less than 2 weeks away
  178. Sobriety and Separation
  179. I Want Her Back!
  180. Don't know up from down right now...
  181. I think the time has come
  182. OK tell me if I am wrong
  183. I am new and I need help
  184. Is a seperation (different homes) the KISS OF DEATH???
  185. Guilt over husband hurting
  186. Last night together before he moves out.
  187. Email for closure?
  188. HiRoads christmas suprise, this is good!
  189. Crossroads: Sink or Swim
  190. It's so much better...?
  191. Hypothetical question
  192. Stop me!
  193. I miss my kids.
  194. How Did Gift Exchange Go?
  195. Specialplace's story
  196. How do I take care of myself?
  197. Sex Leading up to seperation....
  198. Hugs and encouraging thoughts for people separating/divoricing
  199. Going through divorce at the speed of light.What's happening here?
  200. Need Some Advice About a Letter to My Separated Wife
  201. Why does my post keep getting deleted in here?? ...
  202. Need some advice - no contact broken by WS
  203. Ex gave me a present from my 17 month old daughter????
  204. Wishing you all a merry christmas!!
  205. always slipping into denial
  206. Can't say Merry Christmas
  207. We Will See
  208. This is so painful
  209. Is there an advantage to filing for D first?
  210. WAW syndrome is claiming another family
  211. Resolutions
  212. I left her, realized it was me the whole time...Now she wont take me back...HELP!
  213. I just make all the bad decisions.
  214. This is pure pain
  215. Screwed up
  216. blindside- he left young family
  217. Cowards
  218. Someone was sleeping in my bed....
  219. Really struggling with the no contact rule!
  220. My husband refuses to talk to me
  221. My wife has checked out of our marriage why?
  222. MC yesterday---horror show
  223. when is it enough? PLEASE HELP!
  224. That moment when...
  225. Do I do Christmas Eve with her ?
  226. Very Unique Situation
  227. Dillema... How to handle
  228. Wife, Divorce and Her Parents
  229. Mixed Messages
  230. Can't believe I'm getting divorced
  231. Visitation Advice Requested
  232. File or not to file???
  233. The compulsive liar
  234. Not sure how to act with my Wife
  235. Bad Bay Area Break UP!!
  236. HELP my present situation HELP
  237. My cheating wife can't understand why our daughter doesn't want to spend time with he
  238. Husband has checked out, Separated for 2 Months
  239. Our "last" Christmas
  240. What's the source of your anxiety?
  241. Is it wrong?
  242. Todays thoughts.....any advice....
  243. Small claims court for money owed, worth it???
  244. Am I headed for nasty divorce?
  245. My world has been tossed upside down!
  246. Do I call or keep with NC...?
  247. I'm stuck...
  248. StephenG's Whole Story/Journal
  249. Epictetus...
  250. I let my curiosity get the better of me, but it's okay...

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