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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. What Is His Angle?
  2. Finally over - good news
  3. having a hard time
  4. Do you hate your cheating stbx?
  5. The best advice you will ever read
  6. The Bad Guy
  7. Very's journal thing.
  8. So lost
  9. Sleeping with Ex (Seperated)
  10. Bad day :(
  11. Long Road
  12. Getting Closure
  13. Question on children and fighting with ex over school
  14. Insurance coverage in the divorce decree
  15. Is my Wife a *****?
  16. Wife wants separation after 24 years
  17. Did you ever get closure?
  18. Separated a few months, ex wants to get back together
  19. Just two months in... this is awful.
  20. Strategy to win her back?
  21. I need support on this one.... I'm losing it :-(
  22. It's Over - Day One
  23. Has anyone (or anyone's H) used Cordell & Cordell?
  24. New member here
  25. Going through separation.... need some perspective please.
  26. Wife says she cannot trust me and does not love me
  27. Update on my decision..!
  28. She wants out and somethings' fishy
  29. What should a letter include or not ?
  30. Over 30 Days Separated - No changes
  31. Why does other spouse want divorce, but wants you to do everything?
  32. She cheated on me and wants me to leave the house and she wants the kids.
  33. Therapist suggests a Trial Separation
  34. Marital Debt Resolution - Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure
  35. A divorce 'agreement' is only worth the paper it is written on...
  36. do I send a gift?
  37. Time to Move On.
  38. My divorce will be finalized in 6 days
  39. Wife cheated Divorce in progress and she wants her cake
  40. Taking The Step, Need Help
  41. sometimes it's a huge struggle...
  42. Emotional Affar is destroying me, help...
  43. In retrospect, the best decision I ever made!
  44. Happy Father's Day!
  45. Happy Father's Day guys
  46. Why are you on GTDS so much?
  47. Ex gets rewarded and I am honestly jealous!
  48. Separated wife won't let go. I can't fully let go until she does.
  49. Argh...
  50. Dazed and Confused
  51. Need to tell H it is def over this time
  52. LivingAgain's journal thread
  53. This, too, shall pass.
  54. Almost A Week!!!!
  55. Tips For Battling Depression Post Separation?
  56. Hired a lawyer and he flipped out
  57. A Hello and help with dealing with Isolation
  58. I love you all!
  59. Seperated 6 months, Wife hates my parents, totally at a loss what to do.
  60. Know I should leave but SO SCARED!
  61. what should i do?
  62. Relationship is over. Trying to find what went wrong.
  63. When you knew it was over.
  64. If you recieved the I love you, but I'm not in love with you, then read this.
  65. Why Do I still Remember Her?
  66. Legal Question
  67. All most seperated for the 20th time, is this it???
  68. Newly Separated Miss my Wife :(
  69. Children and Custody
  70. What do i do - help needed please!!
  71. Wheel Chair Guy Separated For Two Months HELP!!!
  72. emotionless wife wants divorce
  73. Wife Left While I Was In Hospital
  74. My Life Feels Shattered....How to Feel Better?
  75. That was fast
  76. Need sage advice - wife wants divorce - in CA
  77. The last couple of years have been rough
  78. Percy's Progress
  79. I'm so scared!
  80. Some Things Are Worse on Kids Than Divorce
  81. What can happen to family home
  82. My world crash today
  83. So, How Did You Tell 'Em
  84. Why?
  85. He cheated and had a kid!
  86. Empty and lost
  87. I filed. My heart is broken
  88. Struggling... near the end!
  89. Service Day...
  90. Newly Seperated but hopeful
  91. Met a new girl...but
  92. need some advice
  93. No Contact......
  94. Dazed & Confused
  95. Lawyering Up - Need Advice
  96. Need support, words of wisdom.
  97. Wedding Last Night
  98. separated but confused
  99. only married 10 months and he's left me
  100. MC called me after a year.... STBX confused!
  101. One of the better books I've read
  102. First Court Date
  103. Enough is enough, when is that?
  104. what to do? leave the pieces and move on?
  105. Having second thoughts frequently
  106. Frustrated
  107. Sex While Separated/Divorced - Opinions and Stories
  108. Newly Separated and Heartbroken
  109. Young And Soon To Be Divorced
  110. wife loves me but doesn't think she's in love with me
  111. First Dinner with wife, in house seperated.
  112. Let's talk numbers
  113. Visitation question
  114. Husband left this morning-is this the end?
  115. He cheated with his child's mother...should I leave???
  116. Nearing a year....
  117. Separated 1 week - how to be...
  118. What Happened?!
  119. Starting a journal
  120. Custody Battle- What is Court Like?
  121. How do i start this process on my own?
  122. Husband asked for trial separation
  123. Wife wants separation for neighbor.
  124. Dont know if I should call this seperated...please help. really desperate
  125. end of the road for me.......im done
  126. Need advice on meeting with lawyer
  127. Putting on my seat belt...it's going to be a long ride
  128. First hearing is tomorrow
  129. New Here :)
  130. 2 weeks before giving birth and husband no longer loves me
  131. I want to move on, why won't he let me?
  132. Newly Separated...
  133. So upset with my relationship and my alcoholic partner ;-(
  134. What do i do?
  135. Do I send a wedding anniversay card?
  136. How much do you give up?
  137. First Time Here
  138. Help- Telling older kids- VERY Complicated
  139. Need a little help and a boost this AM
  140. End of my marriage
  141. Very close to MIL, telling her today.
  142. Diary of my delusional ex-captor!
  143. My Story!! Any advice or support needed
  144. PTSD from marriage? Stbxw is being treated, what?
  145. One year on..........
  146. Marriage Goin' Bye-Bye
  147. Ugh, How am I supposed to know?
  148. Why does he feel the need to hurt me more?
  149. I dont know what to make of it
  150. Wife Left, I'm to Blame - Now Fighting For My Family
  151. New and looking for advice/support
  152. Leaving a BPD vs Leaving a Junkie
  153. Porn, Affair, and Divorce - oh my
  154. He Left - denies EA
  155. Lawyer filed a response without talking to me first?
  156. Regret separating/divorce?
  157. Why am I feeling so guilty?
  158. Need help with my response...
  159. Now I Know What They Mean
  160. why does it have to hurt so deep.. i thought I was moving forward ??!!
  161. happy mothers day
  162. One Transaction At a Time
  163. Heartbroken
  164. Nightmares, PTSD, Clingy STBXH...
  165. Need advice on breaking no contact...
  166. Silent treatment.
  167. Short term marriage, alimony?
  168. I found his old love letters
  169. Guilt feelings....was it really that bad?
  170. Buy Mother's Day card?
  171. Single parenting and away from family?
  172. That's all, folks!
  173. Separated - Should I just move on?
  174. Greetings Friends (and others)
  175. Confused...what is he really thinking?
  176. Mother's Day woulda been our 10 yr Anniversary
  177. BraveNewWorld Journal - Road to Healing
  178. Small Update
  179. Wife Gone - Hitting Reset Button on Life
  180. Surprise I want a divorce!
  181. How do they forget the love so fast?
  182. At my Crossroads--Ignore or Call OW
  183. No contact question...what about "positive" contact?
  184. Sexually frustrated during seperation is it legal to sleep with someone else?
  185. Gone Baby Gone
  186. How Am I Supposed to act now?
  187. Moving on without hate...
  188. The good in all of this
  189. seperation going to happen - big decisions
  190. Just another vent of sadness, feel free to join me !
  191. Tell me about your custody fight
  192. Separated at her request - but want her back
  193. A question about dinner tonight
  194. Exit strategy alternates to divorce?
  195. Do most men cheat?
  196. Struggled for years, separated, still talking
  197. I left my wife, now feeling confused
  198. Mixed signals from my separated wife
  199. Husband said he didn't love me and left me...
  200. bad day; need to vent
  201. Must you go to X's place for the kids - is there any other way ?
  202. In no hurry to divorce...
  203. Farewell TAM.
  204. What books have you read and would recommend for help?
  205. Young Marriage In Trouble!!
  206. My special story - separation. I am working on reconciliation
  207. HELP! Husband Moved Out Suddenly. Sexuality questions?
  208. Made a huge mistake. Cost me big.
  209. Divorce and pyschics
  210. Heading for a divorce feeling horrible...
  211. I Need Help With the First Minutes Hours Days
  212. My curse of Loving Forever....
  213. im so puzzled
  214. Wanting him but not his son
  215. The end of Road (Civil Partnership down the swannie)
  216. Is my separation a shock tactic?
  217. Who has the better parenting plan?
  218. long distance marriage with minimal communication... (long)
  219. Divorce or separation? Complicated
  220. Is dating wrong?
  221. Separation, need advice
  222. Mental Help
  223. new and in structured separation
  224. Blindsided and Lost
  225. When the dumpED becomes the dumper
  226. You folks don't mind if I journal here, do you?
  227. Has anyone read "save the marriage" by lee baucom?
  228. Walk away wife. A theory.
  229. How does a marriage full of love include an affair!
  230. The emotional roller coaster
  231. WTH is the difference between separation and divorce?
  232. Default things from Single People
  233. Why is he bent on financially ruining me?
  234. This is happening
  235. The love switch seems to get jammed both on and off
  236. How do you ask spouse to leave?
  237. need advice on separation
  238. Give up or keep fighting?
  239. confused about everything
  240. Need some tips
  241. Still living together, but trying to move on
  242. What do I do with the ring?
  243. Email and divorce?????
  244. Anyone a Codependent? (a thread for the BS)
  245. Does the dumper ever reaaly feel bad?
  246. Recent Sep, First Meeting Soon, Looking For Advice?
  247. Hurtn's Divorce Update
  248. Could I be any more messed up?
  249. Husband refuses to talk to me
  250. If you still have the house , how did you work ex's share ?