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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. She treats me horribly but i still want her back, why?
  2. Rose Marie
  3. New baby and husband wants divorce
  4. Cheating and Separation - need to know if I'm doing the right thing
  5. Just Separated and Feeling Hopeless
  6. Depressed and wanting to go back
  7. husband says doesn't love me but he "cares", is that enough?
  8. Help : Not Sure What To Do
  9. Wife is on the way out. Need all the help I can get.
  10. Hold me Tight by Sue Johnson Questions
  11. Question about alimony
  12. Unwillngly separated wife took kids need adv
  13. 5 Affairs that I know of NOW- 5 felony charges of 2nd & 3rd exploitation of a minor
  14. Need To Get Over Feeling Guilty
  15. Falling apart
  16. Separation advice
  17. Its Over and Somehow I got taken for a fool.... again
  18. It's been almost 2 years, no contact order lifted and he will not leave me alone
  19. It's been over a year and no contact... but won't file divorce either
  20. Weird?
  21. Entering Divorce proceedings
  22. Am I foolish for not being more angry over this?
  23. Trying to find the strength to move on
  24. Focus
  25. Should I stay or should I go?
  26. Unwillingly Separated
  27. Wife cheated on me with female coworder. Im shock!
  28. Husband has left me. So confused about whether I can turn this around
  29. Our Family Wizard vs Custody Xchange: anyone use these?
  30. Dreading this divorce...
  31. Husband dating while separated
  32. Started paperwork and feel bleh...
  33. being torn apart
  34. How can I avoid being a doormat?
  35. Separation is fresh, confusion is not. HELP!
  36. This is crazy
  37. Amicable
  38. Help help help
  39. How can I avoid foreclosure that caused by my ex-husband?
  40. my story
  41. Family fell apart, but no end to drama in sight
  42. Is this really my life?
  43. I just can't understand...
  44. Help:
  45. Social Security, Pension, Home Equity update and gripe session
  46. I'm no longer in limbo. I'm headed for Divorce.
  47. So confused
  48. Really Struggling with Breakup of Marriage
  49. Just really struggling tonight, fearing the future
  50. Wife moved out (she needs space but says she loves me?)
  51. I officially did it! I have a case #.
  52. What happens to the house after divorce, I'm the only borrower?
  53. Separation or Divorce?
  54. Do I really need a lawyer?
  55. Logic and Emotions
  56. Found smoking gun BUT
  57. Relieved at finally finding smoking gun BUT ...
  58. he says hes lost-help
  59. We're getting back "together"
  60. Help - I'm an emotional abuser !
  61. Attorney Suddenly Being a Jerk!
  62. Without warning 3 weeks ago he moved across the country
  63. Husband can't believe I'm divorcing him and won't give up trying to win me back
  64. Staying Friends with Ex's Friends
  65. Need help/ideas dealing with separation/Divorce
  66. Has anyone else on here chosen legal separation instead of divorced?
  67. How do I ask for a separation
  68. pre-D buying your own set of household goods and/or furniture
  69. Why do people try to push you to date?
  70. Long term separation, don't know how to move on
  71. Well, I'm an idiot.
  72. Dividing assets when a business is involved
  73. This hurt my heart so badly tonight....
  74. Parent update
  75. First Christmas
  76. Uncle Dad
  77. 6 Months Now. Time to Move On?
  78. Children and divorce.
  79. Pregnant?
  80. Low day
  81. Husband having an affair
  82. Asset protection ?'s while divorcing.
  83. Encouragement needed
  84. My kids mother is a sociopath
  85. Mixed signals and false starts
  86. hoping for some hope
  87. I Filed and wife is confusing me
  88. Just venting
  89. Vibes?
  90. I've raised my kids -now divorce is making me share...
  91. Divorce/pain/confusion
  92. Need some advice!!
  93. People just don't get how I can be happy and breathe easier now that he's gone.
  94. Take Your Attorney/ Friend's Advise
  95. Today is the day!
  96. Dreams suck sometimes
  97. Told my husband I filed and out of nowhere a friend is coming on to me!
  98. Husband Asked for Divorce :(
  99. Wife wants to separate
  100. Separated Again
  101. I'm about to lose it rant.
  102. She does not let me see my children
  103. Light at the end of the tunnel
  104. Crazy family and crazy opposing attorney
  105. Finally made the decision to get divorced. Paperwork started
  106. When your ex abandons the kids (and you)
  107. Transitioning
  108. About To Sign The Papers....
  109. Ending a marriage and questioning sexuality
  110. Oh boy..Long separation story
  111. No communication, need advise
  112. Help and Advice Please
  113. Here I am Back again
  114. Husband asked for divorce
  115. Separation Problems
  116. Separation update
  117. Wife won't sign divorce until funds clear
  118. Advice from total strangers? Why not!
  119. Wife left, pushed the divorce and ever since I agreed, she's dragging her feet?
  120. Nearing end of difficult separation but he wants me back
  121. When your STBX is always the "victim".
  122. Going through separation. still trying to reconcile
  123. Help going through a separation possible divorce
  124. identifying my own issues
  125. Friends Taking Sides
  126. I signed an unfair separation agreement!
  127. Is it really Over?
  128. Just when I think im ok
  129. New seperation. Scared of the future and what life will be like.
  130. what to do when your partner doesnt want a partner?Do I leave or stick it out?
  131. Delivered A Restraining Order While I Was In The Hospital
  132. Funeral trip for my STBX MIL
  133. Starting the process
  134. Seperation
  135. Separation/Sex
  136. What should I do? Please read.
  137. Clarity
  138. 3 Months of seperation ADVICE
  139. 1
  140. Wife said she was unhappy and left
  141. Pushed until I told him to leave...and then he RAN FAST!
  142. Triggered my STBXH - good reminder
  143. JUST Filed Divorce Papers
  144. On the bullet train to D town :-(
  145. Well... I Guess its really over !
  146. dazed ,confused, separation, love and divorce?
  147. Left...Emotional Roller Coaster
  148. How to save my marriage
  149. Today
  150. Seperation After Emotional and Physical Abuse
  151. This is how you alpha...like a boss!
  152. How long to wait before dating again?
  153. Wtf is wrong with me
  154. Wife of 5 years is "done"
  155. How to fall out of love?
  156. Wife wants out after 29 years.
  157. Wife says she needs space
  158. Wife wants a divorce, I don't.
  159. Need to grab my cahunas!
  160. My Cousins Are Getting Divorced and I Don't Know How to Cope
  161. Wife wants divorce, says she is gay!
  162. huge crossroad - separated and now what?
  163. Why does the lying continue?
  164. Living together but apart
  165. It's time to get out....
  166. Is what a wife says when she wants a divorce always what she really means?
  167. I just need to get it over with.
  168. What should I do?
  169. Wife has left me. Feeling low. I want her back. Don't know what to do
  170. My separation Going to be a divorce
  171. Lawyer selection
  172. Taking Back Maiden Name
  173. Divorce advice needed
  174. Lost with what to do???
  175. Comvinced wife is done
  176. 16 Days Into The Separt
  177. How to move on
  178. Game Over - I won
  179. Wife not Attracted! Separating! Possibly Divorce!
  180. This is really weird!
  181. separation advice ?
  182. HSA account, insurance for kids question
  183. Divorce, over the precipice
  184. Seperated And Confused
  185. Worrying about my ex.
  186. Feeling Like Crap
  187. Super stressed.
  188. Separated, not sure how to win my wife back
  189. The other woman is pregnant-and we are still not divorced.
  190. Newly Separated - Need Advice
  191. onwards and upwards with a few hitches along the way
  192. Her stuff is STILL here
  193. Does it matter who files for divorce first?
  194. Wife didnt sign papers wtf!!!
  195. He says he wants divorce, I don't think he does and I sure don't
  196. Finally at the end of my divorce...now what?
  197. Still in love with my wife...what to do??
  198. Contact with ex's family
  199. Wife left my girls and me for a coworker
  200. inappropriate touching
  201. Should i just be done?
  202. Husband doesn't want to live together
  203. Seperation starting, Im tired
  204. STBXW has my son when she meets OM
  205. Rules for separation
  206. should i stay or should i go?
  207. I know, "It's about freaking time"?
  208. moving on slowly but surely
  209. Don't know what to do
  210. Broken up - feels like a divorce. She was great but why did she do this?
  211. What should I say to her?
  212. what do i do now?
  213. Mediation
  214. Wife left me and my girls for another man
  215. Sex After the divorce talk
  216. STBXW a bit delirious?
  217. I ended my LTR…now what?
  218. Lost and Confused-Wife Leaving Me
  219. Regular Divorce vs. No Fault
  220. Separated spouse who dumped me
  221. MrPack... You are approaching your first anniversary
  222. OMG Its happening again
  223. Relocation with child after divorce
  224. Need guidance
  225. Wife living in an alternate reality???
  226. If I could get a woman's perspective...
  227. D-Day and Epiphanies
  228. No contact with Children
  229. How to become less clingy (needy?)
  230. Ex is manipulating the kids ...
  231. Wife lied, left me for guy with same name and same face
  232. Confused - No attraction
  233. Break/separation need advice please
  234. Living together but now she wants more child support
  235. It's amazing how much of male behavior needs to be catered to a woman's cycle
  236. Looking for good books on emotionally reconnecting
  237. Ready for closure... now she's stalling
  238. New friends and the kids
  239. wife decided she doesnt need her family
  240. After a month I have a clearer head.
  241. Strong vs confident vs vulnerable
  242. New Reality and Finding Closure
  243. Confused
  244. Alimony
  245. Not working picking up the pieces.
  246. The fallen will rise
  247. Hmmm. What to do
  248. Dating while separated - like a long distance, illicit relationship!
  249. Selling home during divorce
  250. Wife suddenly left...