: Relationships and Addiction

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  1. 3 big deals I'm feeling fed up about, advice please
  2. DH in Porn Recovery and I'm falling out of love
  3. Husband with history of impulsive sexual behaviors (porn, sexting, apps, etc)
  4. Porn issue. how to confront him
  5. Constantly Lying & also watching Porn
  6. Guidance please!
  7. Need advice on husbands addiction
  8. Help! - Wife has Facebook/Social Media Addiction
  9. Forgiving cheating husband
  10. Sex addiction without porn
  11. Girlfriend asking about kissing another girl
  12. Addicted husband
  13. Confused and hurt
  14. Unending fights and hitting roadblock
  15. confidential accountability, massage addiction
  16. Christmas family work barbecue
  17. The last attempt
  18. Sobreity is destroying my marriage
  19. Does it ever get better?
  20. Is she right?
  21. Husband's Porn Addiction
  22. Done yet?
  23. How serious is this drinking problem
  24. Trading an Addiction for another
  25. Giving up/cutting down alcohol support thread
  26. one-sided emotional affair
  27. What is your worst experience with alcohol/drugs?
  28. App on his phone!!! Ready to Crush it!
  29. My wife says she will leave me if I keep watching porn
  30. What should I do with my boyfriend?
  31. Is my sister an alcoholic?
  32. Dating a girl with a Weed addiction.
  33. Is Shopping Addiction a real thing?
  34. Deleted
  35. Tough Love
  36. Women you think your husbands are bad?
  37. the spouse of an alcoholic
  38. Porn, sex and hate where we live
  39. Analzying a bit too much!
  40. Wife's Serious Weight Problem
  41. Gaming and constant indifference, not sure what to do.
  42. Can anyone suggest a lesbian matchmaking service in Toronto?
  43. I screwed up
  44. Just don't know what to do - His fetish.
  45. My husbands weed addiction. Is he even worth staying with?
  46. H in recovery
  47. Addictive personalities and the effects on relationships
  48. Why I Stay
  49. First Came Porn, Then Came Video Games
  50. I confronted my husband about his porn and he left.
  51. I'm scared the sex will stop
  52. My husband and the porn
  53. Addiction:
  54. Tired
  55. Help. My husband is dealing and using drugs
  56. Found husband watching porn and uploaded a video too...
  57. Is there hope from the damage of porn?
  58. Porn sites
  59. My nightmare vacation
  60. Losing myself in the midst of it all..
  61. I don't know how much of a problem his drinking is..
  62. I hid my opiate addiction from her
  63. Need Advice - 1st relationship since divorce, am I making mistakes?
  64. Wounded over addictions
  65. Need help....
  66. husband uses meth behind my back
  67. My husband is on a bender again
  68. Video Game addiction
  69. In Denial
  70. I don't know what to do!
  71. Husbands porn addiction
  72. Built in ten, lost in one.
  73. He's trying to leave me or what ?
  74. My wife is consumed by her AA group
  75. It's over
  76. Hes asking for a hall pass with my cousin..
  77. AA / Alon / Emotional Abandonment
  78. I want my wife and son back...eventually
  79. When will it end?
  80. Child Visitation and the Alcoholic
  81. ADHD Drug Addiction?? Is that possible??
  82. Will my wife ever forgive me?
  83. Is this a problem?
  84. Any other men out there block themselves from porn giving their wife the key?
  85. Cigarettes deal killer for me and she has been sneaking them for years?
  86. Dependency on Ultram
  87. coming up on 1 year sober
  88. Is this the beginning of an alcoholic?
  89. Crime Novel Addiction?
  90. Addicted to MUDD
  91. This is not living
  92. What to do....advise please.
  93. Porn addicted husband, now livecam and sexdate sites
  94. Wife started / hid smoking e-cigs.
  95. I'm an alcoholic. Husband says he's done.
  96. Dealing with on and off drinking problem.
  97. new , looking and a little upset
  98. Confessed to drugs, how to deal with the rest?
  99. Anything to worry about?
  100. Sex addicted husband and struggling for answers
  101. Alcohol, cheating, porn, what to do?
  102. Is there any solution to emotional abuse/drinking other than leaving?
  103. Husband is obsessed with showing me off.
  104. Banging my head against the wall
  105. Porn Is Destroying My Relationship
  106. Wife Obssessed with MLM
  107. Chronic Gambler and Porn Viewer Husband
  108. Newbie - marriage is ending, guilt, confusion, addictions, advice please???
  109. im alone depressed and sad
  110. Not sure where I stand
  111. My Porn Addiction is back
  112. My wife takes her stress out on me - killing marriage
  113. Giving up porn
  114. Does it really ever get better?
  115. At breaking point
  116. help
  117. Relapse -Where to now
  118. Towards a better understanding of sexual addictions
  119. Caught H with Porn...
  120. I Can't Take it Anymore... Porn is ruining everything
  121. Is my wife an Alcoholic or am I just a bad husband?
  122. Internet Chat Addicted Wife
  123. depressed alcholic, addicted to porn and chat sites
  124. Sometimes I worry I'd make a bad husband
  125. the 'silly' question
  126. Confused with Alcohlic Husband
  127. where is this going?
  128. Im at a loss... sorry very long
  129. Is porn ruining your relationship? What to do?
  130. His porn addiction
  131. Am I too tolerant? Please advise
  132. Marriage tension and a family of addicts
  133. The Dreaded HONEYMOON PHASE
  134. How do I move forward?
  135. When Your Drunk Spouse Hates You
  136. Who's Been to Al-Anon?
  137. This site is making me feel worse.
  138. will this go further?
  139. Just found out my husband has sex addict and seeing prostitutes(escort) for 5 years
  140. I can't stand that the girl I really like is engaged. I have extreme hatred for her f
  141. Need book recommendation about Marriage
  142. Does this woman love him or infatuated?
  143. Would you consider this porn?
  144. Drug Addict Husband
  145. The Aftermath Of A Porn Addicted Husband
  146. the hard way
  147. Wife smokes and I can't get over it.
  148. My wife found request for live porn in my email
  149. Should i trust my wife who's going for vacation herself?
  150. Daughter of a Depressed Alcoholic and a Controlling Cheater
  151. First signs?
  152. New Poster...what the heck do I do now?
  153. I need help with understanding
  154. What to do!?
  155. trying to understand
  156. To those of you who want to block porn on your internet...
  157. Getting Fed Up with Addict Husband
  158. Married to a high functioning alcoholic
  159. Drugs, porn, lies, please help!
  160. The pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous: There’s a better way to treat addiction
  161. Video Games are killing any chance we have...
  162. husband has gambling addiction, and low sex drive
  163. My husband is a binge drinker and my parents are giving me an ultimatum.
  164. Porn, addiction, confusion
  165. Sexless marriage, porn addiction, ...
  166. A bottle of wine + a night
  167. Wifes drinking has evolved
  168. Issues with smoking pot
  169. Hiding watching porn
  170. how to assure hubby im done?
  171. Entering recovery, what to expect and how to get through it, marriage intact?
  172. He says he's getting better, while I'm getting worse
  173. Can you fix addiction problems after sobriety?
  174. Need advice
  175. A lonely husband of a rehabilitating wife.....
  176. Opinions on MaryJane usage?
  177. Married 10 Years/Step Son Addicted
  178. Struggling With DH's Porn Addiction
  179. Advice - Married, with kid, but I know I'm gay - Depressed?
  180. Married to Maybe the Most Functional Alcoholic Ever, and Ready to Walk
  181. "Net Nanny" for Adults. Porn is Brain Poison
  182. porn question
  183. Please help me understand
  184. Dr. Drew agrees with me....
  185. First Time Poster.....Please help.....
  186. Alcohol Issues or am I being Unreasonable?
  187. Porn Addiction
  188. I Destroyed my Marriage-Porn
  189. spouse do drugs
  190. EA/sex addiction/attention addiction & bipolar disorder?
  191. Boyfriend, Pot & Dismissal
  192. my husband mastrrbates with dirty baby diapers
  193. Husband out drinking with friends most of the time and lies
  194. Co Dependent Healing in process have some final questions about "US"
  195. Love Or Romance Addiction?
  196. depression, trust and facebook.
  197. Anabolic Steroid Abuse and my failing 10 yr marriage
  198. Bipolar, Sex-addicted Husband--How Do I Move On from This Relationship?
  199. Porn destroying relationship
  200. Internet addiciton/compulsion -- is there help?
  201. BP Gambling addict friend wants to "play" at gambling sites
  202. Bipolar Disorder +Depression + Gambling Addict....Not good combinations
  203. My husband and pot..
  204. My husband has a foot fetish to the extreme!
  205. Alcohol, drugs and hookers
  206. Believe recovering addict husband or recovering addict OW
  207. Hubby with foot fetish lies about his online habbitts
  208. Bbw sex addiction
  209. List of Personality Traits of an Alcoholic
  210. Partners internet porn habits
  211. should I leave because of his porn addiction
  212. Recovery
  213. Ariel Castro uses fallacy of sex addiction as excuse
  214. thoughts o using parental control to block porn from husband
  215. Porn addiction without ED?
  216. Why is it hard for my EX to leave abusive BF?
  217. husband has drug & alcohol addiction... I don't know what to do
  218. After The Lies: Addiction Tri-Fecta
  219. High Speed Internet Porn and SSRI's
  220. More than a Sex addiction...help
  221. Coping with Alcoholism with Military Husband
  222. Pretty Sure He is Addicted to Porn :(
  223. Relationships and Addictions: Some Personal Perspectives
  224. How can I overcome this addiction?
  225. What drugs could he be taking?
  226. I think my husband is addicted to weed.
  227. has too much damage been done?
  228. Loving husband but deceitful poker face
  229. Husband looking at Porn while I'm Pregnant
  230. Alcoholic husband...how get him help?
  231. My Porn Live Cam Addiction - First Post
  232. Lying, spending addiction
  233. alcoholic husband left me and 3 kids
  234. Alchoholic Husband Begging for a "Glimmer of Hope"
  235. Female viewpoint on porn needed...
  236. The effects of having an alcoholic husband?
  237. Is he still addicted to porn?
  238. Porn less than 24hrs after sex?
  239. Porn 'victim"
  240. How my Sex Addict Husband has slowly killed me
  241. Lying...
  242. Need help marriage drugs infidelity
  243. Coming off of porn...
  244. I finally left my alcoholic husband
  245. HELP....alcohol
  246. betrayed, its long
  247. Wife of Alcoholic dealing with guilt
  248. Mom hates my fiance who has had an issue but cleaned up
  249. Drug Addict Wife
  250. I feel like my Alcohol partner is destroying our family