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: Physical & Mental Health Issues

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  1. oy...vey
  2. Married and have no close friends
  3. Anxiety/Panic attacks!
  4. Wife's depression is slowly killing me:
  5. Some Ways to Cope With Depression in Marriage
  6. nightmares
  7. Wife and her panic attacks
  8. ...weirdest thing...BPD?
  9. Anxious and need advice.
  10. A little bit of my life and how I am dealing with my wife's condition - HELP
  11. Attachment Disorder
  12. why am i to blame - help needed - new member
  13. He will NOT believe me!!!
  14. Scared and lonely- venting
  15. I hate being OCD, how to cope
  16. Is my gf unstable? How can I help her/us?
  17. Divorce Complete, Not Sleeping Well -- OTC Pill Advice?
  18. i'm not doing well
  19. Shaken and can't pick myself up.
  20. Getting help too late
  21. how do i cope with this pain? any help please?
  22. update
  23. Honoring Boundaries
  24. Husband has Aspergers, don't know what to do
  25. Missed the signs of depression
  26. Verbal Abuse
  27. Please help;
  28. She's not getting over it
  29. Codependency and mental illness
  30. My Wife Is Staying Away, Doesn't Want Me There...
  31. My Wife "Changed overnight"
  32. Depression, cancer and other crazy stuff!
  33. should i believe him?
  34. Wife flirts with other men and it make me feel worthless
  35. Coping With My Wife's Rage
  36. Wife Severe Anxiety Depression
  37. Irrational Behavior
  38. Is it love ?
  39. marriage?
  40. Unfair Treatment
  41. Need an advice
  42. Pre-empting depression?
  43. Happiness, to impossible.
  44. SAM-e
  45. Looking for advice
  46. What am I dealing with
  47. Wife Left Me And Is Not Willing To Talk
  48. For Better, for Worse
  49. Depressed Angry Jealous husband feel so alone.. please help
  50. new here--HELP PLEASE
  51. I need advice
  52. Wife Ups and Leaves - Suffers from Depression
  53. Does she look at me differently?
  54. Don't think I can do this anymore
  55. My husbands friend is a sociopath. What should I do?
  56. How hard has my depression mad it for her?
  57. Advice- depressed spouse
  58. Please, I need advice!
  59. ok i need help i can understand
  60. I can't quit loving my BPD wife
  61. Depressed wife, needy husband
  62. Who is this person I am living with!?
  63. Fat, ugly and yuck
  64. Depression and Sex
  65. W leave projects undone, unattended
  66. Abilify
  67. tossed her coke (cola)
  68. How long?
  69. Zoloft
  70. Anti-depressents
  71. Husband lost interest
  72. Lost and confused
  73. Are you down with the BPD?
  74. Married to an Anxious Workaholic...
  75. Depressed medicated-husband satisfied with being "level"
  76. Coming out of dissociation
  77. Bored Husband Won't Admit We Have Real Problems...Please Help!
  78. Wife has depression and anxiety Want to help her
  79. Avoiding depression
  80. Wife recently diagnosed as bi-polar
  81. Wife is leaving me and it sucks
  82. Wife has depression and not in love
  83. I am totally confused
  84. To medicate or not medicate? That is the question.
  85. I can't get over my partner's past and now I am pregnant!
  86. How long does the pain last?
  87. Wife's history and depression
  88. I don't know what to do anymore
  89. I made a huge mistake with marriage...
  90. My Wife and what she is going to help
  91. Depression and Sex
  92. wife is depressed and
  93. I'm so angry right now...
  94. Confused
  95. drama
  96. Failure.
  97. My wife is losing it...
  98. Feeling like my husband is lying and hiding things from me
  99. Feel better when fighting spouse? Kinda...
  100. How did antidepressents work/not work for you?
  101. Difficult relationship gf is pregnant
  102. No longer my friend
  103. Feelings of doom
  104. My boyfriend and his female friend
  105. I feel helpless, sad, and lost
  106. Wife tells me "I wish you Die"
  107. I feel the world has caused me this depression
  108. Fab day today
  109. I dont know what I've been doing
  110. Does a BPDer ever admit they are wrong?
  111. 29 Years of Marriage Gone In a Flash
  112. Staying Faithful to my wife causes me much Depression
  113. Avoiding depression...
  114. How do i leave and stay away when i know its no good
  115. What is wrong with me!?
  116. I'm suffocating
  117. Verbal abuse
  118. Getting over long depression, wife lost faith...any advice, please
  119. This about sums up issues with A.D.D.
  120. Can't talk anymore
  121. I verbally abuse my husband-only married for 2 months
  122. what kind of councellor do I need
  123. My doctor wants to put me on...Paxil.
  124. Advice/dependency
  125. Just Frustrated, Feel Like Im Going Crazy
  126. Married to a survivor of childhood sexual abuse?
  127. New here - My head is spinning :(
  128. Anyone Else Bi-Polar II and troubled with Relationship?
  129. Me
  130. Hate the world
  131. Wife shows symptoms of borderline personality disorder - pushing my family away
  132. Anxiety or Abuse???
  133. Is it Me or is He depressed???
  134. Birthday cards
  135. GUNS/DIVORCE -Anxious depressesed husband-
  136. Fiance suffers from Chronic Pain, Depression and Anxiety, Need Advice!
  137. Need to open up
  138. Depressed/Addicted ex. Should I tell him now or later?
  139. Very confused and broken down..
  140. Your Best Advice
  141. Shiny new miserable marriage.
  142. Should I work on me before us, or try to do both?
  143. New to marriage; not new to depression
  144. Advice for Anxiety
  145. Husband has PTSD
  146. Is Unique too much to ask?
  147. Depression, Relationship, and Feeling Alone
  148. Depression and next stage in life
  149. Depression
  150. past of my wife
  151. Help me please!
  152. Celexa
  153. Stress from In-Laws - How to Avoid it Stressing my Marriage
  154. where there is truth and when there is lies
  155. Question for the extremely depressed
  156. How do you deal with depressed spouse?
  157. The doorbell rang...
  158. can't identify my condition ( deja vu ? )
  159. Therapy........what can I expect?
  160. How can I help my wife with depression
  161. Xanax - have you ever used it?
  162. A little scared...
  163. Long distance marriage blues
  164. Was depressed when relationship began....
  165. Building Resentment
  166. Hurts, not sure what to do next
  167. how to deal with lies and mine games when you love someone
  168. advice, help, suggestions or something
  169. How do I get over depression and anxiety. I can't let go of the past.
  170. Marriage Help Please!
  171. Re-post. Not sure which forum this belongs in?? HELP!!
  172. depression destroyed my relationship?
  173. Depressed Husband...advice needed.
  174. Silence vs. Background Noise
  175. Separated but living together still.
  176. How should I react to my husband's feelings for his ex-gf? Just not react at all?
  177. Can't get over past deceptions- when do you give up?
  178. Falling apart
  179. Help, I'm so lost and alone
  180. Husband doubts idea of marriage
  181. Rebuilding trust
  182. WHOOPS!!!! I did it again!!!!!
  183. Interview with Iranian Psychologist Mahdi Aryafar about Affair
  184. When I cry my husband gets angry
  185. Husband depressed again
  186. Pregnant and relationship anxiety.
  187. How do I describe what happened? I still can't believe she did it.
  188. Wake up call?
  189. Anxiety, Depression, Talking to Son, need help
  190. Help with a depressed husband
  191. triple threat, divorce, bpd, and impulsive disorder
  192. Ocpd
  193. Is he depressed?
  194. The true fix
  195. Depression and Anxiety a recent issue for me
  196. I need help.
  197. Time for professionals?
  198. Wife is back at hospital
  199. Mentally Ill and I Don't Know What To Do
  200. Oh so very confused
  201. just found out I have bpd but it might be too late
  202. What do you do to get out of a funk?
  203. Do I need to leave?
  204. Anyone else living with severe chronic pain?
  205. I could really use some advice
  206. I feel trapped
  207. Don't know what to do.
  208. crohns & depression
  209. What is going on?
  210. Wife is depressed/unhappy in marriage how do I make things better?
  211. My partners deep anxiety and depression for our child
  212. just got married and caught my wife...
  213. depression... but
  214. Need some perspective.
  215. My mental issues ruined my marriage
  216. Generic Celexa ?
  217. Desperate! getting past the past, please read
  218. My Sad Intro
  219. Understanding & Helping my wifes depression
  220. Not Quite Sure Where to Start
  221. My anxiety and fear have killed my marriage
  222. does anyone else ever feel like this?
  223. Bipolar?
  224. Wifes Depression causing second thoughts on having children / future
  225. Wife won't realize her problems, help!
  226. Stress, Anxiety & Anger led to OH wanting separation...
  227. Finding a Counselor
  228. I'm not ready to give up
  229. Living seperately due to depression?
  230. Genetic?
  231. Here's an article the is great about borderline personality disorders
  232. the unknown
  233. Thought it was over... now I'm not sure
  234. Scared
  235. Help! Need advice!
  236. Anyone else have a spouse with Alzheimer's?
  237. Her Reality is not always the truth
  238. Is this normal?
  239. How to get through the day?
  240. Less than 2 years in and big problems, please help
  241. married no kids wife not in love and depression
  242. Please Help my military marriage.
  243. You Gotta Keep Your Sense Of Humor
  244. Questions about depression/BPD/Bipolar
  245. Bipolar wife's tantrums and blame taking a toll
  246. Depression has consumed my marriage
  247. please dont judge, I am confused and need help
  248. Anniversary of MIL's death coming up
  249. Sympathy from a depressed/BPD?
  250. I need help diagnosing my STBXW