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: Physical & Mental Health Issues

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  1. Partner with PTSD... pointers, tips?
  2. Need to vent
  3. How much water is too much?
  4. Attitude Adjustment: How to stop being such a judgmental *****?
  5. Things always get worse
  6. I'm so lost.
  7. I must recover for his sake
  8. Question for weightlifters/powerlifters
  9. Feeling down today
  10. Husband might have a tumor again
  11. Hopefully my story can help someone
  12. I'm not happy with who I am anymore...
  13. anxiety tearing us apart a little more each day
  14. Mental Health and Nutrients in Diet
  15. There must be a better way
  16. Anti-Depressant While Pregnant?
  17. wife attempted suicide
  18. On Cluster B and Borderline
  19. Helping Wife with Anxiety
  20. Supporting wife's self-education
  21. Food AS Love
  22. I don't like the type of wife I'm turning into, :(
  23. Been keeping it under control,I have Rheumationd Arthritis
  24. Do you worry a lot?
  25. I feel like I'm going through depression?
  26. Recent problems and growing tension
  27. What did i get myself into.
  28. Emotional maturity
  29. Wife with baggage
  30. Advice for eating healthy and losing weight.
  31. Any ideas as to what may be wrong with my husband?
  32. Depressed and unhealthy husband HELP
  33. ADHD husband with perfectionist wife?
  34. Self Schadenfreude
  35. Anyone have experience with depressed children?
  36. Concerned Husband for Wifes Health
  37. Braids Hairstyles
  38. Am I wrong for wanting to leave my depressed husband?
  39. Is TAM legally responsible for the death of a member who is given bad advice?
  40. Starting to think my wife is making me depressed
  41. Where to meet people to develop a social circle?
  42. Should I marry her?
  43. I Tri'd!
  44. He makes me feel like I'm going crazy
  45. Convincing spouse to get hearing aid
  46. Lost my gallbladder somewhere..
  47. Anti depressants
  48. Wife's Anger Has Deep Roots
  49. Tattoo removal anyone?
  50. coping with male infertility
  51. Helpful advice needed
  52. Getting scared
  53. colonoscopy: do I really need it?
  54. Seeking advise
  55. Pretty convinced my wife is anorexic, refuses to see a doctor, how do I approach it!
  56. NPDHuz What would you do? Am I overracting?
  57. getting the love you want with B/NPD spouse
  58. What the heck is wrong with me?
  59. Surgery completed, no more pain.
  60. Sleep paralysis and nightmares
  61. Whole foods, gluten-free, non-dairy diet and its effect on wife's personality
  62. How to help worrying spouse with GAD
  63. Passive aggressive behavior?
  64. What the heck is going on with me?
  65. Vitamins and Minerals: Which bands are best?
  66. Anxiety?
  67. Appendix cancer
  68. PTSD and refusing to take medication
  69. Swallowing issues and throat stretching?
  70. Does Depression Cause Weight Gain
  71. Husband with depression....
  72. Mental illness and housework
  73. Treating Depression with Talk Therapy?
  74. Suggestions for Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  75. Sex and depression
  76. Connected to My Emotions Through a Straw
  77. I think my husband is manipulating me
  78. wife not in love anymore
  79. Do you work out with your SO/spouse?
  80. Cancer is Back
  81. I'm what.
  82. Gym etiquette / policy / whatever
  83. Fractured toe won't heal
  84. Working out through injuries
  85. Strict Paleo diet for A/I issues??
  86. Frustrated with therapy
  87. My Wife is Emotionally Numb?
  88. Husband has Mystery Illness, and my Dad died....
  89. Wife has Hashimoto's / hypothyroid....
  90. H "married" OW in October and our divorce is not even final
  91. Weight lifting gloves, yay or nay?
  92. Anorexia
  93. Passive Agressives: are they just half-hearted NPDs?
  94. Maybe someone here can help me out!!
  95. Dealing with Fibro
  96. Trying to increase speed when treadmilling / running
  97. 36 years married and my wife's BPD kicked in!
  98. Positive hope for those surrounded and experiencing mental health issuses
  99. results are in today
  100. Trying NOT to loose the battle with Depression
  101. Depression and OCD
  102. Wife won't understand No Contact to my abusive mom
  103. Day after day
  104. Probable NPD wife
  105. How many time do I have to tell
  106. Anybody else dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
  107. Feelin' Mighty Old
  108. Stopping ciggies
  109. Checking out the speed of other treadmillers.....
  110. Control Freak
  111. Multiple issues
  112. Hoarding problem, help!
  113. Chronic diseases and divorce rates....
  114. Cervical HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)
  115. MLC (Midlife Crisis) wife is in the wind...
  116. How do I get my husband to take care of his health?
  117. Advice on NPD
  118. Toothless and Unemployed
  119. Husband has PPD.
  120. Diagnose me..
  121. Strattera for ADHD....
  122. Husband won't talk to me
  123. Jail time, trigeminal neuralgia, and now cancer
  124. Protein supplements?
  125. Need someone to talk to
  126. Wife with Fibromyalgia - being unreasonable
  127. Going to Therapy, experiencing a lot
  128. Relapsing - Husband Doesn't Understand
  129. Dead end?
  130. Epilepsy
  131. Don't know what to do
  132. hematospermia
  133. Wife with Fibromyalgia
  134. Depression/anxierty in a relationship.
  135. I don't know what to say
  136. rights to privacy?
  137. No apologies, no intimacy
  138. divorce out of the blue (NPD)
  139. Is staying in lousy marriage an undocumented mental illness?
  140. Done with trying to help him
  141. Need Help Coping With Multiple Issues
  142. How do you rebuild sexual attraction?
  143. Artificial Insemination
  144. Insecure Husband
  145. America's REAL drug problem
  146. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
  147. Husband May Have PPD, Thinks I Cheated
  148. Healthy Diet for Husband
  149. Feeling bummed about weight and intimacy
  150. Narcissism + Conspiracy Theories
  151. Back after Three Years (Post Natal Depression)
  152. weight gain and intimacy issues
  153. i am scared to date this woman since i dont have standard knowledge...
  154. Emotionally mute husband
  155. Anxiety? Frustration? I can't seem to get a handle on it.
  156. ST (Schema Therapy) or ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)?
  157. Just venting about finding help for depression
  158. How long does the pain last?
  159. need help fast.
  160. 3 years later and showing signs of starting again.
  161. So the moronic judge deferred my case again...
  162. Depressed and angry partner :( help!
  163. New Marriage In Trouble Already, Now Wife Has Cancer
  164. Anyone succeeded in treating Tinitus?
  165. getting standard knowledge.....the key to dates?
  166. My husband's temper and depression
  167. Wife is getting REALLY fat.
  168. Does any one else have a wife who is 150+ lbs overweight or who morbidly obese?
  169. New here with a heavy heart
  170. just me venting
  171. Epilepsy and Disability
  172. I cannot get over losing my support workers. Should I move out of my flat?
  173. Feeling very alone
  174. What is this "fog" I hear about?
  175. Self image/body issues
  176. Wondering if I should give my husband a by...
  177. My partner suffers from anxiety..
  178. Testosterone therapy, tired of the hormone rollercoaster
  179. The biology sex so much for free will, why we cheat, etc.
  180. Hubby has OCD/ADHD and I'm fed up & sad
  181. mental health issue or something else?
  182. Books to help partner re:DV/SA in past relationships
  183. Am I the Problem?
  184. Can his unrecognized hearing loss affect MY tone of voice
  185. Facing an uphill battle with very real possibility of wife's suicide
  186. Parkinsons Disease
  187. e here married to someone who has Aspergers.
  188. Husband doesn't want to take triglyceride meds
  189. Seeking Advice
  190. coping with depression and work
  191. Cancer and marriage
  192. How to do the 180 when you are devastated
  193. BPD Wife and I am losing my mind!
  194. I need to make the best decision here...
  195. Did antidepressants really help you?
  196. Do antidepressants really hell you?
  197. Is My Wife Bi-Polar
  198. Just figured out he has FAS/Aspergers/ADD
  199. Married to OCD
  200. Feel like i am missing out in my fun years
  201. Any borderline hypertension clubs?
  202. Overweight boyfriend opinions please
  203. need some help with wife...
  204. Husband has PTSD
  205. Do I need to be more open?
  206. my love has mood disorder and i need support
  207. Anyone have experience dealing with Adult ADD?
  208. Hi I'm new here and care for my husband with DID
  209. Perimenopause
  210. Please - Need an honest Evaluation
  211. How to deal with Munchausen Syndrome?
  212. Wife admits she doesn't want to be alive anymore
  213. Depressed Wife
  214. Husbands bad work ethic
  215. Intense anxiety and major trust issues..
  216. Depression and lost love
  217. Bipolar or just insane?
  218. I simply do not care...
  219. She's depressed...i screwed up...bad coctail
  220. Maybe not BPD...but what?
  221. In a dark place
  222. Unhappy with marriage...can't leave
  223. Newly Diagnosed but Always Known BPD
  224. Hey OCD people..need some advice for a limerance.
  225. Emotionally Abusive Wife
  226. My wonderful wife is plagued by a terrible illness
  227. Feel like I'm losing my sanity, patience, etc.
  228. Boyfriend Can't Deal With My Past (Racial) and Herpes
  229. I'm tired of nagging husband to go to the's his life!
  230. a burden to my partner
  231. Borderline Personality Disorder
  232. I have depession maybe its more than that?
  233. back pain alternatives
  234. 24 hr flu
  235. Male or Female Consolers?
  236. Away for Cancer Treatment
  237. Dealing with my depression....
  238. Vegan diet for erectile dysfunction
  239. Does anyone have experience with Avoidant Personality Disorder?
  240. Kidney Stones
  241. My wife won't take care of her health.
  242. MIL is Mental
  243. anxiety and conflict in marriage
  244. Anxious, help/views appreciated
  245. children of anxiety?
  246. Dealing with depression due to low self-esteem
  247. Possibly BPD wife?
  248. Attachment Parenting Therapy for BPD-type behavior
  249. Talking to depressed spouse like talking to a rock
  250. how do you tell a dr erection issues?