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  1. Advice on worries
  2. Need hope...Tell me there is hope for a new fabulous relationship after DIVORCE...
  3. Ladies how would you handle this friend?
  4. Anniversary Acts of Service
  5. In-Laws
  6. New here-want advice on if to go to sister-in-law's wedding
  7. Just tired of working so hard
  8. Anyone use BB Cream...
  9. A Womans Perspective
  10. Weight loss tips....
  11. Need Opinions
  12. Needing advice please
  13. Question for the ladies
  14. Where is the line between a male friend and an EA?
  15. My husband is so "unattractive" moments
  16. Would you marry a man divorced more than once
  17. Dominant women and 50 Shades of Grey
  18. What would you say to my wife?
  19. Update on female medical issue
  20. how long does a crush take ?
  21. What does an emotinally Healthy Woman Look Like?
  22. the most $$$$ piece of clothing
  23. Is she hypersexual?
  24. Wife Having a EA: Guidance on What to Do
  25. Wife's Number
  26. lost so very lost
  27. Long distance marriage
  28. Highest compliment you ever received...
  29. Men and thier crude humor.....
  30. Why do men look at other women? From a slightly different angle
  31. Is it too late for us?
  32. To hell with this I am standing my ground!
  33. Need advice - single woman being hit on by a married woman
  34. Any advice for ending/staying in a loveless marriage
  35. It's all a complete mess!
  36. Ladies, I need an ass kicking...
  37. Attracted to my husbands friend
  38. Newly married and sadly unhappy...
  39. Unhappy newlywed
  40. What is a good first step with x wife?
  41. Ladies: How would you react?
  42. Understanding My Wife: Any Advice?
  43. My Separated Wife tells me she thinks she is depressed,(any advice??)
  44. My husband is unhappy..........
  45. Nymphomania/Loyalty
  46. Bachelor party/husband dilema
  47. educated woman in relationship with an uneducated man -does it work?
  48. Hopefully an easy question about curly/wavy hair care...
  49. Handling a tough situation
  50. No Sexual Kisses
  51. newly married and already having rough issues
  52. Hello..... need some advice
  53. Not Sure What to Do...
  54. Im lonely.
  55. How to handle feelings for a man who is not your husband.
  56. Can't live with them, can't live without them
  57. How to prove to her that she's attractive?
  58. Husband and spending time together
  59. found toy in cupboard
  60. how DATRE you turn (childs name) against me! self serving *****!!!!!!!
  61. Question to the Laies who have had an affair
  62. orgasm after total hysterectomy
  63. Me and my Rabbit
  64. 32 yr old Adolesent
  65. Kegals
  66. Married this past April, and not adjusting
  67. Looking for a bit of advice.
  68. Ladies, need advice...thongs.
  69. Careers
  70. Please help me understand
  71. Any advice about this confusing time?
  72. PMS how do you deal with it?
  73. Moving on with someone new..fears, doubts, concerns
  74. STD long term
  75. Husband is Sucking the Life from Me & 4th Stage Cancer
  76. success after cheating?
  77. errrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  78. Mandatory paternity tests
  79. Need advice on wife's behavior
  80. Ladies, I need your perspectives. Thanks.
  81. Teen custody
  82. She wants another baby?!
  83. New here..'The Looker"
  84. Too Little Too Late? (sex problems)
  85. Why do these bother me?
  86. unaroused or turned off by the act
  87. is your husband your best friend...
  88. Husband and porn
  89. Need to let go....
  90. Question about Birth Control Pills
  91. Confused wife
  92. I'm so confused....
  93. Update on my marriage! if anyone cares! lol
  94. He's friends with her on facebook
  95. Husbands family members
  96. Unhappy in Marriage
  97. Woman's Advise
  98. sexting
  99. Booty Touching
  100. his Gambling addiction is stressing me up
  101. He's not making any sacrifices
  102. He is always ANGRY
  103. Some "lady" medical trouble
  104. Would you want to know?
  105. Newlywed
  106. Dealing with changes
  107. Trust and Marriage (sorry this is long, I'm telling the whole story)
  108. Too messed up to fix??? Financial and special needs kids+ odds are against us???
  109. breastfeeding
  110. Biggest Issue In Your Marriage
  111. What went wrong?
  112. Tips on how to be a better wife.
  113. The Confrontation
  114. unsure what to do.
  115. Newly Divorced - Need Dating Advice. Think I screwed things up.
  116. Am I being unreasonable or controlling?
  117. Pursuit?
  118. What's up with wifey?
  119. She invited him to LinkedIn, would you respond?
  120. Advive from TAM ladies please
  121. Finding Friends
  122. the past driving me crazy
  123. Question for the Ladies.. and I think I may have blown it.
  124. Fiance cheated on me before engaged and we are 1 week before wedding and telling me
  125. Slacker Chic
  126. I guess that I need advice...
  127. What do you do?
  128. Need advice please:(
  129. How to do a landing strip?
  130. I've changed. Can I ask him to?
  131. I love you, but I am not in love with you
  132. Nuvaring is the Devil!!
  133. living with my father-in-law and about to go insane!!!
  134. OMG he's coming home
  135. How would you react?
  136. Hubby in MLC and I'm Frustrated
  137. A.Issue.My.Husband.Has
  138. Husbands weight problem
  139. Wife Gone Wild
  140. New to dating....
  141. Tired of being neglected, disrespected
  142. I feel suffocated by my husband.
  143. Be nice to the boy
  144. Question for the ladies - what are some reasons why gf would insist on marriage?
  145. Acceptable behavior from husband or not?
  146. Oh no!!!
  147. Fresh energy
  148. Wife giving facebook hottie her number
  149. Gaining confidence but need to lose weight
  150. Miscarriage - another reason to quit smoking
  151. Help getting my grove back.
  152. Anybody over 40 and still suffer from breakouts?
  153. What should I do?
  154. Anniversary gift dilemma
  155. How to tell guys I'm married without sounding assuming/arrogant?
  156. I think I'm getting smarter....
  157. Fit working moms, how do you stay disciplined?! Tips please:-)
  158. female viagra
  159. Great Deals!!!
  160. Did He have sex with her?
  161. Please give me your opinion.
  162. Menopause is turning me into a sook!
  163. For ladies w/ no kids who married for the 1st time later in life...
  164. Do politics make the man?
  165. Questions from a very non selfish fiance
  166. Strange Situation, I don't have anyone to turn to at all. Please help.
  167. Compliments?
  168. advice please.....
  169. Feeling positive about my marriage
  170. When is it time to call it quits?
  171. Magic Mike
  172. I can't stop thinking about my boyfriend
  173. Too Sensitive? Probably, I just don't know
  174. the terrible two's of marriage...
  175. Girlfriend's Male Friends
  176. my marriage is so degrading .. so disrespectful
  177. Helping her reach the big O
  178. odd question...seemd good then, now, not so much
  179. Hi, I'm new to this.
  180. Protect VS Survive?!
  181. How do I overcome my guilt over an unreasonable argument?
  182. Sexy pictures, women being less visual, and long distance relationships.
  183. Texts to send your spouse.
  184. Who comes first wife or brother?
  185. Doing something nice for the me out ladies!
  186. wife first or mom first?
  187. husband gone for two weeks
  188. Things to make my wife's day brighter!
  189. expectations vs realistic - sex
  190. Your Lingerie Collection
  191. Question for the ladies
  192. new marriage and old baggage
  193. Female advice - physical examination
  194. could it be that...
  195. Female insight on male circumcision
  196. Former LD Women Who Are Now HD...?
  197. Secrecy has destroyed my marriage as well as intimacy
  198. Being put in the middle of parents marraige an adult.
  199. What I found on his phone....
  200. Picking out an engagement ring
  201. Maybe I'm Crazy, but WTF???
  202. Ladies...I need your input
  203. It's been 8 months and I still harbor anger!!!
  204. He is a plonker of the highest order!
  205. Need a Womans Advice!
  206. Wifes gyneclogist appt
  207. in a rut...
  208. Husband discusses depression...
  209. Ok ladies, what's creepy?
  210. please help me with my marriage.
  211. I need opinions from other wives please...
  212. Stuck somewhere between the gears. And don't know even if there is gas in the car
  213. In-Law Trouble
  214. Is it normal for a married couple to go on trips/vacations separately
  215. Pink, blue, or clear? Sparkles?
  216. Nagger
  217. Breast fetish isn't so uncommen
  218. I need some Attention
  219. Newly Seperated
  220. Highlighting Hair Advice!!!
  221. I dont think he wants me anymore!
  222. Can't get him out of my head!
  223. He used to want kids...
  224. Need ladies input...
  225. How do I make myself attractive to men?
  226. Trust Issues, or lack of Self-Esteem??
  227. How do I put my foot down?
  228. need the ladies advise
  229. i have a crush on another man...
  230. Menage a Trois gone wrong
  231. were your husbands attracted to you during pregnancy?
  232. Kegels
  233. I need some help.. husband with mood swings
  234. Am I too sensitive?
  235. Please help
  236. Breast Implants - love them or regret them?
  237. My husband's breast fetish. Is it weird?
  238. My husbands ex sends him love letters
  239. Newly Wed
  240. Private lap dance at strip club
  241. Stupid
  242. Buying a house
  243. Flax seed oil for younger skin
  244. A little help ladies - I'm losing interest in sex w/ the wife
  245. Anyone in along distance marraige after infediltiy and reconsilation?
  246. Stay or Leave?
  247. Need some help.
  248. Wishing I had listened to my heart
  249. I need some advice
  250. I wouldn't say I was "depressed" but.....