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  1. Things to make my wife's day brighter!
  2. expectations vs realistic - sex
  3. Your Lingerie Collection
  4. Question for the ladies
  5. new marriage and old baggage
  6. Female advice - physical examination
  7. could it be that...
  8. Female insight on male circumcision
  9. Former LD Women Who Are Now HD...?
  10. Secrecy has destroyed my marriage as well as intimacy
  11. Being put in the middle of parents marraige an adult.
  12. What I found on his phone....
  13. Picking out an engagement ring
  14. Maybe I'm Crazy, but WTF???
  15. Ladies...I need your input
  16. It's been 8 months and I still harbor anger!!!
  17. He is a plonker of the highest order!
  18. Need a Womans Advice!
  19. Wifes gyneclogist appt
  20. in a rut...
  21. Husband discusses depression...
  22. Ok ladies, what's creepy?
  23. please help me with my marriage.
  24. I need opinions from other wives please...
  25. Stuck somewhere between the gears. And don't know even if there is gas in the car
  26. In-Law Trouble
  27. Is it normal for a married couple to go on trips/vacations separately
  28. Pink, blue, or clear? Sparkles?
  29. Nagger
  30. Breast fetish isn't so uncommen
  31. I need some Attention
  32. Newly Seperated
  33. Highlighting Hair Advice!!!
  34. I dont think he wants me anymore!
  35. Can't get him out of my head!
  36. He used to want kids...
  37. Need ladies input...
  38. How do I make myself attractive to men?
  39. Trust Issues, or lack of Self-Esteem??
  40. How do I put my foot down?
  41. need the ladies advise
  42. i have a crush on another man...
  43. Menage a Trois gone wrong
  44. were your husbands attracted to you during pregnancy?
  45. Kegels
  46. I need some help.. husband with mood swings
  47. Am I too sensitive?
  48. Please help
  49. Breast Implants - love them or regret them?
  50. My husband's breast fetish. Is it weird?
  51. My husbands ex sends him love letters
  52. Newly Wed
  53. Private lap dance at strip club
  54. Stupid
  55. Buying a house
  56. Flax seed oil for younger skin
  57. A little help ladies - I'm losing interest in sex w/ the wife
  58. Anyone in along distance marraige after infediltiy and reconsilation?
  59. Stay or Leave?
  60. Need some help.
  61. Wishing I had listened to my heart
  62. I need some advice
  63. I wouldn't say I was "depressed" but.....
  65. I'm a giver..not a taker..confused.
  66. Where to begin
  67. new here, feel lonly :(
  68. itchy, scratchy, ANNOYING
  69. had to sneak over here and ask you ladies a question.
  70. Blast from the past and Anger with a vengance
  71. Please help
  72. Hanging By A Thread
  73. Feelings - that I don't want - for someone else..
  74. Do men get tired of the being the one to call all the time?
  75. What a relief!!!
  76. Need female opinions please!
  77. First Timer Here...
  78. ~Cougar IN LOVE~
  79. A Delicate Question
  80. Ladies; would you be satisfied with a man...
  81. Husband only makes love to me while high and talking dirty!
  82. In health but not in sickness
  83. Anyone who is or was in abusive relationship should read
  84. Ladies, have you ever hidden......
  85. Defining a "normal" attitude
  86. Let's try this again.
  87. Need some gift ideas
  88. can't trust the wife
  89. Sometimes I wonder..
  90. Must Be Love. Dadgummit.
  91. Spending the night in a hotel by myself?
  92. Father's Day....whatcha doing???
  93. Menopause
  94. feeling hopeless
  95. Wrong focus IMO...
  96. Giving Constructive Criticism
  97. how to convince your DH to be less of a Nice Guy
  98. How does your mate make you feel desired?
  99. Photos on His Phone
  100. Yeast Infection?
  101. you now, me later-a little graphic
  102. On the positive side of things!
  103. very concerned
  104. Simple question for women
  105. Can we really tame a "bad boy?"
  106. Outfits you've dressed up in
  107. Anyone else meet their significant other online?!
  108. Odd cycle, possibly TMI
  109. Question for the ladies: Horny vs Self-conscious
  110. How to express attraction/admiration?
  111. AAARRRRGGGH, or, the Eldercare thing
  112. be honest ladies please
  113. Remarrying: The Risk/Reward Ratio
  114. Help with Mens Wardrobe?
  115. Hair color complications
  116. Jealousy.
  117. I love my husband (gushing wife alert)
  118. Fifty Shades of Grey
  119. How to cope when he doesn't want childern?
  120. women what do you prefer
  121. should I leave
  122. Need a female perspective on catfights?
  123. If you husband shows you his childhood video that he made specially for you..?
  124. Important Update
  125. Passive aggressive or am I crazy??
  126. He meets men to mutually masturbate each other
  127. How do you know if you should divorce??
  128. Any firefighters wives on here?
  129. Thrisis?
  130. A guy friend lost...
  131. Good night
  132. Do men like getting flowers?
  133. Long time
  134. When was the last time
  135. possible divorce
  136. How should I ask my wife?
  137. How Do You Feel About A Guy With Man Boobs?
  138. Married to Passive Aggressive Husband
  139. Don't know what to do, would love your advice
  140. Neverending balancing act....
  141. 50 Shades of Post-Feminism?
  142. stuck in another marriage?
  143. Twitter or Facebook?
  144. Boring husband
  145. Considering divorce
  146. Military Husband deployed (I need help ladies)
  147. What sucks worse than spending weekend with ILs?
  148. Women...what is your view/opinion
  149. Shave vs waxing
  150. The skill of what women want to hear
  151. How do you set boundaries?
  152. Protectiveness?
  153. marriage counseling? WIll it help?
  154. advice please
  155. daddy issues??
  156. How do I treat the husband/father/enemy?
  157. Dealing with my imperfect body
  158. Need a womans opinion
  159. Sleeping trouble falling asleep but wake up too
  160. Long weekend!
  161. does therapy really help??
  162. Admitting he is wrong!
  163. just married, not happy
  164. Am I overreacting?
  165. emotionally unavailable dad - help
  166. 5 days happy, 2 days not...
  167. Flashing!
  168. Need some unbaised advice
  169. Getting over it
  170. I finally told him to move out. Just making sure.
  171. Husband hates my parents !! Help
  172. Anyone else married to a paraplegic?
  173. Newbie...
  174. "My husband is so SEXY" Moments?
  175. Ladies, if you could change one thing....
  176. Period music
  177. How do I talk to my defensive husband about his obsession?
  178. i need help ladies
  179. Best type of bra for shocking cleavage and 50's bullet breasts
  180. Husbands stress and wifes vacation mode
  181. Long distance relationship
  182. Question for the ladies:
  183. Some advice please
  184. Sexy or flirtatious text messages for my wife.
  185. Even jealous of Nothing!
  186. Who Has Used Testosterone Cream For Sex Drive?
  187. Hair and Sex Drive?
  188. Am I being too sensitive.. Ladies help
  189. I need Advice on a friendship situation
  190. she won't shave her legs
  191. To Leave or Not to Leave... That is the question...
  192. It's all about him!
  193. Good Mom Memories?
  194. Can I give up hope yet?
  195. Left hanging...
  196. Fear of loss
  197. Male or Female Marriage Counselor Best?
  198. Husband "I don't know what I want" phase
  199. Time Management Conflicts
  200. Missing my husband...working hours... suggestions?
  201. Invited to a Pure Pleasure Party
  202. husbands confession, would this upset you??
  203. I try to annoy my husband on purpose
  204. First Love Returning After 26 years.
  205. The dreaded first PAP test having serious anxiety. HELP!!
  206. Girl's Night Out and sex discussions
  207. Women, do you think about it?
  208. So she loves me now?
  209. is he just for sex or does he love me???
  210. TriNessa--Any ladies take this BC
  211. Ideas to take care of myself..
  212. Need a Female perspective
  213. I suspect my wife of having an affair with another woman.
  214. Cant do any thing right
  215. Cant do any thing right
  216. Still Love My Wife...
  217. 2nd Anniversary ideas?
  218. Need opinions and i cant tell my friends
  219. Wife wants me to cut contact with a female friend. Women's opinions?
  220. just askin
  221. married to fast?
  222. Ladies, I need help with my clothes...
  223. What activities do you do beside those with your husband?
  224. My man hanging with a girl.....?
  225. When was you Sexual awakening?
  226. i need some advice!!
  227. Ladies opinion needed
  228. So lost and confused
  229. How to start off
  230. Ladies take on this please
  231. how do i find a decent man?
  232. Awesome Mother's Day Ideas
  233. Moving to a new house
  234. What happens when her dreams never come true
  235. Desert Plains or Sherwood Forest?
  236. Is your man handy?
  237. Self Examination
  238. Unsure.
  239. What is he thinking?
  240. Husband is Hollow Inside from Fighting
  241. Getting caught in the rain?
  242. Afraid of Outcome...
  243. Hobbies?
  244. Husband's "Other Woman"
  245. scary sex lube ingredients
  246. I Need Your Advice
  247. Horny and need help!!!!!!!!
  248. Ladies: Need Opinions - When is a secret "crush" too much?
  249. How do I handle this situation?
  250. How can someone you love so deeply hurt you.

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