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  1. i need help ladies
  2. Best type of bra for shocking cleavage and 50's bullet breasts
  3. Husbands stress and wifes vacation mode
  4. Long distance relationship
  5. Question for the ladies:
  6. Some advice please
  7. Sexy or flirtatious text messages for my wife.
  8. Even jealous of Nothing!
  9. Who Has Used Testosterone Cream For Sex Drive?
  10. Hair and Sex Drive?
  11. Am I being too sensitive.. Ladies help
  12. I need Advice on a friendship situation
  13. she won't shave her legs
  14. To Leave or Not to Leave... That is the question...
  15. It's all about him!
  16. Good Mom Memories?
  17. Can I give up hope yet?
  18. Left hanging...
  19. Fear of loss
  20. Male or Female Marriage Counselor Best?
  21. Husband "I don't know what I want" phase
  22. Time Management Conflicts
  23. Missing my husband...working hours... suggestions?
  24. Invited to a Pure Pleasure Party
  25. husbands confession, would this upset you??
  26. I try to annoy my husband on purpose
  27. First Love Returning After 26 years.
  28. The dreaded first PAP test having serious anxiety. HELP!!
  29. Girl's Night Out and sex discussions
  30. Women, do you think about it?
  31. So she loves me now?
  32. is he just for sex or does he love me???
  33. TriNessa--Any ladies take this BC
  34. Ideas to take care of myself..
  35. Need a Female perspective
  36. I suspect my wife of having an affair with another woman.
  37. Cant do any thing right
  38. Cant do any thing right
  39. Still Love My Wife...
  40. 2nd Anniversary ideas?
  41. Need opinions and i cant tell my friends
  42. Wife wants me to cut contact with a female friend. Women's opinions?
  43. just askin
  44. married to fast?
  45. Ladies, I need help with my clothes...
  46. What activities do you do beside those with your husband?
  47. My man hanging with a girl.....?
  48. When was you Sexual awakening?
  49. i need some advice!!
  50. Ladies opinion needed
  51. So lost and confused
  52. How to start off
  53. Ladies take on this please
  54. how do i find a decent man?
  55. Awesome Mother's Day Ideas
  56. Moving to a new house
  57. What happens when her dreams never come true
  58. Desert Plains or Sherwood Forest?
  59. Is your man handy?
  60. Self Examination
  61. Unsure.
  62. What is he thinking?
  63. Husband is Hollow Inside from Fighting
  64. Getting caught in the rain?
  65. Afraid of Outcome...
  66. Hobbies?
  67. Husband's "Other Woman"
  68. scary sex lube ingredients
  69. I Need Your Advice
  70. Horny and need help!!!!!!!!
  71. Ladies: Need Opinions - When is a secret "crush" too much?
  72. How do I handle this situation?
  73. How can someone you love so deeply hurt you.
  74. Need help to stop snooping
  75. Need advice from the Ladies...Please Help
  76. few friends... worried about impact on marriage
  77. This is not how planned it
  78. No sex with my wife in almost 2 years
  79. I think I hate men...
  80. How do you make it work?
  81. Can women just be friends????
  82. Needing insight
  83. If it's itchy...
  84. seeking insight from the ladies
  85. Getting past the agner...
  86. What keeps ladies stimulated all day?
  87. How to get wifey to admit it?
  88. Wish they would stop.
  89. I need some advice
  90. Friends or Love
  91. Upset
  92. Excessive worrying
  93. Labia Reduction
  94. For Female's that are LD
  95. What to do?
  96. Wife's masturbation
  97. Pelvic Exam
  98. tired..
  99. longing for happy
  100. Question for females
  101. Wondering if im thinking to much
  102. Husband's personal hygiene is awful. pls help
  103. too much teasing
  104. married but simply coexisting
  105. "You look familiar" comment
  106. Perfectionist
  107. Household chores
  108. Resentment and loss of love, need help
  109. Your personal view.
  110. Ladies I need your help...
  111. Cranky wife affecting our relationship.I need female opinions.
  112. Can we survive this? Should we get married?
  113. Plz help before I loose it
  114. Okay women need brutal truth
  115. Relationship Status Survey
  116. Double Standards
  117. Want to watch husband masturbate
  118. Question
  119. How to release all the hidden resentment I have towards him
  120. question for ladies
  121. He did it AGAIN! (but is this progress?)
  122. 10 years
  123. men's cologne?
  124. Ladies Question...
  125. My husband ...
  126. Not sure what to do...
  127. Ladies, please I need help
  128. Passive Aggressively Right
  129. Are any other women insulted by how Nice Guys are described in so many google links ?
  130. Need Advise from Ladies
  131. Switching Birth Control?!
  132. Silence gives assent
  133. What Makes a Man Sexy??
  134. When "FRIENDS" don't understand your marriage problems...
  135. TO Ladyfrogflyaway
  136. He Ain't Got Game
  137. Craving Oral Sex
  138. Discarded Wedding Band
  139. Ladies, what makes you feel like a real woman?
  140. Need help/advice!
  141. feel sad & angry
  142. Pissed off
  143. Opinions: Man at Midlife Wants to Fly Freak Flag a Little
  144. Still angry after all these years ...
  145. Ladies, what is the truth about dating a man with kids?
  146. dependant on a man,,
  147. Need some advice about marriage
  148. Feeling trapped
  149. What does REALLY goes on in strip clubs??
  150. An open request from one of the men
  151. Tell me something
  152. Won't Orgasm
  153. Please respond....
  154. Didn't love him when we got married
  155. Making up for broken promises
  156. Will you do that?
  157. Birthdays's for kids
  158. Yin Princess
  159. Need Advice-Moving, Military Transition and Unsupportive Husband
  160. Intimacy VS. Sex
  161. Who am I as a person?
  162. I got the boot
  163. False Advertising??? Hubby THEN and NOW...
  164. Pregnant and having issues
  165. Tonight's the "D" telling night
  166. 3 Years of Marriage and now we're lost...
  167. Advice please!
  168. While you are in-between relationships...
  169. Argument about sex
  170. Taste-Turnabout is fair play
  171. he doesn't call
  172. Tell me what to do! PLEASE!
  173. Let's write the Married Woman Sex Life book
  174. Piece of Advice! Confused
  175. Texting back the romance plan
  176. Letting Himself Go-Ugh!
  177. Afraid of Menopause - Can Anyone Ease My Fears?
  178. Is the Taste Finger Licking Good?
  179. What would be your reaction on this?
  180. Your Biggest Crush
  181. Interfering "Friend"
  182. Spouse's confusing comments on the way I look...
  183. I want to run away
  184. Things that keep you feeling YOUNG !
  185. Do women go thru mid-life crises too?
  186. Hubby's annoying but love him anyway?
  187. Letter or talk?
  188. "Retail therapy" vs. getting gifts from your husband
  189. Ladies, What do you think about this sweet idea?
  191. Confused
  192. Weight loss.?
  193. Is it possible to help an insecure man?
  194. What to do about a controlling spouse?
  195. Ladies..u like thongs on men?
  196. What do you do when your husband snacks before dinner?
  197. Sex Addict
  198. my health is hurting our marriage
  199. Ladies, when your Husband hugs you.....
  200. What makes a man.....
  201. Husband wants to try and get his brothers kids
  202. Stress!
  203. Guy asking: Have you been REALLY angry while separated?
  204. Is it starting at 38?
  205. My HUsbands Female Friend
  206. Need help, boyfriend flirts with his own cousins
  207. 14 Simple Tests Before You Decide To Have Children
  208. Am I the only woman like this?
  209. Can you really "do over" a wedding?
  210. New Here
  211. Highly Sensitive
  212. Fun Question - for the Ladies
  213. I don't know which way to turn
  214. The best book I have read so far!
  215. I need help someone please!!!!
  216. lying husband but too good to leave??
  217. Need you opinion.,,.
  218. Rebuilding Trust & Forgiveness
  219. Do both of you work outside of the home and raise kids?..
  220. Ladies what do you really want?
  221. Unhappy Husband need advice
  222. new & need help x
  223. I am not there emotionally?
  224. What is he looking for??????????
  225. Man do I ever suck at folding shirts!!! a little humor.
  226. Women, what do you "need" from your husband?
  227. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Testimonials
  228. Will He Really Ever Change?
  229. Favourite Films Ladies
  230. New love and relationship after 40?
  231. The husband
  232. Wife used to like my nice guy
  233. Girls Only : What are Top 10 Interests in Life?
  234. IUD discharge = no oral sex
  235. Help And advice wanted
  236. Is this weird? Female friendship question.
  237. friend tug of war
  238. Butterflies for another man
  239. Separation fears
  240. No longer physically attracted to husband at all:(
  241. Who to blame?
  242. ok so she told me..
  243. Loving Pet names, to no name, back to first name
  244. Getting Old.
  245. Has anyone "moved out" and moved back in?
  246. is cybersex the same as cheating?
  247. Really confused and needs help
  248. Anyone else(women) in their prime? High sex drive!
  249. Why Me??
  250. "Sorry I was so moody, Just got my period"

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