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  1. Please give advice
  2. Marriage help- advice please
  3. Advice please
  4. Advice please!
  5. Trying to Understand wrong vs right
  6. He will have a baby with me, but now I am scared and unsure! Moms, talk to me!
  7. It's over.
  8. Addiction to sugar
  9. She wants out, I want her to stay
  10. Why is she contacting me ladies?
  11. A few questions for women in regards to video games.
  12. What happened to intheory?
  13. Pregnant and thinking of divorce
  14. Advise needed from women who's husbands don't show affection
  15. blanket bar rules
  16. Husband is annoying
  17. Baby question
  18. Ever worked as a Hostess? Not sure if daughter is being lazy.
  19. Career Thoughts for Women over 50?
  20. I need period help..
  21. Panties and Bras Which Brand is the Best and Worse?
  22. Exercise/weight loss help....
  23. Not wearing ring?
  24. Sexless marriage
  25. High-end toys
  26. Snoring
  27. Advice?
  28. PIV while dry
  29. Semi naked women posts on FB
  30. Nipple Q
  31. Happy Mother's Day!
  32. Bad Moms, And A Quick Thought / Question?
  33. Is it an age thing?
  34. Another Question for the Ladies
  35. Communication help
  36. Marriage communication compatibility
  37. Night sweats
  38. What are the signs that a wife is no longer in love?
  39. Did my husband just hit on my 26 year old daughter
  40. What the *$%#?
  41. Hot Flash Havoc - WTF?
  42. Perks of Maternity Leave - Without Having Kids???
  43. How do I get hips?
  44. Need advice from a woman
  45. is 50 too old?
  46. Long distance relationship.
  47. Ladies, please explain
  48. Would You Ladies Date A "Feminine" Man?
  49. Constant verbal abuse, do I stay or should I just walk away?!
  50. Anyone have/had Mirena IUD?
  51. Menopause
  52. Pressure from men
  53. I need another perspective
  54. Best type of hysterectomy?
  55. my husband doesnt give me much attention
  56. Stepchild n grandbaby
  57. Proceeding with caution
  58. Sole parents how do you cope with everything?
  59. need advice from women about menopause
  60. Need advice from women about situation with daughter.
  61. I've stepped away from my family, my husband won't.
  62. Hair and Makeup
  63. How do you get yourself out of a funk?
  64. sharing photos without permission
  65. Compliments to Middle-Aged Ladies
  66. Ladies, how to handle situation?
  67. We were individuals before we were mothers
  68. Stay or Go?
  69. Housekeeping ... question or tip......
  70. Feeling alone in a 15 year marriage
  71. Weight gain - post menopausal
  72. Questions for the ladies
  73. How to stop showing affection to your husband
  74. Husband says I don't try hard enough, I do, then his erection disappears!
  75. Do you have negative feelings about "easy" women
  76. Strange dreams?
  77. Help please - dating after divorce and boyfriend is pushing me to have sex
  78. perimenopause - anyone else?
  79. Irish Twins Anyone?
  80. Stating the Obvious About Size
  81. So confused
  82. What does your guy do right
  83. My wife is convinced I am cheating on her.
  84. Ok ladies. Us men are simple
  85. 5 Sexist Assumptions We Feminists Need to Stop Making About Stay-At-Home Moms
  86. Serious question for you ladies
  87. friends
  88. Lingerie
  89. New to this
  90. Embarrassing question
  91. High blood pressure....
  92. Ben Higgins Ultimate "Nice Guy"
  93. Aging - fun or no?
  94. I hate my woes:(
  95. Does your husband need admiration?
  96. Are there that many Jack A$$ men
  97. Mother in law situation
  98. Strangest Reason you have got empotional
  99. Lost in my marriage
  100. Fantasizing about being single
  101. Reasonable to expect your H to keep junk out of the house?
  102. Missing own family
  103. Personal goals...what are your to achieve?
  104. Lost, done everything she's asked
  105. uncomfortable dating situation
  106. Self-Tanner Lotion
  107. Proof that my wife is an Extraterrestrial
  108. Ugh. in-laws.
  109. Pedicure?
  110. Postpartum care advise for a first time mom.
  111. First Date Advice
  112. What can I do?
  113. Ladies: how would you have handled this
  114. Poll: Top female love language
  115. Progesterone tablets
  116. Need help from the ladies - body image issue
  117. Q for hairdressers regarding thinning shears....
  118. Your favorite chocolate
  119. I hate Valentines Day
  120. Curious
  121. Husband always angry and treats me like a single parent
  122. Workout for Wife
  123. Being on TAM
  124. Does labia size matter?
  125. Work and career progression...
  126. Mixed Messages From My Husband
  127. Any other ladies been diagnosed with attachment issues/disorder?
  128. It starts very very young.... LOL
  129. "A man after God's own heart"
  130. Does flaccid size master
  131. Just for the baby?
  132. Progressive eyeglasses
  133. If you were me....
  134. Possible help for vaginal distress with menopause
  135. long distance dating
  136. What are the most challenging / most rewarding?
  137. Respect for wives
  138. Need advice concerning my sister
  139. Lost for Words at this point
  140. Husbands on dating sites
  141. Husband is constantly on his Iphone or Ipad
  142. Am I leading her on?
  143. Why do women like flowers?
  144. I need strength...
  145. Real men love cats!
  146. Wth????
  147. Ladies... friendship.... loyalty? betrayal?
  148. It's my last night with him
  149. Serious self-esteem issues
  150. I'm Broken
  151. met a guy through matrimonial website. now he is asking me 2 meet again nd again.
  152. Don't forget, March 14th. Put it in your diaries.
  153. Wife gets annoyed at some behaviors...
  154. Your favorite fragrance/perfume/cologne?
  155. The freedom of financial independence
  156. New Here - How to decipher the acronyms please?!
  157. astrology and other myths
  158. Ladies, what moisturizers are you using on your face in the winter?
  159. In need of advice tonight
  160. Anyone else deal with know-it-all, mexican in-laws?
  161. The Babysitter. Can I trust Him with Her
  162. Need advice
  163. Just Announcing
  164. what to do with my professional life?
  165. I need advise
  166. men are difficult ?
  167. ok question for u ladies, i just got engaged to my bf of 2 years,3 nights ago...he br
  168. I am always happy when Xmas and New Year's is over and life gets back to normal....
  169. mean anything?
  170. Honeymoon Troubles
  171. Husband's behavior is pushing me away.
  172. Why Do You Hesitate?
  173. After divorce, what did you do with your engagement and wedding rings?
  174. I squirt too much and it's causing problems.
  175. postpartum depression
  176. Anyone here not like their husband performing oral sex on them?
  177. dreaded menopot
  178. Thank You, White Knights
  179. picking up after husband
  180. A question for the girls..........
  181. ladies over the age of 45
  182. How do you stop thinking??
  183. tight as.s hb suddenly wants to buy me expensive jewelry
  184. My relationship is dead in the water
  185. Beauty and Sex
  186. Giving up control in a marriage
  187. My husband's alcoholism is tearing our marriage apart.
  188. Penis Envy?
  189. Ladies please
  190. What kinds of things in your stocking
  191. The forgiven wife
  192. Please help me clarify what's going on
  193. Any good websites or forums for married women?
  194. His help is my hell.
  195. The Look
  196. is a wife flirting IF
  197. Underwear preference?
  198. Husband and I haven't went to bed at same time in 13 years - would this bother you?
  199. At my wits end.
  200. Is it Ok to treat kids differently in a family?
  201. Curios about swinging
  202. Ladies, Does Size Matter?
  203. Ladies - Top 5 Movie Stars You Find Attractive
  204. I say "vasectomy," he gets quiet
  205. Husband Tried to Kill Himself
  206. Sex life after seperation, question?
  207. Roller Coaster marriage
  208. Husband said I have an attitude when I don't
  209. Endometrial Ablation Vs. Hysterectomy
  210. I want out!
  211. Financial Independence
  212. Womens Erotic Dreams?
  213. Are you always supportive in your spouses career changes?
  214. Daughter
  215. Perimenopausal PMS
  216. Hubby Twisting Words and Smoothing Me
  217. He's making me miserable!
  218. Daily devotionals
  219. Need desperate help on dealing with abusive wife.
  220. Wife Went Full Brazilian!!!
  221. Never grocery shop when you're horny
  222. Wife's Friend A Serious Issue In Our Marriage
  223. Wife's gyno caught snapping pics...
  224. Husband Doesn't Care
  225. Men were deceivers ever and still are
  226. Feeling trapped !
  227. So When a Woman Sees a "Hot Guy"...
  228. Bisexual Husband - Help Please
  229. Is he flirting/going too far, or just being friendly?
  230. More fuel for the mammography debate
  231. Too nice
  232. What to do????????
  233. New member and exhausted. Need advice.
  234. Regret and Shame
  235. New Girl here with some questions on how to handle issues
  236. How much do you text your friends? How much control do you give your friends...
  237. Stand alone BJ request
  238. Hubby Upset about past relationships
  239. Is this an unreasonable request?
  240. Anti-Depressant
  241. sharing my husband
  242. Lost Looking For Map
  243. Wives, would this bother you?
  244. Wearing husband's shirts at home!
  245. After we JUST discussed this!
  246. Photoshopping Gone Too Far???
  247. Does anyone else feel lonely sometimes?
  248. Question for the ladies
  249. All Day fight
  250. Help