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  1. Clueless
  2. Has your libido declined?
  3. Sexting partner
  4. Healthy Living for 13 Weeks *Oct 1*
  5. biodentical hormone therapy?
  6. Ladies, did any of your husbands change 180 and save your marriage?
  7. listened in. Now it is killing me!
  8. sex appeal..what do women like that gets them attracted
  9. When does "innocent flirting" become something to worry about?
  10. Climax which is better???
  11. Can you tell if...
  12. Showing love to the SAHM
  13. Really confused...
  14. Looking for a woman's thoughts on this....
  15. House chores
  16. Curious on what to
  17. Friendly vs. Flirty
  18. Love language advice?
  19. Essure and other contraceptives
  20. Real Gender Warfare!
  21. Our 15th year anniversary......
  22. Aliens took husband, need advice, it's long
  23. Question about personal rec time
  24. Carb addiction?
  25. Ladies, I need advice from Venus please!
  26. pliz help on communication
  27. Ladies need feedback please
  28. High heels and health
  29. Much Needed Advice and Support
  30. Totally embarrassed
  31. what did I do wrong
  32. Tying up for beginners....
  33. Thank you letter
  34. Any other wife here appreciate her husband more after being on TAM?
  35. help me help her
  36. Advice from the ladies re: semi cold approach
  37. Need woman's perspective
  38. Parent who smokes and/or other unhealthy lifestyle choices....
  39. Prostitutes and Felons
  40. Need womens help to solve riddle(s)
  41. How important is his family in your decision to marry?
  42. Part of massage or not?
  43. Is there something she is not telling me....
  44. Women and Rough sex
  45. What do you think about ex contacting me?
  46. Is a massage a big deal?
  47. Ladies who don't masterbate
  48. Question for the ladies about guy's anatomy
  49. Do you ever thank your husband for your children?
  50. Jealousy
  51. Attitudes on Divorce
  52. What would you change in your partner
  53. How would you explain this?
  54. bachelor in paradise
  55. Did you marry your father?
  56. How do you fall in love with your husband again?
  57. Women & Fitness
  58. This time I did the right thing?
  59. Me and my H do nothing together
  60. The Fat Epidemic
  61. OK ladies, help me figure out what to do with this girl
  62. Who cheats more ?
  63. Husband lied about military service
  64. Hubby is trying
  65. I have created a monster
  66. Question about a comment my ex? gf? made
  67. Supportive or Enabling??
  68. Communication
  69. Is there something wrong with me?
  70. At what point do people think/say it's over?
  71. Wanted to crawl under the bed and die
  72. What kind of attire does your husband/bf like/not like?
  73. Erotic book as a gift
  74. Question about my married friend
  75. Saw "Shades of Grey" Trailer
  76. How to find out if she is a freak in the sheets? It is a must for me.
  77. Younger ladies, do you consider a balding spot on a man a turn off?
  78. I have some honest (but embarassing) questions
  79. 48 isn't that old
  80. Are nice guys more attractive?
  81. Coworker passed away on his way to work yesterday...
  82. Vocal Fry
  83. 37 years old and sudden increase in libido
  84. Does your husband make you feel good about your body?
  85. Ladies, do you think the world would be better if women were in charge?
  86. Me again with my latest country fashion pics. Opinions on how I'm doing..
  87. Respect women popular topic, respect men not so much
  88. Insensitive or am I overreacting?
  89. Question for the ladies about arousal
  90. What do you miss about being single?
  91. Pet travel on plane questions...
  92. LD/ND wife - question
  93. Thoughts of Divorce
  94. Ladies, how much of your sex drive is related to your cycle?
  95. HRT and arousal
  96. To end marriage or not
  97. Needing advice concerning Homosexuallity.
  98. A question of edge
  99. What Age Should You Marry
  100. Clip In Hair Extensions
  101. Rosacia
  102. I need a great concealer for dark circles
  103. Problem with gay friends?
  104. How to work on being sexually attracted to my SO?
  105. For sure, nobody is perfect.
  106. Question for the ladies: 'just want friends' on a dating site?
  107. Women Flirting with Husband- Should I be worried?
  108. what am I feeling? love or distraction?
  109. Q to Ladies that have been introduced to TAM
  110. Can single and married women be friends?
  111. Opinions on country wardrobe. Still work in progress.
  112. Does Trust equal Lust for Ladies?
  113. Don't Ask a Deer How To Hunt It (or whatever it is)
  114. My best friend is SO clingy
  115. Menopause
  116. Any women here enjoy a good audio/video setup?
  117. Do you tell your man he's sexy?
  118. Fluids & Smells of Sex
  119. Emasculating a man? Is that even possible?
  120. Need of some advice
  121. Racy dreams ;)
  122. Women don't take us seriously
  123. Women and Violence
  124. My husband is sad that he never dated..
  125. Need Advice from a Womans Perspective!
  126. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
  127. Lost friends ad lost interest
  128. Feminist Father
  129. I think W is losing respect for me, not sure why
  130. What are some ways women actually LIKE when being hit on?
  131. Need help for a friend
  132. In love for 30 years
  133. My husband isn't talking to me
  134. Husband really into girls show, should I be worried?
  135. Women in their portrayal in video games.
  136. Earn her respect, and her love will follow
  137. Am I being a Prude?
  138. My husband is a workaholic..anyone else live with this?
  139. Is this ok?
  140. Am I beinng a bad mother?
  141. step children are horrible
  142. Do You Judge Other Women's FB Photos?
  143. Still working at it
  144. What makes a man unattractive?
  145. What's wrong with me?
  146. Hairstyle/cut for postpartum hair
  147. Throwing things during flights
  148. Why is looking for a vehicle so painful?
  149. Ladies, did I handle the situation okay?
  150. advice needed from both ladies and men
  151. Quick question for the ladies
  152. Mortgage stopped
  153. The past is such a pain.
  154. The R has taken a turn. Can lesbianism be turned on and off?
  155. Happy Husband? Itís Easy
  156. LCIS Ladies looking for some Insite and Support
  157. My ex husband gave me a STD and now I can not have children. D
  158. What has this site taught you???
  159. Group-sex fantasies
  160. my husband accuses me of cheating when i am not!!
  161. St. JOhn's Wort for mild depression?
  162. Any make-up experts? I need a little help.
  163. great men you know - what's great about them
  164. Anyone have experience with being pregnant in your 40s?
  165. What age did you marry?
  166. How do you handle your SO's annoying habits, quirks, and general "guy" behavior?
  167. Am I Unreasonable?
  168. Being disrespectful or not?
  169. Sex Tapes.
  170. My husband and neighbor are to friendly with each other.
  171. Am I overthinking this?
  172. Just found out my wife was abused as child
  173. Finding nice clothes for women over 40?
  174. Husband always commenting on what I eat
  175. First World Perspective
  176. The Giver
  177. Misogyny and the shooting rampage in Santa Barbara
  178. My opinion doesn't count?
  179. If you ever lost your sexual desire for the man in your life,
  180. Experience as the wife of a Mr. Nice Guy
  181. Best Self Help Books for Women
  182. Ladies. would you like having a large member or no?
  183. Should the US Have Paid Menstrual Leave?
  184. Getting to be too much
  185. How to handle this situation
  186. Jealous of other couples?
  187. Possible signs that he could cheat? Please help!
  188. Hubbies and the things we soo love about them..
  189. where is this leading us to?
  190. Help me. Never thought like this before
  191. Ladies - A question of masturbation pls.
  192. Must read
  193. Am I a bad friend?
  194. Working moms - is sex last on your list?
  195. Husband not noticing me
  196. Therapy?
  197. Female ranking system
  198. Boudoir Photos
  199. Brazilian
  200. What are you doing for fathers day?
  201. "I don't have the means to leave"
  202. scared to tell
  203. On line dating site
  204. Ignored on Mother's Day
  205. The Old Goat's Become a Stud Muffin
  206. Mommy talk
  207. What's the biggest mistake you see women make?
  208. Mother's Day + Girlfriend with kids = ?
  209. ANGRY, fvck it.
  210. mmmmmmmawsome?????
  211. Am I Justified in Being Upset with my Husband?
  212. Why do some females act like this?
  213. Controlling Husband
  214. Ladies, did you have "puppy love" for your husband?
  215. how to work on ME ?
  216. Ladies need your input, specially if you had gone through this "Daddy issues"
  217. Question for women who are bisexual
  218. Frequency and nature of oral sex
  219. Question about implants
  220. Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You...
  221. not fair
  222. Fed up with shallow answers? Post your problems here and let us find viable solutions
  223. Question
  224. In need of some advice
  225. Need to understand what she is thinking
  226. Question about bending over, showing cleavage
  227. Unedited Honesty -- For Ladies
  228. Sick of being dissected? Rant here!
  229. 2 Question for Men
  230. I need female advice/opinions
  231. Are you a football fan?
  232. "Good" sex
  233. Do you ever fantasize about being single?
  234. Would your husband accept a child that was not his?
  235. Am I crazy
  236. How many is too few?
  237. How many is too many?
  238. During the fight.
  239. Why can't we be your first priority?
  240. Too much time with his Parents?
  241. Could you have been a walk away wife?
  242. "emotional needs"
  243. Help, completely lost and heartbroken
  244. Best decision for son
  245. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  246. First time
  247. Rape statistics
  248. Changing your last name with marriage
  249. If you were a guy for a day???
  250. Momma's Boy