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  1. What's your skincare routine?
  2. In a funk...
  3. Women's fantasy
  4. Your Man's Facial Hair
  5. Nipple pain?
  6. Did you ever need lube?
  7. The need to talk, constantly?
  8. FYI - Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause
  9. Question regarding dog and tartar on teeth....
  10. stuck in the past
  11. International Women's Day
  12. Previously feeling forced
  13. Second choice?
  14. Blended family
  15. When is it acceptable...?
  16. Seeking female perspective
  17. Will I ever feel "together"
  18. This is RIDICULOUS
  19. Scream Cream
  20. Irritated when its wet
  21. Persistence
  22. When does I stop feeling sore due to regular excercise?
  23. An offshoot post to the dad bod..
  24. What level of "fit" turns you on?
  25. Husband and daughter
  26. Can marriages overcome trust issues
  27. Sensitive clit?
  28. Ladies, may I ask for the truth about the dad bod?
  29. Upset at husband of 32 years
  30. Do or have you openly masturbated to orgasm in front of your spouse
  31. Lunch and breakfast ideas....
  32. Something important
  33. Valentines Dinner threw back at me
  34. Dressing up
  35. A Womans Perspective Please
  36. Thanks
  37. Would you "advise" your daughters to get married.
  38. Valentines Will it be just another day for you?
  39. Birth control pill and libido
  40. why don't I enjoy my new freedom?
  41. How to Re-Propose?
  42. How can I become a man of mystey?
  43. Will she ever change back again
  44. My responsibility
  45. LADIES...what do you value most?
  46. How do you ladies like your physical affection?
  47. I don't feel the same about my husband.
  48. Womens March
  49. Intercultural marriage. beside English, do your children speak a 2nd or 3rd language?
  50. Medical Treatment of Low Sex Drive
  51. Ladies-how would you proceed with this scenario
  52. Female Orgasms
  53. Am I Crazy?
  54. Hormone replacement backfire question
  55. Smoking dilemna
  56. Ladies, What is a "good lover" ?
  57. Boundaries, expectations, and ultimatums
  58. Is it weird to go to wedding dress shops when you're not engaged?
  59. conflicted wife who needs advice.
  60. Ladies, if your husband *does* care about your weight,
  61. The sad truth
  62. Ladies, what would you do? (regarding the issue of weight gain)
  63. Something isn't right, what should I do
  64. Got a unique request from my man, how would you feel about it?
  65. Husband crossing the line or is it just me?
  66. Boobs
  67. Female Premature Ejaculation
  68. Husband wants to leave me because I cant support him
  69. Relationship question. If you have 10 minutes to spare since it so LONGG, please help
  70. Perimenopause relief? 😓
  71. Self cleaning oven vs easy clean...
  72. Graying hair versus coloring
  73. How important are your breasts to your sexual fulfillment?
  74. Being accuses of being jealous!
  75. Advice dealing with auto insurance....
  76. First Time Posting/Family Scapegoat
  77. Salvageable?
  78. Ladies...what do you consider a d*&ck move?
  79. Husband finally agreed on something
  80. miles of sepperation
  81. friendship question
  82. Love languages of women
  83. Anybody else can't wait for the holiday season to be over?
  84. husband seems to have fallen out of love with me. feeling confused and alone.
  85. Why can't I just be happy with him?
  86. Sensations
  87. So following up on thread about men's body types
  88. Ladies, do you care about your man's fitness/body?
  89. Ladies, would you be ok with being the primary breadwinner in your marriage?
  90. Husband removed me from joint checking
  91. Does your husband *not* care about your weight?
  92. Husband has been good to me lately
  93. How do I respond
  94. Mystery
  95. Do your discuss with your children?
  96. Amazed my husband has learned about me very well
  97. Can We Recover From Infidelity
  98. Codependent Sister-in-Law
  99. Husband remembered something today
  100. Question for mothers. A step dad's roll with your kids? Over protecting mothers!
  101. Do I look fat?
  102. Husband did something on Monday
  103. Anyone had terrible fashion sense in their youth
  104. Making a case for teleworking...
  105. Lie Detector
  106. Hand guns
  107. Did I violate a boundary by asking her to take her walls down?
  108. TV channel being changed
  109. i love you but im hiding things from you.
  110. Self maintenance schedule
  111. Tips on not becoming a roommate or maid
  112. Married but alone
  113. Are Women in to big guys these days?
  114. Any homebody women left in the world?
  115. Hi, why do these Top twenty traits matter to woman?
  116. Positive sex life stories
  117. Rodan + Fields products?
  118. Dazed and Confused
  119. What turns you off about man's personality?
  120. Ladies, if you were sick would you care about your husbands needs?
  121. "Affair" (lol) with my own book character!
  122. Mammograms.....
  123. How do I get over it?
  124. What can a husband do to win back his wife's love for him?
  125. What are the biggest misconception people have of women?
  126. Tips for boosting self esteem.
  127. Mate Guarding Yourself
  128. Which Male Celebs are you Crushing on?
  129. Rude engagement ring reactions
  130. Help! I need lots of female advice!
  131. Age spots on hands....
  132. On Turning 40
  133. How long is typical love making for you
  134. should I go for this guy or not ?
  135. Women and blue collar men in movies
  136. I would like some female perspective
  137. men and cars
  138. Ladies, Could Use insight
  139. Great sex...but now getting cystitis
  140. Do you want your partner to do what you ask them to do?
  141. Name Your Vajayjay
  142. Am I in trouble with this man?
  143. The Sex Starved Wife
  144. Neighbor subtly (NOT) propositioning my husband
  145. Need women's advice - fiance broke off engagement without warning
  146. Ladies feedback on respect
  147. I don't know where to start.
  148. Phyllis Schlafly RIP
  149. The engagement ring
  150. Engagement Watch?
  151. I am so insecure.
  152. What did I say wrong (wished someone the best)?
  153. I hate interviews....
  154. Back to work after rough time... :D
  155. Hello TAM
  156. baby daddy not my husband
  157. Clit stimulations feels like tickling
  158. Son off to college/wife beside herself
  159. Reassuring article
  160. wife being inappropriate?
  161. Nipple piercing and sensitivity?
  162. Damage control -Gossping friends
  163. Any Widows here?
  164. I think my husband is Gay
  165. I'm so lonely
  166. Peri menopause and your negative symptoms
  167. Talking about men
  168. Dealing with a guy that is pushy and won't go away? I've got the best solution!
  169. Rough time
  170. Pick Up Lines!
  171. I'm checking out. FiancÚ oblivious.
  172. Hurt by timing.......
  173. Taking it slow. Need guidelines
  174. How do some women become so cold and distant?
  175. Marriage Books
  176. Maid of Honor Advice
  177. Women's Needs...
  178. Women tired of jerks?
  179. 5 years
  180. Fears of love, commitment, and marriage
  181. Playboy playmate body shames woman at gym on Snapchat.
  182. Talk to me about low carb eating...
  183. Poll: Do you post on other message boards?
  184. Asking What to Do on a First Date Ahead of the Date?
  185. having trouble forgiving and moving forward
  186. Ladies, how do you view men in the past?
  187. Are you a b!tch?
  188. Appropriate Dress To A Wedding And Bullying
  189. Befriending people with a dark side
  190. Make Up Purchases and Pricing
  191. Why did my wife react this way?
  192. Afraid to become my mother
  193. New info on grooming
  194. Women 50s+ does sex mean much to you?
  195. Do you like compliments from other men?
  196. Need to Woo her again ... I need ideas from the Ladies
  197. Scared of menopause
  198. Ever got naked with a male stripper?
  199. I need advice
  200. If he's not happy, he has to take everyone down, with him
  201. 5 questons for the ladies in honor of Father's day.
  202. 1st wedding anniversary present?
  203. Father figure shapes a future woman's relationships
  204. Facebook hate.....
  205. Birth control
  206. Porn, women, body image
  207. Did I make a mistake?
  208. My husband's depression
  209. Marriage deal breakers
  210. How important for your husband to be around?
  211. Make your man feel like a man
  212. Contact w ex husband
  213. Exs
  214. Annoyance
  215. Is my constant need for reassurance driving him away?
  216. Advice
  217. Need advice
  218. Have any of you had Facial Fillers?
  219. Help me out
  220. Body after second baby
  221. Ladies need some advice
  222. Anybody else do this...think of things to say after the fact??
  223. His ex is in the middle of our relationship
  224. Hot Flashes
  225. This clothing website is seducing me
  226. Does it matter anymore.???
  227. husband choosing friends over me
  228. Got a situation. What are the chances of it escalating?
  229. Please give advice
  230. Marriage help- advice please
  231. Advice please!
  232. Trying to Understand wrong vs right
  233. He will have a baby with me, but now I am scared and unsure! Moms, talk to me!
  234. It's over.
  235. Addiction to sugar
  236. She wants out, I want her to stay
  237. Why is she contacting me ladies?
  238. A few questions for women in regards to video games.
  239. What happened to intheory?
  240. Pregnant and thinking of divorce
  241. Advise needed from women who's husbands don't show affection
  242. blanket bar rules
  243. Husband is annoying
  244. Baby question
  245. Ever worked as a Hostess? Not sure if daughter is being lazy.
  246. Career Thoughts for Women over 50?
  247. I need period help..
  248. Panties and Bras Which Brand is the Best and Worse?
  249. Exercise/weight loss help....
  250. Sexless marriage