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  1. Married 10 years and not even 30 yet!
  2. 73 years married , husband sings to dieing wife
  3. Who is on their 2nd or 3rd Marriage & how long??
  4. How do you resolve an argument?
  5. Celebrating 21 years this week
  6. How To Learn Communication Skills?
  7. What's Your Secret for Successful Marriages if you've been married 30+ years?
  8. I think we're in trouble, he thinks everything is fine...
  9. Metaphors for marriage
  10. Men in successful marriages, what do you do when the wife is disrespectful?
  11. If you had it to do all over again...
  12. A Good Marriage Part Two- Apologies included!
  13. Husband Not Communicating Anymore
  14. A Good Marriage
  15. Marriage- One Word
  16. 16 Years Today!
  17. Anniversary
  18. You best be hugging, kissing, chatting, goofing, laughing, paying careful attention
  19. BUSY PARENTS: How do YOU keep the fire burning
  20. Are we doomed?
  21. MArried/together long time - surely its not all perfect?
  22. Aging and keeping the passion after 40+ years
  23. Percentage of men rooting for counseling over divorce
  24. Ten Year Anniversary is coming soon
  25. Just an opinion.
  26. My parents, spiritual heritage, and LONG-TERM MARRIAGE
  27. I'm not judging the people on coping with infidelity
  28. I want a great marriage ,what are the things I shouldn't do?
  29. dazed and confused.
  30. Different life goals
  31. What to do when your wife is blatently fantasizing in bed
  32. Numbers of viewers
  33. 21 years, seems like yesterday
  34. Valentines Day suggestions for 65 LD wife
  35. Marriage License
  36. Is It Over?
  37. How compatible are you?
  38. Really Bad Fight
  39. Adventures with Spouse
  40. Wife discussing marriage/us with others...feeling betrayed
  41. My hubby doesn't feel desired
  42. Need Advice
  43. what you wish you did then what you know now
  44. Help me see the future...??
  45. 32 years and it just keeps getting better
  46. How often do you and your spouse LAUGH?
  47. Yes. I'm going to brag....
  48. 80 years of marriage
  49. Forgotten Anniversary
  50. Getting a similar reaction as a stranger would. possible?
  51. How Do You Keep From Becoming Your Parents?
  52. marriage engineering
  53. 20 ways to speak Love & Admiration to our husbands - Shake it up & Rock his world...
  54. Handling wife's body image issues
  55. Advice for blended family
  56. 11 years married. Sex is great, but he won't make time to spend with me or kids
  57. G'Day TAMsters
  58. Need advice to have a long success in my marriage
  59. What is a successful marriage?
  60. Convection and Lady Convection, Home At Last
  61. Need Your Help
  62. Changing marriage?
  63. Intellectual Foreplay ... Deepening Intimacy & Insight with "Open Ended Questions"...
  64. Board Games Are Good For A Marriage
  65. Friendships after marriage
  66. came across this on yahoo
  67. Kids or no kids? Regrets?
  68. How to survive kids 16-24yrs old
  69. Need to know ways to save my marriage
  70. Those of you happily married 20+ years...
  71. Newspaper reports on couple married for 80 years
  72. Successful Couples - How Do You Make Joint Decisions?
  73. Gasping Through Marriage
  74. Anniversary next week....
  75. 11 Things The Happiest and Most Successful Couples Avoid
  76. Long Term Marital Success? SEX!
  77. To all of you who have been successfully married... Please help me!
  78. Do you love unconditionally?
  79. conflict. need advice.
  80. married to korean for 32 years
  81. Women Share What Keeps Their Marriages Strong
  82. Our anniversary is today
  83. The Wife at Christmas
  84. A question for all 10 years and happy
  85. Husband key to LTR success?
  86. Just Love
  87. Introspection
  88. They say, "love and marriage is not like what you see in movies."
  89. Do opposites really attract?
  90. Emotional wreck after many years' good marriage
  91. Therapist says a good marriage involves work, but not "thatttt much" work
  92. On/Off Marriage
  93. Did these guidlines help you marriage be successful?
  94. Explanation as to why I posted "I hate the way my husband kisses" on this forum
  95. I hate the way my husband kisses
  96. In a Rough Patch
  97. Keeping a Spouse Interested Long Into Marriage
  98. Successful marriages that went through rough patches where you considered divorce
  99. How to repair a bad day.
  100. What if your language of loves are different?
  101. We rebooted our marriage
  102. What's your humorous marriage motto?
  103. Do you know yours and your partners love language?
  104. Need marriage advice!!
  105. Anyone In A Successful Second Marriage
  106. Lucky to have each other
  107. Need Counseling
  108. loosing connection with spouse
  109. Scared i will cheat
  110. How do you deal with spouse toooo comfortable?
  111. What makes you love your spouse?
  112. My husband / my greatest Inspiration ...it was HE who taught me what LOVE is...
  113. Thank you...
  114. 15 years
  115. Too many "me" generationers for successful marriage
  116. Can your Marriage be successful if....
  117. New and interesting date nights planned?
  118. So, I'm curious, is anyone happily married in a sexless marriage?
  119. Seeking advice..very wounded
  120. Two year anniversary!
  121. Attitude Is Everything
  122. What were the bumps in long term marriage?
  123. What is it like to married for 20 years or more?
  124. Just hit 20 years but...
  125. trying to let this go...amd move forward
  126. Any success stories of anyone that gotten married fast?
  127. The Marriage of Plan9
  128. What's your opinion - should I tell my story?
  129. Good communication is critical to a great marriage - Anyone disagree?
  130. I'm SO unhappy
  131. A single step
  132. A Call for Input for this forum!
  133. Staying fit for your spouse
  134. True love is...
  135. Post something positive about your marriage
  136. True Inspiration
  137. The "Perfect Marriage" does not exist- but Beauty can be found in our Imperfections
  138. Marriage Box
  139. Married but Living Separately
  140. Mrs. Jerry Garcia, or "What Life is Like as Santa's Wife"
  141. Wedding Rings
  142. Local Inspiration
  143. The Coffee Shop Method
  144. Mr. and Mrs. Drerio's Journey
  145. Daddy Issues
  146. What does happily married feel like?
  147. Husband is 65 year old workaholic
  148. How to forgive?
  149. A question for the happily married from the not
  150. in a dilemma
  151. Too critical?
  152. Keeping the Flame Burning, From Afar
  153. Baby crazy
  154. One Average Lucky Guy
  155. Marriage in doubt?
  156. Menopause
  157. who here agrees this relationship should not be happening?
  158. Making your Relationship Sweeter Everyday
  159. snooping and confrontation
  160. Difficult Anniversary
  161. time together = relationship strength?
  162. do i seperate or try????
  163. Husband compared us to a candle
  164. am i wrong for feeling this way
  165. A bump in the road??? Or the beginning of the end?
  166. I'm thinking about having an affair?
  167. Scared of getting older
  168. How to Bring Back the Intimacy in Marriage
  169. Sense of paranoia..... how do you stop it?
  170. Have You or Your LTM Spouse Gone Through a MLC?
  171. Long term success: Respect your husband!
  172. Wives what is your daily top ten for keeping your satisfaction & contentment high
  173. Anyone here in a marriage where the wife is the boss? Did it work?
  174. How to get past a big issue you both can't agree on?
  175. Screwed up Valentines Day....
  176. anyone in a successful long term open marriage?
  177. how does it feel
  178. more then a few
  179. Can a long term marriage survive PA tendencies?
  180. Wifes lack of self worth eroding trust in the long run?
  181. seeking the right tools for a healthy relationship
  182. [Happy] Marriage Survey
  183. What's the formula?
  184. Long Term success & arguments
  185. We persevered through the tough times
  186. What did you learn from a previous marriage or relationship
  187. Rock N Roll Love Story
  188. Well Worth Reading
  189. How often do you workout?
  190. Are my expectations of marriage realistic?
  191. Being the alpha
  192. On the up...now to just be better.
  193. Getting the spark
  194. He hates me drinking but.....
  195. Wife has trouble making female friends.
  196. My husband just doesn't seen to get the hint.....
  197. How do you like this???
  198. this is for someone that married young
  199. To be or not to be. . .
  200. Why we need a marital ceremony?? because we presuppose it to legalize my ma
  201. Ten year anniversary coming up
  202. Long term marriage criteria
  203. How to scratch 7 years itch?
  204. Aging...men vs women
  205. 20 great, 7 terrible years - does trust come back?
  206. Is it necessary to share a lot of the same interests for a relationship to work?
  207. Appreciating differences in communication keeps me out of trouble
  208. Sad to see
  209. Is your success due to compatibility?
  210. Push/pull factor: Veterans I need your wisdom on this one
  211. He's not 'in love' with me anymore - any hope?
  212. A Hidden Past
  213. traveling solo?
  214. 47 years next February
  215. Confronting a liar....
  216. Wonderful Marriage
  217. how do i stop the fighting
  218. Happily ever after...
  219. Anyone here married 20 years or longer??!!
  220. lies, drama, betrayal and BS....
  221. Tips for newlyweds?
  222. I desperately need advice.
  223. How do I go forward from here?
  224. Making up for lousy marriage proposal
  225. Resentments
  226. Reconciliation after separation? Is it possible?
  227. Common Traits of Happiest couples
  228. I feel like I have been asking the wrong people, I want positive :)
  229. decided to focus on now
  230. help me with a project!
  231. What does respect look like to you?
  232. Perfect imperfection
  233. 22nd Anniversary Today
  234. I feel trapped
  235. Newbie. How do you know if it's worth saving?
  236. Struggling with In Laws
  237. 27 years together and still best of Friends.
  238. I could really use your help on this situation please!
  239. Guides for long-term success
  240. Can chaotic dysfunctional relationships reverse?
  241. What I needed from my husband...if only I had known
  242. been together since i was 16 :D
  243. Keeping that dopamine flowing in long-term marriage..
  244. Hi Everyone
  245. 13 years of happy marriage worth saving
  246. Great Anniversary Trip...But Back To Reality
  247. How did you overcome sexual temptation in long term marriage.
  248. Long-distance birthday help needed
  249. No mr nice guy book: does it apply to wives too?
  250. 10th anniversary tomorrow