: Sex in Marriage

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  1. Texting and sharing nude pictures: Adultery?
  2. Sex w/ the Wife is Difficult
  3. Different sex levels
  4. husband not in the mood
  5. Wife needs thought of another woman to become sexual
  6. Nasty oral sex
  7. Husband secretly saving naked pics to his phone
  8. Has my wife lost her sex drive or is this natural?
  9. panties request
  10. I scare him in bed
  11. What Is A Hard-Working Husband Worth?
  12. long time lurker first post
  13. Need Female Perspective
  14. Sex is Work-I know it's long
  15. Roleplay suggestions wanted
  16. My wife has lost interest in Sex
  17. keeping score of sexual frequency
  18. how do i get my husband to initiate sex?
  19. Condom safe massage oil (though I guess it wouldn't be oil)
  20. Looking after children = no sex!
  21. Partner has ED. I feel like giving up!
  22. I thought sex with husband would get better
  23. Please help! Husband doesn't initiate sex but loves to look at Internet women.
  24. Why does standing up for yourself feel so bad?
  25. Is It Cheating?
  26. Kissing...but with a weird twist....
  27. Not sexless but intimacy light
  28. Wife talked about poor sexual performance publicly
  29. Be Careful What You Wish For
  30. New tactic, lets see how it works out.
  31. What Happened to Us?
  32. Sex starved solution
  33. Pursuer-Distancer Dance Article
  34. My marriage sucks and Its my fault
  35. My wife says Sex is NOT important to her... Yup
  36. Thinking of stepping out...
  37. no sex, no kissing, no affection
  38. Sharing Masturbation Habit Info With Your SO
  39. Need some understanding!!
  40. Shaving-donít knock it till you try.
  41. Anal Beads
  42. Stopped putting out to disinterested partner!
  43. I have to ask???
  44. A question about masturbation
  45. Body by SO
  46. Possible for a woman to learn to touch herself later in life?
  47. Sex in marriage winding down
  48. Asking for sex. A cardinal sin or just a part of normal life?
  49. Viagra is king!
  50. Ladies: Were u main cause of dissatisfaction in 1st marriage, but improved in 2nd?
  51. My marriage is falling apart because I am not satisfied with our sex life
  52. Sexually Frustrated!!!
  53. Need Advice re Near-Sexless Marriage
  54. Between a rock and a hard place
  55. Help finding thread
  56. Do women really know what men need?
  57. not sure what more to do.....
  58. Sexless and unromantic married life
  59. "What do Women Want?" (new book on women and sex)
  60. I'm the reason we're sexless and hate myself for it!
  61. Am I uptight?is it normal?
  62. Sexual Chemistry...thoughts?
  63. No sex life for 6 years... I need help!
  64. Increasing penis sensitivity / intercourse sensation?
  65. Sexual Shame and "Shadow Work"
  66. great wife, no warmth
  67. Husband with no sex drive
  68. This is just to add a little humor to the week
  69. Sex toys and watching me
  70. Craziest place you had sex
  71. Didn't think it would happen to me, becoming LD.....
  72. Anal/prostate play
  73. I am married but I know I am gay, please give advice
  74. Do horny goat weed/Wyld for Women etc. actually work?
  75. Pulling my hair out
  76. LD Differences In Men And Women
  77. How can I get him to admit we have a problem
  78. Fall asleep during sex.
  79. Advice please
  80. Do you say "Thank You"?
  81. Sex, women and aging
  82. New to forum - Lack of Intimacy
  83. wife promises a lot but doesnt deliver
  84. Husband watches rape and sleep porn! :(
  85. Condoms
  86. Sexual favors
  87. Need any and all advice....sexless marriage
  88. Diet and Exercise is improving my sex life
  89. Pissed and overwhelmed.....
  90. How easy is first time anal?
  91. Fiancee's past is bothering me, over-reacting?
  92. Question about anal sex.
  93. Just can't get it right
  94. This is driving me crazy....
  95. Two kinds of poison
  96. Coming apart at the seams (long)
  97. Engaged & very little sex
  98. Partner has ED but can orgasm without an erection
  99. What can I do to get this fixed and back to healthy
  100. Good looking young couple, wife has no interest in sex
  101. Lack of Adventurous Sex
  102. When a husband has two different stories
  103. If you could go back...
  104. How Happy are you?
  105. A true sexless marragie
  106. Looking for Help
  107. Frustrated!!!
  108. have i lost my sex drive
  109. "That time of the month"...
  110. GF puts too many conditions on sex.
  111. Help?
  112. I'm Trying, Now He's Not (long)
  113. Lack of sex- At a loss!!
  114. Do your older/teen kids know?
  115. What Would You Do?
  116. Attitudes about sex, who is right?
  117. Rear-entry discomfort
  118. Wife lost her job....Now tries to sex her way out of things
  119. the bed sheets after sex
  120. Is this it?
  121. Anger is brewing
  122. Why Men and Women Lie About Sex
  123. Am I wrong to feel this way?
  124. Her way or the highway
  125. How to solve the couple separated sexual problems
  126. Can your wife prefer a sex toy than being with you?
  127. Where to from here?
  128. Giving oral to your woman...
  129. Sexting
  130. Passion in a long term relationship
  131. The sex and intimacy disconnect....
  132. Wife won't initiate sex
  133. Sigh....
  134. Sex in the marriage vs Single life sex
  135. Taste of Semen
  136. Need to get my head in the game!
  137. selfish caveman sex
  138. ED any advice...natural solutions instead of viagra?
  139. Sex experimentation...
  140. H so angry when I want to discuss sex
  141. Sexless Marriage Epiphany
  142. Confused & Frustrated
  143. Would like a mans point of view
  144. oral for men
  145. Threesome issues........
  146. I just turned 50 & can't get enough!
  147. HD Women
  148. Ok... question about oral...
  149. Fantasies....
  150. So....A Little Weird
  151. I Just don't get it.........
  152. Reverse Bait and Switch?
  153. uncompatible, 20 years married, what to do
  154. Why is it frowned upon to be the HD in a relationship?
  155. Wife wants to spice it up
  156. 18 years, no orgasms.
  157. Is there hope for us?
  158. Sex life has improved, my H is more interested
  159. So is 2-3x sex per week REALLY average?
  160. Victime of bait and switch? You're not alone.
  161. Great information.
  162. Before I make the final decision- opinions please
  163. Sex and Marriage
  164. Toys have come back to bite me in the arse.
  165. New here and desperate for help with sexless marriage
  166. Share versus scare
  167. loss of self-esteem and H to take me serious
  168. Anyone here on T replacement?
  169. Sex without climax
  170. How does it feel to be in the sexless position?
  171. Branded Sexual Pervert
  172. Is sexual incompatibility fatal to a relationship?
  173. Wife very frustrated, need advice
  174. Resurfaced...
  175. My wife, the cold fish.
  176. SO unsatisfied sexually
  177. Wife's low self image is ruining our marriage (and sex life)
  178. Baby Making....
  179. Is it an addiction or not caring?
  180. ED issues when I initiate.
  181. Can someone especially ladies out there give me a some insight
  182. Husband leaving me over masturbation. Desperately need advice
  183. Does a Wife Lie About Weight Gain being a turn off?
  184. Walking the Fine Line: Nice Guy vs No More Nice Guy
  185. Lazy sex with age?
  186. To pound or not to pound
  187. frustrated and out of ideas
  188. No sex, no marriage...
  189. how to 'want' sex with my husband
  190. Damned if you do, damned if you don't
  191. In circles
  192. secret porn watching
  193. can't sleep next to him, don't like being touched
  194. Intimacy ... wife never wants, is it me.
  195. Sex After Hysterectomy...Our Story
  196. Not Sleeping in Same Bed = Less Sex?
  197. Blowjob Coupons
  198. My over persistence to get vibrators into the bedroom
  199. Value Meal
  200. New Here...In need of advice
  201. Sexless, losing hope
  202. Sexless marriage turned sexful... and I'm angry.
  203. Can only orgasm in one position
  204. Another Sex "dissagreement"
  205. What do I do with me?
  206. ED issues and husband not worried about his own orgasm
  207. Scent of a woman/man
  208. Need Help Kindling Fire w/Depressed LD Wife
  209. Apologies if already posted: Sex Statistics
  210. When sex urges are too hard to deal with.
  211. Sex after Penectomy: A wife's view
  212. Husband is watching porn
  213. Men have feelings, too...
  214. New Sex Board Game
  215. When you don't care for sex anymore...
  216. Sex v's making love
  217. Denying sex for benefit of hubby
  218. I can't orgasm with mh anymore
  219. Money and Sex...I know I'm wrong..but
  220. How important is your husband's abilty to go for a long time in one position?
  221. If I don't get pipe soon, I'm going to beat him with one!
  222. is the link broken?
  223. Sex after Penectomy
  224. Unspeakable grief
  225. when women say they arn't interested in sex!
  226. How has an affair affected your marital sex life?
  227. How do you let your spouse know that your interested in sex?
  228. Silent and Cruel wife
  229. is it ok if hubby and me do this or illegal?
  230. is this normal
  231. HD vs LD
  232. Erection issue or affair?
  233. Is Anal Commonplace Nowadays?
  234. This blows!
  235. Need a sex life diagnosis - I am kind of lost
  236. The switch.
  237. Just a fetish or something deeper?
  238. Something to think about: PE vs quick O's for women
  239. Wanting a great Marriage, not just a good one
  240. Wife says "I just don't like to have sex."
  241. How do you like your turnovers?
  242. How can a woman achieve multiple O's?
  243. Does MC every help
  244. can sex be a part of our marrage problems
  245. Some guidance for a clueless male
  246. Complicated!
  247. 6 months into marriage, feeling hopeless.
  248. Comparing oral experiences
  249. Can sexual feelings come back and can the past be dropped?
  250. Talking about fantasies