: Sex in Marriage

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  1. Everything changed after we married.
  2. Esther Perel: The secret to desire in a long-term relationship
  3. Well thats a first... Cursing... Good or bad??? (Guys)
  4. Sex is ruining me!
  5. My wife doesn't like oral or foreplay.
  6. It's been a while...
  7. I can't take much more of this.
  8. Prostate Play, now I am curious.
  9. Porn?
  10. V-day sex fight
  11. Husband looking for preteen porn.
  12. The Male Multi-Orgasm
  13. Is this an orgasm? (not intercourse though)
  14. Just venting...
  15. the normal bar
  16. Visual Cheating and Bad Sex
  17. Female piercings, down there.
  18. Sext - sex = ?
  19. Feeling rejected
  20. Porn Games
  21. How do you walk the line between sexual pressure and sexy?
  22. I Don't Believe in High Drive/Low Drive
  23. Weight Gain (her), Low Libido (me), She asks if she can 'get it elsewhere'?
  24. If I can't feel anything can he?
  25. HD wife/LD husband and rejection
  26. Want to explore more sexually. How do you do it comfortably?
  27. Need help catching wife
  28. end of rope?
  29. You had lots of fights with your spouse.. but your sex life is still good??
  30. Funny experience at sex toy store: WWYD?
  31. Wife secretly views BDSM porn........?!
  32. Wife suddenly wants me to get circumcised...I think this is ridiculous
  33. Just bought the 50 shades of grey books
  34. Strip club with wife...
  35. Adult nursing?!?!
  36. Begging for sex
  37. Anyone else to the point of feeling like a roommate?
  38. To swallow or to spit!
  39. Can you create sexual chemistry?
  40. Is it bad if a husband only wants to do it every other day and you almost always star
  41. Intense sexual chemistry and long term relationships..
  42. Wife just tells me she isn't attracted to me and may never have been
  43. Not sure where this goes...
  44. unsure what to do
  45. conservative hubby
  46. pleasuring wife during her period
  47. booze
  48. Dissatisfied
  49. Daddy Issues
  50. Can a marriage work when there is no sexual chemistry?
  51. new frontiers
  52. Good communication about sex
  53. Toxic Sperm Buildup TSB
  54. Cruel unfeeling Wife
  55. LD wife has turned me off
  56. Weirded out by dh touching breast
  57. Secretly Videotaped
  58. Self pleasure
  59. Is infidelity OK in a sexless marriage?
  60. Is it perfectly OK to treat your spouse like a sex object?
  61. Are you disappointed?
  62. His sex drive is lower
  63. Can't connect in the bedroom
  64. ED please share your trick and tips :)
  65. Why does my wife behave this way in bed?
  66. Sex as a weapon
  67. My wife is gaining weight
  68. Threatened to cut hubby off and it may have worked
  69. How can I do this without screwing it up?
  70. "Instruction" videos?
  71. I'm a lousy lover
  72. A Fight About Sex
  73. In the middle of sex tonight and my wife tells me not to cum inside of her
  74. Not attracted to husband
  75. lil help please
  76. Pets In The Room
  77. Need a little advice...
  78. OMG. Never leaving the door open again!
  79. **** ring?
  80. Recent article: Men that do womens traditional housework have less sex.
  81. My husband rapes me... A lot
  82. Women are sexual being too
  83. Please advise I really need help
  84. female ejaculation
  85. Need advice on how to not be a porn star - gracefully
  86. why would a man not like giving oral?
  87. Diminshed desire
  88. Anal sex
  89. "It's Alive. Alive! Alive! I Tell You!"
  90. LD Folks - Do you wish you were HD?
  91. Lonely Wifey
  92. I'm too nice I guess...
  93. Living Without
  94. Horny Goat Weed
  95. My wife just told me she has no sex drive
  96. She was never into receiving oral
  97. Emotionally trapped and sexless
  98. I might need help
  99. A small change that really helped
  100. Incompatible..?
  101. Married man sex life...
  102. How Big of a Factor is Sex in Marriage
  103. So here's my story, please help
  104. Husbands sex drive has completely disappeared
  105. How to get her in the mood?
  106. How important is the act of intercourse to you.
  107. HD and LD marriage: How to avoid, how to enjoy it and how to get out
  108. Relieved that I no longer have to have sex
  109. Helpful books--recommended reading
  110. Same old foreplay.....
  111. Why is it so darn hard for me to communicate about sex?
  112. flirting apps
  113. wet dream at 42
  114. No sex for almost a year and a half
  115. Had the talk, wife finally taking our sex life serious!!!
  116. I'm no longer attracted....
  117. What to do when it's not a team effort.
  118. 24 hrs of submission
  119. secret wedding
  120. increasing sex time?
  121. Anyone in Australia have a Liberator Esse or similar???
  122. Is 2 years long enough to be patient??
  123. sex frequency??
  124. Accused of being gay
  125. ...A sexless marriage boomerang
  126. what to do, need urgent help!!!!!!!
  127. Staying in a sexless marriage??
  128. A fight over porn
  129. Reciprocity or Something After Oral Sex?
  130. No sex (literally), no effort on her part, resentfullness building
  131. Help!!!!
  132. Music to make love to
  133. How to confirm if my husband is gay?
  134. please help
  135. What's a normal sexual marriage supposed to be like?
  136. Wanting to try for another baby, but...
  137. He doesnt want sex with me but with others
  138. No sex, what needs to change?
  139. Obese Husband Would Rather Masturbate...
  140. ED and Porn - Advice?
  141. You're addicted to what??
  142. Kissing (sorry long post)
  143. Husband confessed he doesn't find me attractive..help please!
  144. We know that women hit their sexual peak at 30...when does it decline?
  145. Husband's sex rules.
  146. I am not interested in sex anymore...I don't know what is wrong with me
  147. Questions about anal sex
  148. How do I talk to my husband about his porn addiction?
  149. How Do Women Feel If You Dont Orgasm After Sex ?
  150. So, what else to do???
  151. Feeling really hurt by wife's comments
  152. you guys call it "the switch"but is some of it "just life
  153. My wife used to Orgasm with Exes - Not with Me
  154. C**k rings...dumb questions!!
  155. Sex without foreplay
  156. Severe Vaginal Atrophy
  157. Age 27: No Sex Drive, Request help
  158. Thanking wife for sex???
  159. Want to watch porn with wife - where to go online?
  160. no attraction
  161. The key to the best sex life
  162. Lost my MoJo :(
  163. Husband fell asleep during sex
  164. Need a peep talk..
  165. What is porn?
  166. Saying NO
  167. Do men need desire, passion, and intimacy to feel like a man?
  168. What is your opinion on this?
  169. Turn on something sexy?
  170. What Do You Wish You Knew Before?
  171. The chase
  172. Neither party can have it all, so why not accept what is good enuf?
  173. I rape my "wife" when she's sleeping :(
  174. Is something wrong with me? Or is he just a prude??
  175. Does it ever get better?
  176. Connecting with the "man in the boat"
  177. Sex with reforming sex addict
  178. I thought he started taking testosterone....
  179. Plus Size Sexy Underwear
  180. Looking for a female perspective
  181. Severe pain during and after sex
  182. Accedentally turned my wife on to Interracial Cuckold porn. What should I do?
  183. Sex after children?
  184. How to last longer without ejaculating?
  185. Men, do you feel taken for granted?
  186. Women's Magazines....Ruining Sex?
  187. To what extent does passion & desire fade?
  188. Looking like a sexless marriage to me :P
  189. Pain During Sex
  190. Honestly,wow effective is the "Have sex more often" method for premature ejaculation?
  191. Any Other Woman Experience This?
  192. Closing in on one year....
  193. How do I approach wife about spicing up sex life?
  194. confused and tired...
  195. Anal sex with my wife advice please
  196. Sex when she's just not into it....
  197. Premature Ejaculation & Masterbation question
  198. We are getting off the swing (another rant)
  199. Step-by-step instructions for a Christian man in a sexless marriage
  200. Virgin husband struggling to overcome his wife's sexual past?
  201. Wife, starting to turn around a little... baby steps?
  202. Sexless Marriage
  203. need ideas
  204. A question for the ladies
  205. I think he's just lazy.
  206. What Do Women Feel During PIV Sex with No Orgasm?
  207. Love my hubby but not "in love" with him... can it be fixed??
  208. Looking for success stories, recovering from near-failing marriage?
  209. Sex and Emotional Problems
  210. "Can't we just have a purely physical relationship?"
  211. Why you should have sex more than 5 times a week
  212. Feeling trapped
  213. Wife won't touch me sexually
  214. Bikini pictures and marriage?
  215. How do I fix this?
  216. Spouse wants more sex, but doesn't seem to care about own body
  217. Need support/advice in sexless marriage
  218. Honestly doesn't know or just protecting my feelings?
  219. Oh boy...
  220. spicing it up
  221. Sex issue
  222. I don't understand....
  223. When The Woman Initiates
  224. She says NO! But, her body says YES!!
  226. I did it
  227. Fulfilling Sex
  228. What would you do for your other half?
  229. Sex during period. His lousy attitude.
  230. Sorry, folks. There's no hope
  231. After sex.
  232. Sharing a fantasy...do you "deserve" a response?
  233. My wife and I have had sex 4 times in 10 years!
  234. Question for the ladies about the big O
  235. Erotic porn for couples
  236. Lack of sex changed my music interest...
  237. 50% Oral and 50% PIV
  238. Natural supplements for male sexual health
  239. Dumb question about groping
  240. What would you do?
  241. Flavored lube
  242. I just don't know what to do.
  243. Feel like roommates... After only 3 years.
  244. Where is the limit?
  245. We Vibe 3 hurts wife
  246. husband doesnt want me to enjoy....
  247. Is this normal???
  248. Bedroom Give and take?
  249. Okay to masterbate when having blue balls?
  250. How do you know when to stop pushing the sexual envelope?