: Sex in Marriage

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  1. My wife wants to put her finger on my rear?
  2. BJ while partner is asleep
  3. should i stay or should i go?
  4. Wife has Gained weight, sex life is suffering...anybody been here?
  5. Why my wife doesn’t ask me to perform oral sex on her?
  6. Love My Wife, But Lonely (and will not cheat)
  7. Husband gone working and I miss a mans touch so much
  8. Am I wrong to feel this way?
  9. ANR?
  10. How am I supposed to feel?
  11. Humming during cunnilingus
  12. Television, Video Games & Sex
  13. Paid Sex
  14. He never wants sex
  15. Wife having trouble with orgasm...
  16. Wife loves me but isn't hot for me
  17. SEX with husband halted for good.....he says
  18. Wife low sex drive - never masturbates
  19. Is this weird?
  20. Low sex urge of my wife.
  21. overcoming inhibitions-any advice?
  22. Problems as you get older
  23. a woman's opinion
  24. How to handle the sex toy issue
  25. Faking it - A guys reaction
  26. What can I do?
  27. Mental and Sexual Connection Fading...
  28. Tell Me Something
  29. What else can I do to make my husband want sex again?
  30. mystery
  31. Is this normal sexuality for a woman?
  32. Put a fork in me. I'm done.
  33. Whats up with this
  34. Can't Seem to Get No Satisfaction
  35. BS in TAM-Land, aka "faking it"
  36. I want sex ALL the time, hubby doesnt....
  37. sexy lingerie???
  38. Accidental Success!!
  39. Can women REALLY "have it all?"
  40. Being sexually available to our husbands...
  41. Are there OTC pills for low testosterone levels?
  42. Sexless, but loving marriage?
  43. Physical Contact with pulling the 180
  44. Is it Enough?
  45. Sexless Marriage: Seeking Advice Please
  46. Incompatible sexually
  47. I need help
  48. Do you agree?
  49. Sexless relationships
  50. Oh my god yes!
  51. Husband of 2yrs "not sexually attracted" to me
  52. Sexless, cheating, possible divorce
  53. just told I'm boring in bed
  54. Dream about Coworker
  55. Sex on an adjustable bed?
  56. Who initiate sex in your relationship?
  57. Wife uncomfortable with receiving
  58. Ending Marriage Due To No Sex
  59. Forgotten how to initiate sex!!?
  60. Married Man's Sex Life
  61. the provocative way in which my wife dresses
  62. BF is LD, I am HD - very close to having affair
  63. Taking nude photos of spouse
  64. husband's male bff is in love with him
  65. Sex starved Marriage
  66. Would anyone else do this?
  67. Wife low sex drive, doesn't want orgasms
  68. Fine line has to be drawn...
  69. This is where I am now!
  70. on cloud 9, but.....
  71. Asked my wife what she does and...
  72. Feeling emotionally disconnected during sex
  73. Couples Vacation
  74. is it normal?
  75. Feeling like I was married for feet?
  76. Mis-matched Drives
  77. Masturbation & sex (Ladies)
  78. Frustrated Husband
  79. Am I being selfish to ask for a HJ?
  80. Isn't Testosterone Therapy For Married Guys, Too?
  81. Sexual issues in marriage
  82. HD to OD...Feel Bad For the Wife
  83. Ideas to put some spark back into our marriage.
  84. Do real people do this?
  85. 24 yr old in sexless marriage.. need help
  86. What am I doing wrong in this sexless marriage?
  87. F--kdays
  88. I feel like the only one: husband denies sex
  89. Any Idea about
  90. What does "no sex" look like for you?
  91. GF has never gone down
  92. A turn for the better!
  93. When quantity isn't a problem but quality sucks
  94. Future wife rarley wants sex
  95. How do I work with this?
  96. He seems to have no libido anymore
  97. Prostate Massage?
  98. Im exhausting husband through pregnancy
  99. Any recommendations for sex toy for wife
  100. What is he never asks you for BJ?
  101. Teen Age kids at home. Does it affect sex?
  102. Love vs Sex What does it mean to you?
  103. Just Wondering
  104. Homophobic?
  105. Self-control/Trust
  106. Do certain positions cause bleeding?
  107. Lasting WAY longer?
  108. Do you accept that sexuality is fluid?
  109. Would this be harmless to try out?
  110. It's a blue moon tonight
  111. I'm STILL vanilla, damnit
  112. Wife is watching porn all the time...
  113. When you look, you may not like what you find...
  114. kiss
  115. Any other men not in the mood for sex all the time?
  116. Wife has phobia about giving oral sex. Have any guys had success in overcoming this?
  117. Only I can make myself come
  118. suggested addendum to "Sex Section Rules, Please Read This First!"
  119. Selfish husband in the bedroom....
  120. Sometimes just not in the mood...its NOT you
  121. No sex...have two kids...???
  122. Keep ending up back in the same place
  123. VERY long, sorry, long term relationship with no sex at all ...
  124. Dominance... is it fair?
  125. Risks with porn?
  126. Sex and emotion
  127. Sex and relationships I don't understand. Bisexual pansexual and more
  128. My husband doesn't have sex with me
  129. Fascinated with my wife's behind
  130. Be gratefull and accept what you get.
  131. No sex....insight from a SAHM
  132. psychology of a first time squirter
  133. One more thread about no sex
  134. Having THE conversation.
  135. Lack of interest in sex
  136. i love my wife - i want eat her
  137. Should we have a second baby when we have intimacy problems?
  138. I want to tie him up.....
  139. Sex is not exciting
  140. No sex drive
  141. HELP ME! husband has lost interest in me
  142. One Shade of Grey
  143. Already Decreasing Frequency & New Baby
  144. Sexless marriage & lack of intimacy
  145. Advice on new wife!!!
  146. Help with dominant and abusive wife in the bedroom (bondage)
  147. He had 4 orgasms. She none.
  148. Herbs that increase libido that day
  149. Oral...That Time of the Month
  150. Maybe he knows he wrong
  151. Masturbation in marriage
  152. Not attracted to my spouse - help please!
  153. Question for the men
  154. 1st time swallowing...need mens opinion
  155. I need help
  156. Sex is much better now
  157. Her lack of Drive and initiation
  158. Wifes lack of response
  159. We just started SEXTING...HELP!
  160. exercise and libido
  161. Thyroid Condition Prevents Male Erection
  162. Correlation between # of partners and subsequent sex drive in marriage?
  163. Sex Life is Back - She Really Just Didn't Get It?
  164. So you married a sexually boring person who is bad in bed....
  165. Light Switch
  166. Where did I go wrong ?
  167. Plan of getting back - devilish, realistic, or meaningful?
  168. Realistically, How Often Do Low and Now Drive Spouses Significantly Improve?
  169. How much of a drop off did you experience?
  170. Ladies...What do you want him to whisper to you?
  171. A non-mutual non-aggression pact.
  172. Uptight male partner, crazy over sexual female partner
  173. Help!! New or repressed feelings & what to do?
  174. The submissivness of Oral Sex
  175. Wife had HD during separation but now has no interest in sex at all now. wtf?
  176. seriously contemplating a deliberate sexless marriage
  177. Ok THIS is ridiculous..
  178. NSA sex/casual sex/one night encounters
  179. no sex..only porn......
  180. Not sure what to do...Almost Sexless
  181. Unhappy Newly-Wed
  182. Burn out after orgasm...what to do?!
  183. Is it bad to take more time to orgasm for men
  184. 50 Shades of Gray wifes bday coming up
  185. Trouble maintaining erections--wife is blaming herself
  186. BondingChemicals
  187. T levels
  188. Libido Problems
  189. If he's a "Nice Guy" then what am I?
  190. What would you do?
  191. What is the appeal to..
  192. Dissapointing sex life with wife!!!
  193. My husband doesn't want me sexually anymore
  194. Need some help =/ maybe t.m.i.?
  195. In the presence of an ex lover
  196. Do spouses have the right to reject their spouse?
  197. Does she prefer her EX over me?
  198. How would you handle a friend(s) who has an std but sleeps around anyway?
  199. Does anyone 'trade off' sex for other emotional stuff?
  200. role playing boundary
  201. Asexuality - Will not be Popular
  202. Cause for concern or just continue to take my time..
  203. PE Problem
  204. Oral sex
  205. Weird/awkward zone
  206. He just won't have sex with me
  207. I think I got some insight on the sexless marriage thing
  208. Whats your favorite type of lingerie?
  209. Reminder about the sex section
  210. Is asking for/requesting or even complaining about lack of sex pathetic?
  211. Guys..... are you all quiet during sex?
  212. How do I drive him wild in bed????
  213. Can watching porn alone be good for a marriage?
  214. What to do about this
  215. She doesn't want to "O"? ??
  216. Basic instinct?
  217. I thought every man...
  218. Unable to cum
  219. Wife loves girl/girl porn but then she doesn't
  220. Hello, or good-bye? A cuckolds perspective
  221. Vibrators + marital Bed = ?
  222. Sex, Porn, Masturbation, Newlywed...
  223. Lost, needy and alone
  224. Feeling Stuck!
  225. Men -What have YOU done to get sexual needs met? Women, what have YOU done...
  226. Backwards problems in bed. I want it, he doesn't.
  227. Why do men touch thier penis all the time??
  228. Just got married, young couple, no sex, what on earth to do??
  229. Mistakes i've made in our marriage
  230. What does your wife do for you....
  231. Couples Porn?
  232. what do people mean when they say they dont get sex, and what is my category - wonder
  233. My wife doesn't like to open up mouth while kissing
  234. Wife never initiates
  235. I need help, why won't my fiance have sex with me?
  236. HJ/ BJ.... what do you do for your wife?
  237. which is better?
  238. vibrators-catholic guilt
  239. Description of feelings when you are refused
  240. To husbands of wives who deny them sex...
  241. Feeling inferior
  242. Need help/suggestion
  243. sex drive
  244. need some input plz
  245. I was more sexually active when I was single...
  246. Sexless, affectionless marriage, looking for advice
  247. performance? selfish? just clueless?
  248. Worried she wants to go further than I do.
  249. Wife goes crazy,from LD to HD, after turning 32 and reading 50 SOG, is this normal?
  250. I finally got my sex life to improve!!