: Sex in Marriage

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  1. Poll: did you have sex with spouse before marriage?
  2. please help..intimacy no longer exists..why doesnt he want me?
  3. Update - my wife is doing what must be done, finally!!!!
  4. The Lead Up
  5. No sex for 90 days, however...
  6. Is it a turn on or off when a woman orgasms quickly
  7. Make a stand today!
  8. How to choose sex toys?
  9. Trying again....
  10. Consecutive orgasms for men. Any "how to" advice?
  11. Young and in a sexless marriage
  12. Running out of ideas to improve wifes libido
  13. Finding connection
  14. My drive is high, what else can I do?
  15. How do you know what you like?
  16. Transsexual fetish?
  17. How to introduce toys during sex
  18. Wife suggested some kind of lubricant
  19. "other half" side steps sex but uses her dildo. confused
  20. Open Marriage
  21. I guess I should try to be happy
  22. sexless marriages and nonsexual touch
  23. Suggestion about movie to improve sexual desires
  24. Attraction Problems.
  25. T minus 60
  26. Where do I go from here?
  27. Nearly 3 years of Rare but Unsatisfying sex
  28. Ask a long time swinger anything
  29. porn
  30. husband wants to be dominated
  31. Boy, I do NOT know what women want!
  32. 8 times in two years
  33. Another "Am I Normal" thread.
  34. Sad for me, but especially her.
  35. No toys for me...?
  36. Just do it to the ladies, k?
  37. 9 years marriage no SEX
  38. BDSM, injury making sex difficult
  39. tickling as erotic foreplay
  40. Taken
  41. Sexual desire vs feeling sexually desired
  42. sex chats and webcams: cheating or just kinky?
  43. Eleven years, no contact
  44. Frustrated!!-Now What??
  45. I want it!
  46. How do I confront an extremely selfish husband?
  47. Silly dilemma
  48. A wife who doesn't get it.
  49. sex with others
  50. We've just not been connecting well lately...
  51. Where's the Sex?
  52. Tips from the girls please.
  53. Making a bedroom romantic?
  54. No sex for almost 1 year now.....
  55. I want almost naked or naked pics of my hubby help!!!!!
  56. Is it me?
  57. Sex/Ejaculation issues
  58. I want attention from my husband!
  59. Guidelines Before Sex
  60. Curious about Roll Play
  61. Men, how soon do you go down on new partner?
  62. Love, Lust & Affairs
  63. Men, what do you wish your wife would do?
  64. Sex with wife vs. on my own
  65. does anyone not like hard thrusting?
  66. I'm not able to keep up with her wants?
  67. threesome?
  68. Rejection Excuses
  69. Thorn and Roses about your wife or husband regarding your sex life.
  70. Boyfriend is a cuck, it has damaged me mentally/emotionally...
  71. Is it Fair to Say......
  72. Why stay in a sexless marriage?
  73. No solutions.
  74. No sex. Husband is not attracted to me?
  75. Can Porn Change the Male Psyche?
  76. Open marriage.. Help!
  77. Uninterested in Sex
  78. Piercing
  79. Books books books
  80. Domination
  81. DH sexting w/another woman
  82. Anilingus/Rimjob for him
  83. Doesn't want to work on things but won't end it either?!
  84. Opposite and equal reaction
  85. Butt plugs
  86. Does this ever happen in your bed?
  87. Very worried... only married a month and feel the marriage may become sexless
  88. LD, Introvert, Pessimist are they related?
  89. Creative Ways to Initiate Sex That You Have Used
  90. Don't know how to handle this.....
  91. I just screwed up
  92. I've reached the crossroads.
  93. like to being watched....
  94. Librido and Libridos: Desire Drug for Women?
  95. Dirty Talk During Sex
  96. Is it wrong to give up?
  97. Just had enough of the fighting...
  98. PE proven solutions?
  99. medication issue
  100. How to deal with HD sex drive?
  101. 7 Things Sex Education Should Have Taught Us But Didn't...
  102. I don't know what is wrong with me
  103. Men... do you ever pleasure your wife as a standalone act?
  104. Is part of the appeal of porn the fantasy of power?
  105. Please help me remain married !
  106. I think I want to have to much sex with my husband!!!
  107. Put out or get out.
  108. What constitutes sexual abuse in marriage?
  109. How can I tell my fiance that I have a small johnson?
  110. Guys: do you enjoy having your nipples stimulated?
  111. Need Advice
  112. little to zero pleasure
  113. Preemptive rejection
  114. Advice please, sex life at risk of becoming non-existant!
  115. How to - Multiple O's for the ladies
  116. engaged and need advice
  117. Irritated and confused
  118. Lasting Longer...
  119. Sex after Penectomy: Update
  120. Sex after kids
  121. Being crushed during sex
  122. up to 14 months now...
  123. Completely deprioritized
  124. Have posted here before, but in need of help! What do i do?!
  125. LD vs. HD, please define.
  126. *New Here* Sexless Marriage Warning Signs?
  127. Confused...but am I unreasonable?
  128. Found horrible videotape of wife – what do I do?
  129. Tales of the non-orgasmic, a Miss Scarlett update.
  130. I Cannot Have Sex With My Wife
  131. Are my requests unreasonable?
  132. sex online
  133. Would this annoy you?
  134. breast play
  135. Had another talk last night
  136. No win situation
  137. Willing and able
  138. Mutual Masturbation, or Just Watching
  139. Food for thought--or not?
  140. Should I be worried?
  141. multiples!
  142. Taking Pride
  143. Different sex drives- how important is this?
  144. Female ejaculation - advice from the ladies
  145. My wife isn't sexually attracted to me anymore... is there any hope for us?
  146. feeling depressed
  147. What now?
  148. Question for women who have had sex before marriage
  149. wife said she isnt thinking about sex during sex
  150. Help PLEASE!!!
  151. Acceptance of LD
  152. This is Serious Business!
  153. Missed opportunity
  154. If you divorced over sex....
  155. Bound!
  156. Wife won't let me go down on her unless she washes up
  157. Recommendations for adult-oriented streaming services?
  158. How did you spice up your sex life?
  159. 4some or lonesome
  160. Control, Surrender,….Not sure how to phrase question..
  161. Erectile Dysfunction after Divorce
  162. He doesn't initiate sex
  163. Question to women
  164. Fun sex game
  165. used to be wild ... now its lame
  166. Wife wants me to talk dirty during sex
  167. Help: my husband won’t initiate and does not seem to want sex
  168. facing the reality
  169. Coital alignment technique
  170. is being a nudist ruining our intimacy?
  171. HD Man, LD Woman - Solutions?
  172. LEARNING ABOUT SEX: From The Experts
  173. Is it true that if a wife loves her husband,and gets good sex she wont cheat?
  174. newly married - only have sex once a week?? help please!
  175. hard time being brought to orgasm..
  176. No sexual desire for wife
  177. When do you decide that you aren't right?
  178. Question that I'm hoping men can help me with.
  179. Just plain giving up
  180. Can a "gentleman" become dominant?
  181. Caught Husband Masturbating, how am I supposed to react?
  182. Oral from LD wife- ask for it, or wait forever?
  183. Unhappy sexlife in marriage of 10years
  184. Husband quit giving oral
  185. 10 Common Myths About Sexless Marriages.
  186. Want more sex but bored with the current
  187. Sex addict or what?
  188. confused
  189. Is it appropriate for me to have sex with my wife while she's sleeping?
  190. How to make amazing sex last longer ( men)
  191. Working out and sex
  192. windstruck needs advice,
  193. Recommendation for Sexual Compatibility Quiz
  194. Don't care for sex due to childhood abuse
  195. Fobia of BACTERIA in sex - it kills my desire
  196. Young newlyweds in a near sexless marriage.
  197. MEN - Please tell me something...
  198. she's making a fool out of me
  199. Getting what I deserve?
  200. I do not want sex.
  201. Always Just Wondering
  202. In a sexless marriage and out of options
  203. Hurts and fights preceding ED?
  204. sexy lingerie for a man?
  205. Lack of Desire
  206. Sexual "Favors" Without Reciprocation
  207. avg time of a completed bj?
  208. Do women want dominated
  209. Porn bodies vs. real bodies
  210. Sharing
  211. wife only give me oral sex nothing else... nothing
  212. Not Getting Any
  213. Marriage, Sex, Secret Spouse Fetishes
  214. On recovery from a Dead bedroom: Encouragement
  215. the issue of weight gain
  216. My wife and I only have good sex if she has been drinking
  217. OH MY GOSH...I'm going on a SEX-cation!
  218. Money and Sex
  219. Slippery slope
  220. surprise threesome
  221. why would wife not want to O
  222. Is this fair
  223. Finding an HD person as an HD, how?
  224. These are the Songs About Jane. A true story/journal of our sex life.
  225. STBW unable to O anymore...taking hydrocodone for pain
  226. My Dear Journal - By Onzo
  227. Wife said I could get BJ's from other women!
  228. Strange way of passive initiation
  229. Serious problems with her!!
  230. To Men Getting No Sex - 9 Reasons Why
  231. Fall TV shows about to start again!!
  232. It sucks that Sex in Marriage issues are really tough to talk about with friends
  233. Wife is LD, but... different?
  234. Can't figure it out.
  235. 4-6 weeks in between sex?????!
  236. How long is too long . . .
  237. How to bring up sex with a defensive woman???
  238. Causes of ED in Younger Men
  239. Women are more likely to cheat in their 40s. What's your intake on this
  240. Another hysterectomy thread
  241. How do I initiate sex?
  242. Wanting to improve our sex life
  243. Wife Had a Hysterectomy
  244. Stamina. How can you last that long!?
  245. Looking for a new bed -- Memory foam a problem for sex?
  246. sexual troubles.... I'm lost please help!!!!!!!
  247. Being worthy of orgasm...
  248. Touch/Kindness vs. Service/Gifts=Deal Breaker
  249. PIV with battery powered help - *explicit*
  250. LD wife - How do you not take it personal?