: Sex in Marriage

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  1. My wife and I only have good sex if she has been drinking
  2. OH MY GOSH...I'm going on a SEX-cation!
  3. Money and Sex
  4. Slippery slope
  5. surprise threesome
  6. why would wife not want to O
  7. Is this fair
  8. Finding an HD person as an HD, how?
  9. These are the Songs About Jane. A true story/journal of our sex life.
  10. STBW unable to O anymore...taking hydrocodone for pain
  11. My Dear Journal - By Onzo
  12. Wife said I could get BJ's from other women!
  13. Strange way of passive initiation
  14. Serious problems with her!!
  15. To Men Getting No Sex - 9 Reasons Why
  16. Fall TV shows about to start again!!
  17. It sucks that Sex in Marriage issues are really tough to talk about with friends
  18. Wife is LD, but... different?
  19. Can't figure it out.
  20. 4-6 weeks in between sex?????!
  21. How long is too long . . .
  22. How to bring up sex with a defensive woman???
  23. Causes of ED in Younger Men
  24. Women are more likely to cheat in their 40s. What's your intake on this
  25. Another hysterectomy thread
  26. How do I initiate sex?
  27. Wanting to improve our sex life
  28. Wife Had a Hysterectomy
  29. Stamina. How can you last that long!?
  30. Looking for a new bed -- Memory foam a problem for sex?
  31. sexual troubles.... I'm lost please help!!!!!!!
  32. Being worthy of orgasm...
  33. Touch/Kindness vs. Service/Gifts=Deal Breaker
  34. PIV with battery powered help - *explicit*
  35. LD wife - How do you not take it personal?
  36. Anal sex How to bring it up again.
  37. Less than 1.5 years and almost no sex
  38. Wife needing advice (dominant men espeically welcome to reply)
  39. When I do communicate... I'm always wrong
  40. why dose it chage soo much and feel like this
  41. Change in Sex Frequency/Habits
  42. Variable desire with menstrual cycle: men, did you figure it out?
  43. How do you deal with temptations or even "fetishes" as a married person?
  44. boyfriend watching porn instead of sex w/me
  45. Marriage advice Please
  46. Chemistry problems?
  47. The sex sucks so I think I might cheat
  48. Why can't I climax while my wife gives me a BJ?
  49. Backdoor play advise wanted
  50. Getting vasectomy at 29
  51. Fantasy quiz
  52. Admitting fantasies
  53. Holy cow he initiated!
  54. I hope I am infertile...?!
  55. Sex and female weight loss
  56. a little concerned (wife and sex toys)
  57. Is anal sex over rated?
  58. Rancho Viagra
  59. is it all about his needs?
  60. Sexually frustrated during divorce,and getting no sex?
  61. weight gain
  62. Is it Selfish....
  63. Should a spouse be a best friend too?
  64. Trying for a baby, one sided
  65. Tips for Starting Sex After Childbirth
  66. Just venting a little...oral and anal
  67. Over run and overly tired.
  68. Why the double standard???
  69. staying in a marriage without attraction
  70. Ever awkwardly woken up next to your spouse....
  71. I don't satisfy my husband
  72. Dreaming my wife is giving BJ's
  73. In a sexless marriage, went to MC and was told sex is not the issue
  74. My boyfriend wouldn't try his fetish with me and cheated on another woman
  75. I just dont know how to feel right now...
  76. Swallowing while pregnant?
  77. Need feedback on bringing vibrators in...
  78. IUDs are fantastic!!
  79. What if you have sex with someone who is not you spouse?
  80. HD vs LD women - please describe yourselves!
  81. Help--What to say to my wife?
  82. How the tables can turn
  83. fantasizing about someone else during sex: ok or not?
  84. Waking up at 50
  85. Had a dream about my wife with another man
  86. I get it and I don't!
  87. Sexual Disconnect: Stage 1 to Stage 4 defined
  88. Does the media harm relationships by perpetuating unrealistic ideals for our partners
  89. Do women need to feel safe or unsafe to have wild sex?
  90. She says most wonderful things during sex
  91. who wants to have sex with someone who complains all the time
  92. Hubby's sexual issues and fetish are hurting our marriage
  93. I sexually hate my wife!
  94. frustrated
  95. Afraid my sister is going to marry an impotent man
  96. Is honesty always best???
  97. Ld / hd ?
  98. "Iím Polyamorous And My Marriage Is In The Best Place It Has Ever Been"
  99. Negotiating sex.....
  100. Physical or emotional?
  101. What age were you when....
  102. Cliteracy!
  103. Separated husband had sex with me today, but doesn't love me?
  104. Wife claims to want intimacy, but lacks the arousal to obtain it.
  105. Why is intimacy a fight?
  106. Duty Sex
  107. From Romance Novels to Spanking Stories. How to proceed
  108. no communication about sex
  109. LD men (or low frequency, at any rate) and anxiety/anger?
  110. Sex problems with my Wife
  111. Husband Asked for threesome
  112. think my husband is bi and was cheating (and still may be)
  113. LD wife intervention group
  114. Is This the Best Possible Scenario?
  115. Why do some women love lingerie and others hate it?
  116. The Practice Of Edging
  117. Success, finally --- hope it continues
  118. Help me figure out the problem?
  119. how would a woman respond to the idea of her husband watching her with another
  120. video taping?
  121. Reformed LD
  122. 31 and can't orgasm during intercourse
  123. one year without sex
  124. I feel like such a hypocrit...
  125. 3rd anniversary of no sex
  126. Male sex drive
  127. hd vs ld again
  128. Wife is refusing sex for long
  129. Together 20 years... sex 3-5x per year avg
  130. Difficult but not impossible situation?
  131. Intimacy where sex is not possible
  132. help me to make satisfaction for her
  133. Pregnant wife, I'm losing sexual interest
  134. Sex problems with wife
  135. LD religious wife that think i am a "freak"
  136. Unhealthy views on sex after beign cheated on?
  137. The late night snack run ...
  138. Newly Married, Sex Sucks
  139. When kids start exploring their bodies
  140. Almost no sex, just over 2 years of marriage
  141. How to lower husbands libido?
  142. Only been married less than 2 years and sex life sucks
  143. Workaholic husband and sex...
  144. "Her Orgasm is HER Responsibility" - MMSLP
  145. maybe .. maybe not?
  146. Must it always be HER WAY???
  147. My wife [28F] is asexual, I [30M] want to cuddle with other women. Should I?
  148. Using the Bed for Leverage
  149. Intimacy after an affair
  150. Jelly dildo irritates vagina?
  151. Wife with another man ?
  152. Husband wants to separate/divorce,but still have sex?
  153. Sex Is... Eww? [Help]
  154. Wife has never bothered to fake an orgasam.Does that say anything?
  155. For THe Ladies
  156. My wife and I are asking this question together
  157. Sex stopped in the first year of marriage. Any help?
  158. Submissive men
  159. Wife Missed Period - Cheating or Just Age??
  160. Help! Husband obsessed with swinging
  161. Porn reminds me of being a frustrated teen
  162. Im a faker, thinking about coming clean but scared
  163. Insatiable wife
  164. Just done!!!!
  165. Young Married Couple and Sex
  166. hoping my wife can change to start pleasing me
  167. It's not all about sex, is it?
  168. Battle of HD- LD's
  169. major back injury preventing sex
  170. Sex Compatability??
  171. Need Advice - Not very sexually active -20 year marriage suffering
  172. Fights about sex/intimacy
  173. Any ideas tospice up sex life?
  174. No Sex or Affection - ED Wives
  175. Not another porn post (felt it was warrented though)
  176. I am back again. What to do from here? Still no sex.
  177. lack of attraction/passion
  178. Sex talk with hubby last night.
  179. First year of marriage, just few sex
  180. Who here has divorced due to lack of sex?
  181. Addiction to Masturbation/Porn?
  182. Is hormones replacement dangerous for woman?
  183. Sex & Trust Issues
  184. Questions for LD wives
  185. Purchase viagra online UK?
  186. i'm sad and in need of help.
  187. how can I turn my nice-guy fiance into a demon in the bedroom?
  188. Dominate Me.
  189. Swallowing gives you a tummy ache?
  190. How Do I Get More Foreplay?! Help!
  191. He watches Porno blame me! cheats-but he is nice
  192. help
  193. is he bi?
  194. Why does my wife not like me to go down on her?
  195. I really want to have more sex with my wife...
  196. Sex during pregnancy sucks -husband doesn't seem to understand
  197. Here we go again...
  198. LD Wife Truly Turned On by Alpha Male
  199. 18 years no O - Miss Scarlett has found success!
  200. What do you get for your birthday?
  201. Low drive ever go back to High drive
  202. out of sync
  203. Sex Toys for Men?
  204. sex stopped after 4 months of marriage when got caught cheating with another woman
  205. What is their priority?
  206. Porn/Impotence
  207. Sex in Marriage
  208. Acronyms?
  209. Wife frequently watching porn before sex
  210. My Wife Is So Frigid a Light Comes On When Her Legs Open...
  211. Would you be happy with 'only' oral forever?
  212. Am I selfish for wanting what he "WONT"give?
  213. Am I too needy or is he too selfish and lazy??
  214. Tell me what to do...
  215. Turn Ons?!
  216. Another LD post...
  217. If I do become "good enough", will I want to?
  218. Need advice now
  219. Oral: How long does it take to "O"?
  220. Wife has lots of hangups about sex
  221. Emotional Blackmail
  222. Wife was sexually abused as child and hates sex
  223. He wants sex while I sleep.
  224. I DO NOT want to Cheat!!!!
  225. Decreased female sex drive -Lexapro? Age?
  226. how many couples share fantasies?
  227. Best orgasm-Oral or PIV?
  228. A sex/affair question
  229. Getting Sex back after EA
  230. How common is it ...?
  231. Sexless Marriage due to Medical problem - how to cope?
  232. Wife had online affair- She wants me to have one too.
  233. Anniversary & Aunt Flo
  234. Just HOW IMPORTANT is your wife's orgasm to you as a MAN?
  235. My husband says im controlling for not letting him cheat
  236. Massage jells/oils that are condom safe and don't leave a residue
  237. Piercings....
  238. LOL, I must be going insane...
  239. Disappointment to my husband.......help!
  240. Great boyfriend!
  241. Mouthful
  242. Is it possible to get genital herpes without having sex?
  243. Mommy-Pouch...Yuck?
  244. Confused and need advice
  245. Having an Affair with Your Own Spouse?
  246. Tranny fantasy?
  247. frustrated and confused
  248. No action = crankly, argumentative and angry
  249. Husband's new found fetish of oral sex is tearing us apart.
  250. LD wife wants to be sexually engaged