: Sex in Marriage

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  1. A Real Puzzle: Hoping Some Females Can Shed Light on my Dilemma
  2. How To Get Him Into It
  3. DH needs multiple orgasms
  4. What's the difference? ED vs Female Arousal
  5. LD women...do you get horny?
  6. Husband angry/moody/on edge day after sex
  7. What to do?
  8. Declining Bedroom Action?
  9. Nine years married-6 with no intimacy
  10. LD Couple - Reviving Sex After Depression
  11. LD female doesn't initiate...makes HD male mad
  12. Things Have Changed So Why Do I Feel Worse?
  13. Painful orgasms
  14. Advice about sexual confidence
  15. Bringing back the fire
  16. A question for the ladies
  17. Frequency of Sex?
  18. Need to find an article on why men need sex
  19. Sex and Intimacy
  20. Wife and Guns
  21. Married young as a virgin, 8 years later, I'm curious
  22. Have I married a roommate ???
  23. What makes you stay, and how is confidence regained?
  24. A journal from 2006 till 2011 A quest you might say
  25. Need a release...Advice?
  26. In the end, are we really just "paying" for sex???
  27. Couldnt get it up......
  28. How my abstinence pledge led to a quick divorce instead of strong marriage
  29. Dressing up - how crazy is crazy?
  30. What can I do?
  31. Raw oysters for erectile dysfunction
  32. What Does a Guy Have To Do?
  33. This Momma is EXHAUSTED
  34. Married 25 years and she still can't orgasm
  35. Confused
  36. What happens when the novelty wears off?
  37. Period sex, yes or no?
  38. Sexless marriage and losing intimacy leading me to question if this is going to work
  39. Am I crazy ?
  40. I Fantasy my Wife having Sex with another man while I Watch
  41. Growing Sexually with a wife who has hit her kinky stride full on - Insights Please
  42. after 10 years of marriage...
  43. Scheduled sex fails
  44. Mismatched desire for Sex...What's the right thing to do?
  45. The imminent doom of menopause
  46. I don't like my husband's touch anymore.
  47. looking for advice
  48. Married for 19 months…and still no intercourse
  49. Honest Question for Women
  50. husband gets mad if i say no to sex
  51. Newlywed Woes
  52. Figuring out what technique gets your wife 'off'
  53. Is sex affection?
  54. Sexy Nightie - No Action
  55. Men, How Do You Like to Be Touched?
  56. sex goes from 100% to 10% overnight
  57. Should we make a sextape?
  58. Almost no sex as of 2.5 yrs and I don't even want it
  59. submissive husbands?
  60. spicing it up with camming?
  61. Sex after hysterectomy
  62. Strict rules for lovemaking.
  63. Confused
  64. Positive aspects on being sexless
  65. Use it or lose it?
  66. A (happier, occasionally orgasmic) Miss Scarlett update.
  67. In need of advice!!!!
  68. Does a husband have the right?
  69. Wife won't have sex... HELP
  70. Of those in a minimal or sexless marriage
  71. Should I be nervous?
  72. My husband is a frequent porn watcher. How do I get more than vanilla sex in the bedr
  73. Article- The Real "Problem" With Women's Libido? Men Are Bad at Sex.
  74. Post coital kisses, caresses, and tenderness
  75. ### Sixth Circle of Hell
  76. Humerous sex episodes
  77. Gettin "use" to her...?
  78. I'm an arab american in love with a jewish Israeli girl
  79. Rough Sex..getting rougher.
  80. Your Partner's Number
  81. push out or pull in?
  82. She doesn't like to be touched
  83. I'm a guy,I don't want sex with my wife..advice please
  84. Kink
  85. Some Advice Please
  86. men..why do you like love having sex with your wives..
  87. Wife wanted Dildo"Enjoyed it but Now wont Play
  88. LD Wife to begin with, Now adding Zoloft
  89. What is Sex anyways?
  90. Damaged Self-Esteem or...?
  91. How to bring this up
  92. uses her toy to help fall asleep...
  93. Advice please~ When is it too much?
  94. Marriage & Size of Pen..is - Girls Help Please
  95. Confused
  96. Kobayashi Maru
  97. Is this weird?
  98. Not sure where to go from here
  99. Why did we marry a mismatched libido
  100. Never wanting to have sex anymore
  101. What to do with unfulfillable expectations?
  102. Husband still communicating with his ex
  103. Why is having sex more important than attention,paying the bills,working 2 jobs, etc?
  104. Be careful, some very common persuasions can be considered rape.
  105. LD partners, I don't get it!
  106. Stays hard during oral but goes soft during intercourse
  107. self conscious about sex with my husband
  108. Going through a dry spell
  109. Husbands - change the oil if you want to get laid
  110. Is there such thing as too much of a good thing?
  111. New Medicine
  112. Taker Or Giver
  113. Anyone ever get "angry sex"?
  114. If your marriage has never been sexless . . .
  115. Solution to the sex rejection
  116. Is it hard for a woman?
  117. Neglected Husband Looking for Answers
  118. Sexless due to some minor events
  119. Don't Ask Your Doctor About "Low T"
  120. How many Men or Women here announce "it" right before the BIG event?
  121. Feel like im in a circle.
  122. Most realistic feeling sex toy?
  123. Sex and prostate cancer
  124. fiance has a fetish for morbidly obese women
  125. Wanna know why some of us stay?
  126. masturbation session
  127. Married only for 2 years and barely having any sex
  128. What is wrong??
  129. it backfire in my face
  130. says he doesnt think about sex,he is 53?
  131. sex and marriage after 22 years
  132. Taoist Thrusts
  133. How do I have sex with my wife when I don't trust her?
  134. Ahhhh! Can't win!
  135. This never gets easier..... now I dont want it.
  136. need advice, our sex life is a disaster
  137. valentines day romantic ideas
  138. equating allowance with sex
  139. Long term success after fixing sex life?
  140. Advise please
  141. Another sexless marriage
  142. sex fixes everything?
  143. Sex as the Default Opposed to No Sex
  144. End of my sex tether
  145. At the end of my sex tether
  146. Orgasm question (Wife and PIV)
  147. Trauma in past...hang ups about sex
  148. It seemed so minor...
  149. I want to break the cycle.
  150. Question for the men...
  151. Breakdown in communication in the bedroom
  152. After her affair, sex is lacking. Feeling defeated....
  153. Raw sore feeling during sex
  154. Needing Insight from the LD's or their spouses!
  155. Where's the Beef?! Looking for advice...
  156. Initiating "The Talk"...
  157. Something finally sunk in for me
  158. No sex, I'm not coping well.
  159. I've lost sexual desire in my marriage...
  160. Less sex drive :(
  161. 60 Random Facts About Human Attraction
  162. 28 Male, almost total drop in sex drive
  163. Sexless
  164. This Ultimate G Vibrator Promises 'Third-Level' Orgasms
  165. Do separate rooms add sexual intrigue?
  166. Wife does not like to receive oral pleasure
  167. Hubby just wants sex non stop- help
  168. Does your level of sexual need change?
  169. Foreplay options?
  170. LD women, please chime in
  171. Fibroids creating sexless marriage
  172. anyone have issues with vaginismus or other penetration issues?
  173. Need suggestions on how to build husbands sexual confidence.
  174. She never initiates sex
  175. Dealing with sudden sex drive bump in spouse
  176. I have a question
  177. Girlfriend tells my Husband I am HOT- I may be interested
  178. Need advice, sexual desire turned off....
  179. Will scheduled sex bring back the connection?
  180. How can I fix this?
  181. Why Won't He Initiate Or Try?
  182. The psychology of being a giver
  183. MEN!!!!Spit or swallow?
  184. Sex has taken a nose dive IMO
  185. Vent? Anon Pink here you go...
  186. To Blow or Not to Blow?
  187. Help for a Sexless Marriage/Does Monogamy Work?
  188. Sex and pizza
  189. Hates vagina, cannot see naked, must have sex in the dark
  190. My Hubby is a Buzzkill
  191. How to rebuild the fire
  192. Tantric Sex
  193. What do you do when you're not at the extremes?
  194. Husband never pursues sex
  195. Turning down the thermostat-in the bedroom too?
  196. What is sexy?
  197. Hard to get things started again after a drought
  198. Quantity VS Quality
  199. This stuff drives me crazy.
  200. hi, all
  201. Sexless marriage... I need to vent
  202. Ring is off
  203. Husband and I haven't had sex in 10 months, need advice
  204. Dh just not picky?
  205. Clonazepam and men's sexual interest
  206. Sexless Marriage - Do you sleep on the same bed?
  207. Dont know what to do
  208. After Sex
  209. Embarassing Moments
  210. Should I just cut her off completely?
  211. I think I am hurt.
  212. ED meds online
  213. Near Sexless Relationship - Need advice
  214. Oral on wife
  215. Curious - how long was your longest drought during marriage?
  216. Oral not good, I feel shallow??
  217. Sex during separation
  218. What to do when you can't...
  219. No intimacy and no sex; going bananas and desperate for help!
  220. Any goals for 2014?
  221. Need advice on giving sex only out of duty and not because I want it ..
  222. Frustrated by Wifes lack of desire
  223. Libido 180. How to get my drive back?
  224. Lifestyle D/s info anyone?
  225. Engaged and in love, but almost sexless and having second thoughts.
  226. What things have you done to increase the desire in your LD in your relationship?
  227. Found out my wife is bisexual after 15 years of marriage.
  228. How do I fix this?
  229. Sexual desire during pregnancy
  230. Lost desire for sex need advice to get it back
  231. Views on intimacy regarding frequency
  232. Kinky Sex
  233. Are some things better left unsaid?
  234. Condoms
  235. Porn in the bedroom?
  236. What shall i do?
  237. Looking for tips on how to be better at sex (from women preferably)
  238. HD/LD Divorce isn't an option.
  239. A new start after years of heartache
  240. Sex is not complete ...
  241. Results for the year (your cumulative count)
  242. am i in the wrong???
  243. I'm About to Break
  244. Masturbation and xxx cinemas
  245. Coping mechanisms for the HD in a sexless marriage?
  246. Can alcoholism dull a man's sex drive?
  247. Uninhibited in her past, but inhibited with you - Feelings
  248. want to look at porn
  249. Can't get it up for the wife
  250. Ultra-Vanilla sex -- Am I "selfish" for Wanting More?