: Sex in Marriage

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  1. Youngish Wife and new mom in a sexless marriage! Help?
  2. Buy "medication" online....
  3. Too young to be so lonely
  4. Question about staying in a sexless marriage
  5. Unfaithful Wife w/Bipolar
  6. Making an effort
  7. Hitachi Magic Wand
  8. How many have survived near sexless marriages and what did you do?
  9. Sacrificing Sexual Fulfillment for Longevity in Marriage
  10. G-Spot Toy
  11. Found my old libido after 10 years, now how to I get my husband to trust me again?
  12. Always frustrated
  13. how to spice things up? suggestions welcome.
  14. Past Sexual Partners
  15. She'd be okay NEVER having sex again?!?
  16. Shaving Legs
  17. Confession Of A Former LD Wife
  18. Waxed chest on your man = more sex? Women yes or no? Men does it itch?
  19. plz help us :(
  20. Not sure where to post this - Re: Dreams
  21. No sex drive!
  22. Not satisfied with my sex life...
  23. I think I suddenly have ED? What to do?
  24. introducing people into our 'bed'
  25. Romance without touch or sex?
  26. Occasional ED - Is This Normal?
  27. My wife laughed at me during sex...and another question
  28. Definition of sex
  29. Making and Storing Sex Videos
  30. No sex for 3 years
  31. Partner has no sex drive but loves a BJ. eh??
  32. Can and how long does it take to overcome the damage of being "The nice guy?"
  33. Should I tell separated husband "how many" I had!
  34. Are we supposed to want to be good sexual partners?
  35. Oral Sex
  36. viagra
  37. No sex in almost 4 months?!
  38. less sex now than ever!
  39. Opinions?
  40. Gave up on the "hope" strategy and started "taking her" Its working
  41. How Do You Ask Your Wife to have a Girlfriend?
  42. 36 years old- sex in my marriage is NON-existent
  43. Sex is painful due to illness. Need advice.
  44. H looking at younger-than-me porn and I feel weird about it
  45. Sex after cancer?
  46. how to address that you desire more?
  47. Husband says i am boring in bed and avoids having sex
  48. Bad/barely there sex life
  49. Husband's weight gain turning me off
  50. Antidepressants and birth control effects of sex drive
  51. Another sexless relationship
  52. I miss intimacy
  53. When push came to shove, my wife said NO to porn.
  54. Sheesh ehm better named question about back door intercourse..
  55. How many men would like anal sex?
  56. Bored In My Marriage
  57. No sex, but he looks at porn and wants us to be swingers...
  58. Newly married and already sex is a problem
  59. No sex in my marriage
  60. Her weight gain has killed our marriage
  61. Sexual intercourse positions?
  62. New Here... Need Advice before this gets any worse...
  63. has anyone been busted by their kids?
  64. Trying to Stay Strong
  65. Testosterone pellet therapy
  66. Female "wet dreams". Seen them? Have them?
  67. No sex in almost a year!
  68. Question for the HD.
  69. Do I have this conversation.....again?
  70. Wife wants non-intercouse 4some with best friends
  71. Sex is just about gone.
  72. How can I make myself want sex?
  73. Loving marriage with a lovelife in the tank.
  74. Tips for adding a little spice and passion in your marriage...
  75. Marriage in serious trouble due to alcohol and no SEX!
  76. Extreme incompatability, but wasn't always that way
  77. Porn Addiction becoming something more?
  78. Out of the woods, now to get back in the swing
  79. Wife isnt receptive
  80. Why have things changed? Any advice welcome please.
  81. Tips to improve my sex life?
  82. Feeling frustrated and down :(
  83. Great youtube video on sex and marriage.
  84. Always Wondering
  85. I don't know why this bothers me...
  86. Do I have sex with my wife who has herpes?
  87. Orgasms
  88. A member asked me about her husbands porn addiction....
  89. My wife says planning sex is wrong
  90. Vaginal "O" vs. G-Spot "O". What is the difference?
  91. Initiating OVERT displays of Desire / Foreplay Be4 "the foreplay" - Ideas please..
  92. A Platonamous Marriage
  93. Husband dissatisfied with sex
  94. Sex problems with my wife
  95. Sex when your college age kids are home
  96. Question about fetishes
  97. My Sex Drive is Back and I Want More...
  98. Taking Care of It
  99. The Trade
  100. Are There Any Sexless Marriage Success Stories
  101. Try babysitting to get her in the mood
  102. i must be stupid!
  103. No orgasms, wish I had them
  104. Sexless Relationship! Leave or Stay?
  105. Past baggage
  106. oral sex- why is it important?
  107. Have you ever had an orgasm where....
  108. Husband upset about this
  109. Wife WILL NOT perform oral sex on me, has PHOBIA
  110. Am I being Whiny - Are my sexual expectations TOO HIGH ? Husband can not do "ROUGH".
  111. Am I being too impatient?
  112. Different sexual 'style' -- how to indulge humiliation fantasies?
  113. Husband rejects me all the time, need advice
  114. Wife has low sex dirve.
  115. Is porn okay in a marriage?
  116. Is this just a harmless fantasy?
  117. Not Attracted to fat wife
  118. Oral and rarely PIV
  119. Middle of the night sex
  120. My Wife has given me another hall pass
  121. Help! My hubby doesn't want sex..
  122. Need Some Bondage Advice
  123. sex with new partner after long marriage?
  124. Wife says I kiss weird
  125. I Used To Have An Angel - Now She's Gone - LD Wife and Me
  126. Husband too stressed for sex?
  127. Question about giving oral to my H
  128. Husband pays to watch those live cams..
  129. Wife has NO passion
  130. At a crossroads and need help.
  131. Wife is a prude but claims she isn't. Fellas?
  132. Compare myself to other women during sex
  133. do you call your husband sexy/handsome/gl etc?
  134. Reconnecting with wife...possible?
  135. No sex on vacation
  136. Opinion... Sex stories...
  137. I have a lot to say
  138. Husband prefers porn to sex
  139. Dream wife but no sex?
  140. LD wife and orgasm / intimacy problems
  141. How to approach sex problems with injuries/health issues
  142. Getting over sexual pasts...
  143. Wife asked me what turned me on...were my answers too nice?
  144. My Husband has no sex drive at all!
  145. How would you like to be woken up for sex?
  146. Arts and crafts Project
  147. Was my sexual "attitude" normal for most males?
  148. husband erectile problems, not willing to go to doc
  149. Not Enough Sex, She Never Initiates
  150. Oral
  151. Remote Controlled toy
  152. Just Wondering
  153. Nut Job....
  154. Sexless and Helpless
  155. Very confused....more hopeless
  156. Are there any HD/HD couples out there?
  157. ? For Man/ HB out there
  158. LD and Thyroid
  159. Violent Pornography
  160. The pill v's sex drive
  161. argument about condoms
  162. My master sex and marriage plan
  163. Suffocation fetish ?
  164. He doesn't seem interested
  165. Can't O with him anymore. :(
  166. Sex as Stress Relief
  167. Marriage about to be over
  168. Is it possible to turn LD wife around?
  169. Sexy ideas please
  170. Husband says I have a higher sex drive than him
  171. Why have sex daily in marriage?
  172. What's considered premature ejaculation?
  173. Need advice, not sure what to think...
  174. Masturbating next to sleeping partner
  175. Undressing each other
  176. Rekindling the spark. How?
  177. PROBLEM with my wife's sexual lifestyle.
  178. Wife Away. Want her to send me her used panties.
  179. At what point of bad hygiene do you NOT have to have sex?
  180. I feel alone.
  181. The secret to desire
  182. Love or Lust
  183. I feel so guilty
  184. sex after having a baby
  185. Went to bed pissed off
  186. no sex is creating a monster
  187. Doc said lower LD is "Normal"
  188. MMSL and Vasectomy
  189. The Young and the Sexless- Anxiety
  190. Ticklish or what?
  191. Seduction
  192. Forced Intimacy, Sex & Punishment in Marital Bedroom
  193. Too Close = No Sex Drive?
  194. First sex toy for wife. How to surprise her right?
  195. Getting frustrated
  196. Men with Beards or facial hair.
  197. Condom question
  198. Have I done enough to prevent this breakup? Looks like I was bait/switched.Opinions?
  199. Married 6.5 years, No Sex for Almost 3
  200. Nonreciprocation
  201. Sex with cheated wife
  202. I'm new, intro and first dilema.... help? Ladies??
  203. "Fix Your mental health problems and I'd f**k you every day!"
  204. Dont get it?!
  205. Issues with sex and sex related things!
  206. Really screwed about sex after being cheated on
  207. All this crap about the F word
  208. Am I wrong to be mad at my husband?
  209. From selfish sex to no sex (and issues of attraction)
  210. W HD n yet refuse it
  211. No win situation....
  212. Curiosity - when is it okay? when is it creepy? when does it raise a red flag?
  213. No Sex
  214. I am attracted to my husband, but........
  215. Husband wants to be a swinger...
  216. Am I Too Aggressive?
  217. Resenting sex
  218. Fantasies
  219. Unprotected sex with teen......
  220. Struggling sexless marriage, don't know what to do??
  221. oddly good sex life, sorta.
  222. We only have sex on his terms.
  223. Interesting Article: 5 Reasons Why He Doesn't Want to Have Sex
  224. Interesting Article: Why (and How) Sex is Important to Men
  225. No sex since conception
  226. No sex for a week
  227. I just dont get it....
  228. Pity sex, duty sex, no thanks...
  229. Is it OK to just say "I would like a BJ"
  230. Advice on sex life with wife
  231. Ladies, do you orgasm everytime from oral?
  232. Husband chatting online..now what?
  233. Trouble with my husband's sexual desires (hotwife complex)
  234. Which one was the best one???
  235. Excuses for having vanilla sex?
  236. Does your wife or husband know your most private fantasies?
  237. When your husband says no...
  238. Young and Married and Complicated Relationship..
  239. Some thoughts on LD/LD relationships
  240. Men denying women sex, have you done it?
  241. Want to WOW my wife!
  242. strange question - need opinion or answer
  243. so confused
  244. Is it wrong to expect your wife to talk about prior experiences?
  245. How do you decide what is acceptable sexual behavior?
  246. Husband with physical problem and can't admit it
  247. W and I doing the 5 love languages
  248. pushed into a three way?
  249. Frequency: Is This the Whole Picture?
  250. Opening New Doors

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