: Sex in Marriage

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  1. Increasing men's ability
  2. Wife is now refusing to have sex with me...PLEASE HELP
  3. Finally figured it out - that is, what my wife wants
  4. Ladies, how quick can you orgasm?
  5. What did I do right??
  6. HUGE FIGHT with my wife over birth control and condoms
  7. Sex much better after prostate surgery....
  8. No results from DHEA
  9. How do you keep sex exciting when you have been there done that?
  10. confession
  11. He finally took the initiative!!!!
  12. Wife's UTI issue, and her comments regarding sex.
  13. Want to sex...better sex?
  14. Sexual Aversion due to physical abuse...advice please. :)
  15. 'Sex Addiction' Still Not Official Disorder
  16. Talking about past issues and sex with husband...
  17. Breast sensitivity
  18. Red Flags in Retrospect
  19. Wife and I haven't had sex in eight years
  20. No sex last night because.......
  21. Marriage, Sex and Vanilla
  22. Hairloss drug Propecia (finasteride) - Long term ED and libido issues
  23. Stamina Issues
  24. Tickling as a form of of foreplay
  25. Hope Springs. Have you watched it yet?
  26. High and dry- how to ask for Orgasms
  27. Boundaries and Communication
  28. Sex toys for men
  29. Husband doesn't like when I initiate
  30. Am I crazy to think something's wrong?
  31. Getting past insecurity
  32. How to last longer
  33. Mother-in-law moving in...Having SEROIUS CONCERNS about it ruining my sex life
  34. Had the best sex in many years a week ago, wow.
  35. The cycle of no sex
  36. "set of nine" - anybody try this?
  37. Had a wonderful night ? ? ?
  38. My wife got pissed to the extreme
  39. Knee issues and positions
  40. Men, stress and sex
  41. Wife Loves Me But Isn't Sexually Attracted To Me
  42. Wife is interested in other men... please help me.
  43. confused wife
  44. It's funny how things work out sometimes
  45. Life is complicated
  46. Want to enjoy sex more!!
  47. What do YOU consider an unreasonable request?
  48. Unfulfilled
  49. Looking For Tips to Give a Woman a Screaming Orgasm
  50. Maybe more women should learn to fight?
  51. What is it they don't get?
  52. The story y'all have heard before
  53. Wife never initiates......marriage at roads end?
  54. Bigger sex drive than my husband????
  55. Not having sex tonight because......
  56. Need some validation
  57. Is it wrong to want equality in a marriage?
  58. walked in on him
  59. Curvy and confused... Need male opinions please
  60. Getting past childhood things
  61. Married 20 years and never orgasmed with husband
  62. Sex with STBX?
  63. NMMNG and MMSL negative reviews???
  64. Date night coming up, waiting for the customary excuse
  65. Wife almost never in the mood
  66. Negative Response after Sex
  67. Long tern effects of the lack of
  68. Is there a situation where sex outside the marriage is acceptable?
  69. Sexless Marriage but wife masturbates all of the time
  70. Marrying a virgin vs. Experience
  71. Best paid sites for couples
  72. Tell me???
  73. after 30 years of marriage can a man dumb as hell towards his wife by what he says
  74. Passion, rekindling it.
  75. Role play for couples (any ideas?)
  76. My wife is only ok with dirty talk if its through texting
  77. Porn for women
  78. Need to float a bedroom idea and see how it sounds...
  79. Talk about birth control
  80. Help, I just cheated on my wife
  81. Sex with husband?
  82. Attempted Spontaneity.
  83. Angry about husband's ED
  84. What exactly is considered a good sex life?
  85. Any thing good????
  86. Argh. Feeling terrible.
  87. Define 'Amazing Sex'
  88. Suggest kegels?
  89. Husband has gained 100+ lbs
  90. Promised he wouldn't turn me down... and he did
  91. viberator questions
  92. How to get wife in the mood
  93. Asexual wife here..being disrespected a lot..
  94. My husband thinks I don't do enough work during sex so he'd rather masturbate instead
  95. Husband doesn't want sex as much as I do.
  96. Everybody mentions what they don't do but what did you do to.....?
  97. What do I do know
  98. Opening up about fantasies
  99. Masturbation in Marriage and Fantasizing about Others
  100. 1 night mistake ruining my life....
  101. My husband begs for sex constantly
  102. I feel unwanted
  103. Masturbating for your spouse
  104. sleeping in separate beds
  105. Kegels not Viagra?
  106. He is not interested in sex...with me atlest
  107. Wife won't have sex with me and is now OK with me sleeping with others
  108. wife began menopause....what can I expect?
  109. Sex issues in marriage
  110. Wife's low sex drive, I need help!!
  111. For the HD people; how does your partner react if you say no?
  112. First time user: My sex life is a nightmare!
  113. Totally confused
  114. Help me! Sexless in Marriage and/or a Sex Addict
  115. Husband is overweight- it's hurting me to have sex!
  116. Birthday Sex
  117. Anyone have expeirance with extense?
  118. Expeirance with extense?
  119. Raising Sexually Mature Kids
  120. Improving sex "quality" & adventurous attitude
  121. What does passion "look" like to you?
  122. Unable to handle my wife sexually after she lost 210 pounds
  123. Am I banging my head against a wall?
  124. Sexy underwear
  125. Wife's health issues have killed my sex drive
  126. The "R" word (resentment)
  127. What is the point of the bait and switch?
  128. Husband hardly initiate intimacy and pulls away when kissed.
  129. Working on our intimacy problems.
  130. I have lower drive than my W, can I become higher drive?
  131. Am I bisexual? Does my spouse suspect it?
  132. what is 180??
  133. Bedroom fun is on a downer because of me - advice needed
  134. Was sex important enough to dissolve your marriage?
  135. Need Advice from Some Men!!
  136. Rant...
  137. To Hope for the Best And Prepare for the Worst
  138. Surprise -- sexual problems in marriage
  139. Reaching the Boiling Pont
  140. Too tight!!!
  141. Who Are You, Anyway?
  142. Why are some women so much better in bed than others?
  143. Newly Married and Confused
  144. Concerned about my husband...
  145. No turn down policy (Sex)?
  146. DHEA question
  147. STBX photos / choking chicken
  148. Just Me Letting Off Some Steam
  149. Some pearls...
  150. Want to know if I'm in the wrong
  151. snapshot of my/our turning the corner perhaps
  152. Why are some men so much better in bed than others?
  153. I Feel So Inadequate
  154. My wife hates to be touched, let alone sex
  155. Trying to meet his needs so we can have SEX!
  156. Pleasing Your Partner...
  157. no sex newlyweds..
  158. Married 10years and lonely
  159. Under New contract
  160. she never initiates
  161. Drifting Apart?
  162. What to do when one has a higher sex drive than the other?
  163. Two For One Question.. Premature and Pain
  164. Std question
  165. Igniting the Spark
  166. Passive aggressive H trying to effectively communicate
  167. Ass slapping - playfully
  168. Now what??
  169. why does sex stop?
  170. Is it me?
  171. BDSM Questions
  172. ball and chain
  173. Does my wife WANT me?
  174. Husband is trying Cialis!!!!
  175. Oral Sex Issue
  176. New member: sexless engagement
  177. Vibe question??
  178. Foreplay
  179. Shy Husband
  180. Interested in sex but I'm bored
  181. Him 'taking care of business' himself over sex with me...
  182. It's just sex.....or is it?
  183. How to kill the male sex drive?
  184. I NEED a mans advice!!
  185. I don't have time for sex
  186. Wake-Up Wardrobe
  187. How does one live in sexless marriages?
  188. Sex.
  189. I think this is all my fault :-(
  190. Trouble with Masturbation
  191. Odd Reaction to Odd Night
  192. Do you love your wife more than sex?
  193. why?
  194. very confused
  195. Sex and Physical Intimacy
  196. Porn Sex vs. Real Sex
  197. Article
  198. Sex with a "nice guy".
  199. Question for men with LD spouse regarding masturbation
  200. Planned sex/rejection
  201. Will he be jealous when I go to the strip club with him?
  202. Execute superhot, sexy fantasy with wife and other or notů.
  203. PORN PORN go away..
  204. Update on my sexless marriage
  205. Not Happening
  206. Dutiful Dad gets no lovin
  207. I need major help! Orgasm issues :(
  208. We are in counseling, he wants sex all the time
  209. Masturbating in bed next to spouse
  210. what wrong
  211. Married not quiet a year, fight often about sex. Never get any!
  212. Penis Size - tangent
  213. High drive wife dropped off a cliff...
  214. Changing sexually after marriage.
  215. Wife prioritizes sex at the bottom of the list
  216. Sexual attraction
  217. HELP PLEASE : No intimacy for 25 years
  218. How to rekindle that "spark"
  219. Women hide their sexuality
  220. Can you be bored with sex?
  221. Honesty in sex
  222. Marriage counselling or Sex therapy?
  223. Oblivous or Just plain Stupid
  224. Husbands would this offend you?
  225. In desperate need of help to save my marriage! :(
  226. Hair is course and causes some irritation
  227. Sex causes pain
  228. Is it possible for porn to enhance a marriage?
  229. To men whose wives won't have sex with them...
  230. argh i just want to be wanted
  231. Crapy sex and not enough of it
  232. Men, what are some reasons for not initiating sex?.
  233. found nude photos of my wifes ex
  234. Toy Question: We Vive III
  235. A sexless marriage - what to do?
  236. Impotency - Electromagnetic therapy
  237. oral question
  238. Masturbation
  239. Ladies, have you ever fainted?
  240. Catch-22?
  241. Prostate surgery
  242. Ex Wife May still be attracted to me
  243. DHEA and other suppliments
  244. Business Travel and Hotel Rooms
  245. Getting past the post come drop off
  246. Sex - boring!
  247. no more sex in my marriage
  248. Old burn out
  249. Non-Clitoral Orgasms (Question for the Ladies)
  250. Hair pulling?