: Sex in Marriage

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  1. What happened to oral?
  2. Wife wanting to spice things up
  3. I don't feel safe. Is it him or me?
  4. Sex Addiction Experiences
  5. Sex failure after 20 years
  6. I hate sex, seriously.Need new perspective
  7. Sex with a new partner changes vaginal bacteria
  8. Benefits of scheduling intimacy?
  9. Since comments are now shut off on my thread...
  10. For the guys: Who made the highlight reel!?
  11. I want to die right now - sexually frustrated
  12. Multiple vaginal orgasms during sex, intense pleasure, too drain afterwards, a Ques.
  13. Thank you
  14. Wife not Satisfied Anymore
  15. Lost, and unsure of what to do.......
  16. Should Men Be Present During Childbirth?
  17. Sexless Marriage and the Fantasy Girl
  18. sexless marriage
  19. Oral Sex Issue
  20. She wants rough sex?
  21. Well I tried...
  22. We came in from the garden
  23. Is a sex swing helpful or gimmick?
  24. Wife's Sex Drive Plummeted After Marriage
  25. Still no sex life 2 years after first kid
  26. positions vs dom / sub
  27. She doesn't want to be on top...
  28. If sex improves your partner's mood, why withhold just b/c your partner's bad mood?
  29. Can female masturbation lead to a weak uterus..
  30. My wife and sex - need some advice
  31. disgusted & lonely
  32. Lurker Wants answers from pleasing men types
  33. UTI??
  34. What she wants in bed...
  35. Not thrilled with our sex life
  36. Sexually unsatisfied and impotent-feeling wife
  37. No sexual desire for my partner---why?
  38. Question for the Wives
  39. Having sex with my wife for the 2nd time
  40. good for nothing
  41. My husband won't help improve our sex life
  42. Fetish behavior
  43. Can't sleep after sex
  44. Sex in Marriage troubles - 1st year
  45. Intimacy and Resentment
  46. Do you have inappropriate sexual fantasies
  47. My husband doesn't like touching or kissing my boobs. Is this normal?
  48. Are thoughts really just thoughts?
  49. Has anyone tried Daily Sex? What's your experience?
  50. How long on average does sex last?
  51. Contemplating Divorce - Any Advice?
  52. painful intercourse and marriage
  53. Is my marriage over?
  54. Differing sex drives
  55. Husband won't initiate sex
  56. Endometriosis and sec
  57. Sexless marriage
  58. So much love, so little sex
  59. Feeling left out
  60. Most Embarrasing Moment?
  61. Wife no longer wants Oral 😕
  62. The LD is always right?
  63. The HD / LD cycle
  64. Technology ruined feelings of romance / sex
  65. Is my husband bisexual or am I overreacting.
  66. Ruff days
  67. Why would a man not like his lady wearing sexy underwear?
  68. Anal Sex
  69. Wife wonders about other men/experiences
  70. Did having sex change your attitude about sex?
  71. Vibrator
  72. here goes
  73. Masterbation
  74. Wife wants to sleep with other men
  75. Husband seems to not want/need sex.
  76. Positive Benefits of a Low-Sex Marriage
  77. Something fun
  78. Won't keep up
  79. My first post here...Please help me out.
  80. I hate sex but LOVE my husband
  81. My wife has no sex appeal
  82. Masturbate while husband watches...
  83. Any thoughts on a man not being able to finish?
  84. what do I do?
  85. I need help with sustaining my marriage
  86. In need of advice
  87. My partner CANT have sex. What can I do?
  88. Very little sensation.
  89. How to deal with sexual incompatibility in marriage?
  90. Not Sure How to Feel...
  91. How to encourage sex appeal?
  92. Ladies, must your brain be turned off to be multi-Orgasmic?
  93. Trickle Torrent of Truth 2...
  94. Sex life in trouble!!
  95. Husband Paying for cam girls
  96. How much is enough?
  97. No more fun
  98. Question for men
  99. sex after children
  100. Thoughts on this
  101. Looking for some advice here
  102. My wife stopped having sex with me!
  103. Female edging?
  104. How to spice things up
  105. Duty sex only
  106. Nice article - The dream marriage
  107. ED? and other stuff
  108. Wife won't cum around me
  109. Less Sex vs Bad Relationship
  110. Ignorance is bliss...
  111. Is watching porn a form of infidelity?
  112. I am Lost and need advice having very limited sex
  113. Marriage
  114. Married: sex life feels broken due to porn, anxiety, age, etc.
  115. Husband's sudden obsession with hot wife/cuckold/swinging
  116. Haven't had sex in 2 years of marriage
  117. Do some men use porn to relieve an erection?
  118. how important is orgasm for women during sex
  119. steak and bj day came and went
  120. What would being intimate often do for you?
  121. we have sex but it lacks passion
  122. Our sex life is going to ruin our marriage
  123. Wife thinks about other men during sex
  124. Fantasy of Wife Watching: Does your spouse know?
  125. wife reveals truth after 17 years....
  126. Has anyone had sex be the glue that held a poor relationship together
  127. having sex, but not feeling wanted (weird, I know).
  128. Sex! Just another thing on the todo list
  129. Don't want sex when he's been drinking
  130. Contraception in marriage
  131. Do some men really not like this?
  132. Do any men NOT enjoy facials, anal and cum shots?
  133. Can we lead married life without sex?
  134. Suggestions for sexless marriage
  135. You mean a woman's orgasms are tied to his genes and income?
  136. Hubby's fantasy
  137. Never Married People Have More Sex!
  138. Different Forms of Sex
  139. Does sex drive vary from partner to partner?
  140. Don't want it. Ever.
  141. Wish I'd known this when married in grad school
  142. I get upset when my husband wants to give me oral sex
  143. When lube is NOT optional
  144. Oral sex and foreplay
  145. morning after charity sex
  146. Need more data!
  147. what is likely going to happened?
  148. Building sexual tension
  149. Sex without love
  150. Overdue update
  151. Wife and Oral Sex
  152. Ideas needed for mobile sexual communication
  153. Is kinkiness an "orientation"?
  154. Help!! Advice!!
  155. Porn
  156. Getting partner to explore more
  157. This is a test, this is only a test!
  158. Betrayed by Masturbation?
  159. Edging: Do you do it?
  160. My wife is watching gang bang porn
  161. Unhappy answers about desire
  162. The hotwife fantasy
  163. For women - More in the mood right before period?
  164. Side effects of too much sex?
  165. Unsure how to proceed
  166. Improve my sex life
  167. Signs of female orgasm
  168. Frustrated...
  169. Sudden Slack in Sex Drive
  170. how can I kill my sexual desire? I don't want it any more.
  171. Husband turns me off. Advice please.
  172. Dying for a good sex life
  173. We have no Valentines Day plans - haven't for a long time
  174. B12?
  175. My wife thinks sex is dirty
  176. Wife lying about porn/ vibrator -advice?
  177. Time for little update
  178. Porn's effect on women
  179. Dead Bedroom
  180. So this is the SITUATION
  181. birth control that DOES NOT involve a condom
  182. Preparing myself for a threesome
  183. Hello, did I miss anything?
  184. Normal Sex after Porn Addiction
  185. Husband always wants me to dress up for him to have sex.
  186. Badsanta's PUA Married Man's Playbook for seducing your spouse.
  187. I've messed up
  188. HD vs. LD - Perception vs. Reality
  189. After children...
  190. Sexual Relationships 2017 Style
  191. Pantyhose
  192. Sexless honeymoon
  193. Erectile Problem at 34.
  194. Reconciling with fiancée
  195. Having trouble
  196. Porn over sex
  197. Sexless
  198. 50 shades of grey on valentines day
  199. Sex and dating
  200. How do I address sex issues during health issues
  201. Sex problems before/after affair
  202. How "biological" and/or "natural" is sex?
  203. Help with Talking to Husband About Sex Issues
  204. help. wife dont want me to go down.
  205. my wife dont want me to go down on her. she loves to give me bj . why
  206. ***** Farts
  207. How well does your spouse communicate sexually?
  208. Change in appearance - wife doesn't like it
  209. Hormones and Sex Drive
  210. Not interested in sex with him
  211. Help - No sex
  212. Need advise on the next step!
  213. Sexting in adult, committed relationships
  214. Help With Wife's Sex Drive
  215. I never thought it would come to this..
  216. Is it up yet?
  217. Different sex drives
  218. The dynamics of quickies for marriages with mismatched drives?
  219. Men and sex
  220. Sleep groping
  221. ejaculate inside
  222. Feeling sexually desired
  223. How old were you the first time you masturbated?
  224. Getting back into sex
  225. Problem with wanting sex to just be natural
  226. Wives (and husbands) who don't want their partner using porn
  227. Abstinence for bj's
  228. Always On Top
  229. Just found Husband's underwear with sperm all over... in his workbag
  230. future wife keep saying she hurt after sex, at a loss for ways to fix, please help
  231. Over-initiating sex, especially when you are not in the mood.
  232. Early Morning Sex
  233. how to be attractive for your husband
  234. Husband's sexdrive "schedule"
  235. Sex less marriage
  236. Sex on the edge
  237. Alpha vs. Beta Men
  238. My SO hasn't had a sex drive in over a year
  239. What works for us, and what works for you?
  240. Intro, and question about orgasm in new relationship
  241. Is this normal
  242. Oral Sex
  243. Problems with fantasizing about other people?
  244. Marriage and Masterbation
  245. The subject of sex
  246. Does Sex Therapy Work
  247. Wife wants divorce after finding out I watch porn
  248. Abandoned
  249. Eye contact during climax?
  250. Attraction.