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: Financial Problems in Marriage

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  1. Resistance to (Joint) Savings
  2. Experience with a SO who can't handle money
  3. Father-in-law causing problems
  4. Unknown credit card debt
  5. Happily Married, Unhappily Broke
  6. Making me feel bad about money
  7. Seriouly, just try to make money "nothing"
  8. Shopaholic wife with big credit card debt.
  9. Are my Feelings Justified Concerning My Wife's Money Habits?
  10. Inheritance... now what?
  11. Potential lay-off: Should I stick it out or jump ship?
  12. Husband Doesn't care about Retirement or Debt Payment
  13. Need Advice! Am I wrong or right?
  14. what's the best way: differences in financial power
  15. Wife won't prioritize spending
  16. Where do I go from here...careerwise?
  17. Social Security tax that deduct out of husband weekly paychecks. And when he Retire,
  18. Husband Financial Abuses
  19. Bitter and resentful
  20. College Inheritence
  21. need financial advice..husband is greedy
  22. How to get wife to go along with budget...
  23. We are divorcing, broke/have step son & shack up pulling in $100K and not paying rent
  24. $225K in debt due to ZERO communication in marriage
  25. "What is 'your' definition of Debt-free? This is our situation, a financial question.
  26. Joint Credit Card Question
  27. Icing on the cake, there goes the job.
  28. Side-job money
  29. yours mine ours accounts
  30. I guess this is one of those "get used to it" things, right?
  31. He secretly spent over $100,000 sinve our 1st child was born 4 years ago
  32. Unmotivated to provide financially
  33. Mother in-law financially dependent
  34. Main source of income
  35. Savings less than 10k
  36. Advice please - different views
  37. Money - and way she spends it
  38. Financial Advice
  39. Revising our issues (ex-wife)
  40. Second guessing whether I'm off base here
  41. Struggling
  42. Lies and financial infidelity
  43. Financial separation...chosen in therapy?
  44. Joint bank accounts & trust issues
  45. Financial separation?
  46. For the 40-60 crowd: how do you spend/budget, etc?
  47. At my wit's end with his spending
  48. Splitting bank accounts for an unusual reason?
  49. FiancÚs mum takes half of his finances
  50. Financial Contribution
  51. 2 Steps To Help Married Couples Financially
  52. Man vs woman as provider...
  53. How could he do this to us
  54. wife wants to get paid for housework
  55. Who's getting the short end of the stick?
  56. financial thoughts
  57. Please Help...Trying to refinance and dealing with mom-in-law's debt
  58. Question about situation II
  59. Who can I hire to help me deal w this 401k issue?
  60. Question about situation
  61. sole provider = how much say do i have?
  62. Day to day, paycheck to paycheck
  63. Child Support
  64. Wife or roommate
  65. Feeling financially used by wife.
  66. Do-It-Yourself Prenuptial Agreement?
  67. Wife got upset I would pay hair stylist
  68. Who gets house profit?
  69. Bickering because of financial problems
  70. How to say no to expenditure?
  71. You will now be arrested for delinquent student loans?
  72. Earning wife won't contribute to household expenses
  73. Hiding Money?
  74. Challenges of merging established lives and households....?
  75. Spouse unauthorized credit card expenses
  76. Am I Selfish?
  77. Merging money with some baggage
  78. I feel abused, husband feels I was stealing.
  79. Joint checking for my pay, her own checking for her pay
  80. Both names on cars, bank accounts, etc?
  81. Not on the same ledger, never have been
  82. How Mrs.CuddleBug and I balance our finances
  83. Financial Arrangement for Stay at Home Mom
  84. Husband doesn't hustle, doesn't set financial goals
  85. Not on same page financially
  86. Lying about our finances for a year
  87. Wifes logic about money vs reality
  88. My husband won't work and won't allow me to work
  89. try to talk to husband about budgeting better
  90. inherited some money
  91. Lying about money
  92. The Four Couples When It Comes to Money
  93. Emergency leave from work help.
  94. Is this insane or is it me?
  95. cordwood masonry, rammed earth, or earth bags..
  96. Death benefits + salaries - how to manage
  97. Separate Budgets
  98. Finances, medical, and stalled marriage.
  99. Red flags for financial infidelity?
  100. Should I let it go?
  101. Family Member Job Issues
  102. Young, Broke, and Resentful
  103. How are we surviving this Summer's Crazy Stock Market?
  104. She has nothing??
  105. Financially unstable husband
  106. Would you marry someone that has child support payments?
  107. I make ALL the money, she complains we are broke
  108. confused???
  109. Husband Manipulative
  110. Polarized about money
  111. Husband chooses his free time over supporting his family
  112. addiction, spending
  113. Can't seem to get on track with one another
  114. Splitting the Budget = Splitting marriage?
  115. I think my husband is stealing money from me
  116. SEPP from 401(K)
  117. When you are earning more than your husband :(
  118. Student loan debt advice
  119. Going from joint to separate finances in marriage
  120. Separation and Financial Responsibility
  121. Husband's old boss is asking for repayment of 10K loan
  122. How to divorce without financial means?
  123. Spouse as a business partner - Is this a problem?
  124. Feeling to overcome it
  125. money, money argh
  126. Auction the home or private agreement?
  127. BK and Divorce Question
  128. Husband wants to spend money on a dream of his..
  129. Government's view on marriage
  130. Scratching my head -debt concern
  131. I need perspective, please.
  132. Is my husband too cheap?
  133. Help
  134. Enough!!!
  135. husband won't step up
  136. From Joint Account to Sole Provider
  137. Need Help...we keep going around in circles
  138. My Husband makes more money than me but I contribute more...
  139. Need help with my spending to save me and my relationship
  140. Spending Issue in marriage
  141. Nevada divoce and Debt
  142. Husband supporting family overseas, might led to financial problems down the road.
  143. Marital debts and how do I get rid of them ???
  144. Wedding coming up, financial woes and unreasonable expectations.
  145. Live below your means
  146. Don't see eye to eye on spending.
  147. Money issues..
  148. Creditor problems, need advice!
  149. 2nd Marriage, credit card problems
  150. Overly focused on money
  151. How to takle the situation JOB LOSS before getting married?
  152. Going behind my back - feeling betrayed...
  153. financial questions before i see the lawyer again
  154. At the end of the line.....
  155. feeling better
  156. Is this some sort of bullying/power struggle?
  157. At wit's end and running out of options
  158. being a wife or being selfish?
  159. Wanting too much
  160. lied about debt before marriage
  161. I feel like I'm waiting on a miracle that will never happen
  162. A positive thing
  163. DH not writing receipts in checkbook...
  164. Lied to my wife about money troubles, and she wants me out...
  165. quick financial question involving my seperation
  166. Female breadwinner issues
  167. Foregoing spending on holidays for the good of our future?
  168. Medical bills
  169. Wife makes more $$, wants to move from West Coast to East Coast
  170. Trust Issues
  171. Inheritance
  172. Husband wants to take a less paying job that's further away.
  173. Stubborn Wife
  174. How to talk to wife about money?
  175. I think it is time we split the bills!
  176. Early 40s, married, kid, mortgage, and stuck in a career that bring me no joy....
  177. Wife afraid of budget, debt out of control
  178. spending addiction?
  179. need perspective and advice
  180. 6 figures and broke
  181. Feeling resentful
  182. Future financial
  183. Thoughts on LearnVest?
  184. Don't feel happy at work, please advise!
  185. Preparing for my next financial battle...
  186. A different kind of financial problem...
  187. Your take here?
  188. Blind or selfish?
  189. Move Out Inspection
  190. When did you combine finances?
  191. Finances, career, not really going anywhere
  192. Husband making the same mistakes, what should a family member do
  193. I want to head butt a concrete wall!!!!
  194. Handing Over the Reigns
  195. I think my husband has no responsibility
  196. Husband secretly getting money from MIL
  197. Relocation & Resentment
  198. End of Tether, not sure if we will make it
  199. Where do I start?
  200. Ruined Credit and Moving Back into a Nest
  201. Not equal anymore, and Waiting for a payday.....
  202. Husband asks for advice with money, but won't take my advice?
  203. Husband extremely tight with money
  204. Starting a marriage
  205. Am I being unreasonable?
  206. Splitting the bills
  207. Inlaws who are always broke.
  208. Spending double standards
  209. Husband takes LARGE sums of money from bank
  210. What's fair for goose and gander????
  211. I am stressed to the Max!!
  212. Help MY Ex did not comply with the Decree and sold stock
  213. Will it make a difference?
  214. Paying off Debt/Fixing Credit Score after Divorce - Advice Needed
  215. Jobless and alone
  216. Parents, do you stress financial independence as a goal to your children
  217. We have a budget, he breaks it
  218. I've been blindsided
  219. Need Your Expertise
  220. No Credit...
  221. What to do when he doesn't hold up his end?
  222. Leasing vs financing cars
  223. Less involved over time?
  224. Separated second job income from wife
  225. Would you pay for med school for your child?
  226. wife has broken us, time to get out?
  227. How do you cut costs?
  228. monthly car payments
  229. Watch Oculus and Amazing Spider Man 2 movie
  230. How much should love cost you?
  231. Seperate finances due to a mistake
  232. What to do if wife wont help earn money
  233. Living together - who pays what?
  234. Opinions please
  235. Don't know what to do
  236. Red flag or am I wrong?
  237. Newlywed Financial Problems
  238. POSTNAPTUAL Agreements Anyone?
  239. Husband borrowing money behind my back
  240. Reached the end of the line
  241. What would you do?
  242. his parents need money
  243. Can you discuss money rationally with women
  244. Stressing Financially
  245. At what point would you quit your full-time job?
  246. He's Not Ambitious
  247. Would you be in a marriage where you knew you'd always be the main breadwinner?
  248. {OM}Watch Ride Along/lone Survivor Online Free
  249. A Sinking Ship: Need advice
  250. if money was tight