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: Experiences in Counseling

  1. What to Expect in Marriage Counseling
  2. Start counseling, or keep looking?
  3. Counseling/Therapy Absolute Scams
  4. Why men avoid marriage counseling...
  5. Counseling or support groups
  6. Has there been a general shift in counseling / therapy?
  7. My wife refuses to even consider...
  8. My husband wants to divorce me.urgent!
  9. My husband wants to divorce me.urgent!
  10. First Counseling Session Soon...
  11. Couples counseling retreats
  12. Couples Counseling: Day 1
  13. Divorced Marriage Therapist
  14. Counseling went awry...
  15. What to look for in a shrink/counselor?
  16. from roommates back to lovers?
  17. Marriage counseling doable?
  18. Marriage counseling by myself?
  19. My one and only marriage counseling experience
  20. I need to find help but don't know where to start
  21. First MC Session, Help
  22. reconnect or separation
  23. Marriage/Couples Counseling Question
  24. Online MC?
  25. The Futility of Couples Therapy?
  26. 2 sessions in, advice?
  27. Finding a Good Therpist/Counselor - Need Advice
  28. Typical pattern in even successful MC?
  29. How To Find A Good Marriage/Relationship Therapist?
  30. Need some Advice
  31. Marriage Counseling or Bootcamp?
  32. does MC really "work if you try at it"
  33. a question regarding ethics wirth therapists......
  34. 1st time at Marriage Counseling, is this what to expect?
  35. Thoughts on couple & individual with same therapist
  36. We tried marriage intensive counseling
  37. Book about how to choose a couples therapist
  38. Don't know if I should say something in therapy or not
  39. My MC experience
  40. MC made my marriage worse than before counseling
  41. IC through ValueOptions
  42. What to expect from individual counseling
  43. Counselling sessions adding more stress
  44. considering marriage counseling
  45. Husband cheating
  46. Questions about choosing therapist
  47. how often is counseling needed?
  48. l feel really bad about this now, should l ?
  49. worried about seeing a counselor who doesn't understand our needs
  50. First Session of MC
  51. Parenting Facilitator
  52. Never had any counseling in my life. Do I seek out individual or marriage?
  53. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  54. Lost and confused
  55. Cuonseling with one spouse/hopeful reconciliation
  56. Am I in Marriage Counseling or Individual Counseling with my wife?
  57. Is partner's counselor "enabling?"
  58. A little skeptical about this MC thing
  59. My Counselling Blog
  60. Making Progress while feeling likea GIANT step backwards
  61. Separation counseling
  62. Marriage counseling
  63. If one partner refuses therapy, what does it mean?
  64. Is therapy a solution
  65. My counselor kissed me/now i have trust issues
  66. Husband refuses counselling...
  67. Reveal emotional abuse?
  68. Can a counselor ask this?
  69. Red Hour! My H and I in MC!
  70. is this normal counseling?
  71. If you were against Counselling but eventually went along
  72. Confused about counselor advice
  73. Difficulties with EMDR
  74. Wife won't ever get counseling...now what
  75. Will We Be Reported?
  76. MC and scheduling the next session
  77. Recording my sessions
  78. Counselors Ethics Question?
  79. Couples Counseling- Same or Separate
  80. The therapist sucks, now what?
  81. Counseling in Chapel Hill
  82. Want to back out of first MC session this Friday
  83. marriage bootcamp
  84. What can I safely tell a counselor?
  85. How to pick a therapist?
  86. Just starting out MC
  87. First visit to new counselor
  88. Therapy, what can I expect??
  89. My counseling started
  90. He's Obsessed with our marriage counselor, what should i do?
  91. Cognative Behavoural Therapy...
  92. Which would be best?
  93. interesting article about couples therapy
  94. Overwhelmed trying to choose an IC, so many...
  95. Taking my first step towards help....
  96. Couseling for fun NOT>
  97. How do you know the MC is the right choice?
  98. sharing IC with wife, good or bad idea?
  99. Husband is suggesting counseling
  100. Worse than I thought
  101. Therapist quit and I'm in crisis
  102. Is counseling worth the financial strain it will put on a marriage?
  103. Emotionally exhausted after my individual session w MC.
  104. IC for both of us?
  105. Is this ethical?
  106. Should MC teach H how to listen?
  107. Do you agree with our marriage counselor?
  108. Made appt...now im scared sick
  109. Therapist needs a therapist
  110. Had my first IC session
  111. First session yesterday
  112. Passive counselors or are they doing their job?
  113. Are MCs unrealistic in their advice?
  114. Husband doesn't want counseling for the kids during our separation.
  115. Can Counseling help us???
  116. Strange reaction!
  117. Married then Divorced now back 2gether after 17yrs later
  118. Individual Counseling $$
  119. how long to stay in therapy?
  120. Feeling hopeless; first session tomorrow
  121. Can counseling get you depressed?
  122. First session soon... advice?
  123. mc said 'open and honest communication', H said 'move out' WTF???
  124. Choosing a Counselor During Lengthy Separation
  125. Counseling SUCKED! Worst decision ever.
  126. I have seen the light
  127. Breaking more than fixing
  128. Years of counseling...
  129. Started Therapy!
  130. Counselling or Diplomacy: when one side has to make all the concessions
  131. Our first session
  132. First time in MC.
  133. What is wrong with me??
  134. I need a therapist -but can't pay for one!
  135. Relationship Therapist in Minnesota??
  136. Looking for Counselors on here
  137. Counselors in Mississippi
  138. Can MC help us in the sex department?
  139. Marriage counseling 1st timers.
  140. Counselors in Mass.
  141. Crappy Therapist experiences...
  142. Better Then Expected!
  143. Did marriage counseling help your relationship or make it worse?
  144. should my wife had been told?
  145. She says, "I'm done"
  146. Counseler on autopilot
  147. Not much progress through IC
  148. Counsiling made it go downhill - QUICK
  149. Transitioning Individual Counselor for Marriage Counseling
  150. Boundries with Counselors
  151. How far along should I be?
  152. Just not sure
  153. Counselor skilled at teaching relationship skills?
  154. Have you had a bad experience in counselling
  155. Is this what I should reasonably expect?
  156. conflict and counselling
  157. Question about therapist qualifications
  158. Unsure in marraige counseling...
  159. I'm going to counciling
  160. What to revel in counseling?
  161. Double standard..pet peeve. Need advice for counseling
  162. Advice please
  163. One Aspect
  164. Individual VS Seperate
  165. Please help me understand the types of counseling...
  166. my marriage counseling experience
  167. I am afraid to go to marriage counseling
  168. I think my counselor knows you guys!
  169. Please Help MALE or FEMALE marriage counselor.
  170. 2nd time-still sucks
  171. counselors calling human services... any experience?
  172. Wife started individual counseling, should I be worried at all?
  173. Couples counseling and/or individual counseling?
  174. Anyone have luck with a situation like this
  175. What's the best approach.
  176. Double Counselling - But not Relationship...Good IDea or Not?
  177. Positive experience w/ counseling?
  178. need some advice!
  179. help, how do you find a daytime sitter?
  180. Imago therapy. Have you done this?
  181. Has anyone been to a marriage intensive?
  182. resources, advice and therapist certification
  183. Couples - Marriage Retreats?
  184. Therapist showing movies for a counseling session?
  185. Is counseling working?
  186. IS this normal for a marriage counsellor
  187. How to get your spouse to go?
  188. Counseling together or separate?
  189. Differences in therapists
  190. How does it work - safe zone for talking
  191. Differing opinions on counseling
  192. How long do we stay in counseling going nowhere?
  193. Is my counselor out of line?
  194. Started marriage counseling; my wife suffers from depression and I have been abusive
  195. Acknowledging a problem is only the first step.... does CBT work?
  196. Trying to Find something??!?!?!?!
  197. overreacting?
  198. Feels like a waste of time !
  199. we need counseling
  200. Where to begin
  201. Counseling and the dominant man
  202. How many sessions till constructive help?
  203. My anger has cost me my marriage
  204. Help finding counseling
  205. Counselors in Port Saint Lucie, FL
  206. Trying to tread lightly....
  207. A lifetime in counseling?
  208. Questions about couple therapy/marriage counseling
  209. Is this normal?
  210. Can this work?
  211. Just beginning marriage counseling.
  212. can you recommend a good therapist in new york city?
  213. Counseling ...
  214. My experience in counseling
  215. How to find a counselor
  216. counceling did it work
  217. Is our counselor going to work?
  218. Incompetent Counselor
  219. Seemed like a waste of time
  220. Advice
  221. Post your experiences with professional counseling