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  1. Moved out for a few days
  2. Ladies? Need too find healthy ways to communicate. Is this a lost cause?
  3. Next steps . . . attempting to reconcile
  4. Does reconciliation ever work out?
  5. Back Together..But Need Your Advice
  6. Reconciliation with LTR ex-GF
  7. Reconciling with my ex-wife, after she married and divorced
  8. How to handle this??
  9. Reconciling if you were never really in love
  10. Reconciliation / Texting / Work
  11. Wow so much to say.
  12. Still in R: an update
  13. I love my wife and want her back.
  14. Should I expose the affair?
  15. 2 Weeks into Reconciliation
  16. Getting Back
  17. Stages
  18. Lesbian couple reconciliation?
  19. Need Advise Went on long Enough
  20. Is an accidental 180 working?
  21. One year later... (sorry in advance so long)
  22. Husband caught cheating, doesn't want to be together now.
  23. Going Crazy Trying to figure out things
  24. is all hope lost?
  25. The 180 with kids
  26. So confused
  27. What brought your Husband back
  28. What made your husband come back?
  29. Wondering
  30. Update on the past few months....
  31. I am devastated, I will do anything to get her back
  32. Annnnd I'm back
  33. Getting to point of reconciliation
  34. So, I messed up.
  35. Should have listened to TAM
  36. Is he being controlling?
  37. Torn about possibly reconciling with my STBXH
  38. Idk what's going on.
  39. In need of support to weather the storm
  40. Should I reconcile?
  41. My situation need advise
  42. 4 weeks of trying to get her to just talk to me.
  43. Do you ever feel like giving up
  44. Feeling shaky
  45. Need reconcialtion advice please
  46. Am I Being Selfish
  47. Divorced for 6 weeks Ex Wife initiating contact although she has a new boyfriend
  48. Reconciling with wife of 5 years
  49. How long is long enough: need advice
  50. Advice needed
  51. What I hate about my marriage
  52. When they aren't sure?
  53. I want reconcilliation, H does not. Advice?
  54. Working on the marriage is so hard
  55. What is going on?
  56. Almost divorced, but reconciliation on the cards
  57. Trust issues ........getting tired of it.
  58. Here is a question
  59. Please advise how to handle this situation for reconcilation
  60. This thread is for men whose wives left them
  61. When do I tell him?
  62. thank you
  63. Winning her back!
  64. can u go back and not have the SA hold leaving over your head
  65. well it lasted a week
  66. How long does reconciliation take?
  67. False Reconciliation without all the Facts
  68. Husband is Making Little Effort
  69. OM facebook friends with my adult kids
  70. How long to heal?
  71. Questions about "EFT" and the book "Hold Me Tight"
  72. Think this marriage will last?
  73. We had our first marriage counseling session yesterday.
  74. reconciliation advice needed
  75. Should I end the separation?
  76. how to win my wife's heart back?
  77. My story, looking for advice.
  78. I left and I'm so sad
  79. Survivors of multiple affairs here? Advice or 2x4 welcome
  80. Is it even worth fixing?
  81. What do you all think?
  82. suggestions on how to reconcile
  83. Help! What do I say/do?
  84. Anyone R after their divorce?
  85. W Gave OM Key to the House/Remote to Garage
  86. What is wrong with me?
  87. Torn between my old life and new
  88. Should I reconcile or not?
  89. Sad.
  90. R is holding fast - 4 months after DDay2
  91. What is he doing?
  92. OW is back after 4 Years
  93. Looking for thoughts?
  94. Up in the air
  95. What to do??
  96. Can You Fully R without all the facts?
  97. Male advice much needed
  98. Need some advice...
  99. Boundaries
  100. 9 yrs after R, does she ever think about the As?
  101. stats on recnciliation sticking?
  102. Is it possible to fix this?
  103. He's careless, I'm controlling.
  104. Need Advice
  105. Men's views - signs you love your wife
  106. Wow... that is all
  107. Never thought in a million years
  108. Not sure how to proceed...
  109. My Story - Need advice
  110. How to do reconciliation when H is 180 still?
  111. Is it worth the risk....?
  112. I'm just going with the flow vent space indeed
  113. Been Reading for two years, time for a question.
  114. Couple of Questions on Reconciliation
  115. Just got served
  116. I need opinions, please? Men, opinions? All welcome!
  117. Want to throw in the towel and disappear
  118. 3 weeks in to reconciliation
  119. HELP PLEASE: Mixed lengthy separation
  120. I feel so conflicted
  121. His Needs Her Needs
  122. Should I even bother to reconcile???
  123. Approaches to reconciliation...
  124. What are your views on keeping in touch during the day - phone calls
  125. Trying to reconcile with husband after 3 year separation.
  126. Feels like I'm flying blind - scary, but good???
  127. WAH, OWs & possible Depression or MidlifeCrisis but I still want to Reconcile
  128. Found out about FB
  129. Separation; better to live apart to reconcile??
  130. Boundaries
  131. Moving soon after coming back together?
  132. Advise needed: stay or move
  133. Love and connection not going away, but neither are the destructive behaviors
  134. High's and Low's
  135. New Here-Reconciled but Unhappy
  136. Completely blindsided and met with nothing by resistance.
  137. He wants it, I don't, is it over?
  138. WAW wants to reconcile
  139. is it possible to get past an affair?
  140. might be moving everything to this end.
  141. I don't want to wreck our reconciliation, but...
  142. Can intimacy and connection be created ?
  143. Book Recommendations for Reconciliation?
  144. I came back home...she didn't like it. It's better now, I'm still kind of hopeful.
  145. She found out I was looking porn
  146. I want to win back My Wife!
  147. Problems Going Public
  148. Approaching an angry BS? Need advice.
  149. Can I win my girlfriend back?
  150. He moved back in but I'm not completely happy...
  151. Recently divorced but missing my ex wife
  152. Wayward spouse in need of help
  153. seperated 4 months
  154. One Sided "Reconciliation"- I am WW
  155. Want her back
  156. Reconciled after stormy 3+ year separation
  157. Divorce busting recommendations
  158. 7 months have passed
  159. Starting over together...
  160. Thinking about reconciliation
  161. what to do when feeling nothing......
  162. Web of lies discovered.
  163. Thinking About This Forum!
  164. New to reconciliation and already confused.
  165. ok a little bit confused but doing better
  166. Looking for feedback
  167. Trying my best
  168. Finally
  169. Reconciling but still don't trust
  170. Patience...
  171. Reconciliation failed big time!!!!
  172. I Keep Falling For It. (part 2)
  173. I Keep Falling For It.
  174. Day One...
  175. When to Let Go - Reconciliation
  176. HELP!!! Can I get her back?
  177. I am not willing to give up
  178. Hot and Cold Reconciliation
  179. confused and cautious
  180. The infamous words...
  181. Reconciling but worried
  182. Wife needs time to figure if she wants to be married.
  183. WW cannot decide wether to Reconcile
  184. Suggestions needed
  185. What do you do with those memories
  186. Made it to the Forum I Wanted to be in
  187. To those who have reconciled.
  188. Well now I'm in two forums
  189. Is it too late?
  190. 2nd separation but really want my marriage to work
  191. I guess I screwed up
  192. I need some help...
  193. How to earn back trust...
  194. Book recommendations needed
  195. I wish there was a handbook for love.
  196. Confused
  197. I have a new GF my XW
  198. She loves me but...
  199. Ashamed and need help!
  200. Confused feelings around reconciling
  201. whats she wanting from me?
  202. Confusion about everything!
  203. can a divorce be undone?
  204. reconciliation
  205. Do any of you ever think in terms of forgiving yourself?
  206. Im the WS, When do I give up on Reconciliation?
  207. Been separated over a month, now what?
  208. Time for a Change - Part Two
  209. what did you see
  210. OK, finally some traction but is it enough?
  211. Husband says he hates who I've become
  212. Seeking Advice and Support
  213. Looking for a good Book
  214. confused, sad and downright desperate
  215. Wife walked out
  216. How do you deal with insecurity/obsessive thoughts?
  217. Do I take him back?
  218. Lost Love
  219. Normal WA spouse behavior
  220. why is he doing this to me.....
  221. Just feel worn out.....
  222. Desperate for advice
  223. Has anyone been a WAS or the BS when the WA went to live with the OP and then Recon?
  224. What is the 180 technique everyone is talking about?
  225. I'm confused, Any BS want to reveal what they felt early in R?
  226. How ID signs of hope for recon. Can I ask for sex?
  227. A tale as old as time
  228. Post reconciliation crap
  229. I can't give up
  230. She has moved out. Confused on what to do.
  231. Need advice??
  232. For better or for worse
  233. I want it but she dont
  234. Separated for 9 months
  235. Marriage Counselor still needed after reconcillation?
  236. How can I win my unwilling husband back?
  237. How to asssess if I should waste my time, again!
  238. Some positive input please
  239. Changing subjects
  240. Please Help me Get Through This
  241. i need him to love me again
  242. Considering R, but chemistry, trust and love are gone
  243. Filing for divorce tactic
  244. A first step
  245. Separated - husband wants to remain friends with person he was seeing!
  246. Reconciled!!!
  247. Patience isn't my virtue
  248. Dealing with the silent treatment
  249. To the ones who got a second chance
  250. trying to get my husband back home