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  1. Did you verbally thank your wife/partner for pushing out (birthing) your children?
  2. RI Residents only: Did your wife "go kamikaze" on VJ day?
  3. Dear Forum...
  4. sexless marriage
  5. Men and "serious committed relationships"
  6. Problems Everywhere
  7. Were you present for the birth of your children?
  8. Who wants a degree in masculinities studies?
  9. To other fathers of daughters
  10. Ask the guys first...
  11. I like being a dude
  12. Is there any hope?
  13. How many overnight (or longer) trips is "OK?"
  14. Babyface!
  15. Man SUES Wife For Fraud When He See’s Her Without Make-Up
  16. Affirmative consent
  17. Men: Can you dig deep and help me better understand . . .
  18. The Vasectomy Talk
  19. GiveYourMoneyToWomen, Is This An Actual Movement???
  20. Back to work after kids are older
  21. Having trouble reattaching emotionally to wife after deliberate detachment
  22. I'm either becoming a curmudgeon, depressed or both
  23. Men, Emotions and Conflicts
  24. House tidying and way wife speaks to me - winds me up
  25. Learning to be by myself, hobbies and getting in shape.. Need some real help please..
  26. just heard an ad on the radio for this law firm.....
  27. What is the best book on male emotions?
  28. Is there hope?
  29. Do some guys give off the "cheater" chemical?
  30. 20 Things Guys Do
  31. Low T Treatments...your experiences?
  32. Should we just eliminate gender categories in sports?
  33. Is husband competitive or insecure?
  34. DNA testing your "offspring", redux.
  35. If you could discuss anything other than feminism and misogyny....
  36. Best/Worst Cities in the World for Single Guys
  37. Social Trends
  38. Hooray for Women and Feminism!
  39. NMMNG insight needed
  40. What one man learned about feminism
  41. Exciting activism
  42. Why MEN aren't marrying
  43. When Men Are Raped
  44. Obsessed with Physical Appearance
  45. Bachelor Nation: 70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married
  46. Afraid I'll wind up cheating, don't want to..help!!
  47. Wife hates hobbies part 2.
  48. Dads, does it matter if your only child is a girl?
  49. Putin's cell phone number?
  50. Messy relationships
  51. Not attracted
  52. Need some advice
  53. Kids Locked Up for Refusing to Have Lunch With Dad
  54. Letting Your Child Sleep In Your Bed ...
  55. Impossible To Win - Setup To Fail
  56. So... Did you get your...well, you know... on Independence Day?
  57. Do You Have A Name For Your Trouser Monster?
  58. period sex
  59. Brodal Shower, Seriously WTF???
  60. I've been a nice guy pushover...
  61. Berated Over the "Little" Things
  62. Opposite sex friends!
  63. So much gotten wrong, I can't even process it.
  64. Men's Fashion: Search for the Essential Cool Pt. 4: Chinos
  65. Don't skip leg day
  66. Earned Love
  67. Good Smoking Recipes
  68. Do you get depressed on Father's Day?
  69. kissed/made out after e "long" time..?
  70. 3 things you just can't ask for...
  71. How can I support my wife when trying for a baby?
  72. Loving Her Means Loving HIM
  73. Trouble With The Lady, Build A Fort lol
  74. Married 1 month & found out my husband watches guy porn
  75. Men's Fashion: Search for the Essential Cool Pt. 3: The Desert Boot
  76. Dear men... what does my husband need from me?
  77. TX Members Only: So, Did you get your blow-job for Emancipation Day?
  78. Does my single male friend want more?
  79. Wife really annoys me at time - feel like I've got to keep argument going
  80. Completely different opinion to wife on important things
  81. Have you compromised on your career for wife/kids?
  82. So... did you get your blow-job on Father's Day?
  83. Strip clubs and so hurt
  84. How to deal with someone else's kids?
  85. Men's Fashion: Search for the Essential Cool Pt. 2: the Guyabera Shirt
  86. Dealing with my wife’s lust for ANOTHER man
  87. stupid hardly-a- "problem", problem
  88. The TV Show Thread
  89. Men's Fashion: Search for the Essential Cool Pt. 1: Wayfarer Sunglasses
  90. Was I out of line?
  91. Wife's Lack of Affection/Intimacy WTF?
  92. Guys - Would you date someone if . .
  93. What Defines a "Real Man"
  94. Writing: Men vs Women
  95. Meggings
  96. New to the Forum - Have a dilemma
  97. Is Being A Gentlemen/Chivalrous Dead, and if so, is that a good thing?
  98. Helpful advice for men
  99. Who else feels this way....after sex
  100. Art vs Propaganda
  101. @Guys, questions on horniness
  102. Has Your Time on TAM Affected Your View(s) Of Relationships?
  103. Am I stupid?????
  104. Question for the guys
  105. Guys, do you know any men that go for primarily younger women?
  106. Women are better liars?
  107. Become a 3% Man
  108. Sports!!!
  109. Women's Hair Color Poll
  110. When to go back into dating?
  111. Vitex agnus-castus
  112. Why Are you Considered Shallow For Having Specific Physical Preferences???
  113. The new TAM site/layout
  114. Competition
  115. WOWZERS!! You guys have got to check this woman out!
  116. *WARNING* Women Avoid This Thread
  117. Faithful Guy, Pressured Woman
  118. Surviving a marriage seperation r
  119. Your Avatar and Handle
  120. I need help....am I a bastard?
  121. So... spatial awareness...
  122. Men, what is it about heels that you find exciting?
  123. Modern Manly Music
  124. Guy Grilling Question
  125. Oops!
  126. Why Men Exist
  127. Would You Change Past Events / Personal Decisions If You Could?
  128. How do you guys handle it when your wife compares you with other guys?
  129. Communication with my wife is driving me bonkers
  130. Should I just make a manual?
  131. Wife Is Out Of Town And I'm Feeling Adventurous...
  132. Fantasy gone wrong or..?
  133. How many of y'all feel like this?
  134. MRA Site doesn't want men to go see Mad Max Fury Road
  135. Anyone here ROCK?
  136. Sorta scared
  137. To the macho men who get all the girls..
  138. Compare NMMNG to MMSLP
  139. Men: can you handle the kitchen better than a woman?
  140. No ill will
  141. It's Official, young women dig Dad Bods
  142. Has something like this ever happened to you?
  143. Does your spouse lie about Masturbating
  144. Does the average woman have less trouble getting laid than the average man?
  145. MMSLP, Misogynistic Bullcrap or Misunderstood Message
  146. The Reconnection Equation
  147. Did you lose your wife after you had kids?
  148. Wife Has Been Gone for 7 Days
  149. What are your physical/non physical turn ONS regarding women
  150. moles on women
  151. Men, what are your physical turn-offs with regard to a woman's appearance?
  152. Men's Health Clinic
  153. Is this a $#!+ test?
  154. Does beauty standard change with age for men?
  155. Dating a woman, starting to feel like i am getting clingy/needy
  156. What to do with the house...
  157. Dating, and no commitment without sex
  158. I need a mans point of view! Help me understand...is he stringing me along?!
  159. wife doesn't trust me - have I wronged her too much?Should I give in to an ultimatum?
  160. Vagina size
  161. Waddya think about a woman owning a nice sports car?
  162. Question. Would appreciate an answer ASAP
  163. What to do?
  164. most effective defense against makeup?
  165. Stripper...Blowjob...Guilty!
  166. If you're not saying "I Love You" within 6 months, move on...
  167. Fathers Rights
  168. Raising bar vis-à-vis opposite sex
  169. How to support husband in his job search
  170. no interest in sex
  171. A question for the attached men here:
  172. Chemistry and pickiness
  173. Am I being unreasonable or asking to much???
  174. Are Male Only environments still important?
  175. Depression/anxiety relationship
  176. What if We All Showed Our Hands?
  177. Privacy
  178. Advice on this forum seems to always be - get out
  179. Wifes aggressiveness.....
  180. Questioned his manliness
  181. On the verge of cheating
  182. Looking? Leering? Getting caught and what to do..
  183. Has anyone used... the fleshlight?
  184. Feminism's doublespeak with perpetual victimhood
  185. perplexed..
  186. Does my husband respect me?
  187. Are we striving for the wrong things?
  188. Married men watching porn and masterbating
  189. How Easily Do You Feel Rejected?
  190. looking for a man's perspective
  191. Interview attire
  192. meyers briggs
  193. Should I set him free???
  194. What a mess...
  195. help!
  196. A question of action.
  197. Do you use beard oil? What do you recommend?
  198. So... did you get your blow-job on Steak And Blow-Job Day?
  199. Angry all the Time
  200. Evil Roy Slade
  201. Looking for different perspectives please...
  202. Is this right? On fitness tests
  203. Low T and depression after cancer
  204. Counselling Complete
  205. Writing analysis
  206. Looking for a man's view on how to approach issue
  207. $hit testing and how you dealt with it.
  208. When is enough enough?
  209. The Hot Sibling
  210. Wives who hate husbands hobbys??
  211. NMMNG-Help
  212. Podcast interview with Athol Kay
  213. Tomorrow is D-Day.
  214. Good Father/Son Movies
  215. mmmng for my 16 old old
  216. Wife is just SOOOO miserable!
  217. 11 Reasons Men Leave Their Marriages
  218. do people use Facebook to get casual hook-ups?
  219. Smoking
  220. Why women leave men they love
  221. where is the best place to meet older women to date?
  222. Average penis size revealed to be less than six inches
  223. Rise of the man child......
  224. Have you seen any of these bumper stickers in your area?
  225. 43 & married, haunted by lack of dating in my past
  226. Did I Read this right?
  227. Article: Men Get Your "Stuff" Together
  228. Holley Carburetors
  229. Men - The Forgotten Gender
  230. I hate my neighbor.
  231. Reflections and an Update
  232. Pickup Lines That Always Work
  233. Why don't dads complain about parenthood..
  234. 50 Shades--the template
  235. "I'm going to start taking it"
  236. Letting off steam - AGAIN!
  237. What do you guys do when...
  238. Guys please watch
  239. Should men under 40 that have a low sex drive have their man card taken?
  240. Should we rename/repurpose "Steak And Blowjob" day...
  241. Being hung up on then ignored all day
  242. Sex, engineers and feeling like I suck...
  243. So... Did you get your blow-job for Valentine's Day?
  244. Men showing compassion/empathy
  245. I want you in me now
  246. Stupid things you've said after orgasm...
  247. Fraudulent Mechanics Lien/ Stolen Motorcycle
  248. Attitudes
  249. "For THIS we gave up that Brazilian helicopter pilot?!?"
  250. Old guy, never give up