: The Men's Clubhouse

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  1. Rewarding the hubby with something special...need advice
  2. Alpha gone wrong.
  3. Could use an ear, marriage problems
  4. Wife all of a sudden is sex crazy
  5. How bad were your wife's "pregnancy hormones"?
  6. have any of you had experience being in fwbs with divorcex women?
  7. i feel down.
  8. Is this place some kind of marketing joint-venture
  9. Why are girls afraid of marriage?
  10. Beauty vs Intelligence
  11. Is It Over When She Loses Respect and Decency for You?
  12. Would you.....
  13. Scoreboard
  14. Testosterone Replacement
  15. Premature Ejaculation
  16. HAHAHA! Newly Single!
  17. Why are men loyal to their employer? Why do men work so much?
  18. Iphone??
  19. Off The Grid
  20. Do husbands like...
  21. Under the tree idiocy!
  22. Well crud.
  23. What did you get for Christmas?
  24. So... did you get your blow job for Christmas...
  25. 20 year old with very low sex drive
  26. Bit Embarrassing.......Penis Pumps
  27. Ok men, why does he not take advantage of this?
  28. Bromances, please help a person who doesnt get it
  29. OTC booster supplements..?
  30. Why do men hate Downton Abbey?
  31. He acts normal...
  32. What do men REALLY want for Christmas?
  33. Feminism does not and has never bothered me.
  34. Anger Issues
  35. Why are middle aged men such players?
  36. FWB with ex - post split
  37. Post your feelings through a song title and artist.
  38. Guys....help me here...am I being oversensitive?
  39. HCG Testosterone
  40. Casual opposite sex friendship
  41. The College Rape Overcorrection
  42. The Sexodus - another article on men giving up pursuit of women
  43. It's Raining Men!
  44. Is being silent being complicit?
  45. Does the 80-20 rule apply to men's dating success?
  46. What if men stopped pursuing women?
  47. Powerful Guy Stuff
  48. Sexual assault against men
  49. You're Gifted a Bar of Soap
  50. Need men's opinions
  51. Sex and multi- dating.....
  52. Teach sons not to rape. How?
  53. feeling happy and strong
  54. Guys, 2 Car Questions
  55. The ill advised restroom trip
  56. Lost and confused.
  57. Thatbpguy Man Card Suspended!
  58. Do you guys/girls ever check up on the X?
  59. Men, the game has changed.
  60. So, what's the deal with women's hair?
  61. What's the difference between leading in a relationship and being a bully
  62. To the married men who have been cheated on, who was it with?
  63. Ovulation and attention?
  64. Sex and confidence
  65. Cialis question
  66. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.....
  67. Poll: Women's Sex Drives
  68. Just a Thought
  69. Hey Dudes...
  70. Dealing with a sharp tongue
  71. Porn addiction myth
  72. Because of my drinking problem
  73. Are the fantasies of the average man shaped by porn?
  74. Question
  75. Male sex drive in monogamy.
  76. Need some advice about moving
  77. How do I get my drive back?
  78. I want to be passive aggressive.
  79. Another "reasonable or unreasonable" question
  80. Sht tests and fitness tests.
  81. Is it Unrealistic to ask a guy to not watch Porn?
  82. On Whom
  83. Dice Sex/Life - Escape The Routine.
  84. For fathers of teenaged daughters...
  85. need advice, please help
  86. I'm soothing to look at?
  87. Blended families from the guys perspective
  88. What you do when rejected repeatedly ?
  89. Please help me out guys
  90. Humiliation. How do you get past it?
  91. Death of DIY
  92. Does it matter to men how many partners a woman has had?
  93. How long does an encounter usually last?
  94. what the heck is the deal on profile pages?
  95. Eureeka, I found it.
  96. My wife is petty and constantly paranoid
  97. Calling all manscapers . . .
  98. I need an idea...
  99. Ok men, share your list!!
  100. Payback for Cinderella?
  101. men,
  102. Physical Attractiveness- Vital?
  103. The Butterfly that Stamped, by Kipling
  104. Wife's Annoying Friend
  105. Do I really like her?
  106. Depressed - withdrawal?
  107. Would you date a woman who made more than you?
  108. How often do you make out?
  109. Never turn a woman down for sex
  110. Wealthly
  111. Problem
  112. Maybe love just isn't enough....
  113. Should I "Man Up"?
  114. Fk you beothch, this is how I roll
  115. Question To The Guys
  116. Feeling alone
  117. Martial arts and old guys
  118. Pet peeves
  119. Is this true?
  120. Question about guys saying "I love you"
  121. Double Standard?
  122. gay, bi or straight men that like men
  123. TAG has given me a glimpse into the male mind about sex
  124. Sexting ideas
  125. Fellow married men... ever been tempted to leave?
  126. Afraid of marriage. Likes what we have. Now what?
  127. Anyone like dirt, guns, fighting, spitting, and cussing?
  128. True Testosterone Levels
  129. Shoe on the other foot.
  130. Men, can you have respect for a cheap date?
  131. Another question for men
  132. Question for the men
  133. Feminism is Great
  134. Need a Man's Opinion
  135. What is it about being sexually adventurous?
  136. Great work Feminists, you killed Sex
  137. Male Perspective Please
  138. Favorite Quotes
  139. A girl I know.. should I or wait?
  140. Soooo
  141. So there is this young girl I work with...
  142. How to ask for more sex witout hurting his pride.
  143. Vent
  144. Sexual Standards
  145. Men, what exactly was the point of this?!
  146. playfull sexts
  147. ED? It's about your health...
  148. My thread - Recently blown out by current woman
  149. The quintessential alpha male
  150. do you know where your going?
  151. Condoms - can barely feel a thing!
  152. Outlander starz
  153. men's camping trip to lake
  154. Cleaning In the House - I hate her sometimes
  155. resilience
  156. Committed
  157. How much are you like your Father?
  158. Why would he delete my facebook messages?
  159. People please help!!! im loosing my mind
  160. Study about Dating
  161. working hard to see those
  162. Some ME time.
  163. need help from mars
  164. Sex Help
  165. Men gossip about their intimate life?
  166. The best gift from your wife
  167. do men have mood swing
  168. Domestic duties and marriage
  169. Wife and her "Friends"
  170. Are threats to make a false domestic violence complaint common?
  171. Failing to Add Muscle - I Need Some Guidance (Long)
  172. HD men
  173. FB messaging someone, very regularly
  174. Post Vasectomy Sperm Counts
  175. Football, wives, and talking
  176. Sister of Tsarnaev
  177. It's kind of a sex question.
  178. what is respect
  179. new but not really
  180. A little paranoid...
  181. Need advice about Fiancee's friends
  182. Men and Rough Sex
  183. " Getting Back At Men.."
  184. Is sending a "tribute" shot cheating?
  185. Men: Does Your Wife Still Find You Sexually/Physically Attractive?
  186. Role of the Integrated Man in Marriage
  187. How often do you sleep in the other room?
  188. Advice for Newbie Head Shaver
  189. Performance issue in bed... Why me!! How do we correct this?
  190. Where Did All These Weenies Come From?
  191. "Real Men" a myth ?
  192. Reverse racism, racism and the gender war on males!
  193. Confessions from LD dudes.
  194. Act of kindness
  195. Sharing a hobby?
  196. Do you "tolerate" sex with your overweight wife?
  197. When enough is enough
  198. Husband not interested in sex..help!
  199. caught my wife!
  200. What's on his mind?
  201. Do you ever encourage your wife to drink more in hopes of action?
  202. Got drunk and told hubs' cuckold fantasy. Now what?
  203. Need advice please
  204. Health supplements
  205. Men, is this suspicious behavior?
  206. Are there ways of getting good tenants renting your place out ?
  207. Hopeful about new doctor
  208. Threat of an Ex-husband: Real or perceived.
  209. Vasectomy--one incision or two?
  210. Fake calls from the irs
  211. birthday question
  212. Ehat do you think l should do with these blocks ?
  213. Stubborn
  214. Am I Crazy?
  215. Would you give this woman another chance?
  216. women's odor downstairs? Is low odor a hard find?
  217. bald spot treatments. cheap and easy to use?
  218. I need some serious help
  219. What guys really think about women's bodies
  220. Anniversary gift?
  221. Men, what do you prefer in a woman (PERSONALITY version)
  222. Need Some Help with being Sexy
  223. Guys....is this normal? ED related.
  224. A Question Regarding My Estranged Husband ...
  225. How direct can a woman be?
  226. Now there are two of them
  227. My guy friend is suddenly claiming to be married!!
  228. The tables have turned.
  229. Saw a B-52 flying today.
  230. Ginger or Mary Ann?
  231. Arachnophobia
  232. Thoughts on women in high heels
  233. Marriage without affection & intimacy
  234. Getting started dating
  235. Have any of you guys gone for a bit of strange?
  236. The idea of "friendship" seems to fade with time
  237. Which of these do you prefer in a woman?
  238. Soooo when should you start having kids????
  239. Just wondering
  240. A genuine gold mine
  241. do most men cheat on business trips?
  242. Morning wood with men over 50
  243. Most manliest man-name for a man in movies ever
  244. Dating younger women, does it work out?
  245. Married for 13 years, and hating it
  246. Fun question for the guys
  247. What makes a man feel loved: True?
  248. Want to know of a guy's opinion about shouting at wife in front of others
  249. The ex is messing with my head...
  250. Serious Question - Need your Advice