: The Men's Clubhouse

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  1. Question for the men
  2. Feminism is Great
  3. Need a Man's Opinion
  4. What is it about being sexually adventurous?
  5. Great work Feminists, you killed Sex
  6. Male Perspective Please
  7. Favorite Quotes
  8. A girl I know.. should I or wait?
  9. Soooo
  10. So there is this young girl I work with...
  11. How to ask for more sex witout hurting his pride.
  12. Vent
  13. Sexual Standards
  14. Men, what exactly was the point of this?!
  15. playfull sexts
  16. ED? It's about your health...
  17. My thread - Recently blown out by current woman
  18. The quintessential alpha male
  19. do you know where your going?
  20. Condoms - can barely feel a thing!
  21. Outlander starz
  22. men's camping trip to lake
  23. Cleaning In the House - I hate her sometimes
  24. resilience
  25. Committed
  26. How much are you like your Father?
  27. Why would he delete my facebook messages?
  28. People please help!!! im loosing my mind
  29. Study about Dating
  30. working hard to see those
  31. Some ME time.
  32. need help from mars
  33. Sex Help
  34. Men gossip about their intimate life?
  35. The best gift from your wife
  36. Addicted to the "newness" of dating or sign of other problems?
  37. do men have mood swing
  38. Domestic duties and marriage
  39. Wife and her "Friends"
  40. Are threats to make a false domestic violence complaint common?
  41. Failing to Add Muscle - I Need Some Guidance (Long)
  42. HD men
  43. FB messaging someone, very regularly
  44. Post Vasectomy Sperm Counts
  45. Football, wives, and talking
  46. Sister of Tsarnaev
  47. It's kind of a sex question.
  48. what is respect
  49. new but not really
  50. A little paranoid...
  51. Need advice about Fiancee's friends
  52. Men and Rough Sex
  53. " Getting Back At Men.."
  54. Is sending a "tribute" shot cheating?
  55. Men: Does Your Wife Still Find You Sexually/Physically Attractive?
  56. Role of the Integrated Man in Marriage
  57. How often do you sleep in the other room?
  58. Advice for Newbie Head Shaver
  59. Performance issue in bed... Why me!! How do we correct this?
  60. Where Did All These Weenies Come From?
  61. "Real Men" a myth ?
  62. Reverse racism, racism and the gender war on males!
  63. Confessions from LD dudes.
  64. Act of kindness
  65. Sharing a hobby?
  66. Do you "tolerate" sex with your overweight wife?
  67. When enough is enough
  68. Husband not interested in sex..help!
  69. caught my wife!
  70. What's on his mind?
  71. Do you ever encourage your wife to drink more in hopes of action?
  72. Got drunk and told hubs' cuckold fantasy. Now what?
  73. Need advice please
  74. Health supplements
  75. Men, is this suspicious behavior?
  76. Are there ways of getting good tenants renting your place out ?
  77. Hopeful about new doctor
  78. Threat of an Ex-husband: Real or perceived.
  79. Vasectomy--one incision or two?
  80. Fake calls from the irs
  81. birthday question
  82. Ehat do you think l should do with these blocks ?
  83. Stubborn
  84. Am I Crazy?
  85. Would you give this woman another chance?
  86. women's odor downstairs? Is low odor a hard find?
  87. bald spot treatments. cheap and easy to use?
  88. I need some serious help
  89. What guys really think about women's bodies
  90. Anniversary gift?
  91. Men, what do you prefer in a woman (PERSONALITY version)
  92. Need Some Help with being Sexy
  93. Guys....is this normal? ED related.
  94. A Question Regarding My Estranged Husband ...
  95. How direct can a woman be?
  96. Now there are two of them
  97. My guy friend is suddenly claiming to be married!!
  98. The tables have turned.
  99. Saw a B-52 flying today.
  100. Ginger or Mary Ann?
  101. Arachnophobia
  102. Thoughts on women in high heels
  103. Marriage without affection & intimacy
  104. Getting started dating
  105. Have any of you guys gone for a bit of strange?
  106. The idea of "friendship" seems to fade with time
  107. Which of these do you prefer in a woman?
  108. Soooo when should you start having kids????
  109. Just wondering
  110. A genuine gold mine
  111. do most men cheat on business trips?
  112. Morning wood with men over 50
  113. Most manliest man-name for a man in movies ever
  114. Dating younger women, does it work out?
  115. Married for 13 years, and hating it
  116. Fun question for the guys
  117. What makes a man feel loved: True?
  118. Want to know of a guy's opinion about shouting at wife in front of others
  119. The ex is messing with my head...
  120. Serious Question - Need your Advice
  121. Your man opinion. Please and Thank you. :)
  122. Musings on Masculinity
  123. What do you guys do?
  124. The New American Man Doesn't Look Like His Father
  125. What did you fight for in your divorce decree?
  126. Wife gets mad and yells, but I don't Yell back - don't want to seem like a push over
  127. Guys what would your reaction be
  128. Sexy Mugshot Guy
  129. Anyone a gamer..or with one?
  130. Guys checking out your woman
  131. Can men be scared by the strength of their feelings??
  132. I need some marriage advice/opinions..long
  133. what NON-physical traits make a woman unattractive?
  134. Nice guys are not nice or moral
  135. Would you be upset if your friend said this to your wife?
  136. Father's Day v Mother's Day
  137. Looking for help and advice
  138. Score one for the dad...
  139. Good Dad??
  140. Another debate on dating: This time..... who drives?
  141. Men, will you help me figure this one out?
  142. Marriage should be like a cellphone contract?
  143. A movie review thread
  144. Moving away for job promotion
  145. Delicate private parts question
  146. THE Alpha Man? (video)
  147. "strange" men?
  148. What's my future like?
  149. Need Advice/Input from Mature (read: older) Men
  150. Just found out my wife was abused as child
  151. Financial Responsibility to step children
  152. A question for the men here 40+.
  153. Holding on to Marriage
  154. never thought I'd be here
  155. I need a guys opinion
  156. Husband cheated 5 moths before wedding
  157. Need man's point of view
  158. Dont know what to do...
  159. Married but Alone
  160. Strengthen my relationship with my 5 yr old son
  161. Nice Guy or a Guy that is Nice?
  162. VAR Question
  163. Guys, what type of man he is? URGENT...
  164. Terrified of Ex Wife
  165. Ex-Wife Wants to Get Back Together ... I'm Skeptical
  166. Wives and their Hormones
  167. Wife thinks I should do something to make her wanting to leave me easy
  168. Question for husbands
  169. Religious Men and the Divorce Dilemma
  170. I need a man's insight! What does my husband want?
  171. Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths
  172. Wife wants a nice-ish car
  173. Wife upset because housekeeper folded clothes
  174. I push her away during sleep
  175. wife and girls only holiday
  176. Need A Man's Perspective
  177. Your opi nion of women who have sex on the first date . . .
  178. Have you ever cheated?
  179. A strip club question
  180. Would you keep it to yourself?
  181. Positive Pregnancy Tests Up For Sale Online
  182. I'm not her brother or father
  183. Does using porn make a man a lesser man?
  184. WTF's with mens razors?
  185. They say men can;t communicate but...
  186. Girlfriend ruined my computer, refuses to pay to get it fixed.
  187. Why are some men stingy with money?
  188. attention guys
  189. Can women hurt men?? What is your gripe -what is the equivalent to "Male Chauvinism"
  190. What do you....
  191. Men- i need your advice kn a serious question
  192. Question- moved from womens group
  193. Dealing With Anger
  194. Texting body parts
  195. Coping with a WAW
  196. Marrying a women over 30 with kids
  197. I need males prospective....BADLY
  198. Online dating and man-parts
  199. Unedited honesty . . . .
  200. Deserve Better?
  201. Graduation night: to party or not to party
  202. Punishment?
  203. French Kissing
  204. Not Jessica Alba
  205. If this was your sister/daughter how would you react?
  206. Why do older men go for younder women?
  207. It's been a long time
  208. A Public Service Announcement
  209. You work on something, she takes credit
  210. Advice from men what is happening in my marriage if I still have one
  211. She Doesn't Love You
  212. Bones are for dogs, meat is for men.
  213. What is MAP
  214. Is it really true what they say about house work? Thinking of testing it
  215. Woman for a day?
  216. Am I reading into things?
  217. Man's point of view needed
  218. Do most men...
  219. Are You Really "Best Friends"?
  220. Men: do you even meet women you find creepy or sleezy
  221. The Sexes Build the 'Perfect Body'
  222. Could you date a porn star
  223. Does sex create an emotional bond, or not?
  224. Question for men - I would apreciate your candid opinion
  225. Weird handshake . . . of any significance?
  226. Men, would you be happy if a woman insisted on paying for herself for all dates?
  227. Anyone else think they're wife is just not right in the head?
  228. Has any of you guys paid for sex?
  229. Looking for advice about raising T levels
  230. Question for Men - Ranting, Venting, Sharing YOUR Emotions?
  231. Do you get aroused by watching or thinking about your partner with another person?
  232. The women here love to shame
  233. How often do you guys fight?
  234. What did I actually want from marriage? From kids?
  235. Are there times when it's just about her during sex?
  236. Doe any of the hair growth stuff really work ?
  237. Listening is more important than setting boundaries
  238. Favorite Bourbon
  239. What does it mean...
  240. New to tam - No More Mr. Nice Guy!
  241. Wife co-sleeps with our 4 yr old
  242. What Lingerie should I buy for my wife?
  243. Legs
  244. Did You Guys See This?
  245. Going from total passion and desire to a turn off overnight.
  246. Getting the ball back in my court?
  247. YOUR woman in lingerie
  248. Being older sucks
  249. What's the biggest mistake you see men make?
  250. The things you wish you can do...