: The Men's Clubhouse

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  1. She Doesn't Love You
  2. Bones are for dogs, meat is for men.
  3. What is MAP
  4. Is it really true what they say about house work? Thinking of testing it
  5. Woman for a day?
  6. Am I reading into things?
  7. Man's point of view needed
  8. Do most men...
  9. Are You Really "Best Friends"?
  10. Men: do you even meet women you find creepy or sleezy
  11. The Sexes Build the 'Perfect Body'
  12. Could you date a porn star
  13. Does sex create an emotional bond, or not?
  14. Question for men - I would apreciate your candid opinion
  15. Weird handshake . . . of any significance?
  16. Men, would you be happy if a woman insisted on paying for herself for all dates?
  17. Anyone else think they're wife is just not right in the head?
  18. Has any of you guys paid for sex?
  19. Looking for advice about raising T levels
  20. Question for Men - Ranting, Venting, Sharing YOUR Emotions?
  21. Do you get aroused by watching or thinking about your partner with another person?
  22. The women here love to shame
  23. How often do you guys fight?
  24. What did I actually want from marriage? From kids?
  25. Are there times when it's just about her during sex?
  26. Doe any of the hair growth stuff really work ?
  27. Listening is more important than setting boundaries
  28. Favorite Bourbon
  29. What does it mean...
  30. New to tam - No More Mr. Nice Guy!
  31. Wife co-sleeps with our 4 yr old
  32. What Lingerie should I buy for my wife?
  33. Legs
  34. Did You Guys See This?
  35. Going from total passion and desire to a turn off overnight.
  36. Getting the ball back in my court?
  37. YOUR woman in lingerie
  38. Being older sucks
  39. What's the biggest mistake you see men make?
  40. The things you wish you can do...
  41. How to keep your wife happy
  42. Would a husband want to know?
  43. Why don't men today care as much about their appearance?
  44. Not sure where to go from here
  45. Favourite red pill blogs and forums
  46. Testicle Soreness after 4 Days
  47. Need a man's opinion please!
  48. 3 things that make you feel loved
  49. Men's Advice - behavior when cheating.
  50. Any Men who DON'T have "Touch" as their Primary Love Language?
  51. Marriage Was a Huge MistakeóBut I Cannot Divorce
  52. How did you tell your wife you wanted a separation/divorce?
  53. When your wife multitasks socially..
  54. Living in separate houses?
  55. Man rules
  56. Creativity and Projects
  57. Which physical attrubutes do you find attractive in a woman
  58. Fixing the roof - question for the men
  59. The Married Man Sex Life Primer and the MAP in Marriage
  60. Wife says she no longer wants to be in this relationship
  61. my wife keeps hitting me
  62. Nicer I am worse I get treated
  63. I'd be much happier if you did that, but I HATE that you did it!
  64. Women who whine about other men...
  65. sex: asking and offering
  66. Boat anchor
  67. Horny in the spring
  68. Men, What do you wish your wife knew about sex?
  69. Belly
  70. Steak and a BJ Day Is March 14th ~ Any Plans?
  71. Dealing with a guy who is jealous of me
  72. Confused in Marriage, Need another Man's Input
  73. The annoyance of ****ty looking women..
  74. Being called perfect
  75. Marriage for men in the US - a Russian roulette?
  76. Wow, I feel like I just took the red pill!
  77. Enjoy Ladies Wearing Tight Yoga Pants?
  78. Wife No Longer Loves Me, Is Living Single
  79. wrong to expect intimacy on 20th anniversary?
  80. Dinner Table Leadership
  81. frusting ... and lost
  82. 1st Post & my struggle
  83. Should men be reviewed like restauraunts?
  84. Money matters..?
  85. Curious
  86. no more mr nice guy questions
  87. Wifes attitude to working late - no win for me!
  88. What physically attracts you to a woman?
  89. Please help me understand this man (if possible I'd like to hear from men on this)
  90. What's a high number?
  91. Question for Men????
  92. Men and their emotions
  93. Tale of a Betrayed Baseball Announcer
  94. Work/Jobs at home/Childcare - cant do it all
  95. Men , Why Do You Work?
  96. How to hold longer....
  97. The harsh reality of women that make more $$$
  98. Shall I get married ?
  99. A boundary question about wife
  100. Job loss and divorce
  101. Endless cycle of wifes affair.. please read need input
  102. Single men, where to find the good ones and how to reel them in?
  103. Earning back trust
  104. No good deed goes unpunished
  105. Wearing hers
  106. Dealing with EA... Emotional Abuse.
  107. It's not the cost of the suit that counts
  108. Guys, describe your ideal woman
  109. anything but
  110. Heres another...wife texting another married man 1000 miles away
  111. Guys Question for you re: Orgasm after Age 40
  112. Am I LD?
  113. Sexual Objectification And Society.
  114. The ideal penis: Men and objectification
  115. Making New Guy Friends at 48
  116. wife reading into things I say
  117. Success Strategies When Staying for the Kids
  118. Can someone tell me where this might have come from?
  119. Low T Anyone?
  120. Men--husband lacks network and it affects us more than I thought
  121. Having a good discharge
  122. Need a male viewpoint
  123. Peyronies
  124. Women - read at your own risk. It's about money.
  125. Looking for a new career...
  126. relationships not traditional marriages
  127. She Said, He Looked
  128. SBW?
  129. Men, what do you prefer...
  130. Was i wrong
  131. How would you defineRAPE...
  132. Wife told me she enjoyed it when another man flirted with her
  133. What do you Men think...
  134. What does this mean?
  135. What does a great sex life look like to you?
  136. Drama between my wife, my daughter and her mother. Looking for advise asap
  137. To all those unhappy married guys or divorced ones...
  138. Am I crazy??
  139. marriage is freaking tough
  140. Male brain
  141. How would you deal with this?
  142. Question for men - Middle Age Libido
  143. Anti-materialism experiment
  144. Anxiety in social situations when I am with my wife and there are other men
  145. Need advice. only from men. please.
  146. Which type of woman is more attractive?
  147. Sexy Dress UP - guys opinon needed
  148. Porn vs Erotica: same problems?
  149. How would you define "vanilla" sex?
  150. Wth happened to CanadianGuy?
  151. Strange Erection Issue
  152. Communication after argument/disconnect
  153. How do you show her she is no. 1?
  154. A different reality.
  155. Life after breakup
  156. Question for the guys
  157. honest opnions needed please folks.
  158. After we do anything sexual
  159. Moral responsibility
  160. Poll: Who didnt sleep with their wife in 2013?
  161. Just need a place to dump my thoughts on everything
  162. How do you deal.
  163. Polygamy option....
  164. Old Friend?
  165. Male female male threesome
  166. How would you feel?
  167. Younger man, Older women
  168. What is the #1 thing you wish your wife would do?
  169. my wife walked out
  170. Received Xmas Gift - Return?
  171. Older man younger woman
  172. "I would never cheat" - TAMM
  173. Does the Sex in Marriage section make marriage seem stupid?
  174. Guys: How would you handle wife's office coworker?
  175. What do you want your wife to do, but are afraid to ask?
  176. Big Bottomed Woman
  177. If you were courting a woman you were keen on
  178. Q for men: job stress and sex
  179. Do you believe in good and bad luck runs ?
  180. Ten Surprising Reasons Men Initiate Divorce
  181. Need Help !!!!
  182. Friend revealed his cheating to me
  183. Why I am going to delete the "real woman" thread
  184. Too much rum and some 32 c's
  185. No husband around? Fair game
  186. advice needed from the men
  187. Do you know how awful she was? as if I should feel secure after that.....
  188. Men, are you flattered by a younger woman's [ 20 something - ish ] attention ?
  189. Burnt out on career
  190. career crossroads
  191. My relationship is a mess.
  192. My faith in women is lacking
  193. Are many literally living mth to mth finacially ?
  194. Guys can you help me get the right thing?
  195. Test Cream
  196. Sperm leakage?
  197. how to motivate a man?
  198. Men need space?
  199. Men, quick question!?!
  200. Marriage resolution?
  201. Birthday Surprises
  202. Wife and MiL phone calls
  203. The " LOLITA " urge....
  204. I'd love to marry my girlfriend but...
  205. the right way to win back a cheating GF
  206. I'm deeply hurt and may never find another husband
  207. Sexless marriage. Difference bw men and women
  208. Tired of being the one "reaching out"?
  209. Trust
  210. More on Science of Beauty
  211. men- do you want all your fantasies?
  212. Feeling valued at work
  213. Man's innate desire for youthful woman?
  214. Men who don't like giving oral
  215. New Job Offer...Except My Wife Cheated With A Guy Who Works at Company...
  216. Is he worth the hassle?
  217. Wife flirting
  218. Breasts??
  219. Sex God
  220. GUys what do you REALLY think about your girl behind closed doors.
  221. caught my wife kissing a guy
  222. Getting aroused thinking about her...
  223. Men can you shake your "joe* like this?
  224. Quickies
  225. Testosterone Treatments
  226. Emotional support for yourself
  227. MY Kids of Wife?
  228. You Want Manly?
  229. Double Double Standard
  230. How many dates before sex?
  231. Is this a problem or a great asset?
  232. How to communicate with my husband!
  233. Guys, how often did/do you date multiple women?
  234. Sad and Full of Regrets
  235. Is it ever just "meh"
  236. If a man is "happy" why would he "search"
  237. The Squirting Wife
  238. Which one is more important for women, the man or the car?
  239. Any computer buffs among us, mine's doing crazy stuff !
  240. Difference Between Dating a Boy vs A Man
  241. How do l handle bad neighbors, street, in my situation ?
  242. Obesity and Self Esteem Issues
  243. What do you love about oral sex?
  244. Failing marriage with kids
  245. Beyond the point of no return.
  246. WAW-- "Do not believe any of what you hear them say and less than 50% of what you see
  247. Men who decided to stay married until the kids are gone
  248. If your wife wrote erotica?
  249. Face VS Body (for men)
  250. How to bulk up