: The Men's Clubhouse

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  1. caught my wife kissing a guy
  2. Getting aroused thinking about her...
  3. Men can you shake your "joe* like this?
  4. Quickies
  5. Testosterone Treatments
  6. Emotional support for yourself
  7. MY Kids of Wife?
  8. You Want Manly?
  9. Double Double Standard
  10. How many dates before sex?
  11. Is this a problem or a great asset?
  12. How to communicate with my husband!
  13. Guys, how often did/do you date multiple women?
  14. Sad and Full of Regrets
  15. Is it ever just "meh"
  16. If a man is "happy" why would he "search"
  17. The Squirting Wife
  18. Which one is more important for women, the man or the car?
  19. Any computer buffs among us, mine's doing crazy stuff !
  20. Difference Between Dating a Boy vs A Man
  21. How do l handle bad neighbors, street, in my situation ?
  22. Obesity and Self Esteem Issues
  23. What do you love about oral sex?
  24. Failing marriage with kids
  25. Beyond the point of no return.
  26. WAW-- "Do not believe any of what you hear them say and less than 50% of what you see
  27. Men who decided to stay married until the kids are gone
  28. If your wife wrote erotica?
  29. Face VS Body (for men)
  30. How to bulk up
  31. Shy Guy
  32. Life After Divorce
  33. When a spouse lies
  34. Height preferences for men
  35. Is the 180 for me?--She is an awesome gal but
  36. married and ex
  37. Have time for this?
  38. High school sweetheart.
  39. Martial Art Recommendation
  40. What is it's purpose....?
  41. Starting to go down hill fast! need advice and help
  42. Wife spies on me, but is very secretive of her own stuff
  43. Do poor men have any legitimate basis for confidence?
  44. To Know or not to Know
  45. cheating?
  46. Bring It! Riding the Tiger!
  47. TRT
  48. Keylogger
  49. Think you're an alpha male and got game? Read this
  50. Question about Craigslist
  51. What do you really think of your wife's...?
  52. Geography & Demographics: Men's Perspective
  53. Upper or lower body?
  54. need a mans view
  55. When you are not who your wife thinks you are
  56. Wife vs. Mother ...
  57. Cooking endeavours
  58. Dense Inlaws
  59. What does emotional intimacy look like for men?
  60. My husband's warm hands
  61. Potential
  62. Caught wife in a lie
  63. What are your steps/input on a successful marriage?
  64. Finding your "center" in an argument
  65. Help
  66. The Joys of Withholding Sex
  67. I need some ideas...
  68. Retroactive Jealousy?! I have that!
  69. Wife doesn't trust me after genuine mistake
  70. Curious about wife's past lovers
  71. Should l sell the house or keep as an investment ?
  72. No real challenge... suss?
  73. Wife not affectionate or intimate - I'm running low on patience
  74. Man fakes kidnapping to have a night out with the fellas
  75. silly question about "morning wood"
  76. A question for Men!
  77. What are the de facto laws in your country?
  78. Wife on Facebook with Ex - Threat?
  79. MMSLP--'rewarding good behavior'
  80. Can I Trust Him Again?
  81. Dealing With Past Hurt
  82. Do you go crazy without sex?
  83. Why do guys outright ignore certain questions?
  84. ? For Men - What makes you feel respected?
  85. Poker night
  86. Your Experience in Proposing Co-Habitational Co-Parenting
  87. Alpha Male Myth or Real
  88. Wife texting another Man
  89. blah
  90. Need some input please.
  91. Why do men hit on married women?
  92. Boob jobs for the wives/girlfriends when life has taken it's toll...
  93. Soon it will be 1 year
  94. guy and his phone
  95. Feelig ****ty about physical attraction to a total stranger
  96. Can Women be Too Independent?
  97. What was life like before internet porn?
  98. My Wife want to divorce me
  99. What do you love about women?
  100. wife cheating with other woman
  101. A picture of cougars twerking has made me a neanderthal that hates Girl's Night Out
  102. This is my situation and is hearting me a lot
  103. Advice about the Temperature - Barometer
  104. What is in his mind?
  105. Grand Theft Auto 5 - Wife is pissed
  106. Wife tells me when guys check her out!?
  107. New Guy/ Need Guys Opinion
  108. Limitations on divorce and the father's right movement, does it go too far?
  109. I am the "Bad Guy"
  110. Great Dads have smaller testicles
  111. Am I being stupid?
  112. Guys help...
  113. Sexless Marriage - Is my husband gay or just not that into me?
  114. Vasectomy on Thursday
  115. Intimacy trouble on both sides
  116. How to solve this messed up state of mind
  117. Physical enhancements that women use - gus do you like......
  118. What is soooo important about BJ's??
  119. Can I go back to be the 'naughty wife' in bed???
  120. Do you guys ever feel a need to help other men that are doormats but don't know it?
  121. Who's at fault?
  122. What made you choose your wife?
  123. How do you get your wife to drop the lbs?
  124. Talking to a man - do's and don'ts?
  125. Starting to Lose Sexual Interest in my Wife
  126. Married men have lower testosterone
  127. Wife asked me to get a Vasectomy
  128. Marriage advice i wish i would have had
  129. Girlfriend says I'm a bit geeky in bed...lol
  130. Advice from men please...?
  131. She doesn't love me anymore...
  132. wife watches lesbo porn
  133. How should I handle this? (images attached)
  134. another mans parents fighting for my child and asking for a dna test!
  135. I need a man's input
  136. Wife wants me home on the dot
  137. Thoughts/Advice
  138. Need some advice
  139. Men, please answer--are you ever UNinterested?
  140. Does this mean anything?
  141. Guy's advice would be great...
  142. mixed drink ideas
  143. Getting "IT" back???
  144. I want to believe him......
  145. i need help!
  146. Men...why so angry?
  147. "Nice Guy" dilemma-- Please name one specific thing I can do
  148. (Odd) question for the men
  149. Do you prefer white, black or colored lingerie?
  150. Provocative pictures
  151. dating sites
  152. needing a mans point of view
  153. How do you test a woman?
  154. How Do You Tell Your Wife You're Sorry
  155. Real problems
  156. Men! How do I hobby myself into happiness?
  157. Help...I'm turning into a woman!
  158. Blow by Blow..
  159. Football! What are the rules? Can you guys help?
  160. I'm a jerk please help!
  161. Need guys input on this...whats my husbands issue?
  162. Whiskey
  163. Hacked email and dating sites
  164. Question for the men (and women if they want)
  165. How did you find dating prospects in your 40s or older ?
  166. List the ways women check out men
  167. Guys, I Need Your Help
  168. Mild domestic violence? men please help
  169. Am I wrong to feel this way?
  170. Avoiding joy for the fear of joy?
  171. Need help from college football fans!! asap
  172. dating a former lesbian?
  173. You and me Baby ain't nothing but mammals
  174. What Women Think Vs. What Men Think
  175. Affair vs. fling vs. casual sex vs. FB, etc.
  176. Been having my doubts for a longtime..
  177. So now she's jealous...
  178. Favorite Genres of Porn ?
  179. Hate When Guys Start at My Fiancee
  180. Newbie-- need help
  181. You ever just KNOW that shes looking for a reason
  182. Technical help needed for VAR
  183. what to do this marriage
  184. Wife kissed coworker. Cheating?
  185. Giving up on dating in the USA
  186. A man's drink
  187. Why are redheads so hot
  188. WTH-after 19yrs- from 2 I love you's a yr to 3 a day??
  189. Gentlemen , what do you like about your wife or significant other?
  190. In need of some advice
  191. In your relationship does your wife put you first or the kids? Does it matter?
  192. Programmed to one woman
  193. Do you like when a female squirts?
  194. Getting over ex wife's new sex life
  195. How much did hormone replacement cost you?
  196. My neighbor...want to stop, but finding it difficult
  197. Men... if this were you
  198. What else can I do?
  199. Are women more offended by the term "Nice guy"
  200. Texas men can get pregnant?
  201. Help me from a man's perspective.
  202. PAP (Post Affair Paranoia)
  203. Female alpha traits vs the beta ones.....
  204. Men, what does high maintenance v's low maintenance mean?
  205. Is sex work?
  206. Does a female relationship partner like this really exist?
  207. Understanding my husband: Need a man's perspective
  208. Is there anyone truly in an honest loving relationship?
  209. Tacoma, I Have Your Answer About Porn...
  210. Men- How do you run your family?
  211. Guys, what if your wife found porn...
  212. Jodie Arias Movie
  213. The challenge: My problem?
  214. Anyone ever think of trying out one of those "Have an Affair" online sites?
  215. Which did you marry?
  216. men... what do i do?
  217. I'm really worried about desiring a new GF !
  218. Is this normal?
  219. My husband has a man crush ? help!
  220. issue with wife's relationship with her BFF
  221. Trouble with my first week of N.U.T.S!
  222. New sexual experiences with new girlfriend
  223. STBX and past friends
  224. I have no clue what to do?
  225. she is always angry
  226. Erotica -Is there a solution/compromise
  227. After a night out with my buddy, I am going to have to say PUA books are overrated
  228. Ok, maybe it is me
  229. Riding my bike has caused temporary ED
  230. buying stuff
  231. Some things I have experienced...
  232. help
  233. At a loss
  234. Desperate for male advice on my situation
  235. Started with a 4some...
  236. Father's Day offences
  237. Was told I was love starved by a woman counselor today.
  238. Forehead wrinkles on an over-40-year-old man
  239. how can i satisfy my unsatisfied wife?
  240. No more mister nice guy book
  241. STBX: Friends or no?
  242. jealousy
  243. If you noticed your wife was really starting
  244. Father's day?
  245. Is my wife suffering from post-natal psychosis?
  246. Wife with other men fantasy
  247. tiredwife&sahm, You Have Inspired Me...
  248. mutual jo
  249. Starting sh*t at bedtime... rant (sorry in advance)
  250. Lost on what to do