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  1. Disrespectful / Rude or Power Dynamic or WTF? Grrrrr.
  2. I lied now what?
  3. Amazing how the lies are found out
  4. Need advice on men talk
  5. another thread about BJ's
  6. Meeting your SO's Friends and Confronting an your SO's AP
  7. Why would he bother?
  8. Text from OS boss at night
  9. Dropped the bomb last night...
  10. Moving to a new country
  11. Getting of my chest: Relationship, porn, abstaining and coping
  12. Does your wife get you the gayest underwear?
  13. Open or Closed?
  14. How to get wife to take more ownership in the bedroom
  15. How can anyone think me lucky?
  16. Our foundations...
  17. Do you find your wife cute when...
  18. Ok, just a little self deprecating humor...
  19. Wife won't pick up her part
  20. Non Verbal Communication (NVC) part 2
  21. Which type of woman is preferable?
  22. 1st Vacation with just my wife in over 2 years and since being separated.
  23. My wife talks to men on dating sites
  24. When dating, when do your introduce your girlfriend to family and friends?
  25. One step away from straying
  26. How would you react to this?
  27. Poll for men in bad sex marriages: Wife's hair
  28. I don't understand my husband???
  29. prostate cancer
  30. Am I risking it?
  31. Help;how to say bye
  32. Email from me understand, please!
  33. Initiating sex 101
  34. She cheated, I forgave, but now...
  35. ? About my stepson
  36. Wives and their unattractive moments
  37. Re-established boundaries
  38. Non verbal communication
  39. So who takes the majority of the blame for sex being cut off?
  40. Leaves the room.?
  41. So here I sit again guys...another night...
  42. My 'Wife is So Sexy' moments..
  43. Am I reading too much into this?
  44. Aging and sex priorities - need older male advice
  45. Well then....
  46. Satisfaction
  47. A Narcissist Borderline Relationship
  48. Got some trust issues
  49. I am in a real "I hate Women" mood today
  50. The perfect wife?
  51. Need a male prospective...
  52. Dealing with anger
  53. Guys, guys, guys
  54. lurking ex update
  55. Help? I think my girlfriend is "cheating"
  56. Need advice from the men
  57. Went to court today.....and venting
  58. Help me understand my fiance
  59. Need some advice
  60. First love and ex lovers from your youth...
  61. GUYS OPINION PLEASE... What do you think of my husband?
  62. Vasectomy advice
  63. This article was written by a Woman stating women are better at being Unfaithful
  64. 'No more nice guy'
  65. Article: Six Secret Turn-ons that Men Love...
  66. Damned if I do, amd Damned if I don't ... need to vent badly.
  67. Performance anxiety
  68. My marriage in disparate need of help
  69. hurt and confused. -Venting -
  70. Need help with relationship breakdown
  71. Please help
  72. Men... please explain?
  73. No strings attached BJ ?
  74. I want some answers from some REAL men, please.
  75. Financial Shenanigans
  76. Don't know anymore
  77. Taking a lady out dancing
  78. Any of you guys feel like you're in "marriage prison"?
  79. Update... friends involved
  80. Question regarding character judgement
  81. I am not sure if I want to be single?
  82. Dealing with insecurities
  83. Reality check - Am I being small minded or am I getting taken advantage of?
  84. Has anyone experienced this????
  85. wife wieght gain
  86. Advice Requested - Best Buddy Moving
  87. Totally at a loss here guys
  88. Will my degree & bubbly personality matter..
  89. Getting him to feel alpha again
  90. Do you lie to your spouse about little things?
  91. Advise?
  92. What would you think?
  93. Question for the guys
  94. Not sure what to do.
  95. What's going on?
  96. Help.. Read bothersome emails
  97. NOw what?
  98. Feel like I am losing my wife and I do not know what to do...
  99. Wife at crossroads, don't know how to communicate, distance growing. I need help
  100. Sometimes I think I married a kid.
  101. How much protein usage per...
  102. paternity testing at birth
  103. I'm done
  104. Help manning up
  105. Question for husbands
  106. Advice on my situation
  107. What is a sh!t test?
  108. Fitness tests and manning up
  109. I want to employ wifey!
  110. Low Testosterone/Alternative Treatment
  111. Beginning stages of Manning Up...and I'm failing
  112. would you ever go to a sex club with your wife...
  113. Male leadership?
  114. My Nice Guy Conundrum
  115. How is this a turn-on??
  116. Snooped in wifes email
  117. Husband might be gay/bi?
  118. Being friends with cheaters
  119. What makes you jealous about your wife?
  120. Best KeyLogger?
  121. Wife acts very differently when around friends and family.
  122. In need of some advice
  123. My boyfriend is taking steroids and is a different person on them
  124. How would you respond?
  125. very short relationship and unplanned pregnancy, is it disaster?
  126. What do you do?
  127. The other side......
  128. You're full of sh!t.....and other manners of speaking....
  129. Does vasectomy change hormones released during sex?
  130. Male Hormones
  131. Grumpy husband! so moody!
  132. Emotionally unstable
  133. How do you help your (male) partner find friends?
  134. When your husband do not like when you look sexy
  135. Wife's revelation
  136. what to wear/buy
  137. husbands..would this offend you?
  138. New Man (Must Read)!
  139. Just Curious
  140. Men, I need your help.
  141. Which gender would you prefer?
  142. Hey do you feel about your wife and sex toys?
  143. When to return to work and crying
  144. Frustrated...Weight Loss & Marriage...
  145. Tossed Salad
  146. Guy opinion. do you do this?
  147. Is it over?
  148. How much can one man take?
  149. What are some reasons why a guy's gf would insist on marriage?
  150. shaving super thick facial hair
  151. Fantasizing about a new love and a new life.
  152. I need a man's advice on home repairs.
  153. Wish I knew what my husband is thinking/feeling?!??!
  154. Living with your ex
  155. Be nice to the girl
  156. Lies about past before Marrage
  157. Won't read, won't listen...
  158. Hubs had weird dream...
  159. Not sure how to handle husband when he loses his temper
  160. Guys...What do you like to see women wearing??
  161. How to ask wife if she is BiCurious/Bisexual?
  162. Smartphones and games
  163. Alpha male and negatives wives - can it be changed?
  164. Seeking advice on rebuilding marriage with very angry wife...
  165. Switching off from work
  166. Is being a divorced father emasculating?
  167. should I be afraid for my life?
  168. Low t treatment experiences?
  169. Just need to vent
  170. Men, do you ever withhold sex?
  171. Co-Parenting
  172. Could you still stay married if...
  173. I finally got an answer, need help
  174. How would I know if my husband is gay or bi-curious?
  175. I found his mags
  176. productive advice would be appreciated
  177. When your wife talks not nice, how to respond
  178. AFEH, Amplexor, Conrad, Trenton and a few others....update
  179. 2 Qs to Adult Circumcision Survivors
  180. I'm FINALLY starting to get it!!!
  181. Man's opinion
  182. do men like dirty talk during sex?
  183. Need a man input regarding my own...and porn
  184. Did I over react?
  185. cheating---should I forgive it?
  186. Men.....what is your "EDGE" - can you explain it ...and have you grown in it ??
  187. A Tip For The Hubs of TAM
  188. He has sexual chat with other women
  189. Guys who are divorced. How bad did you get hit financially?
  190. I lied to my wife about watching porn. What can I do?
  191. He never compliments me
  192. MEN I need to know your take on this
  193. hubs picks a fight about EVERYTHING!!!
  194. Getting married in 10 days - fiance caught trying to hook up with a guy.
  195. The Situation...
  196. No No Chase me!
  197. Don't know how to handle this situation
  198. non-sexual activities that bond you
  199. Dont know what to do
  200. When your wife complain all day
  201. Question for men: FWB has ED
  202. I need help
  203. First date night in a LONG time
  204. please I need some Help!
  205. Child support question again: a bit deeper than previous
  206. I Need Help Desperately!
  207. Wife wants babies, I don't ..
  208. the truth finally came out
  209. Things your wife used to do in your early days together (before marriage) that would
  210. Sloth Cloth...How much does it annoy you?
  211. Be Honest-Have you ever faked it?
  212. I need guy advice
  213. How much is too much?
  214. do you "save it" for the wife?
  215. do you fantasize about other women?
  216. does your wife have the "ideal" body?
  217. Feeling wanted
  218. Do all husbands "joke" like this?
  219. Male equivalent of flowers?
  220. The Controlling Wife
  221. im a piece of crap and i know it
  222. She just walked out...what would you do?
  223. would you still watch porn?
  224. Wife has cheated - do I accept and move on?
  225. Why is he flirting am i wrong?
  226. x girlfriends call your house?
  227. How to....foreplay?
  228. Qeustion for the men out there
  229. Rolled out the red carpet, got the brillow pad.
  230. Manly Activities??
  231. The art of fighting without fighting
  232. Enjoy the process, not the goal.
  233. Basic Dating Etiquette Question
  234. not just too much sex but wife CONSTANTLY want attention
  235. Anyone completely marginalised by wife's Facebook and Cellphone use?
  236. I was not looking...
  237. Naked mom, need mens opinions
  238. Muck Tests
  239. I could really use a man's opinion on this.
  240. Need Guy's Opinion
  241. husband obsessed with huge breasts
  242. A question for the hubbys of TAM...
  243. Sh*t Tests and The Way of the Superior Man
  244. I Got GAME...
  245. Marriage... Ugh
  246. Frustrated in NJ
  247. Books to entice
  248. Impatience w/ Wife & MC
  249. All Men: Please Weight In on This--Married to a Narcissist
  250. Losing interest in sex w/ the wife