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  1. Father's day?
  2. Is my wife suffering from post-natal psychosis?
  3. Wife with other men fantasy
  4. tiredwife&sahm, You Have Inspired Me...
  5. mutual jo
  6. Starting sh*t at bedtime... rant (sorry in advance)
  7. Lost on what to do
  8. Around the house question
  9. Just a laugh for the fellas
  10. OW husband threaten my husband job!
  11. The Death of Distinction
  12. QUESTION FOR MEN who had an affair & with the OW
  13. Would really appreciate men's perspective on this...
  14. Men's Prospective Needed: Is His Response Genuine Or Otherwise
  15. Question for men but women please feel free to respond
  16. Men's Roles, Marriage and Today's Society
  17. Tired of talking
  18. Where is the libido killing pill?
  19. Moodiness...
  20. Reel Push Mowers
  21. Where do people draw the line from an EA to a PA?
  22. Why you won't make love to me
  23. New & need to vent
  24. Quality vs Quantity of Sex
  25. Cast-Away Movie
  26. If you were NMMNG or kind of like that, what did your spouse do
  27. Looking for advice
  28. sexual fantasies about someone you dislike
  29. Oral Sex ~ The Michael Douglas Announcement: Will It Effect Your Future?
  30. New member
  31. Loss for words
  32. So for men not in love....wife wins you back how?
  33. Are You The "Touchy/Feely" Type or Just Don't Like to Touch?
  34. Men, what are the telltale signs...
  35. I need someone to listen to me.
  36. Is it time to move on?
  37. It's official.
  38. Where to begin...
  39. Is this normal??
  40. Sorry, quesion for men - kinda shallow if your woman became more athletic looking
  41. Vaginal, oral, anal.... guys do you see a difference
  42. Would you say this to an ex?
  43. Is there a real chance to mend this marriage?
  44. Need a man's perspective - sort of long
  45. To let go?
  46. How Would You Feel About This
  47. Issues between future wife, son, and family
  48. I'm concerned...
  49. Do husbands like sexy letters?
  50. Im turning into my father
  51. Am I being completely irrational?? (Jealousy)
  52. Definition of a man
  53. Consistently up all night
  54. Men--normal to not have your own friends?
  55. Are you still "IN" love with your Wife?
  56. caught looking at cleavage, what to do now ?
  57. People use the verb "to use" in place of "to watch" porn to shame men.
  58. Guys please recommend your condom of choice
  59. loneliness?\ how to cope with that\ problems with memory..
  60. Wife wants a sixth babyÖ I donít
  61. How do I communicate to my husband that...
  62. Really irritated with You Men... Can you Explain?
  63. wife and Doctor - co-worker
  64. She say I am controlling
  65. Am I overreacting?
  66. How to be more dominant?
  67. Help me out here!
  68. CanadianGuy update
  69. Guys opinion please...
  70. Men, would you marry...
  71. When considering whether to date a woman, do you consider......
  72. Men if your wife told you that
  73. It's the wife's job to stop guys from cheating...
  74. Trying to normalize the reasons
  75. Trying to normalize the reasons
  76. Sometimes I feel like saying....
  77. Greeting your wife--a question
  78. Men and getting engaged...
  79. Men--what does it take for you to be
  80. What do guys think of nice gals?
  81. Guys, does it bother you...
  82. Question for the men
  83. Scared to start over
  84. H caught checking out my friends boobs!
  85. Men & hygiene
  86. Men, women and the ability to see the whole picture
  87. husband is broken,wife died?
  88. Just curious
  89. Fight club
  90. Wasn't THIS WOMAN one of the sexiest women alive?
  91. What gets you guys going?
  92. deaing with an LD spouse
  93. HELP--need man's perspective on this before I really overreact & lose my mind
  94. Metro sexual?
  95. That time of the month
  96. Self centered and the fish
  97. The Effects of Emasculation
  98. Should you ever feel bad for being "disappointed"?
  99. Would you go on vacation without your wife?
  100. Why do men think they are entitled to porn?
  101. Should I keep initiating even if he repeatedly turns me down.
  102. Why women are so mean with one another?
  103. What makes a good dad?
  104. Bachelor duties
  105. Men, do you...?
  106. Parody to dove beauty sketch commercial
  107. Guys: How Should A Wife Handle This
  108. Question Gentleman, If you were sick and your wife didn't take care of you...
  109. Bad in Bed Health Indicators
  110. Guys, is this true?
  111. Not so sure Alpha vs Beta matters much in relationships
  112. Married and confused
  113. When your husband is "Too busy" to spend time with you is it time to leave?
  114. which of these options is a better wife?
  115. Men: What Can A Wife Do To Make You Happy?
  116. Recently back together after 4 month split but unhappy again
  117. Should I be worried?
  118. Here's an idea!
  119. Dh is sending acting strange
  120. Dig's Guide to Being a TRUE Alpha
  121. Guys in 20's please answer!!
  122. Beta vs Alpha in my marriage
  123. A beginner's guide to male dominance
  124. Asking for a sexual hiatus..good or bad idea?
  125. Emotional Affair: In Love or Not?
  126. Article about the marriage dynamic and a former model's opinion
  127. Blame It On Me...
  128. Looking for a guys perspective...
  129. Is this a male thing or just my husband?
  130. My wife keeps asking me if I cheated...why?
  131. Emotional affair
  132. No Birthday or Xmas gifts anymore?ouch
  133. You go Gabby
  134. Is Facebook a good thing , what's the best setup ?
  135. I spy on my wife, I don`t know what to do
  136. Do men like drama, calm or somewhere in between?
  137. Sexy pictures of your wife?
  138. BIG Problem...
  139. Should you say no?
  140. Ever lusted after/dated/married/whatever a woman not your preferred physical type?
  141. I think we're both miserable
  142. Men - Is there a certain "type" of female you are attracted to?
  143. What to make of this comment from my husband?
  144. Blowing a Load
  145. I wanted to share.
  146. What we bring to the table.
  147. Am I still qualified to post?
  148. manly things you would like to learn/do
  149. Need Advice From A Man
  150. Drinking and inhibitions while in a relationship
  151. Needing help with my overly insecure wife - please advise!
  152. Do LD males ever get better?
  153. Is it fear and depression or self-sacrifice and loyalty?
  154. What happens when there's nothing there?
  155. My wife and my family clash!
  156. Stopping by with gratitude for your help and wonderful update :-)
  157. How long after orgasm do you have an erection?
  158. Can't change the past, what should i do?
  159. I need help, advice bad! I need to save a marriage well worth saving!
  160. The dilemma of wanting children
  161. Advice from Husbands re: Kids
  162. Women's most famous sex fantasies
  163. When and how would you like to be told?
  164. Question for the men
  165. Size queens
  166. advice and probably how to let go
  167. Gentlemen, did you ever feel like you regretted getting married?
  168. Got a Question and Need Answers
  169. how much input should non-working spouse have
  170. An easy way to increase your confidence
  171. Now I am in the resentment phase
  172. Need guy advice
  173. Men who do housework get less sex, according to study
  174. Why bother?
  175. So I finally read NMMG
  176. Wife with Depression/PTSD
  177. My responsibility or H's?
  178. Do you text exwives or past girlfriends
  179. Question for men
  180. Gym workout advice please!
  181. No more mr nice guy... yep another thread here.
  182. is loving my wife enough
  183. Men, if this was you...
  184. Advice about life
  185. Simple question for guys only
  186. Would you be ok with your wife....
  187. Your wife dressing up, and guys looking at her
  188. At What Point Do You Consider A Woman "Fat"
  189. If both your job and family life are stressful, tell us your thoughts
  190. Experience with EMDR in marriage counseling?
  191. Street harassment
  192. Biology. Spermatozoids
  193. How do I keep going to save this marriage?
  194. How can I decrease my libido?
  195. Message t-shirts and other apparel.......
  196. DH Won't Wear A Wedding Ring
  197. ****e testing vs Unspoken Contract
  198. Is this how men cheat?
  199. H hit me by accident - now he won't touch me??
  200. What's wrong with her?
  201. My wifes insecurity is ruining my marriage!!!!
  202. Need some advice from the fellas
  203. Is porn okay in a marriage?
  204. Flirting vs. Spontaneity
  205. When A Man Looks At Your Wife
  206. The Sigma male...
  207. Hypothetical: Intentional Doubt
  208. Young, Married and bored with sex...
  209. My wife is crazy am I?
  210. Situational Insanity
  211. Looking at women
  212. How do you deal with jealousy?
  213. We can't teach our son's about walk-away-wives.
  214. Home Owners?.....
  215. Make all or most of the decisions to become the alpha
  216. M-what is ideal when you're giving oral to your wife/girlfriend?
  217. Help! Here is what she is telling me.
  218. question about gifts/anniversary
  219. Snooping while everything is good
  220. Pushing on
  221. Being called creepy or a creep..
  222. Some advice requested from Dads
  223. Young Men Should Ejaculate 5 Times a Week to Avoid Prostate Cancer
  224. Would you let you wife go out to dinner with a freind that's a guy?
  225. Spank Bank
  226. Unplugging from Porn; Personal Testimony
  227. Long hair and sex rank
  228. Lets talk about...
  229. Ok guys, another question for you.....
  230. Can you "force" your wife to seek professional help?
  231. Is he being sincere? Need male perspective
  232. Thinking about the future
  233. "count your blessings"
  234. Help he guys. Husband says he isn't attacted to me anymore...
  235. Guys, Question for you regarding Shaving...
  236. Innocent Text?
  237. Shaving without cutting my chin!
  238. Advice please (men and women)!
  239. Wife wants another child
  240. You can't have both!!!!!
  241. Online dating , seems pretty unrealistic !
  242. Please Share Advice- 2nd Wife (Soon)
  243. The first counseling session..argh.
  244. No desire to work on things...
  245. Inter-cultural couple in a need for advice
  246. Just a 'guy' or emotionally unavailable?
  247. Just Feel Like Whining
  248. What is the different between **** test and abusive behavior?
  249. WS said this to me.....
  250. Men--help me please