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  1. Finally read MMSL
  2. Boyz! Ballroom dancing...would you, did you..why?
  3. Workplace affairs
  4. He takes over all the decisions and I'm fed up of it!
  5. Husband has no friends - male opinion needed please!
  6. Another topic about small boobs... I know, but please help me!
  7. Secrets/omissions/lying
  8. should i expect him to fade away?
  9. Know it all to be x-wife
  10. Successful 180
  11. Finding the balance of leading and control in a home
  12. Guys opinion needed! Husband says no passion or desire for me, but great sex?
  13. farting & GUY Power struggles? is that what it is?
  14. Absolutely blown away with the results of MAP and a Man Up strategie. So Good!
  15. New wife has no desire to like my kids
  16. Wife has very low self-image
  17. I CAN'T go on like this!!!!!
  18. Cialis or Viagra?
  19. She makes me cry.
  20. I need a man's opinion
  21. This How I see It???
  22. Codependents and Narcissists
  23. Any other married men struggle with the urge to be with other women?
  24. planning or lack of
  25. Becoming the Alpha
  26. Wife has a "toxic" girlfriend...
  27. Mr. Doormat - trying to change
  28. MC in our lives... can't live normally
  29. Wanted a Family Early On?
  30. Post Breakup Advice
  31. homeschooling makes me sad... confused
  32. Homer Simpson Syndrome!
  33. Confusion over MMSL and who dominates who!
  34. Losing Best Friend (Long)
  35. bulking question
  36. Need someone to dial a number for me
  37. Confused about his behaviour
  38. Just had a talk with my wife
  39. What the hell...?
  40. Withdrawn H, any suggestions please!
  41. Attentionless and sexless marriage
  42. Finally a clinical "study" done about Opposite Sex Friends
  43. Anyone married because of love only?
  44. How long after separation before dating?
  45. The big blind spot
  46. No more MR niceguy... I will have my respect, i think?
  47. Question for the men?
  48. Looking for decent women
  49. How can I find my manhood again
  50. Wife is a spoiled,rich,pothead and me and my son are in the way....
  51. Detail sharing.....Common????
  52. Would you......
  53. "No excuses"
  54. I think my ex GF is throwing her life away
  55. Abuse
  56. Seems like Everyone's World is Falling Apart
  57. How do I make my wife understand?
  58. Lacking Passion
  59. Losing my marriage
  60. POLL: Do you define yourself using your father's values?
  61. Mansome
  62. feeling its over
  63. How do you feel about keeping things from your spouse?
  64. What can I do to become a better wife?
  65. Deep regrets...
  66. Found what?
  67. She watched porn...
  68. dealing with the hurt
  69. "i hope our sons dont turn out like you"
  70. BW in need of help
  71. You're so controlling! she says.
  72. Sick of her crying...
  73. Why do women always try to start silly arguments?
  74. What would your perfect birthday look like?
  75. First Love back in my life!! Advice needed!!
  76. What Makes A Man?
  77. How to handle this
  78. First experience with Cialis. Can't finish...
  79. Question about NMMNG
  80. Prostate issues?
  81. Re-marriage...
  82. Make up and sexual attraction...
  83. Opinions?
  84. My email to my friend having marital problems
  85. Husband insecure about the way I dress
  86. Should I be offended/upset?
  87. Did you ever go on a "strike", and if yes - did it help you?
  88. What are we missing?
  89. He does not have fun with me...
  90. Men what are the signs you love someone
  91. Cut the fat and get in shape!
  92. Wife fights dirt
  93. Wife still Obsessing about another man
  94. Abusive wife
  95. Ok to walk around in underwear
  96. Root of some of our toxic dynamics...
  97. Peeing in the shower
  98. OK, guys. Not for the squeamish.
  99. Need a quick strategy check!
  100. Am I being rediculous?
  101. Wife told me she wanted to sleep with other men...
  102. Testosterone Therapy experience
  103. What makes you LOVE a woman?
  104. How to not bring sh-t home?!
  105. The exwife to be, is crazy,...
  106. What would you do in my shoes?
  107. Soul searching and the facts
  108. Suggestions for upping the ALPHA ?
  109. HELP! My husband has never given me an orgasm
  110. Work Stress and Self Esteem
  111. Need a Man's Advice!!
  112. 5 Signs You Are an Omega Male
  113. What does the term Alpha Male mean to You?:cool:
  114. Need mens advice.. DESPERATE FOR HELP
  115. Need a man's perspective (gay, straight, and bi)
  116. Helping Wife Cope
  117. The Good Wife - Part 7
  118. Am I Anti-Social or are most Men like me
  119. Not sure, what to do...need an objective opinion
  120. Does foreplay cause you to lose your erection?
  121. Guys, any of you married to an emotional bully?
  122. Need some help
  123. Disrespectful / Rude or Power Dynamic or WTF? Grrrrr.
  124. I lied now what?
  125. Amazing how the lies are found out
  126. Need advice on men talk
  127. another thread about BJ's
  128. Meeting your SO's Friends and Confronting an your SO's AP
  129. Why would he bother?
  130. Text from OS boss at night
  131. Dropped the bomb last night...
  132. Moving to a new country
  133. Getting of my chest: Relationship, porn, abstaining and coping
  134. Does your wife get you the gayest underwear?
  135. Open or Closed?
  136. How to get wife to take more ownership in the bedroom
  137. How can anyone think me lucky?
  138. Our foundations...
  139. Do you find your wife cute when...
  140. Ok, just a little self deprecating humor...
  141. Wife won't pick up her part
  142. Non Verbal Communication (NVC) part 2
  143. Which type of woman is preferable?
  144. 1st Vacation with just my wife in over 2 years and since being separated.
  145. My wife talks to men on dating sites
  146. When dating, when do your introduce your girlfriend to family and friends?
  147. One step away from straying
  148. How would you react to this?
  149. Poll for men in bad sex marriages: Wife's hair
  150. I don't understand my husband???
  151. prostate cancer
  152. Am I risking it?
  153. Help;how to say bye
  154. Email from me understand, please!
  155. Initiating sex 101
  156. She cheated, I forgave, but now...
  157. ? About my stepson
  158. Wives and their unattractive moments
  159. Re-established boundaries
  160. Non verbal communication
  161. So who takes the majority of the blame for sex being cut off?
  162. Leaves the room.?
  163. So here I sit again guys...another night...
  164. My 'Wife is So Sexy' moments..
  165. Am I reading too much into this?
  166. Aging and sex priorities - need older male advice
  167. Well then....
  168. Satisfaction
  169. A Narcissist Borderline Relationship
  170. Got some trust issues
  171. I am in a real "I hate Women" mood today
  172. The perfect wife?
  173. Need a male prospective...
  174. Dealing with anger
  175. Guys, guys, guys
  176. lurking ex update
  177. Help? I think my girlfriend is "cheating"
  178. Need advice from the men
  179. Went to court today.....and venting
  180. Help me understand my fiance
  181. Need some advice
  182. First love and ex lovers from your youth...
  183. GUYS OPINION PLEASE... What do you think of my husband?
  184. Vasectomy advice
  185. This article was written by a Woman stating women are better at being Unfaithful
  186. 'No more nice guy'
  187. Article: Six Secret Turn-ons that Men Love...
  188. Damned if I do, amd Damned if I don't ... need to vent badly.
  189. Performance anxiety
  190. My marriage in disparate need of help
  191. hurt and confused. -Venting -
  192. Need help with relationship breakdown
  193. Please help
  194. Men... please explain?
  195. No strings attached BJ ?
  196. I want some answers from some REAL men, please.
  197. Financial Shenanigans
  198. Don't know anymore
  199. Taking a lady out dancing
  200. Any of you guys feel like you're in "marriage prison"?
  201. Update... friends involved
  202. Question regarding character judgement
  203. I am not sure if I want to be single?
  204. Dealing with insecurities
  205. Reality check - Am I being small minded or am I getting taken advantage of?
  206. Has anyone experienced this????
  207. wife wieght gain
  208. Advice Requested - Best Buddy Moving
  209. Totally at a loss here guys
  210. Will my degree & bubbly personality matter..
  211. Getting him to feel alpha again
  212. Do you lie to your spouse about little things?
  213. Advise?
  214. What would you think?
  215. Question for the guys
  216. Not sure what to do.
  217. What's going on?
  218. Help.. Read bothersome emails
  219. NOw what?
  220. Feel like I am losing my wife and I do not know what to do...
  221. Wife at crossroads, don't know how to communicate, distance growing. I need help
  222. Sometimes I think I married a kid.
  223. How much protein usage per...
  224. paternity testing at birth
  225. I'm done
  226. Help manning up
  227. Question for husbands
  228. Advice on my situation
  229. What is a sh!t test?
  230. Fitness tests and manning up
  231. I want to employ wifey!
  232. Low Testosterone/Alternative Treatment
  233. Beginning stages of Manning Up...and I'm failing
  234. would you ever go to a sex club with your wife...
  235. Male leadership?
  236. My Nice Guy Conundrum
  237. How is this a turn-on??
  238. Snooped in wifes email
  239. Husband might be gay/bi?
  240. Being friends with cheaters
  241. What makes you jealous about your wife?
  242. Best KeyLogger?
  243. Wife acts very differently when around friends and family.
  244. In need of some advice
  245. My boyfriend is taking steroids and is a different person on them
  246. How would you respond?
  247. very short relationship and unplanned pregnancy, is it disaster?
  248. What do you do?
  249. The other side......
  250. You're full of sh!t.....and other manners of speaking....

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