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  1. Overcomming PE
  2. Affairproofing - Is it REALLY possible?
  3. Girlfriend makes a lot less money (shallow?)
  4. Fellas - Obligatory "Relations?" Just Role With It???
  5. STBXH dating "moving on".. male advice
  6. My gut tells me I'm losing of have lost my wife ...
  7. Question for the men: Do you remember?
  8. need men's advice
  9. I've been a doormat, help me.
  10. objectification, dominance, and being a man
  11. Situation has improved... now comes the testing time (and I fail)
  12. The All Time Top 10 Hollywood Alpha Males
  13. ok, guys, tell me what to do
  14. H is a serial cheater even w/prego fam members
  15. Love and Respect
  16. Update
  17. Men's perspective
  18. 3 months into separation - need a male perspective
  19. Hardening/Dealing with threats
  20. My wife said she's not attracted to me anymore?
  21. Difficult situation: Wife hates mother but we have kids
  22. Paternity Tests
  23. Good alpha rules to follow for men to improve their relationships
  24. The reason beta males pedestalize women
  25. Women prefer married men?
  26. Men and Modesty
  27. Did she overreact?
  28. Birthday expectations
  29. When to give up
  30. When a "friend" bad mouths the wife..
  31. Hearing from an ex
  32. Low T - How to Determine
  33. This Dude F*cked up
  34. The Old, Look at the girls mother before you commit to them!
  35. How to support my buddy?
  36. Right Kind of GF
  37. Men's Opinion-" once a cheater always a cheater?"
  38. Dynamics during seperation
  39. Got a question about E.D.
  40. % of threads in this forum started by women
  41. Think you have it bad with your ex?
  42. Wife went from full time to part time. (Im just ranting)
  43. Fantasy or reality
  44. What would an alpha do?
  45. A too possessive and insecure girlfriend
  46. Would you guys like this, or is it too much?
  47. Your thoughts on Lingerie
  48. I feel awful!
  49. New Surprise... Ideas, Please?
  50. need advice
  51. Has Anyone Noticed That There is a Slant to Advice Depending on Gender Involved
  52. update
  53. The beta wife is the perfect wife
  54. Men's advice....please
  55. More alpha means less chance your wife will cheat
  56. help me please
  57. Starting the new year
  58. "I don't really like her all that much. She's psycho btw."
  59. Does your wife grunt, groan, swear? How does she act when she's mad?
  60. Marriage as a restaurant
  61. What is wrong with me.
  62. Stressful marriage
  63. football or family?
  64. it's 3:30 am is there any excuse to be out this late?
  65. She's overreacting
  66. Yahoo mail tech question for techies out there
  67. Need some advice/opinions concerning some strange dreams...
  68. You Just Found Out She's Not In Love w/ You...
  69. Guys (or girls) Need More "Thermometer" Help, please!
  70. Does sexual interest decline drastically with age?
  71. Divorced for a year now, ex wife hates me
  72. Need some opinions/advice
  73. Conflict Resolution
  74. reading "surrendered wife", wow what an eye opener.
  75. She suggested separation
  76. Advice: Am I being ridiculous?
  77. not so Happy New Year!
  78. Boxers or briefs
  79. Tonight I learned that my marriage may be over.
  80. first timer
  81. He pushed the friendship/affair for 18 months, then went back to W
  82. Botched Sexual Exploits?
  83. wife not contributing
  84. Marriage is dying, wife doesn't seem to care - posted in other form - didn't hlp much
  85. men, how much porn do you watch per session?
  86. softcore magazines
  87. Watching porn but NOT masterbating?
  88. Feel Like I'm Going Crazy
  89. What A Mess I have Created!!!
  90. needed to vent
  91. Lets just be friends and raise the kids
  92. Lonely
  93. Maintaining the alpha after a big mistake
  94. Should i track my wife?
  95. How important are big breasts?
  96. Manscaping and What to tell Your Children
  97. So, it's my fault she drove on a flat tire?
  98. Is it possible to be "partly" a Nice Guy?
  99. Question for you men out there....
  100. Sex, I'm underwhelmed and not performing
  101. Nice Guy = 'Sex Fail'?
  102. The Bro Code...
  103. Any straight up input woud be appreciated.
  104. Do all men fantasize women other then their wife?
  105. For the men with low T
  106. 6 Harsh Truths for "Nice Guys"
  107. Need some input or help from the dad's!
  108. major problem...advice?
  109. Please Santa, bring him some testicles
  110. Need some tech help for the bedroom
  111. Codependency
  112. Needing a guy perspective
  113. Just need a guys point of view...
  114. A REAL honest guys(or woman's) opinion needed. No sugar coating please.
  115. In what way women hit on you?
  116. The Best Friend
  117. How would you handle this? Married 1 year, and your wife won't move to your city
  118. needing advice here please
  119. Pornography no longer doing it for me after finding out about wife's affairs
  120. On my hands & knees..
  121. Whole lot of woman
  122. He is turning into such a grouch. Can I do anything about it?
  123. Attraction
  124. How does someone "woman up"?
  125. Am I the biggest a$$ for thinking this?
  126. "Sounds like you need to start with someone new..."
  127. Conflicting messages about sex
  128. Hairloss drug Propecia (finasteride) - Long term ED and libido issues
  129. Any Gentlemen Here Who Don't Believe In "Working" For Sex?
  130. Confused about my husband's orientation...
  131. Would a man stay in a unhappy marriage?
  132. Help! husband moved out.
  133. Caregiver or Enabler/codependent?
  134. The importance of doing my best
  135. me, my husband and his boss
  136. Poll Ginger or Mary Ann
  137. boyfriend doesn't like lingerie or the thought of role playing
  138. How do you separate sex and affection.
  139. Crossroads
  140. A trust problem
  141. Need to be stronger
  142. Study investigates what women really want
  143. Is it natural to stay faithful?
  144. Such a sad day!!!
  145. Needing a Man's Point of View.. Please!
  146. Want more wife, less career
  147. Men, would you consider a woman with herpes?
  148. Married Years with Ex Issues
  149. Confused
  150. Guys I need the male perspective; What does my husband's behavior mean?
  151. Men! How Do You Prefer a Woman to Initiate Sex?
  152. Should I take this in stride or would it be akin to rejection?
  153. What's the best way for us wives to initiate?
  154. How to Keep a Wife Hot For You?>
  155. Wedding ring lost and found
  156. Where do we go from here?
  157. How do I get my mans attention?
  158. Housework
  159. Giving in to two women
  160. Needs some help fellas!!
  161. Is it really that simple?
  162. Hey, something good!
  163. Ever Wonder?
  164. Any omega guys on here? Former omegas?
  165. Age - are we bad at judging this?
  166. Update / STBX's revelation
  167. Thoughts in this with my Husband
  168. Your personality type
  169. A dilemma
  170. What do you do, when...
  171. Dealing with my Ex Wife some insight and ideas needed!?
  172. New question on cheating
  173. Frumpy Wife
  174. Wife has become way too dependent
  175. Did I lead her on?
  176. Does it really bother/threaten you if I beat you at something?
  177. "Normal" T Levels?
  178. Honour in this day and age.
  179. How Would You Have Reacted? Wife Cheated.
  180. Simple question for married men...and ladies?
  181. How to get my health back
  182. Moving on
  183. Semi-beta male adding more alpha getting a negative response from spouse
  184. My big problem...
  185. Stuck between my career and my marriage
  186. Article: Affairs with men in power
  187. Back - Took A Few Months Off From Here...
  188. My life has turned upside down
  189. LD wife and HD husband, how to make it work
  190. Seriously falling out of love...
  191. A bad experience - but learned from it
  192. My definition of a sexy alpha.
  193. The Male Mid Life Crisis Question.
  194. My Man Code
  195. This describes the Nice Guy and the solution to avoiding becoming him
  196. Women need the equivalent of deer hunting
  197. Manhood Academy, ever heard of it?
  198. Guys, Am I selfish?
  199. 2 OSF in the same bed? what's the point?
  200. Probably a broken record - looking for advice anyways
  201. Wife's emotions fulfilled by Son...
  202. Finally read MMSL
  203. Boyz! Ballroom dancing...would you, did you..why?
  204. Workplace affairs
  205. He takes over all the decisions and I'm fed up of it!
  206. Husband has no friends - male opinion needed please!
  207. Another topic about small boobs... I know, but please help me!
  208. Secrets/omissions/lying
  209. should i expect him to fade away?
  210. Know it all to be x-wife
  211. Successful 180
  212. Finding the balance of leading and control in a home
  213. Guys opinion needed! Husband says no passion or desire for me, but great sex?
  214. farting & GUY Power struggles? is that what it is?
  215. Absolutely blown away with the results of MAP and a Man Up strategie. So Good!
  216. New wife has no desire to like my kids
  217. Wife has very low self-image
  218. I CAN'T go on like this!!!!!
  219. Cialis or Viagra?
  220. She makes me cry.
  221. I need a man's opinion
  222. This How I see It???
  223. Codependents and Narcissists
  224. Any other married men struggle with the urge to be with other women?
  225. planning or lack of
  226. Becoming the Alpha
  227. Wife has a "toxic" girlfriend...
  228. Mr. Doormat - trying to change
  229. MC in our lives... can't live normally
  230. Wanted a Family Early On?
  231. Post Breakup Advice
  232. homeschooling makes me sad... confused
  233. Homer Simpson Syndrome!
  234. Confusion over MMSL and who dominates who!
  235. Losing Best Friend (Long)
  236. bulking question
  237. Need someone to dial a number for me
  238. Confused about his behaviour
  239. Just had a talk with my wife
  240. What the hell...?
  241. Withdrawn H, any suggestions please!
  242. Attentionless and sexless marriage
  243. Finally a clinical "study" done about Opposite Sex Friends
  244. Anyone married because of love only?
  245. How long after separation before dating?
  246. The big blind spot
  247. No more MR niceguy... I will have my respect, i think?
  248. Question for the men?
  249. Looking for decent women
  250. How can I find my manhood again

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