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  1. Quarter Life Crisis, Desperately Need Advice - Very Long...
  2. WW's poor behavior results in huge confident boost???
  3. Results of my 180
  4. looking for a little advice
  5. another vasectomy thread / bruising...
  6. The One-Eyed Monster
  7. Why do they forget? Can you get them to remember?
  8. My husband's in mourning, my mind is elsewhere! Need to hear a man's view. LONG
  9. The woman I love is depressed, and things are getting messy.
  10. Fitness test, or... ? Need advice soon.
  11. I need advice on how to help my wife/marriage
  12. Need man's opinion - boyfriend not finishing during sex
  13. men's relationship grief?
  14. Moving forward...
  15. How to find the his/her needs balance?
  16. Feisty women?
  17. If Your Wife Allowed You To...
  18. Question for the men
  19. How does she make you feel?
  20. Helping around the house (fitness test?)
  21. The MILF factor.
  22. Longevity........
  23. 180 advice
  24. Need an outlet - suggestions?
  25. Do women pay more attention to their social networks than their own husbands?
  26. Flirting
  27. H doesn't like me getting waxed but why?
  28. Impending divorce despite mutual love
  29. Restoring vitality?
  30. Old Men and Young Tail
  31. Gender biases and misogyny
  32. video games?
  33. For men in LDR or single men, how many times a wk do you watch porn?
  34. Will my wife and I ever be on the same page?
  35. trying to get dh to try testosterone.need help
  36. First Post - Inability to Understand Spouse's Behavior and Financial Impact
  37. Please help - does she have BPD?
  38. Has anyone lived with an angry partner for years?
  39. Fleshlight if low drive partner poll
  40. Sharing with your wife stress from work
  41. Wives Initiating Sex/Sexual Issues in Marriage
  42. Needing a Man's Perspective From Outside
  43. Honeymoon Stage has ended too soon
  44. need a guys point of view...
  45. The Good Wife - Part 6
  46. I think I may have ruined everything
  47. walking out after a row
  48. Do I need to worry about this possible EA?
  49. Worried my wife is cheating
  50. Why is he still hiding it ???
  51. Just realized: I don't trust my wife
  52. 2 steps forward, 1 step back...
  53. Thermostat Question for MEM11363 and All
  54. "Chick Flicks"
  55. Do you think thus is appropriate behavior?
  56. A single wife?
  57. What is the right play here? (Man up journey)
  58. Remembering important dates
  59. Boundaries going into marriage
  60. Is it wrong to be the cheetah, and not the gazelle??
  61. Men with daughters and porn
  62. Lost in Hell
  63. What are some
  64. men...need your opinion. when you see an attractive woman, what do you think?
  65. Looking for Advice!
  66. Gut Check Time
  67. Best Iphone App to catch a cheater
  68. Mu husband says I'm boring
  69. Guys, please help!
  70. Relationship on Pause
  71. It's getting awkward...
  72. questions for men
  73. Saddest Week of My Life
  74. Wife's Past
  75. What is manly?
  76. Guys, REALLY need your insight on email from my estranged husband
  77. any help and advice for an Airman
  78. Is this a compliment?
  79. handling wife who does not care about appearance
  80. Married Man Sex Life Primer
  81. lookin man
  82. Help
  83. Stuck betwen a rock and a hard place..
  84. The AYHA/HYHSWAE Fitness Test
  85. Getting worse...
  86. I screwed up and wanna vent
  87. The "Man Cave"
  88. how does earning a living impact men?
  89. Is this normal to man who's already married?
  90. you guy's think you have problems!
  91. Guys help! Why is my husband acting this way?
  92. Need a shoulder... Wedding plans not going to plan...
  93. A sad but true story of wealth, beauty, adultery :( and sexlessness
  94. Game - 5 inches/5 years - How will you use them?
  95. Men, I need your help on this one...
  96. The Good Wife: Part 5
  97. Not sure what to do.
  98. Worried about his lack of interest in sex
  99. Anyone Heard Of Justin Sterling?
  100. What does sex mean to men?
  101. Is it always the manís fault?
  102. Is it the Porn??
  103. My husband did something strange???
  104. Shooting down the harpies...
  105. Advice regarding shy men. Help please!!
  106. Hey guys
  107. Pardon the interuption, is it normal for a heterosexual man to prefer anal sex?
  108. More Horny after Ejaculation?
  109. spyware question
  110. Dominant male?
  111. SAHW/M is the laziest person I've known
  112. What has your daughter learned
  113. Doing the right thing or being a sucker
  114. Push/pull dynamic?
  115. Men, what would get your attention in this situation?
  116. Do you have sex with your wife, or do you make love to her?
  117. You all are right about my husband...
  118. Performing Oral on your gf/wife
  119. Separation - very sad
  120. Be honest guys, have you fallen for the "friends" thing that some women pull
  121. Journey from sexlessness and joined up thinking
  122. Male Incentive for Marriage?
  123. the woman proposing?
  124. Marriage advice
  125. miscarriage - do i tell him?
  126. I Need to Hear from the Men
  127. Help with gift idea?
  128. She's defying my reality...
  129. Question for the Men
  130. male honesty/p.o.v.
  131. Does this behaviour make sense to any men out there - please?
  132. Marrying for money
  133. A woman's weight...
  134. Communicating about sex issues.
  135. Do men avoid women with stronger morals
  136. The high cost of body language blindness
  137. Was this a fitness test?
  138. Feeling soft
  139. Should I be worried?
  140. Dealing with the Unreasonable
  141. 3 yr relationship - too comfortable? games?
  142. Quality time question...
  143. The Good Wife: Part 4
  144. Guys help me out? SOO confused
  145. GF thinks I am abusing her, but I think she abuses me
  146. "Loveless" Marriage. Advice
  147. Another Vasectomy thread
  148. Vasectomy Advice?
  149. A constant battle...
  150. Chivalry, diamonds, and economics.
  151. If you don't understand your "W"
  152. What would you do?
  153. Comparing myself to the other girl and weight issues: male advice please!
  154. I need urgent advice
  155. Why wont my husband just admit he doesnt love me?
  156. Is this man normal or a little strange?opinions only?
  157. Why Do Women Mumble So Much?
  158. Are child support payments set up to be a punishment?
  159. sanity?
  160. Shutting off after work...
  161. Worried About the Potential Consequences
  162. a weigh scale for Xmas? wtf?
  163. Tattoos & Peircings...what are your opinions
  164. Not sure what to do
  165. Boob Job
  166. Resentment
  167. Can't relax for sex
  168. Need a man's perspective
  169. Can guys have a platonic friendship with a woman?
  170. Waking up to sweat and heat
  171. Nice girl vs Beotch, what do guys want?
  172. Help a cynic out.
  173. I may look like Diane Lane, but cannot figure out how to delete account, help:)
  174. Musical Depiction of a Real Man
  175. Planning a change...
  176. Im signing off my account... new years resolution
  177. She keeps photos of her exes
  178. Quest for perfection...
  179. If my husband says these things to me, should I be worried?
  180. I found a letter she wrote...
  181. "Sexless" Marriage - since we are on the topic
  182. $1300 Violation ticket
  183. ClubHouse for guys who WorkHard, Drink, Spit & cus too
  184. Game On
  185. Scratching the surface?
  186. to work or not to work...???
  187. Need cologne recommendation
  188. Do I really have a low sex drive?
  189. testosterone gels
  190. Yelled at my wife, again
  191. Fake it till you make it/ Backburning
  192. Im lousy in Bed.
  193. Marriage Chances Rise With Your Salary
  194. Avoiding sexlessness part 3
  195. Work before marriage-ALWAYS
  196. Can't Finish
  197. avoiding a sexless marriage part 2
  198. Need man's opinion
  199. avoiding a sexless marriage
  200. Sex ? for men with young/er children...
  201. Tried threesomes in a marriage?
  202. Question for men who's been with prostitutes
  203. Men, are you a chick magnet?
  204. Alpha or Macho?
  205. why is he upset?
  206. A new hobby... (together)
  207. unscientific test for men?
  208. guys help a girl out here!!!
  209. Piercings on a guy
  210. Please read! Your response respected
  211. Any husbands feel this way?
  212. Hi! I'm still a nice guy..
  213. Anyone feel this way??
  214. Too many threads about low sex drive
  215. Low Libido Marriage: I've Given Up!!!
  216. No sex in 9 years, and I am attractive! What am I supposed to do?
  217. question
  218. please b honest men!!
  219. Why Is He Stalling...I've Got Things To Do...HELP
  220. To the men who answered my other post...
  221. Need more male input on my threads
  222. Low drive men, more help understanding please, pretty please with sugar on top...
  223. No sex marriage-need answers from guys
  224. Thanks Mens clubhouse!
  225. Wifey spelled it out for me...
  226. The risk of distance...
  227. Thinner Wife Makes Happier Marriage
  228. What is a submissive wife?
  229. las vegas conventions?
  230. A REAL example of what "alpha" really is...
  231. Thank you
  232. How soon to start dating after divorce
  233. When did you men have your first sex after your vasectomy?
  234. Any way to avoid porn?
  235. Mind over Matter? Embarrassing Doctor's visit.
  236. Checking up or asking her
  237. What did it mean to you for your wife to take your surname when you married?
  238. Trust & cuffs/retraints
  239. Mail order brides?
  240. Where's Conrad?!
  241. Any other guys in a parent/child marriage?
  242. Guys you have been a great help... I finally just did it!
  243. guys help this women please?! (HELP!)
  244. Bad marriage
  245. passing the time...waiting for the new arrival
  246. Describe how it feels.....
  247. Wifey's reaction & mine...
  248. So many issues...guy advice needed
  249. How can I help him change?
  250. Guys Point of View Needed: Friends vs. Marriage: VERY LONG