: The Men's Clubhouse

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  1. Father's Day an affront to single mothers???
  2. Question for guys that aren't good expressing themselves with words
  3. Need men opinions...thanks!
  4. Turning the other cheek - useless philosophy
  5. Nice guys finish last, and they should.
  6. You'd do what for sex?
  7. Broken Connection - Only wants space
  8. I don't have the energy to be the man my wife deserves
  9. Crazy = Best?
  10. Old cars
  11. How many hours straight have you worked?
  12. How cheap are you?
  13. In need of some advice
  14. Shallow
  15. Outgoing Wife In Public, but Not In Bed
  16. Men who Have Daughters corrollary
  17. Surrogate mother instead of wife carrying child?
  18. Help with wife
  19. Difficult to Orgasm
  20. Men who have daughters has your opinions changed?
  21. Can you guys help a girl out?
  22. Advice on women
  23. What does Respect mean to you
  24. My wife is more sexperienced then me
  25. "Laying there like a dead fish.." ?
  26. How to write my vows
  27. How does "sexualized culture" make you feel?
  28. Girl I Am Compatible With is a 5...Worth it?
  29. Wife's emotional affair with the dog
  30. So many men are so abused on these and other forums.
  31. Does your car reflect your wife's image of you?
  32. Live in sister-in-law
  33. looking into the dating sphere
  34. Attraction through love or love through attraction
  35. Wife is putting off changing her surname...
  36. Defrauding a person into having a child
  37. Therapeutic Post
  38. Any military spouses that can identify
  39. What look do you prefer in a woman
  40. Need advice
  41. Hooking up & Short term relationships
  42. Looking for advice on how to handle - wife talks to me badly
  43. Are You Her Preferred Look?
  44. Was This A **** Test?
  45. Ideal wife has changed?
  46. Describe your ideal wife
  47. Question about paying for dates
  48. FWB-how do you handle it?
  49. Should I sue?
  50. Facial hair
  51. Not too pretty, but oh so hot......
  52. Important information that can save men's lives
  53. Who should pay on dates?
  54. Two Yankees swapped wives 44 years ago. Still married?
  55. Moments of infactuation
  56. Crying at "chick Flix" does that make me less
  57. Tired of failings being blamed on Maleness.
  58. Men, What Did I Do Wrong
  59. Just don't know anymore...
  60. Men Doing More Chores Increases Divorce?
  61. Help fulfill a dream
  62. Do men make fun of a wrong performed sex act?
  63. FYI... Men Love Cars
  64. Depressed
  65. Sex toys
  66. I want to understand him
  67. How to safely reconcile ?
  68. my crazy ****ing world.
  69. ? For the guys - style and mature women
  70. In need of some advice, if i'm too jealous or what.
  71. How would you answer this question?
  72. 10 near 11 years married
  73. Men who shun porn.
  74. Men help me be a better wife
  75. Would you tell your sons to get married?
  76. Men how do you like your affection?
  77. Workplace favoritism
  78. Online dating - I do not understand it
  79. Compensating for something?
  80. Need a Male's Perspective
  81. An awakening...
  82. How does she get you going?
  83. I'm looking for a Men's Group!!!
  84. Sex & dating question for the guys
  85. If it was safe, practical and fully functioning....
  86. Pleasing your wife?
  87. Golfers
  88. My gal does not sleep at home every night!
  89. I didn't see a "introduce your self thread"
  90. Possible Prostate, bladder, or PC Issues
  91. Male Bathroom Etiquette
  92. Shampoo for thinning hair?
  93. My boy is having trouble guys :(
  94. Managing Finances, Seperate Checking Account?
  95. For Men Who Lift Weights
  96. I am trapped in a relationship.
  97. Men, if you do *not* look at porn, why is that?
  98. What Have I Done?
  99. My boyfriend's d!ck gets very hard
  100. Logically how can love exist?
  101. advice desired
  102. What advice would you give to a young man.
  103. Wife gets very wet during Foreplay any idea what to do?
  104. Did any of you marry the sweet "boring" girl?
  105. Women's Infidelity Books
  106. Overheard an awkward conversation
  107. SO glad I got a vasectomy
  108. Looking for some job ideas
  109. Shouldn't we have it all??
  110. Men, would you cancel your plans if your wife got sick?
  111. 16 Personality Types & Credibility
  112. MEN: How important is your wife's support concerning your hobbies?
  113. Mens version of the post I just put on Womens side
  114. Men, if you do *not* care how much money
  115. If your wife's weight does *not* affect your attraction
  116. "Sl*tty sex"
  117. Need gift ideas for GF
  118. Regrets and questions
  119. Thoughts about marriage to an insecure woman
  120. What did you do for your wife today?
  121. Been a rough couple of years, not sure where to go from here
  122. How do men move on so fast???!!
  123. The Sexless Marriage
  124. Almost certain friend stole from me - not sure what to do
  125. I'm Back
  126. Advice please
  127. Need Advice: Sex & Emotions
  128. Chubby older fathers are more attractive to women and live longer
  129. Which Side of the Bed Is "Yours?"
  130. Responsibility for other people's decisions
  131. When is it time to end a realtionship?
  132. So men what does your SO do that shows you appreciation?
  133. getting enough calories
  134. What turns you off about a woman?
  135. Atractiveness vs Hotness
  136. Best adult entertainment for couples
  137. Any lawyers in the house
  138. Why (seemingly) women more pro marriage than men?
  139. It's a turnoff when my wife....
  140. Would men be better off without our intense attraction that we have to beauty.
  141. Hot/Crazy Matrix
  142. What are the biggest misconception people have of men?
  143. Self worth
  144. Tips on creating sexual ttes
  145. Seeking Scriptural Advice
  146. advice needed on crisis
  147. Help me get this image out of my mind!!!!!
  148. Hw do I have this talk with my husband?
  149. Guys what do you think of Open School night?
  150. How can prostitution work considering child support
  151. Why do men hold off on having sex too soon?
  152. Happy Marriage/Partnership?
  153. I hit my wife and now I feel terrible
  154. Guys, do your wives know?
  155. Question for the men - what am I doing wrong?
  156. Advice on reconciling or moving on
  157. Falling in love and age
  158. Which Female Celeb Are You Crushing On?
  159. New here . Advice on first date since problems ..
  160. Wife wont back down EVER
  161. problem in sex life, advice needed
  162. Separated
  163. Need some insight
  164. Sex is the only thing left
  165. Need Advice for a Long Distance Marriage
  166. Dismantling Feminism - Karen Straughan
  167. Taking the NMMNG Plunge
  168. Men Are Getting Weaker — because We’re Not Raising Men
  169. Update on situation!
  170. I'm losing my mind
  171. Is what a wife says when she wants a divorce always what she really means?
  172. Struggling with Reconciliation
  173. I am dirt
  174. How to handle guy hitting on wife in front of me?
  175. Are men this absentminded?
  176. How to regain my fiancée's trust after this?
  177. Why can't I just leave my wife?
  178. How am I the "Bad Guy?"
  179. Guys, would you be willing to date a woman that's a body builder?
  180. I hate changing stinky diapers
  181. Act like a man!
  182. Chest Hair
  183. Getting older sucks
  184. Sad and confused - is it over?
  185. Wearing Socks During Sex
  186. Need Honest Answers from men
  187. Men and Sexual Fantasies
  188. Advice Please - Trying to Break the "Nice Guy Habit"
  189. Guys, help me understand this.
  190. How to court her all over again
  191. Big Time Backfire
  192. Cardio vs lunges/squats
  193. For guys: Does it matter to you what kind of job your s/o has?
  194. Lawn mower purchase HELP
  195. How do I help her through this?
  196. Thoughts on women asking men out.
  197. "Blown Off" Radio Segment, WTF Were They Thinking???
  198. More effort
  199. What to do?
  200. I need Advice.
  201. I have a problem with my good friends girlfriend
  202. I'm " cleaner than others " in his eyes?
  203. Does wife's actions kill the mood?
  204. Not talking to my wife! Should I break and talk?
  205. My wife is so BORING. What can I do?
  206. Wife doesn't want more kids... I do
  207. Accepting materialism
  208. She needs friends
  209. south Carolina deep sea fishing
  210. revenge timing?
  211. Done,,, but she's contacting me
  212. It's the little things
  213. New way to get fit and build "muscle"
  214. Did you grow up thinking that only having intercourse with another woman was cheating
  215. Pre/orgasm headache
  216. Fair Warning?
  217. Teeth whitening
  218. GF and her Orgasms
  219. I need a man's opinion
  220. The silent game
  221. How Do You Guys Shave?
  222. Car code readers
  223. Height difference in sex
  224. Limits
  225. I need a mans perspective
  226. How did you get her to forgive
  227. Can I get some thoughts from the men?
  228. Needing a mans opinion
  229. Have your instincts ever failed you?
  230. Divorced/dating-- attraction, flirting...taken
  231. menopausal anger
  232. Struggling with marriage - need help
  233. Dating question, very new to it. Could use some feedback
  234. My gal is obsessed with work
  235. Help
  236. Motorcycles
  237. Alexandra's Project
  238. In Laws
  239. Should I go or should I stay?
  240. Calling All Campers!
  241. Some thoughts on NPD (Narcissists Personality Disorder)
  242. Are you happy that you married your spouse?
  243. Anyone listen to Tom Leykis?
  244. Why does he stay?
  245. Talk to me about T testing
  246. Just wandering?
  247. Never a Reason
  248. Alabama teachers may soon receive training on not having sex with students
  249. Why can't men really apologize?
  250. How to make her happy