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  1. How to get a 19 year old to grow up??
  2. Need advice... about teenage step-daughter...
  3. Family wants us to raise our nephew
  4. Does anyone think this is annoying or am I wrong?
  5. How do I do it?
  6. The In-Laws
  7. Relationship and sleeping arrangement
  8. Dividing up housework
  9. I am not sure if I am the problem or my husband
  10. Blended family question
  11. Psychiatrist father said some weird shı†
  12. Husband wants kids now and im just not ready
  13. Don't Know What To Do - Need Your Advise
  14. Need Some Advice
  16. when to just give in?
  17. Too late to feel Pain and Disgust from Molestation involving a family Member?
  18. Husband moved out to live with OW, might R, wants son to meet OW
  19. My adult daughter
  20. I don't think my husband wants kids. ...
  21. My father in-law hates me! what do we do
  22. Happy Father's Day!
  23. annoyed, irritated with marijuana-addicted daughter
  24. Religion and children
  25. My wife is unable to have children with me.
  26. Ex-wife Dating, when to meet new BF?
  27. Rant - Pregnant and screwed.
  28. Wife feels rejected by my sister and adult daughter (from prior marriage)
  29. Tell me something funny your kids did...
  30. Kid argues...about EVERYTHING
  31. On my soap box... and seeking a bit of help...
  32. sex questions from your children
  33. P1ssed off rant
  34. How do I make my family just let go??
  35. Daughter got a DUI, among other things.
  36. What should I let my daughter and her sister talk about when they visit at jail?
  37. Wife wants more "me" time
  38. Sleep issue
  39. How much time is reasonable to spend with your in-laws?
  40. Not Attending Brother's Wedding
  41. Does anybody have experience with a Williams Syndrome kid?
  42. Teenage daughters and BC
  43. Growling children??
  44. Who usually is the main person wanting children?(husband/wife)
  45. Should stepgrandchildren be treated same as grandchildren?
  46. FMLA Interference while caring for a child?
  47. Anybody ever experience MAC with a child/infant?
  48. should 9 yr old know the truth about his father?
  49. Tummy Ache
  50. Looking for Opinions
  51. Ex Wife and boundaries
  52. I think H is using our son to hurt me
  53. My Daughter Slapped Her Math Teacher!
  54. Is it in bad taste to...
  55. To spank or not to spank, that is the question?
  56. to get child out of bed...
  57. Get this off my chest...
  58. Advice for first time parents
  59. Mothers day vs MIL drama? help and advice please!
  60. Contemplating having a third child - Pros and Cons?
  61. Ex issues with daughter
  62. Is it normal to bond less or more with our children?
  63. Confused!!! Marriage with wrong person
  64. daughter going to jail, is a year away from alcohol enough to quit?
  65. Suspect son is using pot
  66. Husband wants another child, I don't.....
  67. my teen daughter's drug supplier
  68. Stepsons and wrestling
  69. babies
  70. My teen daughter and my Marriage~help
  71. issues with husband over son with special needs
  72. mother in law advice
  73. 5 year old needing therapy?
  74. Waste of time or should I hold on?
  75. How/When to share with family were are Reconciling?
  76. wife threatens silent treatment to my son
  77. "Did Being a Helicopter Mom Doom My Marriage (and Kids)?"
  78. Dealing with teenage drug problems
  79. Desperate for help in getting through this
  80. Help Me Not Hate My Husband
  81. Caught in the middle
  82. My daughter mistaken for my wife.
  83. Are some husbands cowards?
  84. Beating your kids
  85. My wife is not open to any option at all
  86. Kids affectionate to me and not wife
  87. When your worlds apart with parenting?
  88. April is Autism Awareness Month
  89. Something isn't right at his home 11 Year old
  90. Need advice on my 4 year old.
  91. Cell phones for my young children.
  92. Made wall in house for artistic daughter to paint on
  93. Step son too enabled/entitled
  94. Step kids suck
  95. Frustrated and ready to blow up!!!
  96. Sister-in-law living with us
  97. Son's apathy about school
  98. Niece beating other kids up
  99. work harder on relationship with kids?
  100. zero sperm. azoospermia
  101. Is it a smart idea to seek help from each other's families?
  102. Blended family problem
  103. Road Trip!
  104. Husband refuses to stay out of family's financial problems
  105. Mother-In-Law Advice!
  106. Religious differances
  107. Is it so awful to vent about your kids?
  108. Want Another Child But Marriage Isn't In Best Standing...
  109. Having another child.
  110. Should I have to pay?
  111. My kid drank from the toilet
  112. partner inconsolible that he never had his own kids looking at options.
  113. Ex would like 11/12 daughter to stay at home alone
  114. 17 year old minor in possession of alcohol....
  115. troubled marriage
  116. Questions about mandatory reporting
  117. Divorced or sep'd is there a good distance to live from your kids ?
  118. Tempra?
  119. I resent my husband bc of my in laws!
  120. Is it wrong to leave if your spouse enables the child
  121. I really need your help and advice with my 11yold girl and separation !
  122. Two kids and fiancee...I don't know if I do though. HELP
  123. I feel like I am step-mom door mat!
  124. My Wife's Frustrating Family
  125. Complete evolution of high school sweethearts. 15 Yrs together and need plan for kids
  126. Am I emotionally abusing my child?
  127. my 2 1/2 year old is going crazy about everything
  128. Is there a way to get free?
  129. My Wife Hates Our Daughter - 3 years old
  130. Is "transgendering" a young child wrong?
  131. Parenting Can Be Fun:) Tips/humour/videos
  132. Planned pregnancy - how long?
  133. Having "the talk" with your teen; book suggestions?
  134. Milk?
  135. Mother-in-law does not use pictures with me in it!
  136. Narcissism and parenting.
  137. Parenting Tips: Set Routines for Easy Bedtimes
  138. Third kid means we are outnumbered!
  139. How do you feel about your adult kids living away from home?
  140. Would you let your 14 year old do this?
  141. So, my 16 year old was
  142. a little blue...
  143. adult children living at home
  144. Sick of getting into arguments about my husband's family!
  145. The "no kids club" thread....
  146. Blended military Family
  147. Teenage angst vs real problems
  148. Husband not so warm with my family
  149. What time you have sex when you have kids?
  150. Children and fights...
  151. Marriage or kids come first?
  152. Blended family, but I want another baby...
  153. Young Step Mom and Teenage Step Son
  154. My stepson ran away. Help!
  155. Evil stepson or paranoia?
  156. family vs career. i chose family
  157. Wife wants Kids - I don't
  158. Wife wants to move away but I can't leave my son
  159. How far should a conversation go with your child's mother who is your ex?
  160. Baby Fever?
  161. Would you report this?
  162. Autism and MMR shot.
  163. Stbxh doesn't call child!
  164. Husbands Kids
  165. Alternatives to pregnancy
  166. Facebook Fundraiser for Weight Loss Camp?
  167. Anyone else parenting with MEGA rows in front of kids?
  168. Issue with FMIL
  169. My Parental Alienation experience
  170. Trouble with parents
  171. Inconsiderate or just too sensitive?
  172. Husband's request - please weigh in
  173. Ethical dilemma...
  174. I am at my breaking point with Step Daughter
  175. I APOLOGIZED to my child.
  176. Where should I put nursery?
  177. Letting child FART?
  178. Check your family pictures
  179. kids and sports
  180. My Mother is Dating a Black Man
  181. Parental Alienation Syndrome
  182. Bomb thrown in our lap today.
  183. Advice needed re son and grandson's new daddy situation, visititation etc.
  184. Children and Sex Life
  185. Husband and Teen daughter reunite after 11 years
  186. 2 year old.. Want her out of my bed.
  187. Picky Eater
  188. parenting book
  189. Honesty with son?
  190. Teaching Kids About Money
  191. Best way to deal with contolling mother?
  192. House Rules - Living with Father In Law!
  193. Husband constantly criticizes my parenting
  194. Very difficult in-laws
  195. My husband doesn't like my 3 year old son...
  196. Child Sports
  197. How much sleep do you get?
  198. Should I do a paternity test
  199. Help with new step family!
  200. 20year old college student - help
  201. Smothering In Laws
  202. Springhill Group: How to Know if Depress During and After Pregnancy?
  203. Christmas Day, am I selfish?
  204. My new husband is spending Christmas Eve with his Ex-wife while I have to work
  205. Lots of Issues with Duaghter Need Thought
  206. Kids, college, expectations
  207. My mom is driving me CRAZY
  208. Whats going on with my boy?
  209. Poll: at what age should children not be allowed to sleep with their parents
  210. Kind of a depressing Christmas for me this year.
  211. Ex wife moving to Memphis to take job, leaving kids
  212. Are all children constantly in need of moving and destroying everything?
  213. gift suggestions?
  214. He butts into my family
  215. Kids don't want to go to in-laws any more
  216. How to guide husband to be a more relaxed father...
  217. Ex not sharing child care arrangements during holidays
  218. Custody and being taken advantage of.
  219. Infant anxiety?
  220. Who pays for child's traveling back & forth?
  221. Child coming into bed and an angry parent
  222. Alternative Solutions?
  223. Teenage tantrums! How to handle an AGGRESSIVE boy/girl?
  224. child manipulates me?
  225. Sports and visitation
  226. Akward Facebook Friend
  227. Toxic Parent Attempts Murder
  228. The Santa Myth...
  229. Need Help....
  230. My family does not care for him.
  231. Blended Family...Not so much :(
  232. My 4 year old doesnt like Santa or care about Christmas.
  233. In-Laws Playing Favorites w/ Grandkids
  234. 10 year old choosing which parent to live with?!
  235. dont make me choose between my job or family
  236. Do unhelpful grandparents deserve future caregiving?
  237. Help understanding stbxws antics.
  238. Loving wife is pregnant and scared, need advice!
  239. Is it fair that I deman my H never talks about my parents at all?
  240. My husbands family hate me.
  241. Not sure what to do.
  242. mom losing custody
  243. Inlaws & Ex
  244. Even when your kids are you ever not worry about them?
  245. A Mothers Nightmare!
  246. Unreasonable brother...
  247. My boyfriend's mom doesn't like me and is trying to make us break up, what can I do?
  248. Advice for a young family
  249. I feel very depressed, my family is angry at me
  250. Parents disapprove of fiancé