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  1. FOO, death, and rejection.....warning, long post
  2. 13 yr old got nose pierced
  3. Things are a little backwards
  4. touchy subject with a friend's son.
  5. Is he ready to be a father?
  6. I Need An Objective Opinion
  7. Young girls and dating
  8. My kids friends are loaded
  9. Should I go?
  10. Lost stepson to suicide in June
  11. Family Gatherings
  12. Toddlers and their obsessions
  13. How to deal with been put down
  14. 6 year old drew and wrote about kissing boys and bottoms
  15. "Blended" Family and Child Issues
  16. My son may have fathered a child...
  17. Wife is more interested in our 14 year old son's love life than our own.
  18. Did you reveal to your kids...your savings and salary
  19. Connecting with spouse/ in-law ultimatum
  20. Was I in the wrong here?
  21. Ladies, could you with your inlaws in 5000 square foot house?
  22. Please help me to understand teenagers today......
  23. Living with father in law to be is causing problems
  24. Difficult Sister-in-laws to be - Wedding 1 Month away!
  25. Tackle football
  26. Whos Life Is It Anyway? - Doing all I can.
  27. Problems with step-children
  28. Unsupportive?
  29. My Life's in Order...Almost. Now What?
  30. I have two children, 3 and 1.5 years it possible they are BOTH autistic?
  31. So I'm cooking now.
  32. Dd has a boyfriend
  33. Kids and porn
  34. Crap Mum lately
  35. Needing advice on saving marriage.
  36. Co-Parenting with a commitment phobe
  37. New Marriage vs. Step Monster
  38. Children don't want to go with him
  39. Hubby mad at Dad
  40. Will someone's mind change about kids?
  41. I'm married but I feel like a single parent!
  42. Husband wants to visit ex-girlfriend's parents with her and son
  43. Mom Jailed Because She Let Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Play in the Park Unsupervised
  44. Teenage kids on Facebook
  45. Mother issues
  46. Young Men at Boot Camp
  47. Husband Can't Take Care Of Kids, Feeling Resentful
  48. step family problems
  49. Enjoying a break from the kids
  50. Awkward statement from daughter-in-law
  51. Husband just found out may have a 16 year old daughter
  52. Is it "moral" not to see family?
  53. We just found out my dh might have an adult daughter
  54. Told dd
  55. Foster parent issue
  56. Custody and the child's well being
  57. In-laws - Insensitve or Sensible
  58. 2 babies and 1 child single parent
  59. Family unit and kids after separation / divorce
  60. Wife's response to children when we get into big fights
  61. What is WITH these female teachers having sex with their students???
  62. Mom Was Being Inappropriate Online: Thoughts?
  63. Baby Momma doesnt believe we are poor
  64. Brief vent, I'm so scared.
  65. limiting contact of siblings.....
  66. "Cool mom is going to jail" Why did they show a kid saying this in a commercial?
  67. Does it ever end
  68. Step Daughter-In-Law
  69. Role of divorce,blended families,step families on inheritance to biological children
  70. My alcoholic father
  71. Holy Moly. They're All Like This
  72. My Wife, my mother, my daughter....what to do?
  73. Open Letter to the man who called police on 2 little girls instead of their parents
  74. Child poisoning
  75. Teen Privacy-a lesson in phones, apps, sex and lying
  76. Seek a professional??
  77. SS creating drama wife doesnt want to address.
  78. How did you explain death to your kids
  79. Conjoined twins.......
  80. My stepdaughter told my husband that I was not allowed to attend her HS graduation
  81. Goodbye my Baby Boy
  82. What if there was a need for a military draft and your son had to be drafted?
  83. Normal for a 5.5yr old to have meltdowns?
  84. my mother feeling left out of new grandchild life
  85. The Snip
  86. Is This Acceptable?
  87. Emails from ex
  88. Moral Dilemma, need help!
  89. Birds and Bees
  90. The moral minefield of a boy's dying wish - to have sex.
  91. Tubes tied vs vasectomy...
  92. My husband wished our daughter dead
  93. Is it a thing now, that you can't let boys babysit children?
  94. Disney princesses and media
  95. Who backs down when there is no compromise to be had?
  96. What's the most demanding time raising a child?
  97. Ex wants to move away with daughter
  98. ex husband hates me/daughter because of new GF?
  99. Feeling extremely overwhelmed living near family and in laws- HELP!
  100. Of course....but maybe...
  101. Watch Draft Day and Divergent Full Movie HDa
  102. Holiday dinner at ex wifes house???
  103. my FIL is an addict
  104. Things I wish I could unsee...
  105. Funny Kid Comments
  106. A man with no wee wee
  107. I thought for her, but I thought wrong...
  108. Shared Custody and Chores
  109. Dealing with family-in-law - suggestions needed
  110. Will my husband ever want to have children?
  111. 7 year old won't stop talking
  112. 20 yr daughter smoking pot
  113. How much help does child need with homework?
  114. I resent childs homework assignments that require money, supplies, time
  115. Ex wants job in my office, not sure how to stop this
  116. girls and sex
  117. Youth Sports
  118. Give him the money or not ?
  119. Religious hassles
  120. MIL living 6+ mos with us
  121. Dd in hospital
  122. "Friends" trying to parent my!!
  123. GF and her family's visit
  124. step's perspectives
  125. Kissing your children on the lips.
  126. Separated - can I finally make my dreams come true?
  127. Sister's illness
  128. Should my daughter visit her mother who is in jail? Do you agree with what this polic
  129. Girls birthday sleepover
  130. Babied my daughter too much, now what?
  131. Implications of Sole Custody
  132. Older men abusing young women
  133. Sing it!
  134. How to Solve the "Father not liking wife" issue
  135. Need help in sorting my thots abt MIS
  136. My Husbands lack of relationship with his daughter
  137. Would you call this disrespect?
  138. what men think about adoption?
  139. Hit my bf once (was drunk) and his parents hate me ever since
  140. My controlling,moody, manipulative, needy mother
  141. Bloody Inlaws!! Gah!!
  142. Wrong for your child to hear you having sex
  143. Adoption could destroy marriage
  144. Pot and dd
  145. Help with this please
  146. Disciplining Kids with Ex Wife
  147. Stretch marks????Or beauty marks... It's in the eye of the beholder
  148. Toxic FIL
  149. Does this flower fundraiser hurt the kids?
  150. Is it me? do I worry too much?
  151. Do I tell the friend about her kid?
  152. Will this harm our son?
  153. Am I just being psycho?
  154. My Mom want to claim my Dads Social Security, what should I do?
  155. Important threads a father should read on TAM
  156. Mothers
  157. Christmas is over............but.........
  158. Pregnant with 2nd child and not sure if we can handle it
  159. Custody
  160. My wife wants a divorce because she hates my mom
  161. He is gaining weight!
  162. 7 yr old daughter with no boundaries
  163. Son smoking pot (I'm pretty sure)
  164. Husband and ex calling each other
  165. takeing the baby mama to court what should I expect?
  166. What age shoud kids move out
  167. Gnashing my teeth and biting my tongue
  168. Please suggest books for children having tough time dealing with divorce
  169. Should one feel guilty at not being around family?
  170. ? re money
  171. Did you ever.. ? Be honest
  172. My wife doesn't get along with my daughter, this is causing lots of drama
  173. Should I Suggest
  174. How to have parental sex education for my 10 Y/O daughter
  175. Relaxing during Parenthood
  176. Any homeschoolers here?
  177. Balancing divorced parents and overbearing MIL
  178. My wife has problem with my mom
  179. Would you keep your kids away from your ex?
  180. I need help - it's a complicated situation
  181. When did you decide you didn't want anymore children?
  182. Confused and Curious
  183. I hate my MIL
  184. He smells
  185. What to do?
  186. Step parenting with a difficult biological father
  187. Motherhood guilt
  188. toxic inlaws. 5 love languages
  189. What's best for the child - separate or stay together
  190. Step kids and rules
  191. Scared of small fruit?
  192. step kids and double standards
  193. Did I handle this badly?
  194. im going to adopt...
  195. How to discipline a 2 year old
  196. I'm about to lose it!
  197. What skills do you think children need to be taught
  198. dealing with a difficult family at christmas
  199. Autism Monster Bar and Grill
  200. Please give me your thoughts on this, thanks!!
  201. Parenting and alcohol (future kids)
  202. Children Grown Up
  203. Have to decide if I should press charges against my son for abuse
  204. displaying "private parts" in public?
  205. New member - seeking help!
  206. Stepmum - any others here?
  207. 12 year old with no respect
  208. The Birds and The Bees...
  209. Getting ready to welcome baby #2
  210. Mother in law has major issues. Help!
  211. 50/50 custody with a 5 year old?
  212. Last one out and feeling empty
  213. inequality in parenting
  214. 5 year old daughter keeps saying she doesn't want me to work
  215. ADHD and divorce
  216. Parenting and divorce?
  217. Traveling Internationally with children
  218. 5 year old suddenly NOT potty-trained
  219. Blended Family. Wife is extremely sensitive about step-son and my mother.
  220. How to manage a 22 month old
  221. Aggressive sister in law behavior
  222. Children marry their parents?
  223. Sister in law not good for family
  224. 15year old making life hell for us
  225. Where has the compassion gone?
  226. School Days
  227. problems between my wife and my mother
  228. Dealing with your own parents and their damage
  229. Do I talk to my son about Masturbation or not?
  230. Vent About the Ex
  231. Toddler threw a tantrum and I started to panic
  232. Shorter version
  233. At the end of my rope with MIL
  234. Losing Husband over daughter
  235. 7yo DD sassy, disrespectful mouth
  236. meeting Dads other family
  237. talking to an unresponsive ex-wife about our kids
  238. SAHM Considerations?
  239. Angry with H's family & MIL in particular
  240. Problems with the in-laws, please help
  241. Please help: my husband will not defend or stand up for me-now I'm in a hotel
  242. What age did you have your kids?
  243. Is this puberty ALREADY?!?
  244. She makes me laugh
  245. Just venting
  246. blended family/inlaws/ex
  247. having kids- worth it ?
  248. What do you love about your kids/being a parent?
  249. Toddler "stressed" by working parents, childcare arrangement?
  250. 8 year old girl being harrassed by boy at school