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  1. Elderly MIL from hell...
  2. High strung daughter
  3. Need parenting advice. Daughter snooping in my phone!
  4. Why are young men having such a difficult time communicating
  5. My daughter doesn't fit in
  6. Family Not Understanding
  7. my husband won't let me have an abortion
  8. I hate my step family, and don't understand why it hasn't fallen apart yet.
  9. How old were your parents when they had you?
  10. Hypothetical question....inheritance
  11. How to handle SS
  12. You OK w/Your Daughter Moving Her Flunked-Out Boyfriend Into Her Dorm???
  13. The concept of being organized/having your ducks in a row?
  14. Trip Away
  15. Wife fighting over baby names
  16. I don't want my mother in law at my baby shower
  17. WHEN to tell kids & other family members about separation?
  18. Parenting with a bpd rage aholic
  19. First names you would never call a child of yours
  20. My parents are driving me NUTS
  21. The spirit of Jesus
  22. Daughter has made me think more lately
  23. Fiance passed away and now I have in laws issues!
  24. My oldest son has been curious lately
  25. Baby Shower for GD
  26. first refusal
  27. Had the talk with my oldest son and impressed with my daughter
  28. my daughter
  29. Relationship with my oldest
  30. Christmas drama already
  31. The day I forgave my dad
  32. 71% of parents admit they have regrets about how they raised their children
  33. People who find fault in others homes
  34. Do you know where your parents met
  35. Daughter and her friends were arrested for drugs.
  36. The "Talk" and other stuff
  37. most eventful labour you know off?
  38. Wife's mom is living with us
  39. Experience/advice with cutting
  40. My husband has disowned our daughter
  41. Can someone take my online class for me
  42. Was my wife wrong with this discipline for our son?
  43. My FIL died...... how much does one need to bereave?
  44. Having kids
  45. Dementia....
  46. Advice on Blended Families needed
  47. Conflict between wife and mother getting out of hand
  48. Input from other grandparents?
  49. Should I tell my son I am not his biological father?
  50. my wife is letting her parents over with no notice to me
  51. Fight with ex and now we're not talking, 1 daughter
  52. Parenting a disturbed child who is not my own
  53. Daughter has trouble falling asleep
  54. I think my husband and mother-in-law are TOO close
  55. Got a woman coming over. . .
  56. My Fiance left without proper!
  57. Parental decision dispute
  58. Dissolution of a Blended Family
  59. Advice for mom with teenage daughter
  60. His kids...I don't know what to do
  61. Parenting Special Needs
  62. Help. Newly widowed mother is getting scammed on the internet.
  63. Help....
  64. Issues with Mother-In-Law - Please Help !
  65. Parental Alienation
  66. Who would be at fault if a child die this way?
  67. Husband wants brother to live with us for a year
  68. HATE my stepkid
  69. Help!! Family not accepting :(
  70. Does this make me a jerk?
  71. Help with weaning
  72. New Parents & New Problems
  73. I hate being right all the time
  74. Christmas away from home
  75. Kids saw explicit texts between my wife and me
  76. Feel marginalized as a parent
  77. Do you read your kid's text messages?
  78. How Old Is Too Old For Opposite Sex Sleepovers?
  79. Are 5th grade graduations even a thing?
  80. How much involvement?
  81. Mothers that don't pay child support.
  82. What a disgusting Forum - Steptalk
  83. Wife / Mother - What to try next
  84. Blended Family and stress :(
  85. Hover mom
  86. Parental Alienation
  87. Fellow parents of older teens, what are your thoughts?
  88. How much should kids know about sex?
  89. Want to stop eating out but husband wont
  90. Need Advice Badly
  91. Is this a wedding or a fundraiser?
  92. 27 year old DD
  93. Another week of battles with nearly 18 yr old daughter
  94. track your children's cell phone
  95. The Discipline Issue
  96. Sister in law aka friend of his ex visiting
  97. Shared parenting - single mom pays child support
  98. Girlfriend wants me to meet her son
  99. What do you think about the baseball player who wants to retire..
  100. Second Husband Jealousy Blues...
  101. Would you feel the same? What would you do now?
  102. Finding mom friends VENT
  103. Stigma and Gossip
  104. Single Mom question
  105. Mother in law interfering with my marriage
  106. Ex-Sister In Law on Facebook
  107. Struggling with son's behavior
  108. Is My Daughter Safe?
  109. i think i might be done
  110. Risk (connecting with my son)
  111. New mum (me) vs monster-in-law
  112. Ex-wife and Nanny
  113. To Punish or Not To Punish (& how)
  114. Parents , what time were your kids born at?
  115. custody, visitation out of state, abuse
  116. Seasick prevention
  117. Appropriate allowance for a 10 year old
  118. Unsafe child contact orders
  119. Co-parenting with my kids and GF
  120. Helping my wife cope with difficulty conceiving
  121. could you forgive?
  122. Dating my wife and Grandparents/babysitter
  123. Husband Upset About 3rd, Unplanned Pregnancy...
  124. Father/daughter crisis
  125. Room darkening or light filtering window coverings
  126. Dont know how to react to my mother giving parenting advice?
  127. Any other adopted adults?
  128. Always the go between
  129. Family therapy?
  130. Wife and I are not on the same page about kids
  131. Teenage son, long distance relationship
  132. Estranged SIL - Children's Xmas Gift Trickery
  133. Should I even try to reason with girlfriend about her demon daughter?
  134. Playing the roles of both Mom and Step-Mom - torn over husband's choices.
  135. Teen Anxiety Issues
  136. My father beat us and my mom was too weak to stop him.
  137. Help! 17 year old daughter is pregnant
  138. Adult Step Children Who Ignore You
  139. It's our fault
  140. Kids and Bullying
  141. currently living with HIS mom
  142. Granddaughter removed from mother - needs emotional support
  143. Parents of Tweens and Teens - What do they like to do?
  144. Wife Making Me Feel Bad
  145. Husband's abusive grandfather wanted to visit us
  146. How to talk about Stepdaughters inappropriate clothes
  147. Life flying by too quick to live?
  148. Having problems with DS14
  149. New baby, 3rd kid, wife struggling
  150. DH Too Tough on Toddler
  151. What is my role?
  152. Stepparent roles
  153. How often should grandparents see grandkids?
  154. I need to cut ties with my Father.
  155. When things aren't working.
  156. Dealing with tough family members
  157. Trying to hold everything together when I am falling apart
  158. Caught my very young kids with porn
  159. Long time struggle with DH attachment to family
  160. How to deal with brother in law and wife?!?
  161. Struggling with parenthood
  162. I think my mother has dementia. What do I do?
  163. Teens and young adults in trouble
  164. SO Punishes Kids Too Harshly IMO
  165. Chaotic activities/2 homes
  166. DNA testing of paternity should be automatic at birth
  167. How best to deal with negative influences of fiance's ex.
  168. Got into a disagreement with my husband's cousin
  169. Has anyone used Wellbutrin for ADHD?
  170. How to encourage D6 to find interest in self-defence?
  171. Finally told my 9 yo that he is Autistic
  172. I feel like a married single parent.
  173. How would you react to this school discipline issue?
  174. Yell at kids n i feel like crap now
  175. Girlfriend and kids
  176. Modern day delimma raising kids
  177. Newlywed In-Law Issues
  178. Leaving for college
  179. I hate Wednesdays
  180. The rule at our table is the children must eat everything.
  181. Babysitting the Grandkids
  182. I cut contact with my mother and have never been happier
  183. Is MIL's husband hiding money?
  184. Disrespectful daughter
  185. Jealous father, Catty mother, Am I going straight to H ell for calling bull$hit?
  186. How to make parenting fun again?
  187. Same Sex Exposure...
  188. blamed for all
  189. Husband pushed my son
  190. 2 1/2 year old + 2 month old = difficult toddler
  191. Trip with Grandparents
  192. Co-Parenting with a Narcissist
  193. No one wants to see my kids :(
  194. The bully card
  195. How important is it to want someone with the same parenting style
  196. Help with clueless dad.
  197. Parenting and division of labor
  198. Generation gaps
  199. Just looking for someone who understands
  200. Adult kids and equal gifts
  201. Frustrated with Autistic child's wandering
  202. Breast Feeding Ethics
  203. Cartoons
  204. How would you feel?
  205. My wife had an affair. If I divorce she will move child out of state.
  206. My past experience and future plans, your feedback please?
  207. New step-parent needs help with boundaries with her ex
  208. It's That Time of Year Again
  209. Toddler sleep
  210. Will my daughter get into college if she takes the "general diploma" track?
  211. Her brother comes over every Saturday night
  212. Something Special For High School Graduate
  213. When Mother's Day is dreaded.
  214. Help to find a solution
  215. Stepchildren/Stepgrandchildren
  216. Sexting, pictures, and teens
  217. My mom and my sister keep fighting. When I call them on it, they get mad at me
  218. What do retail workers do for childcare?
  219. Absent Bio mom wants mothers day
  220. Any soccer parents here?
  221. Introducing a New Child into Family
  222. Should I press my daughter to visit her other parent?
  223. My parents want to buy me a car??
  224. Is anyone here gifted at getting teens to open up?
  225. Seven year old DDstill bedwetting
  226. My step Daughter is smoking in the house
  227. RANT- not sure how to handle a bratty step child
  228. Free-range parents of TAM?
  229. Prom etc
  230. Can we prevent FOO issues?
  231. Estranged Step-daughter
  232. Told my son he has 30 days to move out, too harsh?
  233. I am dying and I miss him
  234. Has your child ever been made uncomfortable by a friend they think is gay?
  235. What is Happening with Our Girls?
  236. Unsure how to handle 12yo
  237. Tattling
  238. In laws with mental problems
  239. To move or not?
  240. Family wedding question
  241. problems with mil
  242. A child's book to help little ones cope with Divorce or separation
  243. Suspect my son's step-dad of corporal punishment in the past
  244. Why does my son do this??
  245. My Controlling Daughter
  246. I don't think I want kids, but my husband says he does
  247. Parents are against me divorcing my husband
  248. Childs anxiety problems
  249. Hubby thinks once my son graduates high school he should be out.
  250. Mother / Wife Issues