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  1. Does the Christian God monopolize the afterlife?
  2. Is God a buzz kill ?
  3. Atheism continued
  4. Something should happen, red line in the sand, blah blah blah
  5. HPV - is it only transmitted via sexual contact
  6. The O'Reilly Factor Debacle
  7. Are you a "good" person?
  8. Who lives where pot is legal?
  9. Bridgegate: What say you?
  10. What "heterosexual" use to mean
  11. Trumpcare Apparently DOA!
  12. School Lawsuit Over Gender Locker room "Identification"
  13. London attack: Police officer among four dead as terror strikes
  14. Ivanka for president
  15. You're Fired
  16. Preacher's salary
  17. can't be red, white and blue in Iowa
  18. Revamping the ACA -What Say YOU???
  19. God: Summing it up
  20. A Day Without A Woman
  21. Finally
  22. Hollywood
  23. Feds out of pot
  24. Therapists who need therapy themselves
  25. Tribalism in US Politics
  26. Trump needs to lay off the states on the pot issue
  27. Milo...
  28. Marine Le Pen Refuses to Wear Headscarf
  29. America: A Failing Marriage
  30. Are Liberals Helping Trump?
  31. Christian churches?
  32. Trump and communication
  33. Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote
  34. Puzder withdraw
  35. Otherwise you'd be speaking German
  36. White Pins For White Privilege
  37. Yellow Journalism
  38. Ban husbands!
  39. Lawmaker: Pregnant Workers Who Want Accommodations Should Quit
  40. Helpful reference
  41. 9th Court of Appeals uphold halt to temp immigrant ban
  42. Let the burden lie with its proponents
  43. Free Speech and Political Correctness
  44. How well do you fact-check?
  45. #NotMyChampions
  46. Is God everywhere?
  47. Draft of an executive order
  48. Evolution VS Creation
  49. GOD
  50. Divorce, Remarriage, Christianity.
  51. 21 Regrets of the Dying
  52. If ACA is repealed
  53. Legally Mandated Safe Space
  54. Examples of how the German Leftists are destroying their civilization
  55. Keystone XL a go again?
  56. Common Core
  57. Fair test?
  58. Will Bill take up with Monica after Hillary goes to prison?
  59. "Free Melania"
  60. Who knew the CIA was filled with wussies?
  61. Marriage Advice from Vice President Mike Pence that fixed my marriage
  62. Boycotting A Movie Over Personality Disorder ...
  63. It's a great day
  64. Ethics and Morality
  65. Trump is such a Tweet!
  66. Gender
  67. Making College Campuses More Amenable To “marginalized student populations.” ...
  68. EC vs. NPV
  69. five years ago today...
  70. Is anyone sick of winning yet?
  71. What do you think of this?
  72. Controversial program for heroin addiction
  73. Interest Free Loans For Muslims
  74. No, this is NOT from the Onion!
  75. Pistachio Girl
  76. White supremacist, chip and Joanna, Donald trump
  77. Abortion as a general topic
  78. Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany - Afghan migrant admits kil
  79. Maddog Mattis as SECDEF
  80. Texas law on cremating or burying fetuses
  81. So...
  82. Occam's Razor and Conspiracy Theories
  83. Flag Burning
  84. Dakota Access Pipeline protests
  85. Castro is dead!
  86. Black Friday
  87. Is this the beginning of the end?
  88. Hoodwinked
  89. Presidential Transition
  90. A near-miss of an extinction level event
  91. Tolerant liberals?
  92. Electoral College voters get credible death threats
  93. Trumps theater tweet
  94. I don't think most people understand the pardon power very well
  95. Apologize!
  96. Sanctuary Cities
  97. Moderator notice
  98. Safe Space for those who are hurting after Election Day
  99. It's not just fly over states. It's Appalachia. It's rural South.
  100. Nation-Unifying Idea for President-Elect Trump
  101. The best news I've heard this week!
  102. Somehow I don't think this will have much effect
  103. The vast anti-Semitic conspiracy is vaster than I thought
  104. San Francisco tax dollars at work
  105. Google and Facebook to ban fake news websites
  106. Trigger warning: overly sensitive leftists should avoid this thread!
  107. Catholic/Religious guilt over sex
  108. Jared Kushner
  109. Illegal Immigration
  110. The good news: Trump isn't Hitler
  111. Bannon
  112. Moms & Dads, your child's college brainwashing is complete
  113. Struggling with my so called "Conservative" stance...
  114. Media partly to blame for post-election hysteria
  115. Strict Constitutionist
  116. Assassination threat made against President-Elect Trump
  117. Maybe Americans just like the Republican platform better.
  118. Liberal group raising money to repair damage
  119. How could a "moron" win the Presidency of the United States?
  120. From CBS News: "The unbearable smugness of the press"
  121. LA Times: What do we tell the children?
  122. a message for 'white' america
  123. why
  124. Speculation on what to expect now
  125. Trump... wins because of hate
  126. The "Uneducated"
  127. Well we put the clown in office...sigh
  128. Let me be the first to ask...
  129. Was this an anti-woman anti-foreigner vote?
  130. Watching the Live Election coverage
  131. voter id
  132. What would be the first Executive Order of President Clinton?
  133. Child rape victim attacks Hillary Clinton
  134. Predict the presidential election
  135. Bill Clinton as First Lady
  136. How to help Trump
  137. In TAM I trust
  138. OMG. Melania as First Lady?!?!
  139. Vote fraud expert Bev Harris exposes electronic voting machines
  140. Who will win?
  141. Hilary Clinton is a bit miffed. Director Comey's letter spoiled the surprise
  142. Heard a political ad the other day...
  143. Hillary's connections to Al Qaida and ISIS
  144. Your News Bubble decides your Opinion
  145. 3 years to 6th mass extinction
  146. Education is killing the Republican party
  147. WW III: The Lovechild of Barack and Hillary?
  148. See no evil: Media & Michelle Obama
  149. What is Halloween coming to??
  150. Incredibly touching and heartbreaking ad
  151. The Problem with Hillary
  152. Trump will dispute election results no matter what
  153. Hold the front page! Liberals are the real psycos!
  154. Matt and Trey have been reading TAM
  155. Veritas: DNC "Bird dogging" Trump rallies
  156. Happy we will have one more debate
  157. Republicans (as well as Democrats)
  158. Proof of illegality at the Clinton Foundation
  159. Hillary's health status
  160. Sexual assault
  161. Tax on sugary drinks - yay or nay?
  162. When you are attractive, you can do anything
  163. The Election 2016 in three statements
  164. When you are famous, you can do anything
  165. It can't happen soon enough!
  166. Donald Trump's Tax "Evasion"
  167. Firearm enhanced relationship
  168. Raising a "future ex-wife"
  169. Woman Says Airline Made Her Move Because 2 Pakistani Monks Can’t Sit Next To*Female
  170. It's never too young to start
  171. A proud day for women everywhere!
  172. Apparently I would have been too modest with "Your lordship"
  173. Science is sexist
  174. A woman's thoughts on "nice guys"
  175. Who won the Debate?
  176. Equal rights for men and women
  177. The two facets of hypergamy
  178. The New World Order
  179. Charlotte Protests/Unrest
  180. Wells Fraudo Bank
  181. Where is Hillary??
  182. The Red Pill on Cop Shootings
  183. President Gary Johnson
  184. Where the Red Pill fails men...
  185. Electile Dysfunction: 9% - 81%
  186. The mainstream Media a r e the Matrix
  187. Are you a Femnist?
  188. What happens if a candidate for US President dies before November 8th?
  189. Science behind the red pill
  190. What is the meaning of "the red pill"?
  191. Theranos myth story and conspiracy
  192. Does any third party candidate have a chance. What about the isolationism?
  193. Ever heard of Aleppo?
  194. Critical Journalism on Hillary is dangerous
  195. Why Hillary will be a great president
  196. Dead Abe is right!
  197. Why the "red pill" is bitter
  198. Best Analysis of the Campaigns by Glenn Beck
  199. Kaepernick Sitting Down During National Anthem
  200. Trump TV
  201. African Americans and Political Parties
  202. Trumps New "Breitbart" Staff Shakeup ~ A Game Changer?
  203. Has Any Guy Here Taken The "Red Pill"?
  204. Donald Trump's lack of respect for science is alarming
  205. Dr. Jill Stein
  206. HRC is a criminal
  207. This is about Trump, and Trump alone
  208. Nukes, if we Have them, Use them!
  209. Why such an entrenched two-party system?
  210. Paul harvey segment from 1965
  211. Path to 270
  212. "Like a Nixon clone"
  213. Have you guys thought about Trump's Russian cponnections?
  214. A politics AND religion thread
  215. Candidates for the presidential election "You In?"
  216. What the hell were they THINKING?
  217. frickin system sucks
  218. Political comedy
  219. Doublespeak
  220. The End of Trump Coming Soon
  221. A great resource for defensive uses of guns
  222. Making Porn Great Again
  223. Plagiarism ~ Big Deal or Not?
  224. The Elephant in the Room - Islam
  225. Melania Trump's claim to have a degree may be a lie
  226. And more on Donald Trump
  227. Test all Muslims in the US...
  228. Again and again and again...
  229. Too much politics. Need a religious thread
  230. Thought experiment, part 2
  231. Thought experiment
  232. Dallas: 11 Officers shot, 4 dead at black lives matter protest
  233. New candidate making headway
  234. Why DO people hate Clinton?
  235. Inter-species breeding
  236. Middle School Graduation Speech
  237. Draftqueens
  238. Drug test for wealthy recipients of tax breaks?
  239. Orlando, Florida Terrorism
  240. Brexit!
  241. Gorilla shot at zoo
  242. Bernie Sanders Rally
  243. The Aardvark
  244. Saving Capitalism
  245. "Woman fired for not wearing high heels to work"
  246. USA for Sale
  247. Politicians Releasing Tax Returns, Why?
  248. Public Service Message
  249. Global Warming
  250. Aren't there already transgendered people in women's bathrooms?