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Re: Cheated on pregnant girlfriend (sort of long story)

When it comes to right & wrong there is no grey areas. Just black & white.

Your GF shouldn't have tricked you into falling pregnant- fact.

You having an affair with a friend is wrong- fact.

No matter how you phrase it, or how angry you get, you are trying to justify your affair with your girlfriends stupid actions.

Can you not see how this is morally reprehensible? You have the right to be angry & you can choose to work through those feelings with your GF or without her. You DO NOT have the right to pile on more misery into a situation by behaving this way.

So get angry, ask that no haters respond, blah, blah, blah, BUT what you are doing is disgusting & now you've lost the right to be p!ssed at your GF, as you behaved just as badly.

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Re: Cheated on pregnant girlfriend (sort of long story)

Falene - No doubt it will bite me in the ass, I know I cant avoid it forever. I think our parents would say the same things (should they find out about what she did) even if the baby is born. The only difference is that they wouldnt completely cut her off because of the baby. If they found out I was cheating then I am sure they/she would be hurt but I know they would eventually get over it. Thanks for the advice.

Catherine - Funny. My gf left at 9 that morning, XX came over at 12ish and didnt leave until 6:30 (give or take a few mins). Had bout an hour to clean up before gf came home. We have a small bedroom so it wasnt tough to clean. As for energy - I thank my energy drinks for that. I run a lot so I always have various energy drinks in the apartment, I downed two of them (cant recall which ones) and I was set for hours. XX (the friend) knows that its just sex and nothing more (youd have known this if you bothered to read my other posts). Now go take your bashing else where.

warlock07 - I honestly dont know what I am going to do.

lisab0105 - Yes what I am doing is wrong and I admit that but telling me to grow up when it was my gf who tricked me into parenthood? lmfao, not that bright are you?

EleGirl - I think I will do that (have her move out n such). We are suppose to be taking a seperation soon (as said on the other thread) so I will start doing that earlier instead of later. That way I can get this fling out of my system and get my head straight.

Also, I highly doubt she would get full custody. I know the courts favor the mom in these situations but I think theyd lean towards me more when it comes to custody. I have the far better paying job, which I can also do from home should I need to. I do all the cooking and cleaning around the apartment. I pay a majority of the bills (She pays for her cell phone and pays half the rent). I am far more responsible then she is. Also, I did come on here for input and advice (advice being a key word here) but people are bashing me, That isnt advice.

blissful - (for the last paragraph you wrote) I know what I am doing is wrong but I am doing it for revenge and nothing more, Getting even with my gf for what she did to me. Im gonna relax for a week or so and see what happens, I just need to get away from all this.
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Re: Cheated on pregnant girlfriend (sort of long story)

HAHAHAHAHA...You are funny dude.

So let me get this are getting revenge on your girlfriend (whom you had sex with WITHOUT a condom) because you BOTH got her pregnant...(pregnancy happens with or without birth control pills, sorry to burst that bubble of yours) and your solution is to go and have SEX (the act in which causes babies to be born) with someone else as revenge??????????? What the hell are you gonna do if this chick ends up pregnant?

The only non-bright one here is you. Using sex as revenge for having a baby is cruel, thoughtless and well stupid.

And when I say deal with this like a grown up, I mean, TALK to your girlfriend, go to counseling, seperate...not go stick your d**k into the first open legs that will spread them for you.
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Re: Cheated on pregnant girlfriend (sort of long story)

Originally Posted by asylumspadez View Post
I got a call from XX (the girl I slept with) and we talked about what happend. She wants to meet up with me tomorrow or the day after to hook up again and I agreed. I know its wrong but to be honest, I dont care. I consider it payback and I plan to keep screwing XX until the baby comes.
I smell Troll. Because, obviously.
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Re: Cheated on pregnant girlfriend (sort of long story)

To help understand more of your sitation in regards to custody, what state do you live in?
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Re: Cheated on pregnant girlfriend (sort of long story)

End relationship

You have shown you incapable of being in a truly committed relationship. God will judge
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Re: Cheated on pregnant girlfriend (sort of long story)

So, two days ago she was going to counseling and you guys were working on things. Or so your other thread says. Now out of the blue you are going at it with her bestie.

Good luck, now she can tell the baby that mommy and daddy broke up cause daddy couldn't keep it in his pants. And you will sound SOOO mature telling a kid that you only did it for revenge LMAO. Are you even listening to yourself?
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