What would you do? A Question About Family/Spouse Relations
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Default What would you do? A Question About Family/Spouse Relations

I've been struggling with this issue for a few years now and would like EVERYONE's opinion on what they would do. (Please indicate if you're male or female.)

Imagine if, one day, out of the blue.....
-Your sibling calls your spouse and accuses him/her of something they never did;
-During the phone call, your sibling verbally assaults your spouse using inappropriate language;
-In the weeks following the phone call, your sibling leaves messages on your cell phone demanding you deal with the wrongdoings of your spouse.
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Default Re: What would you do? A Question About Family/Spouse Relations

CellarDoor, I bet you can tell our gender by the way we answer, but yes I am male or female.

Your scenario is a tad nebulous. What is your relationship with the sibling? What is said sibling's past track record regarding similar episodes? What are they accusing them of? What is their evidence? As the spouse, am I swayed that the charge is in fact valid? What was the spouse's reaction to this charge?

Answer these, and I can answer your scenario CD. There are too many blanks, and the response could be valid e.g. "your husband molested my daughter and the hospital rape kit will confirm this", or just friggin nuts e.g. "I know you've been contacted by the reptillians from Centor 5 to secretly replace the flowers in my yard with pod spore generators".

Please give us more, so we can give you more. LIL
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Default Re: What would you do? A Question About Family/Spouse Relations


Simple response. My spouse comes before my sibling, that would be my first point.
Second point is...my sibling can't prove the accusations. Hence i tell sibling to back off, and come back to make those accusations when they can prove it. If they can't prove it, I don't see how they'd expect me to go against my spouse and support them. Also '*****y' behaviour won't get anywhere with me regardless of who it's coming from. It may get me scared, get me to back of, to shut up....but won't determine my actual actions towards the situation.

What is this wrongdoing that you talk of?
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