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Lay it on me, folks

My wife and I have been together since 1992, married in 1997. We have a beautiful 11 yr old daughter. My family is truly the one thing in my life I am most proud of. My love has grown for her everyday since our first date and I thought she felt the same about me. Last December, she started to ask me if she could go out with some friends from work on a number of occasions. I had no problem with it because my trust for her was ironclad. She would get home from these nights out after 1 am and when I asked her how her night was, she would be vauge in her answers and one time, hopped right into the shower! Uh-Oh, I thought. This can't be happening. When I asked her if something was going on, tears flowed from her eyes and she said she wanted a divorce. Devastated would be an understatement in my case. I asked if there was someone else, she said no. She just fell out of love. Well, after a couple of weeks (she was still going out) I started doing some investigating and that led me to her phone. It was there I found my answer. Texts from a friend of hers from work stating how "addicted" he was to her. My world just burned down all around me. This CAN'T BE HAPPENING!! I guess lies and deceit go hand-in-hand with cheating. My family was crumbling. She then proceeded to tell me she hasn't felt anything for me in 3 or 4 YEARS and that she had relations other than the current one. Total embarrassment and disbelief on my part because I DIDN'T NOTICE that something was terribly wrong. How could I be so blind!??! This was my best friend! We had a great sex life, but she said she was fulfilling her "wifely duties." Am I going crazy?? I thought we were sharing something and this is what she says to me? After a couple of months, she asks if it's too late to work it out. I took her back without hesitation. I love her and I don't want my daughter to see divorce, not in our house. I try everything to make things right, but for the next 4 months, something is very wrong, and I can feel it. She still sneaks off to talk to him on the phone (I know this because I check her phone from time-totime.) We argue about it, but I still want this to work, but now just for my daughter. We resume having sex, and it's good, but the "wifely duties" feeling is prevalent here. After 4 months of trying, she ends it again. She is now in love with him, and he is leaving his wife for mine. She told me the reason she got back together with me was because he was trying to work it out with his wife. My wife told me she convinced him to leave her wife so they can be together. My wife is terrified, I guess, at being alone. She waited until she had someone else lined up to get the courage to tell me she wasn't happy. I'm just dying a terrible death at this point. I loved her so much. I loved being married to her. Now, we're divorcing and they are making their plans (she goes out 3-4 times a week and talks to him on the phone like they are in high school. Yes, we are in the house together and my daughter has no idea about the other man.) I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I know I'm clinging to something that once was there, but not anymore. I wish I could be like some men who can wash their hands of it and move on, but I can't deny the feelings I have for my wife. I thought I was a good husband, NEVER cheated on her, and thought I was her best friend. Boy, am I clueless. I've been so depressed, lost interest in a lot of things, but I'm trying to be strong for my daughter, who was also devastated about this, but she's dealing with it. I understand how people can fall out of love, but how could she do this to me this way?? I don't deserve this. My wife agrees, but she can't help the way she feels. She goes out with him right under my nose! What do you all think about this?? Can I ever trust again?? I feel pathetic and like a total loser.

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Re: Lay it on me, folks

You are not pathetic or a total loser. Your love and trust for your wife has been betrayed.
Let her go. She's in a fantasy world right now. And the more you cling, the more she'll run. Let her go.
Work on yourself. Grieve. Take care of your daughter. Take care of yourself.
People do fall out of love but that doesn't give anyone the right to break vows and commitments. It's a coward's way out of a marriage. I know you love her. And it's going to be difficult but let her go.
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

ahahaha. Honey you are not pathetic or a loser. You know whats gonna be funny?? Is once they are both together they are probably at some point gonna realize that they don't even LIKE each other. Yeah its all fun right now while they are still in two houses. Move in together, start smelling each others poo, see them when they are sick and nasty. The thrill tends to get thrown out the window. And guess whats gonna happen when one of them isn't happy with each other? Yep, they are gonna step out. Its a vicious cycle sometimes and unfortunately you got caught as an innocent bystander. Be strong and take care of that daughter!
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Re: Lay it on me, folks


Tell your wife to move out -- do it. She will regain some of her respect for you. She has to understand the consequences. Listen to Wren, the more you cling, the less attractive you are to her. Kick her out and don't worry about the consequences to her - she made this bed now she must lie in it. It is hard and will be hard on you -- believe me it will be. At least she admitted it.

You need to work on you and your daughter and that is it. It will be hard to block out the memories of good times, but make sure you remember the bad she has done.

"Don't think less of yourself, think of yourself less" ....C.S. Lewis
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

Always listen to FA. Kick her out!
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

You won't have to look far to find stories very similar to your own.

It only becomes pathetic if you continue to allow her to harm you. And she will - for as long as you choose to allow it.
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

Im so sorry your going through this. Nothing can seem to help the rejection. I say kick her out too. My H has been gone two weeks this past monday. You cant let her continue to drag your self esteem down by staying there. She is blinded by her lust and doesnt care about anyone but herself now. She needs some alone time so she can focus on this illusion she has that the whole world revolves around her happiness. Wish it wasnt happening to your family. Keep reading posts and talking about it. Its shocking how many people find themselves in this situation.
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

Whether you do or don't kick her out - you have to start learning to detach. Its the only way to stay sane.

It isn't about you. Its about her chasing some stupid romantic dream that will fade much sooner than she expects.

So many similar stories - but I still feel sick just reading about yet another person ruining everyone's life around them - including their own.
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

you don't deserve what is happening to you and I feel for you, so many of us here have gone through the same thing, it sucks. I go through many emotions everyday, angry at him, doubting myself. Just take it hour by hour and then day by day and yes I think you should ask her to leave, out of sight out of mind works to some degree for me.....the wondering what and where and with whom will go away if she isn't under your nose.......maybe she will wake up when she is away from her comfort zone and realize the fantasy life isn't real(for long anyway)....
hang in there, post here for support
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

oh dumped,

i feel for you!

listen to fa and wren! they know their stuff... they wont steer you wrong.

my h is in a very bad place right now...even after his own drs confirmed my own feelings of depression and mlc...

low testosterone has a HUGE effect on both of these things and he is in complete denial.

I have learned the hard for yourself and your little girl...mine are quite a bit younger than yours. I know this helps tremendously though!

whether you do or dont ask her to the very LEAST set some boundaries for her...she MUST feel and see the consequences of what a divorce will truly be like.

i would also suggest some counceling for yourself and your too helps tremendously!!

keeping you in my thoughts!

loving mother and devoted wife, I will endure this pain with the faith, hope and love i have for my family!
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

Hey man I feel for ya, been there divorced that. The best revenge you can have for a man that steals your wife is to let him keep her.

"When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her"
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

Women in particular will rewrite the history of the relationship. They might have been telling you they loved you all along and having crazy hot sex with you. But as soon as they want to move on they announce they never really felt all that much for you and have been basically out of love with you for years. The sex was basically just because you seemed to need it and they weren't really into it and they just can't fake it anymore. Sorry. It's not you, it's me. It's just something I have to do. I do love you, I'm just not in love with you.

This all probably started back in December last year. Most women are only capable of being emotionally into one guy at a time, and she's switched her allegiance. Once they are actively sleeping with another man it's very hard to bring them back. Even if they come back, you may not want them anymore after everything that webt down.

You absolutely should not tolerate her living in the same house as you and having sex with another man. That's either break it of immediately and end all contact, or get out of my house.

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Re: Lay it on me, folks


You are not pathetic or a loser you just had your feelings and trust stepped on. The advice about kicking her out is valid it will give you some of the power back that she sucked out of you. Its hard and its going to get harder. However taking that step will help you begin to right the ship even though it feels like the ship is at the bottom of the ocean. Hang in there, everyone here wants to help..
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

Hey Everyone,
I'm just AMAZED by your kind words and support. When stuff like this happens, you feel like it's only happening to you and the rest of the world is fine. I talked to a priest the other day and was surprised when he told me there were many people in my own parish going through what I'm going through. When I'm sitting there in church, I only tend to notice the families. We're putting the house on the market and I'm slowly moving my stuff out. Any kind of separation at this point is good. The holidays are killing me, though. I never thought it would be this tough, letting go. The divorce should be final whole family (who really loved my wife) can't wait! Anyway, thank you for your feedback. All of you are great people, in my book. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Re: Lay it on me, folks

Thankfully, I have started counseling a little over a month ago. Talking this out has certainly helped. I'm really working on getting out of this self-loathing phase. My daughter is coming with me this week as well, so I'm very happy about that because she doesn't tlak about it much. Thanks again for your support. It really helps.
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