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    Discovered my husbands 3 yr. affair 28 yrs. ago. Supposedly an emotional one, but they slept together on two weekends. We went through a lot, he never showed much remorse, I worked on the marriage and was pretty much in shock, anger, denial for 5 yrs. Went to counseling, he did with me, but didn't truly participate. He had a social drinking problem and did up until one yr. ago when he stopped after about 35 yrs. on his own. Christmas Day. We did pretty well for about 20 yrs., he lied in the beginning, so I had 5 D-days and if I had known the truth in the beginning I would have left him. By the time I found out a yr. later, I had two major surgeries, cancer and a hysterectomy. I tried to commit suicide twice, but the thought of my children and grandchildren stopped me, as I didn't want to hurt them. Then about 4 yrs. ago he started ignoring me a lot, worried about the stock market crash, lose of money and was interested in me sexually. Did find out that was due to hormones, but it shouldn't have stopped him from being kind to me and loving. He was mean and worse every night when he drank. I thought he was having another affair. So for the past year, it has been really bad as I feel that I have lost all feelings for him, as I don't think I faced what he truly did to me, the betrayal. I loved him so much, never thought he would hurt me and thought he loved me the same. To say I was shocked doesn't even cover it. Now, with me looking back on our 51 yr. marriage, I see where I did all the giving and him the taking. He didn't cherish me like he should have and I had him on a pedestal. The lack of remorse has been the worse and now that I have brought all this back up the past yr. he is beside himself and can't remember things, nor deal with the stress. We have grown so much apart, he's finally trying now to show me that he truly loves me and I believe him, but I want the truth about what went on in the affair and I don't think I am getting it. If he truly had sex with her, he's out the door. So he will be taking another polygraph test, as the other 2 were non-conclusive and not the best examiners. I have got to have the truth. We got married at 18 and had never been with any other person and that's why it's so important to me that he at least didn't have sex or foreplay. Him being in bed with her is all I can deal with her and the love letters, betrayal, lies, etc. So after 51 yrs. of marriage, 7 grandchildren, 3 children my life is miserable. My daughters are blaming me for not forgiving their Dad and I did 25 yrs, ago, but the way he has acted has turned my feelings off, so I don't know what is going to happen. My children are accusing me of destroying our whole family as they see that we are both miserable and only smile when we are around them and the grandchildren. I don't even want to sleep with him anymore and am making myself do it. I sure don't want sex until the lie detector test is done again. I am very depressed and just don't care about life anymore. I would run off, except I love my grandchildren to much. So, that's my long story. Oh also add chronic back pain, along with joints and that isn't fun either. Thanks for listening, I'll write a book someday.
    Tampa, Fl.
    Singing, grandchildren, elderly, sewing, art, craft, photography. Also tennis for 35 yrs., but back issues have stopped that for now.
    Retired singer at Retirement Centers


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