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    The Hebrews viewed their King David as the best humanity had to offer. The most moral man to ever live, and the leader of the era in which Israel was at its apex. David was anointed king as a child. As a child he shepherded sheep and protected them from wolves and lions. The Israelites saw him as their shepherd as well, and the boy grew into a young man who slew the Philistine Goliath from the Gath Metropolis. He was a good man who never tried to usurp the throne of Saul (his predecessor) and even befriended and honored his son Jonathan. David was a cunning warrior and put his faith in God, and his faith did not go unrewarded; the Philistines were beaten into oblivion under his rule. He led Israel into a golden age and was lauded by all people of all nations. Other countries trembled in fear of Israel because of David.

    And then he ****ed it all up and slept with another man's wife.

    She got pregnant. Oh ****. He calls her husband, Uriah, home from the battle and tells him he's been working so hard and deserves a rest, so he gives him a leave of absence. Tells him to go home to be with his wife for a couple days. Hopes he'll do it and that when he finds his wife is pregnant he will be none the wiser.

    Uriah, being honorable the way a man should, refuses to go home to his wife, says he will not dishonor his King (must have been a kick in the gut to David) and promptly goes back to the war.

    David, running out of options, orders his General, Joab, to have Uriah placed at the front of the garrison, and then have the other infantry move back so that Uriah and his squadmates will be slain. And that is exactly what happens; Uriah is killed and David marries his widow. When she gives birth to his son, nobody knows that David did wrong.

    Except the Person who matters most.

    This Person sent Nathan the Prophet with a message to David:

    "You have taken what is not yours. I rescued you and saved you from the hands of Saul. I made you king over Israel and blessed you with riches, comfort and servants. And if for whatever reason this had not been enough, I would have given you even more, had you simply asked. But you have slain Uriah with the sword and taken his wife to be your own.

    Therefore, David, that sword will never depart from your house, and because by this deed you have utterly scorned Me, your son will die."

    And let me tell you something. The sword never did depart from the house of David. His young son, born from the woman he committed adultery with, died. His next son died too, although it was because he grew up and tried to assassinate his own father to take the kingdom.

    But more than that the name David was eternally, irrevocably tainted by his deed. Whenever people think of King David of Israel, they remember all his amazing works; he was a brave warrior. He was a great musician. He loved the people and fought valiantly for them. He loved the Lord and was counted as a man after God's own heart.

    But all those things are tarnished by his sin of adultery. And that's his legacy: that you cannot think of him without thinking of the horrible, horrible thing he did.

    If you take a look around on these forums you're going to find several people who simply hate me. There are perhaps a variety of reasons; I can be pretty blunt, and seemingly heartless though I am very, very compassionate on people. I think perhaps some of it has to do with my personal and religious convictions, but I would wager that it is for the most part my stance on marriage in general.

    And these people tell me my words are worthless. That my views negate the validity of any advice I might try to give. It is I believe no coincidence that the bulk of them are spouses who cheated. And deep down I believe the true reason they hate me is because my words and my presence remind them of that one, inescapable, irrefutable, indubitable truth that sears them like white hot light on a filthy moth:

    Their legacy is that they cheated. That is their identity.

    How does that help me? Or you? Or any betrayed spouse? The knowledge that YOU are the faithful one. I was the faithful one. I loved Julie. I provided for her and I cherished her. I carried her into bed and sang to her. I paid for her education and bought her a car. I would take her to get ice cream and I'd surprise her with flowers just because.

    Whatever the people here who hate me say, the plain and simple fact is I loved her, and I was faithful to her until the very, very end. Unlike the vast majority of people, I get to walk away and say I DIDN'T CHEAT.

    That is my legacy.

    I hope it is your legacy too.
    Tampa, FL
    Bible, swimming, music, weight lifting, video games, movies.
    Marriage Counselor, Preacher, Pastor, Youth Minister


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