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Thread: Be Honest: Does Size Matter? Reply to Thread
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09-09-2015 09:29 PM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

whats good is bumping a 3+ year old thread
09-09-2015 08:44 PM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

I just looked down at my penis tag and it says "one size fits all" I guess that is good?
03-24-2012 12:02 AM
Mr B
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

It's not the size of the guy that matters it's the size and length of the woman's vaginal canal. Now you would think the bigger the size of the woman the more **** she could take. But Google porn with some of the biggest ****s in the business like Lexington Steel or Mandingo and even those big booty black girls will usually always have a hand on the guy's stomach pushing him back during sex and have a less than delighted look on their faces. These guys are lucky to be able to get halfway inside most women.

Then you have these tiny little Porno babes like Kat and Little Lupe who is all of 4 foot 8 and 90 pounds and they ride the 10 inchers with wild abandon. Go figure.
03-21-2012 09:41 AM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

You'll get the truth when they fall out of love
Yep. And, if she doesn't like you, you will get "fish stories" about "the one that got away" and how you don't "measure up".

My first wife just pined for her ex. This guy may have been endowed between his legs, but he sure wasn't anything to write home about when it came to being a husband and a father.

Truth is, she didn't love me, not even from the beginning. She married me to get a husband to support her financially and a father for her quadriplegic kid because I was the only one who was MAN ENOUGH to take that on.

Yet, the sorry son-of-a->> who left the kid orphaned and her to take care of him alone kept her admiration and her desire.
03-20-2012 07:39 PM
Runs like Dog
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Not on the chick.
03-20-2012 07:37 PM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

I'd rather have a guy with a small ding-dong who knows how to use it than one with a big monster who is bad in bed.

Had a ONS once with a gorgeous, endowed guy. He was terrible. I don't think there was enough room for me and his ego in the same bed.

So if there's any man out there obsessing about the size of his Mr. Happy, I don't think it's worth the worry. Concentrate on being an excellent lover and all is well.

Just my ever-so-humble two cents.

Big and small, we love 'em all.

It's not the size of the wiener but how well it fits the bun.
03-20-2012 07:14 PM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

OK, time for a bigger guy to chime in. I am now 8.5" in length by 6" in girth at the base with an even taper to 4.75" at the head, uncut. Yes, taper matters too! I was not origionlly blessed with this size but achieved it through years of religiously practiced natural penis enlargement. There's a whole sub-culture of men who practice PE. Just being honest here And no I am not hung up on size nor do I go around bragging to get respect or get laid.

I have been with girls of all different sizes and shaped from petite midget to tall BBW. I can tell you that some of those women were better able to handle my size as is, most needed a great deal of foreplay, and one just couldn't handle intercourse at all. From my experience sex is possible with just about any size if you are willing to slowly get her ready and with enough lube, but slow and steady does it. Generally I do not date very short girls for this reason.

Being a bigger guy I run the risk of causing women discomfort during intercourse so a great deal of importance goes into foreplay and technique. With almost every girl I first sleep with I give a massage and lots of cunnilingus and fingering until she's wet and relaxed enough for sex. Sex has to be very slow at first and takes the tiniest strokes to avoid surpising her with pain. I try to just hit her g-spot a few inches in and angled up, unless she asks for me to go deeper. Sometimes my wife would exerience pain if I went too deep and hit her cervix, so I would either angle her pelvis back with a pillow or bend her way over downward doggy style until she came and then more positions were possible.

I will admit I was a lousy lover with the first few women I was with until I learned to listen to her breathing and adjust accordinly. You have to kiss, and lick, and suck to keep sex interesting and not just mechanical. Know when she wants you to speed up or slow down by what her body is saying. Look at her eyes and see if she looks blissed out or uncomfortable. It never hurts to ask what she likes or what she wants either. If need be just have her take charge or stop and hold her for a while.

I have successfully had anal sex with my wife without hurting her a couple times. It takes a long time to ease her into it and toys with clitoral play the entire time. Even then you may only be able to go in an inch or two and super slowly. It's almost not even worth all the effort but quite an experince. Again it's all about the angle towards her g-spot and stimulating other areas of her body. It's also quite possible to give her an anal orgasm if she's turned on enough.

Great sex happens first in your mind and then in your hips. It all about the emotional expriece you share and not just the climax.
03-20-2012 12:21 AM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
It matters until you start having anal sex....then, small is beautiful.
Yep. That and sore jaw complaints are the downside of being thick.
03-20-2012 12:19 AM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

Originally Posted by River1977 View Post
You can't believe what they say. It seems to me on boards like this one, men, under the shield and protection of anonymity, men talk about giving women oral, and they admit to liking it and even loving it, as in your case. But in real life, not nearly as many admit it to their friends or among other men.
Huh? I don't know who you're talking about. I've got no problem letting other guys know I love it. Most of my buddies don't either.
03-19-2012 10:12 AM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

I can't even go "all-in" w/ my wife... kinda disappointing...
03-18-2012 06:49 PM
Mr B
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

It matters until you start having anal sex....then, small is beautiful.
03-18-2012 06:35 PM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

Originally Posted by Goldmember357 View Post
All guys need to get on and love Oral!

That will help them

I am not what percentage of men actively give women oral or love it its rather small id imagine. Me personally i love oral i could give it daily or several times a day. Over the years with friends though i have heard them complain that they hate eating women out i have heard the same thing since HS/College days when all the boys are together out drinking or something sex topics will come up and all that jazz and so many guys seem to be against oral or hate it or will do it but put no effort in it and will basically just slop on her for a little while than have to pull their penis out to get pleasure.

I think the problem for a vast majority of men is their hedonistic point of view on the world and narcissistic behavior. Become a good kisser and actually want to and love to touch your woman's body or a woman's body all around. Its not just about a penis in a vag. You can suck at oral but if you do it allot and generally try you will get better.

Would any women have problems with receiving oral daily ?
i am on the smaller than average size so i always try to spend as much time as i can giving oral. i love it and they usually do to. it seems to make up for my 5 and a half inches most of the time!
03-02-2012 10:23 AM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

I can't be bothered to the appropriate google searches for the exact stats but I do think it is partially related to age. Over the last few decades oral sex has gone from being something once considered by many as a perversion to widely accepted. Younger people are more likely to do it than older people.

I personally am fully onside and it now it just seems like a natural part of sex It's hard to imagine sex without spending at least some time teasing her girl parts. Its part of that feeling of wanting to "devour" your girl.
03-02-2012 09:45 AM
Re: Be Honest: Does Size Matter?

to river,

As far a men going down on women....personally I always have with one exception and that was a girl i dated who was not "fresh" i am not saying this is the case with you but, just to be my experience. I believe that men ARE more honest about things on this site than in real life.

I personally, don't speak to my guy friends about sex so can't say. I will say that alot of this has to do with up bringing etc and culture. For example when i was younger (about 20 years ago) recalled some black friends that all categorically said how repulsive they found the act. They even asked me if i liked to do this as it was a common thing that us white guys liked to do this. I am not a racist by any means I am just pointing this out for illustrative purposes. I also have found a difference of willingness for women to be more willing to do things like oral or anal based upon their cultural background.

a digression from the size question.
03-02-2012 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by River1977 View Post
You can't believe what they say. It seems to me on boards like this one, men, under the shield and protection of anonymity, men talk about giving women oral, and they admit to liking it and even loving it, as in your case. But in real life, not nearly as many admit it to their friends or among other men. I guess maybe they are embarrassed or something and since, like you, they have heard it all their lives since puberty, they are afraid to admit to doing something that seemingly all the other men hate. So, they declare as youngsters they will never do that. As adults, they don't want those same friends to know. We women know though. We know men love it, most of them that is. The only ones that don't like it seem to be the ones who took it to heart when they heard it at 12 and 14 years old and never matured past that way of thinking. They are the few that never did it. But of those who did it the first time, the vast majority never stopped and absolutely like going down on women.
Maybe that's another generation than mine. Most of my friends are men and it's been that way since elementary school. Almost all of them enjoy giving oral thoroughly. All my female friends but one have husbands who claim to love doing it. I know I could never be with a guy who wouldn't go down in me, that's a deal breaker.

On the size thing I feel the same way as most women here do, size doesn't matter within reason. The smallest I've been with was 4' and the largest was 9' with girth! The best lay I've ever had came from a guy with a 5.5' penis with average girth. As long as its not baby penis small or a pencil **** I'm happy.
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