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Physical & Mental Health Issues Marriage and relationships are difficult by themselves, but coping with physical or mental health problems can make things even more difficult.

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Re: Cancer is Back

Thanks for the update, FS.

Still praying.

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"Our ability to feel joy is directly related to how much pain we are willing to feel." - Mavash.

"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley
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Re: Cancer is Back

One foot in front of the other. Still in my prayers, as well.

"I'm significant!! Screamed the dust speck." - Bill Watterson

"And this, too, shall pass away."
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Re: Cancer is Back

Really sorry to hear this. Sending you a pm. ((((Hugs))))
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Re: Cancer is Back

Originally Posted by FormerSelf View Post
Hi everyone...thank you all.

Just had my first radiation treatment today. Fairly easy process. Going to have nine more sessions between now and the 15th...with chemo to follow.

Just going to show up to my appointments and do what I have to do to get back on with my life, you know?
Thank you for giving an update. I'm glad to see that you remain positive and resilient. I'm in awe of your courage.

My thoughts and prayers are still with you. Strength.
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Re: Cancer is Back

Originally Posted by FormerSelf View Post
Hi all,

I have a little history on these boards, been absent as I have been trying to get on with my life after these last horrendous five years...marriage upheaval, cancer, bankruptcy, divorce.... I had engaged in a lot of volunteer work and had finally returned to work about four months ago after a long recovery from multiple myeloma (blood cancer residing within the bone marrow) and a stem cell transplant.

My shoulder started hurting a month or so ago, but I thought it could have been a rotator cuff issue. Aside from that, some unwanted measurements started showing up in my blood labs that showed some myeloma activity after close to two years of dormancy. There were some discrepancies in the labs, so I inquired the specialist two weeks ago about what could do that and she mentioned a plasmacytoma (myeloma tumor) and I knew it had to be my shoulder. I was right.

Going to have shoulder treated with radiation. Going to change up my chemo regimen to a strong combo of drugs to knock down cells...and aim for yet another stem cell transplant. Before any of this, now they want to biopsy a lymph my shoulder pain is a result of cancer eating itself out of my acromium and spreading around soft tissue.

Stormy seas ahead, but I am pretty much at peace with everything. I just hate the thought of leaving work again. I also am bummed about my life being arrested because of cancer.
You can do this.

2 years ago, my divorce became final, my kids started dealing with our custody arrangement....and I found out I had cancer. A tumor in my throat. 7 weeks of radiation, 2 rounds of chemo, 5 months out of work. Due to the location of the tumor (and the radiation) I had significant trouble eating and lost 30 lbs in about 5 weeks. Had to get a feeding tube which I used for probably 4 months, to keep from losing anymore weight.

Finally went back to work full time in Sept 2014. Took me til about May/June to get my weight back to normal and I was feeling pretty strong again, working out, dating, etc. Found out in Sept '15 cancer had returned. Tumor in my lung. Had surgery Sept 30 and they removed the upper lobe of my left lung. 4 weeks out this time but I did push it a bit. I was going crazy just lying around though.

Starting to feel better, working out again, etc. Just about have a position locked down at a childrens hospital to volunteer for a couple hours a week. Making dinner for a friend (and her family) going through breast cancer this Friday, and always looking for ways to help others--- I know 4-5 people about 40 years old with cancer.

In any case, you are not alone. Radiation is awful and I will be praying for you, but keep faith. Lean on those you have and be grateful. And when you can, give back.
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Re: Cancer is Back

Biggest hugs and prayers FS... Love your attitude and strength.

The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom. - Anais Nin
Never underestimate the potential for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine. Karen Rohlf
Be soft as possible, but firm as necessary - Pat Parelli

Blossom's Road of Recovery and Reconciliation
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Re: Cancer is Back

Breath in, breath out. Keep going strong and know we're thinking of you.

In youth it was a way I had, to do my best to please, And change, with every passing lad to suit his theories.
But now I know the things I know, and do the things I do; And if you do not like me so, To hell, my love, with you! --Dorothy Parker
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Re: Cancer is Back

My prayers are with you, knowing full well that our Heavenly Father will never subject you to anything that you cannot bear!

I am so proud to be among the TAM brethren who are looking out for and are unceasingly praying for you!

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"To love another person is to see the face of God!" - Jean Valjean from Les Miserables

My Story!
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Re: Cancer is Back

Sending you good thoughts and strength.
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Re: Cancer is Back

Caught this heading...your name underneath.. "NO!...NO!@##"...

Just can't imagine what all you must be going through.... you sound so "solid" ,'ve walked this way'll get through this ... one foot in front of the other..

Admiring your courage -with all you've faced in the past 5've never sounded bitter ...but caring, always an insightful poster...a fighter in all things..

A long time ago, a man I worked for shared with me.. he lived through the 3 worst things that can come upon a man... loosing a son, divorce , then cancer.. he managed to get through them all.... .but that's just too much in one lifetime...

I know you'll give back in any way you could.. but during this time.. lean on some of those close to you..allow them to DO for you too. (((hugs)))

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Re: Cancer is Back

Thinking about you, FS. Miss reading your insight.

Just remember:

Milk, it does a body good.

Holy crap, it sure does.

"I'm significant!! Screamed the dust speck." - Bill Watterson

"And this, too, shall pass away."
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Re: Cancer is Back

You are in my prayers.
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Re: Cancer is Back

Nine radiations down by now ....keep on keepin' on!

Here's some goodness for your listening pleasure.

Lazaretto - Jack White

Music belongs in a place with hearts beating and brains dreaming and people falling in love. - J.Buckley
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Re: Cancer is Back

Don't know where to begin!

Thank you for all of the message of love and support...for a stranger on the other end of the interwebz.

My shoulder pain has greatly diminished after the last radiation treatment, I was glad it was I was fine for a time, but started to get really fatigued and my throat/esophagus was starting to feel raw. But I made it! Got to ring the bell and was given an applause at the end.

Started chemo yesterday...and today was day two of getting an infusion of a new drug. Most notable is the dexamethasone steroid that gets me pretty hyped up. It always gives me hiccups the next day...which lasted for hours today!!!

Getting a lot of support and encouragement from others. I have to say it has been hard opening myself to after my wife choosing that time to vacate...I am just keenly aware of the limitations of others. But I also need to take face value that those who offer their support may actually mean it!!! LOL.

MRR...looks like you have been slugging it out yourself. Way to stay positive and looking ahead. I am trying to do that myself...trying to let it trickle in that I can have a life to look forward. It's hard. I really put it out there while I was in remission...and I admit I am tempted to withdraw my hand. But I have to do the best that I can.
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Re: Cancer is Back

It's really good to "hear" from you, FS. Sorry about the hiccups. Made me smile when I read that.

So many here do care, please, never withdraw your hand.

"I'm significant!! Screamed the dust speck." - Bill Watterson

"And this, too, shall pass away."
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