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Re: Flag Burning

Originally Posted by Mr. Nail View Post
Kneeling during the national anthem.
Flying the confederate flag (debatable)
I do find it funny that many on the left scream about freedom of expression in regards to burning the US flag, and even like to fly the flags of other countries at their rallies. And then they see that flag and lose all sense of perspective. Suddenly everything changes then.

Similarly, I've known quite a few right wing rednecks who have no compunction flying the Confederate Flag, or posting it on a wall, or displaying it in a window, or on a shirt. And then they see someone burn an American flag and lose it. And I say "Wait, this, coming from a man flying the flag of sedition?"

People are entertaining.

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Re: Flag Burning

Aside from the issues with burning any object (fire hazard etc), I think flag burning is a very appropriate form of free speech. It gets attention, makes a strong statement, but doesn't harm anyone (unlike disruptive protests).

I support people's right to burn flags, fly confederate battle flags, Hold signs supporting Nazis, etc.

I support their *RIGHT*, that doesn't mean I support their causes. I do not want legal action against someone flying a Nazi flag, but I sure as hell will think that they are an ahole from doing so.

Similarly, I support the right to burn the american flag, but it does not make me feel sympathetic to someone's cause.
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Re: Flag Burning

I was reading the comments section of an article on this topic this morning. The author was explaining the how this works, and what you can and can't do under the Constitution, and I thought this response was an interesting take:

I'm just flabbergasted. You guys got so successfully trolled that you are still burning calories on this 3 days later?

I was absolutely convinced that Trump was just a blowhard goofball with way too high of an opinion of himself and no communications skills at all.

He's finally got me convinced. Not by his actions, but by successfully playing everyone so deftly. With everything that is going on, you guys really buy the notion that some tweet from Trump is an actual call to arms to pass a law stripping Americans of their citizenship if they participate in a flag-burning?

Damn, that's stupid. I mean, this is "too dumb to be allowed out of the house without posting a 'silver alert' stupid". He's playing you. How can you not see that? For about 30 seconds of work, he's managed to get all of his political enemies in a twist about flag-burning, something that hasn't existed as an issue since the 80's. It is a non-issue. Nothing is going to change.

I thought he was dumb, but he's not so dumb that he thinks this is really an issue. The charade is too thin... you can see right through it. All the DNC spin was starting to get traction, so he tossed a shiny object in front of you and you all fell for it. What is this, the 5th or 6th post about this tweet? I thought you guys were too smart to get trolled so easily.
There was some further discussion between this same guy, and some others, about how it is possible that a bunch of juvenile trolls see this, but paid journalists completely miss it and provide Trump with at least 4 positive reactions:
"1) The whole mainstream media has come out defending flag-burning, again reminding a huge section of the American public that the media is the "other", and they should discount what it says accordingly.

2) Hillary Clinton's 2005 proposal to outlaw flag-burning has been brought up, again reminding a huge section of the American public that the media deals in blatant double standards, and they should discount what it says accordingly.

3) Anti-Trump idiots have gone out and started burning the American flag, reminding a huge section of the American public that the protestors are idiots.

4) The massive screaming that he was a dangerous fascist dictator who must not be normalized has switched from emphasizing some idiot Nazis hated by 99% of America to an issue where a large number of Americans at least emotionally identify with Trump's position."

Seemed worthy of consideration to me.
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Re: Flag Burning

What was that saying?

Something like... "I do not agree with your opinion but I will fight to the death your right to say it"
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Re: Flag Burning

Originally Posted by uhtred View Post

It gets attention, makes a strong statement, but doesn't harm anyone (unlike disruptive protests).
Any candy azz with a match can burn a flag. I wouldn't spend two seconds of time watching someone burn a flag. If they want to make a shownuff strong statement, self exile to another country. Now that would show conviction to your beliefs. Other than that, you're just a malcontent jerk off who will go back, after the fire is out, to whatever benefits you derive from living in a free country where you can do that sort of thing.

If you don't embody controversy, what you say will become just another part of the media driven culture of stifling thought and debate about issues.
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