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Re: Preacher's salary

Edit: Sorry I had to take the salmon and trout off the grill. 😬

The two rural Iowa churches my mother 💐 attended provided parsonages to the pastor and the congregation elders created a compensation package in accordance to the denomination's guidelines. I think seven years ago was in the $40-50k range (< 500 communicants). Pastors receive considerable professional training along with on the job training. They work 50-60 hour, six day work weeks. Those few who I've known felt they were called to the ministry and wouldn't leave. They didn't enter the profession for the money. One pastor's wife was also the director of the preschool which was about $25-30k.

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Re: Preacher's salary

Originally Posted by EleGirl View Post
Maybe he enjoys having play things. Maybe he's bored.

Or maybe humans do have souls that exist outside of this existence and are here to learn some lesson...

Who knows?
Originally Posted by southbound View Post
Thanks for the responses. This thread has been more eye opening than I thought it would be.

I realize it takes money to function in all aspects of life. If nothing else, it takes money to keep the lights on and maintain upkeep on a church building.

I guess the big eye opener for me is that is different to what I am accustomed to is that being a preacher can actually be how one makes a living; it's their profession just like
being a professor or doctor.

I've discussed this with some other people since posting here, and I discovered that churches have other paid positions as well. Some have a music master who gets a salary.

I'm the "song leader" at my church, but I don't get paid for it. It's just part of our worship.

I knew the preachers on tv who drive fancy cars and live in mansions got paid a huge amount, but I don't put any faith in those.

It seems like some churches are about like a company with all the paid positions. Quite they eye opener.
IMHO, the pastors in TV who make the big bucks are scam artists who have figured out how to take advantage of non-profit tax laws and how to rip people off.

However, a pastor who works full time doing things to help their congregation should be paid. It's one thing to be the pastor of a small church that only has church service once or twice a week. But most pastors make it a full time job. Most have at least a bachelor's degree, some masters and/or phds. They spend their work-life doing things like overseeing financial and other help to the poor, visiting sick members of their parish and helping them with things they need, doing marriage and individual counseling, etc.

Many of the church's here have food banks, they run facilities that house homeless families, victims of domestic violence, etc. There have to be full time, paid people to do this. Sure they can rely on some volunteers, but they need dedicated staff as well.

Usually they are corporations because they have to be to operate legally under the law and for taxes. Their legal/financial structure does not diminish the work that they do.
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Re: Preacher's salary

Originally Posted by Ynot View Post
So why can't the all powerful, all knowing God who is able to create all of the universe in 7 days, provide some sort of stipend to these people who are doing his work?.
Mom: Sheila share those biscuits with your sister.

Sheila: Why mom? You are the one that bought them. Just buy some more for her.


Even if I don't get likes for it, I'm still going to say it.
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Thanks again for the responses. I've tried to think on the responses for a while, and I've concluded that the difference between the big churches and the little country churches is just two totally different universes.

I guess when I speak of worship, I'm speaking of worshipping in spirit and doing what one feels like God is biding them to do in their heart, and it doesn't take a salary or a college degree to do that. I don't feel at all like I've missed out on being close to God By attending a little country church all my life where we gather to sing, testify, and hear preaching as opposed to the big

Just thinking out loud and absorbing the information.
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Re: Preacher's salary

From my perspective large churches are ran like a business for the most part. Although nothing is 100% I think most are a job rather than a passion.

Smaller churches are a mixed bag. Some good some bad just like anything else. You will find some dedicated pastors and if they are full time the pay is usually existant wages. To me most of these more than own what they receive. A lot are part timers and a lot use this to satisfy their egos. Needing to be more than what they are. Probably unpaid or get gifts, stipends.
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A "part time " preacher has been mentioned a few times. Again, this is a concept I've ever been accustomed to.

After reading how some churches are described here, I can see what some people may view as part-time as compared to those who participate in some kind of church activity all the time and get a salary.

They would probably consider my preachers to be part time since they have regular jobs just like everyone else but just use their gift as a preacher during our services; however, I've never viewed it as part time. That concept does not exist in our churches.
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