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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

Originally Posted by MtnMomma View Post
Last year, my husband stated that he no longer wanted our family participating in Halloween, Christmas (no tree, tell the kids there is no Santa), no Easter, because it is pagan. Now please understand that we have celebrated and enjoyed all of these fully up to this point. His reasoning is that he believes the end-times for this earth are upon us- in our lifetime. He is very intelligent, and has always been "aware" of the signs of the end times, but feels that it is to be soon, and wants to make sure our family isn't doing anything to keep us from being saved. He believes that Christmas, the Christmas Tree, Santa, Halloween, and Easter are pagan, and was adamant about not participating in them any longer.
And there is your answer. He is a doomsday prepper. He's trying to ready himself and his family for the end of days.

There is no reasoning with people who are like this. You can stay and accept their view or leave. His views will probably only get crazier as he feels the end getting nearer, so be prepared for new levels of his way or the highway.

If it were me, I'd grab the kids and RUN!!!!

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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

I make Halloween as fun as I possibly can at my house (I create a spooky area, dress in all black, hide in the corner) just to do my part to fight the ridiculous Bible Belt attempts at bribing kids away from the oh-so-horrible holiday with their free parties.
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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

Looks like we made it through another year without the end coming. I'll still plant trees and buy green bananas.

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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

"His reasoning is that he believes the end-times for this earth are upon us- in our lifetime. He is very intelligent"

If he believes these fairy tales he is definitely NOT intelligent, far from it.
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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

meh, in our house we treasured Santa Claus for the fun he brings and worshiped God at the church. Worked for us. Nobody got confused, nobody was harmed, nobody lost faith because of it. In fact, every single one of my DD24's charitable functions have been church-based. And she still gets a present from Santa every year, and loves it.
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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

This is an old thread.

But I see doctrinal errors in the H as well as lack of faith in him.

but I doubt OP is coming back to this thread.

The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom. - Anais Nin
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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

Are you all going to celebrate the Jewish holidays then?
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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

This also will be our first year not decorating and celebrating the pagan Christmas holiday. I too was raised on all this and decorating like crazy but not anymore. This is year of new beginnings for Mrs.CuddleBug and I. We no longer celebrate the Easter Bunny, Ground Hog Day, and especially Halloween. All are pagan and witchcraft in origin. Anyone who is Christian, is not to partake in these practices and we are to come out and away from them. That's actually in the Bible.

I haven't got this perfectly nailed but overall, this is what I came up with:


- Gifts and Santa claus, not Jesus
- Constantine combined Christian doctrine with Paganism
- Catholic church believes they can pray over satanic symbols making them holy and used in services
- Winter Solstice burning of Yule Log (Dec 21 – 22 Yule)
- Human sacrifices on Samhain, Halloween believed accepted by the Gods
- Burning log represents human sacrifices by the druids
- Catholic church changed winter solstice to December 25 and renamed it Christ-mas
- Latin. Christi means Christ and word Mas means Mass
- Christ-Mas literally means death of Christ
- December 25 is Saturnalia, Romans, for excessive drinking and all out orgies
- Also known as Babylon, birthday of Tammuz, declared Nimrod, evil ruler of that city, reincarnated as a child, born of a virgin, through his mother/wife Semaramis
- Jesus not born on December 25
- We are told not to celebrate Jesus’s birth
- His disciples didn’t worship Jesus’s birth either
- Only what he did for us on the cross and his physical death
- December in the middle east is the rainy season
- October to April, sheep confined in the corrals
- No shepherds in the fields watching over their sheep in December
- December 25 birth date of Son of God to coincide with birth of the sun god worshipped by the pagans
- Egypt, son of Egyptian Queen of the heavens, ISIS said to be born during Winter Solstice
- Ancient Babylon, ruthless dictator Nimrod, married his mother Semiramis
- When he died, mother burned his body and said he would rise and be reincarnated as a baby
- Nimrod declared his mother The Queen of Heaven
- Jesus born near Spring or early Summer


- Tree in paganism is a phallic symbol representing worship of male sex organ
- Egypt palm tree Baal Tamar
- Rome fir tree Baal Berith
- For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest the work of the hands of the workman, with an ax. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. Jeremiah 10: 3 – 4
- Candles in windows to guide spirits to you, Samhain, for loved ones that have passed away
- Druids believed their gods reside in the tree

Santa Claus

- 4th century catholic bishop named Saint Nicholas
- Began cult of Saint Nicholas, religious movement
- During middle ages, St Nicholas was invoked in prayer more than all except Virgin Mary and Jesus
- Legend and folklore said he performed many miracles
- Rescued three girls from prostitution
- Resurrected bodies or murdered and mutilated boys by sadistic innkeeper
- Gave gifts to the poor
- Santa legend appears in Netherlands 17th century
- Dutch children placed shoes by the fireplace on Dec 05 for the bishop, they call Sinter Klass
- Passed magically from housetop to housetop entering through chimneys
- Tradition brought to America by Dutch settlers in 1626
- Name took Anglicized form of Santa Claus
- Americans had a controversy over whether he was a saint and actually existed
- Changed character figure with red uniform, balled stocking and cap, magical sleigh, flying reindeer, magic present bag, morphing powers (shape changing)
- Santa Claus was riding a white horse, then the sleigh and reindeer later
- 1969 Pope Paul VI officially decrees the feast of saint Nicholas removed from the roman calendar
- Traits of Santa came from Norse mythology
- Sinter Klass adopted by English speaking majority under Santa Claus
- Kindly old man united with old Nordic folktales of a magician who punished naughty children and rewarded good children with presents
- Norse God called Thor, is the Yule God
- Same physical traits as Santa Claus, his element was fire and the God of thunder and lightening
- That’s why one of the Christmas colors is red
- 5Th day of the week, named after Thor, called Thursday or Thors day by the Romans
- Thors symbol was the hammer, carpenter, same as Santa Claus
- Thors helpers were imps and fairy like creatures, who were skilled craftsmen
- Fairies, imps, elves were not cute little creatures, they were feared creatures
- Santa wearing crown of thorns with halo
- Halo represents the sun and crown of thorns is a mockery of Jesus
- Asia minor Santa was a common name for Nimrod
- Fire god who came down chimneys of the ancient pagans, same fire god to whom infants were burned in human sacrifice
- Washington Irving in 1809 deemed him, jolly st. nick
- Old Nick is the nickname for the devil in many countries around the world
- Rearranging letters are called anagrams
- Lucas and Lucis are New Age code words for Lucifer
- New Age is really Old Age Witchcraft
- Santa Claus
- Satan Lucifer = one and the same being
- Santa = Satan
- Claus = Lucas

Christmas Wreath

- Peace sign is anti Christ witchcraft symbol adopted by secular society
- When entering witchcraft, you are given a cross, turn it upside down, break the ends down, symbolizing the break from all Christianity
- Upside down broken cross of a three point crows foot, powerful spell casting symbol
- Circular, in pagan and witchcraft practices, circle is a fertility symbol and represents female womb
- Known as circle of life
- Celtic tradition, represents wheel of the year
- Made of evergreen, holly, pine cones, represents their god and goddess of Yule


- Is parasitic and poisonous to trees and plants
- Really means poop on a branch
- Believed bird dropping on branches would get them to grow
- France reason mistletoe is poisonous because it was growing on a tree that was used to make the cross on which Jesus was crucified
- It was cursed and denied a place to live and grow on earth, forever to be a parasite
- Viking believed it had power to raise the dead
- Resurrection of Balder, god of the summer sun
- Druids believed it could perform miracles, from fertility to healing diseases and protection from spells and curses.
- Cut it off oak trees in special ceremony five days after the new moon following the winter solstice
- Used special white cloth on the ground, so it wouldn’t hit the ground and get contaminated
- Druids sacrificed two white bulls while prayers were spoken
- Druid priest then gives out pieces of this plant and they believe they were protected from evil spirits and storms
- Kiss under it because druids used red berries as an aphrodeisiac, believed as sexual symbol
- Related to Roman festival Saturnatia
- Form of divination, burn it to see if woman has good marriage life or not
- Kiss under it with berries, no berries left, then bad luck
- Santa flew on a white horse in 19th century
- 1821 transformed into reindeer
- 8 magical reindeer used by Santa
- Reindeer are horned animals and represent the horned god Pan, stag God
- In Satanism, number eight means new beginnings

Its very humbling and eye opening to see how far the world for been led astray....

Strength and Honor. What we do in life echo's in eternity.

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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

Two things that tell us we are in the end times.

(01) All the tribes of Israel had to come back together and they did after WW2, forming the nation Israel in 1948.

(02) Jerusalem had to be retaken by Israel and it was during the 6 day war in 1967.

All the surrounding Muslim countries got together and did a massive surprise attack to wipe Israel off the map. At first they were winning but then Israel got the upper hand and beat them all back, took new territory and Russia called the UN and told them, stop Israel or we will attack, WW3. The UN stopped Israel from expanding further and to this very day, that's were we are and the Muslim countries would like nothing better than to wipe Israel off the map.

The generation that's alive when Israel retakes Jerusalem will not pass away until they've seen the end of all things. That means everything and Jesus' return in the end.

So what is known as the rapture could happen now, months, years, or decades from now. Like a thief in the night and no one knows the day or the hour.

There are those who believe and those who laugh and say we're nuts. When it does happen, those who are left behind will no longer be laughing.

I say, live you lives the best you can in peace and don't freak out. What happens will happen.

To be saved, just believe in Christ on the cross.....John 3:16 and that's it.

Strength and Honor. What we do in life echo's in eternity.

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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

Ha, that's funny. I can't wait for your kids to grow up and walk away from you and your wife's extreme views and you to sit there wondering why. I still remember my neighbor's two kids sitting at their window sills, watching ALL THE KIDS in the neighborhood running around having the time of their lives in costumes and running from house to house getting candy - funnily enough NOT getting indoctrinated into witchhood - on Halloween. All the kids wanted was to get to dress up and have fun and eat candy. Oh the horrors. In all my 56 years, I've never heard of a single person ever turning away from Christianity, and/or becoming a pagan, because of Halloween, Christmas, or the Easter Bunny. It's ludicrous.

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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

I am sooo pagan.
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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

If you are a God fearing man or woman, you are not supposed to participate in these pagan / witchcraft based holidays and events. You are to be separate and away from them.

If you aren't a God fearing man or woman, do whatever you want. Not a problem.

I too have thought about the kids factor......and you know what, I knew some when I was in elementary school that didn't partake in these holidays and events and I didn't understand why at the time, but now I do. I didn't think any less of them, just wondered why.

If you knew the true origin and meaning of Halloween, you wouldn't go near it with a 100 foot stick, its that bad. But again, its all our choices in life. Right?

Do what's fun, sweet, tastes good, enjoyable, no matter what, right? Who cares what it really means and what their true origins are, right?

I remember doing the costumes and Santa, decorations, all of that as a kid. I asked my Dad recently, about what I learned......and he did agree with me......but since no one ever talked to him about it before, he never did anything, he read about it and now he and mom do.

Not smoking, drugs, drinking, etc. makes you a boring person? No, you are choosing to follow what God has told us is a sin and not to do. Many other fun things you can do, and the sky is the limit.

Being Christian means not doing what secular pagan society deems as cool, and fun. Being a Christian means trying to follow God's commands and not ignore them, making excuses and getting angry.

Participating in these secular events doesn't make you a pagan, a witch, etc. very true and leave Christianity. But being a Christian does mean to try and follow what God has commanded us, instead of going with the secular flow....

Strength and Honor. What we do in life echo's in eternity.
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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset


- Samhain, human sacrifices occur
- Highest celebrated day for witchcraft and Satanists
- Kids love it for getting candy
- Night of fear, people like to celebrate fear
- Darker side to Halloween, not just costumes and candy
- Celtic religion, wales, scottland, ireland
- Celts worshipped many different gods and goddesses
- They believed in magic, spirits of the dead returning, practiced witchcraft, seeing spells and looked to omens to see their future
- Celts so afraid of druids, their high priests, they even give their lives to them
- Priests used oak staffs, knows as might men of oak
- Believed they contained magical powers
- Practiced human sacrifices as homage to their gods for favors
- Sacrifices made on Samhain (Yule), night when spirits of the dead rose from their graves and walked the land
- So scared of this, the celts dressed like the risen spirits to trick them to blend in
- The priests on Samhain would go across the country and demand a sacrifice be made
- Get the youngest child of the household to be placed in chains on a post outside the house
- If the sacrifice was acceptable, young enough, innocent enough, they would carve a grotesque face in a turnip, not a pumpkin because turnips are common, on the porch of that house
- Pumpkins weren’t used until they came to the United States
- Carved face on turnip tells the roaming spirits that everyone in that house is safe
- If the husband and wife didn’t give up their youngest child to the priests, a pentagram drawn in goats blood on the front door / porch
- Someone in that house would die that night, probably out of fear
- This is where trick or treat comes from
- Has nothing to do with going door to door for candy
- Has to do with child sacrifices
- Peer pressure from school is bad and make fun of those who don’t participate in Halloween
- People don’t want to hear the truth
- Once you hear the truth, you are now accountable and what you do with it
- Stonehenge, no one really knows what it’s about but sacrifices have been found there by past and present day druids
- Druids stand in a circle, use mistletoe, on Halloween, believe energy comes down into the stones, into the center and they use this energy
- Every year, September thru Nov 01, this tradition of offering the sacrifices continues
- Increased child abductions and shootings
- Amber alerts during maibaun, gathering of sacrifices, for samhain
- Halloween to fascinate, lure, captivate our children to desire to be something else
- Magic and occultism is on the rise, first kids and now adults
- Christians and other faiths are mesmerized by the occult
- Told to embrace all religions, witchcraft and Satanism are religions
- On the surface, it seems fun and innocent
- Aspects of Halloween, ghosts, gouls, witches, devils, haunted houses, monsters, hell night
- Hebrews 9:27 And as it I appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.
- No ghosts roaming around, no second chance
- Ghosts are framiliar demonic spirits around you 24/7, they know everything about you, they communicate to other ghosts and know so much
- It’s not past relatives, husband, wife, someone you knew
- Gouls are half dead alive known as zombies
- Witchcraft, primarily female, in covens, use real potions, charms, spells
- Devils are fallen angels, no longer have angelic status falling from heaven
- Haunted houses, inhabited by spirits of the dead, demonic attacks occur
- Evils deeds, murder, abuse, torture, summoned to be there, ouija board, tarot cards, crystal balls, all attract demons like a magnet
- There are those who literally worships satan, make a contract with him, give them fame, fortune and then satan calls on them, when their contract is up
- Hell night, building huge bone fires to light the way for the spirits, and human sacrifices and how they burned, told the druids if they would have a good year
- Snap apple, or bobbling for apples, divination, if a boy could snag the apple and bring it up with his teeth, he was assured the love of his desire
- Divinations, runes, casting stones, scrying used to engage the devil’s assistance in divining the future. Questions about marriage, luck, health, one’s time of death, etc.
- Witch’s framiliars, owls, bats, cats, toads. Believed Satan takes these forms to aid the witch divining the future
- Samhain, lord of the dead
- Observer of times, stargazing and astrology, divination of the supposed influence of stars and heavenly bodies and affairs of nations
- Enchanter, one who hypnotizes and controls through his voice by music
- Witch, one who practices the ancient craft and uses magic, spells, potions and hexes to promote herself
- Charmer, uses objects, jewelry, to cast spells over others and control their mind
- Consulter with framiliar spirits, one who has spirit guides giving them counsel and advice in their affairs
- Wizard, skilled in magical arts, summon and cast spells
- Necromancer, one who summons the dead to get information
- God detests all these things, an abomination

Isn't Halloween great?

Strength and Honor. What we do in life echo's in eternity.

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Re: Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

Yes it is! Thank you for recognizing that!

It's children's favorite holiday, and even the favorite of many adults, who enjoy DRESSING UP AND HAVING FUN.

Nobody is being 'turned' to the devil. Hardly anyone even knows more than a sentence or two about those oh-so-horrible facts you throw out.
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Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset

So much easier to be an atheist
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