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Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

Has someone had any success with this eBook by Homer McDonald called "Stop your divorce"? His techniques seem intriguing to me.

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Re: Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

Complete scam. This guy is not even licensed to be a therapist, charges some obscene amount over $500 for counseling
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Re: Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

I can confirm that this worked for me 100%.

I am a 50 plus year old male and we have been married a LONG time. Together well over 25 years. We drifted and drifted apart. I have some "traits"/actions she did not like. Never cheated though ... no affairs.

After ignoring some warning signs, she said that's, I want a divorce. I acted the part of the wronged husband ... "why are you doing this to me? I still love you" ... you get the drift.

The divorce was in full progress ... two attorneys, proposal to split up money and other things, sell the house. There was zero hope for saving the marriage.

I came across "Stop Your Divorce" in December. The recommendations are counter intuitive. For example, "if you want her, don't tell her that" and many more actions that are really negative.

As I read the book, I took the recommendations to heart and truly believed them. For example, she WAS correct in filing ... I would have divorced myself. I told her she was correct. And said a lot more. Within two days after taking a radical turn in behavior, she started to change. After a month, we are no longer getting divorced.

This is absolutely true. How it will end, I do not know. Mr. McDonald is not a good write, he is repetitive, and very simplistic. To me, simple solutions are the best.

Mr. McDonald the teachings of Doctor Albert Ellis. It is a therapy called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). He applies the therapy to the divorce situation.

I can attest to its effectiveness. The reader has to accept his premises, and be able to acknowledge their approach is wrong and change. Ultimately, the other spouse has to have some interest in maintaining the relationship.

I do not recommend things lightly. The person above said it was a scam, and the guy is not licensed. So what? Bill Gates of Microsoft never got a degree. Rush Limbaugh has no degree. If something works, it works! REBT is basically a therapy based on personal responsibility. You are responsible for what happens to you. It makes sense to me.

Please remember that you must follow recommendations and not just give lip service. This will be the best $80 you ever spent ... that is the cost of his electronic book. Get it and read it.

I wish you good fortune in your marriage.

I am signing this ... a happy man!
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Re: Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

I can confirm that Homer McDonald is the real thing, not a scam. I'm his son Russel McDonald, and he's been saving marriages and helping people my entire life, and I'm 49.

He has had great and wonderful success in helping people going through relationship problems. I've been happily married now for 15 years, but I practiced some of his techniques with a previous girlfriend and it worked so fast I almost got whiplash. Basically I had been dating a woman for several months when she said "I'm not sure about us, I think we've been moving too fast" or something along that lines. I IMMEDIATELY and without any expressed worry or concern in my voice said "you know I'm thinking the same thing. I think it would be better if we didn't move so fast and took some time to ourselves". And within ONE second the whole issue was over. Her very next words were "WHAT, but why??? I thought we were doing so well..." and so on. She was hanging all over me just about trying to convince me things were fine. The important part is, if she had the concern, then there WAS something there, and I want to agree with reality, not be in denial. I didn't run away, and I didn't try to pull her back. Instead I just matched her thoughts exactly and supported her. I wanted the best for her.

So I'd definitely recommend getting his book. It is full of good advice and information like the above. Paying $80 for 50 years of experience is an easy decision. Anyhow, there is Homer McDonald's own son's testimonial. Hope that helps.
Thanks so much Nowahappyguy.


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Re: Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

Yeah, I spent the money Russel, but I checked out about the point where a bribe was suggested. Bribe her with money to keep her?!?! that's from 50 years experience? Where was the suggestion that I tie her up and keep her in the basement (against her will heh-heh). Heck I'm willing to try anything but the bribe suggestion lost me. Explain.

separated, honoring wife and family daily, she deserves the best me i can give her.

4 kids g18, g12, g11, b7
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Re: Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

I bought the ebook back in 2004 -- I think it was about $20 or $30 cheaper at the time (which is closer to a fair price, 50 years experience or not) -- but otherwise, the advertising website hasn't changed. I was impressed (and still am) with how much useful information the site itself contained. Anyway, I wasn't ultimately able to prevent my divorce with it (which in retrospect, given the situation I was in, ended up being a good thing) -- not sure how much of that was due to my application of his recommended techniques (some of which are difficult to pull off when you're in that place of post-divorce-onset misery). Nevertheless, the book was a welcome companion when I was feeling all that loneliness and desperation and need for advice. A fair bit of the book's wisdom is helpful in non-divorce-threatened relationships also. I believe Mr. McDonald imparts useful wisdom, poorly-written, though it is. The book reads like he dictated much of it -- just following his stream of consciousness -- into a tape recorder and then had it typed verbatim, without much further editing. I didn't generally mind that, however -- it just felt conversational, like he was talking to me in a room. (Speaking of which, I did call Homer McDonald directly once, since his phone number was offered in the ebook at the time -- and his rates were astronomical relative to my means -- alas.) Again, this should be helpful to many people feeling desperate. The wisdom in it is certainly helpful to relationships in turmoil (and some of it applies to happier relationships too, as mentioned). I don't believe it can reverse all dying relationships, though. If your spouse has met someone else and is in the early euphoric "honeymoon" phase (distorted though those feelings are), I don't think any attitude changes from the "tiresome and boring old spouse" are going to stand much of a chance. But many other problem relationships could certainly be helped.
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Re: Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

Homer McDonald's "theories" are s%#*t. You wanna' know what "psychology" is or, rather, what psukhe(Greek for "soul)" + logia(itself a derivation of logos meaning "inspiration, study or wisdom; hence the original etymological meaning "study of soul,)" really is? Modern Psychology is nothing more than the study of animalistic behaviors through the use of logic and inference. All Homer McDonald did, with his theory to "stop arguing," was remove the "logic" part of it so there would be no arguments; hence there would be no law; hence we are merely animals in the jungle with no soul; hence there can be no resolution which means perpetual dispute or conflict(even if this conflict is internal) meaning Homer McDonald's services would have to be constantly retained, in a pecuniary capacity, in order to quash or "solve" any "problems" arising from this dissonance. How idiotic is that? The first, First and FIRST tenet of modern psychology is to remove the concept of a homo-sapien soul. That's how contradictorily these morons, also known as "psychologists," behave - "Ooooh, let's come up with a philosophy of the mind(soul) where we completely exclude the mind(soul) before any and all discussions and ascertain conclusions based on animal behavior. Yeah, that's it! That makes perfect sense!" Psychology belies everything about itself; even it's own name. What a joke

At the end of each day, the moron known as Homer McDonald has just two theories he touts: That the "husband" is completely, "head over heels" in love with the female and that the "wife" has a low opinion of herself or low self-worth or value or esteem or whatever. Do any of you, honestly, believe that Homer McDonald knows what he's talking about? If you're peddling psychology, as a shameless ***** which McDonald, undoubtedly, does then you automatically admit, as I'm positive he does in these audios and would again if asked, that you are working from the notion that the homo-sapien soul does not exist. Now, to value or disvalue an object or concept is pure "free will"(itself an abstraction of the homo-sapien soul.) So, now, we are talking about the "soul" of the wife or husband and the way he or she "values" or "disvalues" themselves and others through the free-will use of their respective souls(trust me the divisional paradox is not lost on me.) Do any of you, honestly, think this moron has any honest answers to the paradoxical questions of the "human" soul? Of course not, that's why he(McDonald) avoids broaching the subject at all costs and I do mean all costs(I hope none of you have had the pleasure of hearing this a$$h%#^ suggest coughing up $3,000 USD so he could "talk.)" Psychologists avoid the paradox because their bull$%*^ falls apart in the wake of the paradox. That's why Freud, undoubtedly, classified everybody into two classes: Irish and Non-Irish, to which he then portended the former to be completely un-affected by psychoanalysis because when faced with difficult questions(probably about their mothers,) the Irish would defend their position with storytelling, poems, song, limerick, etc... instead of giving in to Freud's idiotic suggestions. This is because the paradox of the "human" mind or the "human" soul is THE STORY, not "the facts," and the Irish were the first priests on Earth to define this concept and teach it to others.

You wanna' know what system does thrive as a result of the nihilistic cult called "psychology?" The inferior system of "the Commonwealth" as created by King Henry VIII of England and his Venetian "advisors" and implemented, today, by the BAR societies and parasitic banks and banking elite. Those are McDonald's benefactors and I daaaaaaaaarrrrrrrre him to try and deny this fact. You really want to help the public? Tell these young guys, coming up, not to get "married"(as the whole concept of "marriage" is based on the idea that the two parties and any resultant offspring are thereby "owned" and managed by the "Holy See" and the Vatican.) Instead, why don't you instruct young males and females to "betroth," thereby leading to "weddian," thereby leading to "matrimony," thereby leading to actual vows to heaven, that mean something, and when the formal ceremony is finished, to continue to be "wed" as the young man and woman "consummate" these vows as opposed to being "licensed" and "married(from two Latin words, "mari" or "mary" being "sea" and "ago" meaning "to manage," in other words, "managed by the HOLY SEE?" Oh, but wait, then these vibrant young groomsmen would miss out on the privilege of paying Homer McDonald an a$$ wad of money when their wives force them into cuckoldry, replete with red horns, and the most these husbands can do is "ACCEPT" and "AGREE" with the young wife parading herself around town with indiscriminate lovers, all in the name of Homer being a messiah who transforms people's minds against their will whilst he and his wife(who sounds eerily like his carbon clone) renovate their quaint, folksy Texas log cabin and pad their IRA Roth account to the vibrant tunes of $3,000 per shattered dream of those young fools stupid enough to be "in love" in the first place; oh yeah, how could I forget that? "Weddian" and "matrimony," respectively, are superior concepts to "marriage" and "marriage licensure" and Weddian and matrimony are the original concept of the "two becoming one, in holy(holly) matrimony which ties into the concept of "moiety" and the very foundation of civilization itself; screw a date and screw a marriage license. This concept of "weddian," as invented by the Irish, is also the concept of 'one man and one woman' - any subsequent dogmata is merely a "civil union" or "animal union" which is a fancy way of saying "beastiality"(don't shoot the messenger, I didn't invent this insane, horses%$* system we live in.)

Anyway, I'm sick and tired of Homer McDonald and his idiotic, egoistic and superegoistic mind virus(I hope and pray this post has made that abundantly clear) because, really, that's all psychology can ever be: a way to manage and traverse the ancient, mind virus of "ego." Except, psychology can never, ever resolve the idea that ego "attaches" itself to our three minds(lower mind, higher mind and Divine mind) and then sets about mimicking and pretending to be those three minds(in the form of Id, ego and superego,) which means, yes, we all possess two, distinct souls - one our Divine, pure, positive soul of blinding, white light, and the other, "ego" or the singular "I." The only way to resolve this paradox is through a model which unifies science and religion - something I'm sure psychology and Homer McDonald are ill-equipped to do.

So, in closing, Homer McDonald is nothing more than a prostitute of Sigmund Freud(a delusional, drug-addicted child-molester who had nothing but contempt, scorn and jealousy toward the Irish as the Irish created civilization and law as we know it today. McDonald thinks he knows what trust is - not likely. "Date others?" Oh Homer, you mean the age-old question, "How do I get girls?" Maybe the answer lies here:

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Re: Stop your divorce by Homer McDonald

Originally Posted by notreadytoquit View Post
Has someone had any success with this eBook by Homer McDonald called "Stop your divorce"? His techniques seem intriguing to me.
Homer McDonald is a fraud. No real credentials. I paid nearly 5k for phone "consultations" from him. Followed his advice to a tee, in the end I felt and I'm sure was perceived as an azzhole. When I confronted him about the lack of success he demanded another $800 and hung up the phone when I questioned his math. He's a fraud. It's taken me 4 years to decide to stand up and voice my concerns. I don't want anyone paying this fraud money. This guy is conman. -Cody
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