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Default Don't bust my bubble!

Don't bust my bubble for my opinions! What is with people either in RL or on forums etc, who just because you have an opinion on a certain issue(s) who want to act all high and mighty? They act like their opinion is better or that what they say is 100% true. Really? I would think their opinion is no better than mine. Sure, there are things in the world based on facts, but what one might feel is a fact for them might not be for another.

Ok so you think swinging is ok, some may not. You might think having a EA is not as a big of a deal as a PA some might see if differently. Some might say the sky is blue when in anothers world its grey! Some believe there is such a thing as addictions, some do not. Point is, don't go around bashing how someone else feels on something. Saw this very thing earlier, someone stated how they felt about something, (their opinion), but someone else came along and made it clear that the way the other person saw it wasn't so, but they way they saw it was! Really? Give me a break! You're no better than anyone else, and neither are your opinions, so stop acting like you're a know it all!

Ok rant done, have a good evening!
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