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So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

The wife's got me doing a diet called Engine 2 (so called because the guy who came up with it is a firefighter). We're doing a particularly restrictive version of it called the 7-Day Challenge. I'm already vegan, and I'm used to eating a vegan diet. I say this to give some perspective. A vegan diet is something which most people who eat a normal diet would have a hard time adjusting to. For me, it is normal and not much of a problem, but this Engine 2 thing extremely restrictive to me. That's just to show how extreme I think this diet is. I would almost say Engine 2 is as far beyond vegan as vegan is beyond a normal diet.

This is like every negative, unpleasant stereotype of diets rolled into one. It doesn't taste good, doesn't fill you up, a PitA to make meals, a PitA to even figure out what you're allowed to have (so many restrictions/ingredients you have to look out for). And eating out, forget it, unless you want a salad with no dressing or plain steamed vegetables or a naked baked potato.

It is vegan (which as noted above is hard enough), but also prohibits or heavily restricts oil, salt, sugar...basically anything that could possibly make food enjoyable in any way. I half wonder if that is the secret underlying goal, to make you so unenthusiastic about food that you lose weight because you can't stand the thought of another piece of unsalted broccoli cooked only in its own juices.

It's almost over though (as the name says, it's a 7 day challenge). I definitely will not be continuing this diet when the challenge is over, but there are actually a couple of good things I will take away from it.

-I said I was vegan above, but to be honest I'm really only about 90% (100% at home but when eating out there are sometimes no good options). After this, I think sticking to a diet that is merely 100% vegan will be a pleasure
-Since the only salad dressing you are allowed to have is balsamic vinegar (without oil), which I hate, I have learned to make a couple of homemade dressings combining balsamic vinegar with other (Engine 2 approved) ingredients, one of which I actually like so much I think I could see myself not buying store-bought dressings anymore (although I draw the line at bringing my own dressing to restaurants, I will not be one of those people)
-I learned that you can make a delicious pasta sauce by putting various vegetables (I've tried spinach and squash so far) into a blender/food processor along with a little milk (non-dairy of course) or vegetable broth and some spices. Makes sense, I guess that's pretty much what marinara/spaghetti sauce is. But it's so easy, heat up a box of frozen spinach, put in food processor with a very small amount of almond milk, a garlic clove, and a little salt, and you've got a delicious sauce.
-I've lost 8 lbs this week

So how are your diets going?

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

What diet?

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I'm sorry, but I think that is just insanity.

Eating like that is not sustainable for any length of time. The point of losing weight and being healthy is EATING healthy by making lifestyle changes, not some fad diet that restricts you from everything under the sun.

For me, that looks like this: cutting out processed foods, refined sugars/simple carbohydrates like white potatoes, white flour, white rice, bread, etc. and increasing whole foods, especially vegetables which are DELISH when roasted or prepared well.

Cutting out oils? Lots of oils are good for you and necessary in your diet. What is the rationale for not using olive oil? I don't get it.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes it's going very well - just as it has been for the years I have been living it.

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I do the 21 day fix meal plan - with of without the exercise videos and it works very well. My husband thinks its severe deprivation, but going on a diet was his idea! So far so good though, I've lost 2 lbs and he has lost over 6.
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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

The only diets that work are diets you can stick with. The OP's diet does not sound sustainable by anyone except a masochist.
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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I was following Body for Life for Women before Christmas, but the holidays were rough, but I did my best. I did OK the week before New Year's... but spent that entire week at my partner's place, and didn't have any time to go to the grocery store to prep for the first week of the new year. And after having 1.5 weeks off work, my sleep schedule/rhythm was all off... the first week was horrible. I was sleeping like 10 hrs a day, sleep, work and nothing else. No grocery shopping, so healthy eating didn't really happen, and I didn't go to the gym, either.

Back at my partner's place this weekend... took him grocery shopping to make sure HE got healthy stuff, but left his place last night too late to go to the grocery. Trying to hit it tonight before going to watch the Alabama game.

So, to sum up: it hasn't been going. Like at all.

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I am getting back to my normal eating patterns. I kind of let loose around Christmas and New Years, but gained weight eating junk. And then of course I got sick. No wonder.

My normal eating patterns keep me at a weight I'm comfortable with. I don't eat cow's milk products, but do eat a little goat or sheep milk products from time to time, especially goat butter. I don't eat anything with wheat or gluten, under doctor's orders. I eat very little grain in general.

My diet mostly consists of meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and legumes with lots of herbs, spices, and healthy oils.

No need for temporary diets or calorie counting. I don't believe calories really matter and that calorie restriction is not only uncomfortable, but it's a waste of time.

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I could never handle this diet. I'm going to rely on my bike rollers and running to do the job.

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I'm glad you found some good things in that horrible sounding diet!! And thank god it's only for 7 days - there's no way it sounds sustainable.

I'm doing quite well with my 'diet'. I hesitate to call it a diet though, because I'm doing it in order to permanently change the way I eat. I did South Beach a few years ago and then discovered Traditional Foods which I got into in a big way, but over the years have become lazier and lazier. So I've recommitted to tf and low carb. Lower carb now, in order to jump start weight loss (I quit smoking and gained about 25 lbs) then not-as-low carb for the long run. I am following Banting right now and seeing how it goes, although there are some things about it that I don't agree with, like very few fruits and pulses. I totally agree with the high fat/protein - low carb approach to weight loss though. It's not as much of a change for me as it would be for a lot of people, since I already drank full fat milk, used lard and coconut oil and butter, ate lots of grass fed meat and eggs, and ate lots of fresh veggies. The biggest thing I miss is fresh bread - I absolutely adore the whole experience of making, kneading, rising, baking and eating bread. Maybe once I lose 25 lbs I will reward myself with a loaf of it.
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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?


I would never have thought you were a vegan. Congrats, it's not for wimps.

But what you did was superhuman. I think I actually respect you a little bit.

Good recipe ideas. Thanks.

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

Terribly wrong.....damn food doesn't stop following me where I go...I said no and it says "eat me"..

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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I have a very boring diet of about 6 regular foods. Holidays or restaurants are the only times I really deviate. Even then, rich foods put me off because of the pain I know I'll be in later.

I did OK with food but I lapsed on exercise. Trying to get back into that groove has been more challenging than food!

"If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life."

~ Abraham Maslow
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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

well I only step on the scale on monday morning. I'm down about four lb. that week. I'm on the diet my doctor prescribed. Hopefully by May when I see him next I'll be in range and can move to a maintenance diet. The good news is I'm off Insulin and my sugars are good.
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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

Originally Posted by Satya View Post
Trying to get back into that groove has been more challenging than food!
I am determined to get back into the groove too. So far this year I've done a half hour on the treadmill every day except New Years day and last Saturday
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Re: So, week 2 of 2017, how are your new year diets going?

I set small, easily obtainable goals for myself, so that I can easily manage them.

1- No more French Vanilla Creamer in my coffee whether it's made at home or at 7-11 on the way to work
2- Workout 45 minutes in my home gym at least 3 times per week
3- Go very easy on desserts and sweets in general.

I've failed miserably at all three.
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