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Re: Our phones and devices are listening to us

But are they able to process all speech in real time? I thought they processed locally for keywords "Hi Siri", then started sending to the central server. Otherwise it sounds like a lot of bandwidth.

Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
If you have an iPhone, you specifically have to turn off the "always listening" feature. It's auto-enabled. Some people love to be able to just say "Hey, Siri" and have the phone respond. But what that means is that the phone is, indeed, always listening to you. Otherwise, you'd have to push a button in order to activate the Siri feature. The same holds true for any device that automatically responds to voice commands - Alexa, Echo, Google, etc. So, if you don't have to press a button or open an app to get your phone to talk to you, then it's a guarantee that it's always listening and using what it overhears to "improve your user experience".
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