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Re: Small Annoyance, so I am taking a Poll LOL

Originally Posted by Targon View Post
Driving a stick is a matter of letting off some pressure with your left foot while you add some pressure with your right. Seriously that's it.

Anyone who says they have tried, but cannot drive a standard shift car is probably retarded to some extent.
Like OP, been there, tried that, and all we got was a really jerky ride, and it took about 20 minutes for me to go about 4 feet. My H at the time tried to teach me on his old 1998 car; a girlfriend managed to get me moving in her 1997 car. Then H got a 2013 standard and said that they make the new ones really easy to drive and that I'd have "no problem". Yeah, right. And on behalf of those of us who cannot drive stick: thanks for that "retarded" comment.
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