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Re: Small Annoyance, so I am taking a Poll LOL

Originally Posted by Cletus View Post
Seems pretty clear that it would make HIS life better.

Necessity is such a wonderful teacher, I bet even you could learn given no alternative.
If I had no choice, I would certainly try, and if nothing else, it would just take a very long time to get anywhere. Necessity is a great teacher, and it's also the mother of invention, but driving a stick still isn't the be all end all. If OP (and I) never learn how to drive a stick, neither of us will die, neither of us will get a deadly disease, our respective cities won't blow up, and a war won't suddenly break out. Sure, it would be handy, but I'm 40 and besides the time I was with H, who was forcing the issue, I've never NEEDED to have this particular skill. There are ways around it for the OP as well. The easiest solution? Get himself an automatic car. Bing, bang, boom, problem solved! However, I kind of think his wife issues stem from more than just a car.
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