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Re: Communicating effectively with someone who talks over you?

As an example...

He will come to me after a meeting or call me after an email and will say:

"I don't understand X, can you explain it to me?"

I will give a brief explanation and refer back to what is in writing. Before I've finished my sentence he will interrupt me to say:

"Oh I see, you want me to do Y? Ok well so and so does this thing and then we blahblahblah....."

... to which I will have to stop him from talking, correct him - "No, I want you to do Z. As it is written here in these documents. Not Y."

Then we circle back again. He will say "I'm still not understanding. Can you explain that again?"... and again as I talk he's taking off on some other tangent before I have finished.

It usually takes 4 or 5 circular discussions before he will truly understand what I am saying and confirm that he understands.

He means well, and once he understands he is fine and completes his job with no further issue. It's these circular discussions that drive me nuts.

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