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Re: Fiance and Ex Wife

I think the ex wife is jealous because G spends so much time with me. When they were married she was a SAH mom. He is a full time farmer and full time cabinet maker. So, to support 5 people alone he had to work a lot. Later when the kids were bigger she could not hold a job because if her internet behavior, she was fired several times.

She did not join him when working on the farm. He did not get home until later in the evening. I however am happy to help him with anything farm wise so this allows me more time with him otherwise I would be a farmers widow. He raises cattle, turkeys and crops. No part of any day is not taken with chores.

I am preparing to move to the farm so that probably doesnít sit well because that was ďtheirĒ home. I am also changing things in the house, but I have put up all the family pictures minus ex wife. So I make sure they donít feel like I erasing them. I havenít even put up my own family pictures yet.

There probably isnít anything I can do to make them cordial to me, just accept that fact. Some people can never look inward on their behavior, they just donít have it in them.

G sees how they are but he is very laid back and not bothered by things where I am more high strung so to speak. In the 2 1/ 2 years we have been exclusively dating we have only had on fight. I think that is amazing odds for a couple. Our personalities balance each other very well.

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