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Re: Should I or shouldn't I.......?

Originally Posted by NextTimeAround View Post
The IV chemo this time made me lose my hair. I look just like a baby. My husband tells me that I have a very nicely shaped head.

I bought a wig over the holidays and it looks pretty nice on me. Should I admit to wearing a wig or just let them figure out? It's not too different from the way I was wearing my hair .... other than it's 2 or 3 inches longer.
I would go with what you feel like. Some people are very private about those things, others are not. I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't want to, but if someone said "I love your hair!" or "Your hair looks great!" I'd be more comfortable saying "Thanks, it's a wig! I love it too." than I would just saying "thanks." Other people say that's TMI, but when they lose their hair they can handle it the way they want.

Bottom line, it's really no one's business and it's really no big deal, so go with what feels best to you.
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