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Re: And the stupid dating game continues

I just want to throw this in here...

I reentered the dating world after over 20 years of M. The last 5 of that M had been gearing up to leave, which also involved a lot of thinking about what I wanted (and didn’t want) in a partner. By the time I started dating, I knew exactly what I was looking for.

The chatting portion of OLD weeded out most quickly. There were only a couple of men that I wanted to actually meet IRL.

I met my current hubby almost immediately. We knew very quickly we were right for each other. Do I have regrets that it was too quick or I didn’t have enough time to date around? NONE. Like I said, I knew what I wanted, and I personally am 100% a relationship person. I was serious about what I was doing, I knew I wanted to get remarried, and I was dating for that purpose, not to meet ppl and hook up NSA. Frankly, I was so serious about that I didn’t even talk to the ones that listed “Just dating” or whatever rhe wording was as what they were looking for. I only talked to “Looking for a serious relationship”.

So, I suppose it all boils down to what you want. I see nothing wrong with liking this guy, and not wanting to date multiple people once you have committed to being together at that one month point (or whatever you determine).

Just because someone has been married for 10 years, doesn’t mean they need to go bonkers and bone a bunch of people before they settle down with one. Those were not the type of men I wanted. I wanted one that wanted a serious relationship also. I don’t share men. As they say... “I don’t play well with others”


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