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Re: If Trump isn't presidential please answer the following questions

Originally Posted by MattMatt View Post
Because he is the exact opposite of Presidential?
Presidential or politician he is not. Businessman and someone
who wants things done as cheaply as possible and quickly. Yes
Do politics and gov. work that way NO. Millions of dollars is a lot
to a businessman and tax payers but pocket change to some

His tweets are usually in response to media attacks on him. He said this
or did that. Some of the never ending crap I have heard I don't blame him.
Policies are one thing to debate him on, just attack is another. If someone
attacks him in the media ( with out factually basis ) he will reply. I don't
blame him and actually applaud him for dong so. Strength not weakness,
in the leader of the free world is a damn good thing in my viewpoint.

Do I agree with every policy decision he does NO. If you ask most of the
protestors why they don't like him they will say he is this or that. When asked
for facts they usually have none or repeat media garbage. I think his trip to the UK
was a good one and he acted very diplomatic. His toast to the queen was great!!
Speech's good also. Our first lady was gorgeous!!

In my life time I have been to several formal dinners like those. Everyone is stiff and
usually doesn't want to be there. Tux, ties. none relaxed atmosphere. More will get done after
the show when everyone can relax and talk openly. More usually does get done behind the
scenes anyways.

Never place anyone on a pedestal it hurts more when they fall off
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