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Re: Are There Not Enough Eligible Christian Men?

Originally Posted by Andy1001 View Post
You know something @NextTimeAround with that sentence you summed up what really pisses me off about religion and it’s practictioners.
(This is not a personal attack, just a general comment.)
Every time that something happens that’s good you are supposed to thank God.
When something doesn’t happen you get the platitudes “God didn’t think you needed that” or “God answered your prayers but you haven’t seen it yet”.
And when something really terrible happens to you you get told “God moves in mysterious ways “ or my own personal favorite when someone dies too young “God only takes the best”.
In life you can either make things happen or wait for things to happen. And that’s it.
There’s a story about a man buying a house that had been abandoned for a number of years. The garden in particular was in a dreadful state. The man worked long and hard for months and eventually he had a garden to be proud of.
One evening he was cutting the grass when the local padre passed by. He said “Between yourself and the Lord you’ve done a great job on this garden”.
The man replied “You should have seen it when the Lord had it on his own”.
That woman in your story sat back and waited for a suitable man to come knocking at her door.
She should have looked for him herself.
Well, it does say God helps those who help themselves. So that part is clearly covered. What you are describing is coping mechanisms, and people giving thanks for what they have in life. /shrug

If my devils are to leave me, I'm afraid my angels will take flight as well.
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