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Me, bro and sis were lucky because we didnt need our father financially, because our mother steped up and covered everything thats was basic and some more while karma bus hitted my father so HARD financially that years later (when they finally divorced for real) he even tried to ask for alimony from her.

But the harder part to forgive my father for was the emotional destruction he left behind while he went to live his whatever. My mother was mentally and emotionally instable, would blow for no reason and accuse us of doing things we didnt do, even wake me to slap me and stuff like that. So we were completely deprived of a father and mostly deprived of a mother, and we had no mental/emotional estability at home, and NEVER silence at home for so long that both bro and sis are insecure at everything and anything and have anxiety phases and stuff. I always had to deal with the worst part as i was older, but i always had this introspection to observe and read and rationalize everything, something they dont have, making it harder for them to understand.

My fathers self-love, egoism and lack of empathy cheating mom for almost 2 decades messed part of us 4 that we had and still have to deal and rebuid (or build even better).
You say you've forgiven your father. Has he changed and taken responsibility for what he did to all of you?
@alte Dame

But no, I dont think he will ever be able to admit and understand the whole destruction he left behind, both for lacking of lack of inteligence and lack of emotional courage to face it.

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