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Re: Controversial Topic: Women's Satisfaction

Originally Posted by 2ntnuf View Post
My ex did a couple of things which really messed with my head. One was shortly before she left and the other was shortly after. I'd already been working on my issues and was feeling good about myself. These things just threw me back to square one. I haven't had a chance to talk to a counselor about them. Most of what I was talking about was getting over my love and pain. Now, I want to think of other things and date. I even found out I can talk to women and make them laugh, one on one. I just can't take the next step. This is part of the reason. I'm sure they don't give a damn(about size), just like most of you. I know it's me.

That's really too bad, and wrong that you were treated that way....I hope you find a way to work through it.
Like you said, the insecurity is in YOU, not in the women you might be interested in, and you especially shouldn't listen to what your ex said when she proved how hurtful she was willing to be towards you!

Keep moving forward - you'll get there!!!

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